GH Update Friday 11/2/12

General Hospital Update Friday 11/2/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Connie wants Johnny to take her to the Halloween party at the Haunted Star but Johnny doesn't want to go because he doesn't want to be attacked by people for marrying Connie. Connie tells Johnny she wants to eat but finds that the Metro Court restaurant is closed for a private party. Connie knows nothing about the party and wants to know who gave the O.K. without her knowledge. She's told by the restaurant worker that Carly gave the O.K. Connie wants to speak to Carly about it and wants to know where she is.

Carly and Todd continue to make out in his room. They both indicate that the kiss was amazing and kiss again.

The restaurant worker tells Connie that he doesn't know where Carly is. Connie threatens to demote the man until he tells her that Carly hired him so only Carly can demote him. Johnny starts to suggest that he and Connie go somewhere else for dinner as Connie grabs the restaurant worker. The restaurant worker tells her that he believes that Carly is in Todd's suite. Johnny asks him what he said.

At Kelly's, Sonny is toying with his food, clearly unhappy. Alexis is with him and apologizes that things didn't go his way in court. Sonny says that Kate was supposed to be in ShadyBrook today.

In her apartment, Starr calls out to Trey and is relieved that Trey isn't there. She flashes back to her talking to Michael about spending the night together then decides she needs more mascara. As she goes to add more makeup, there's a knock at the door. Starr strikes a sexy pose as she answers the door and is surprised to see Trey there.

Replay of Michael telling the Grim Reaper that he doesn't care who he is and of AJ revealing himself. Michael is stunned. AJ tells Michael that he is Michael's father and he is alive.

Todd and Carly make it to the couch and clothes begin to come off as they continue to make out.

Connie taunts Johnny about Carly being with Todd and wondering if Carly would share Todd with her. She then suggest that Johnny cheer up because they won in court today.

Sonny tells Alexis he doesn't know why he is at Kelly's. Alexis guesses that he plans to go home to brood and stops him then insists he sit down. Alexis tells him when he broods, he goes to the "dark place" and bad things happen. Sonny tells her that he can't have bad things happen because he just lost Jason and Kate needs him. Alexis tells him that's why he needs to hold it together. She tells him that there's a limit to what they can do to have Kate committed. Sonny thought that Trey signing the papers would get that done. Alexis says she thought so, too. Alexis apologizes again but Sonny tells her she has nothing to apologize for. What happened in court was not her fault.

Starr asks what Trey is doing there and why he's knocking at his own door. Trey tells her he forgot his keys and asks who Starr is expecting. She tells him to forget her and asks what happened at the hearing. Starr asks if Trey got his mom committed. Trey asks that she not call Connie his mom. Starr asks if they got Connie committed and Trey tells her they didn't.

Todd and Carly still make out and he starts to lead her to the bedroom and she stops him, saying they need to wait.

Michael asks what is going on. AJ tells him that he is AJ Quartermaine and he is Michael's father. Michael says that AJ is dead and Sonny is his father. AJ says he can tell that Michael believes him. Michael insists that he saw Dr. Thomas smother AJ in his room and he watched AJ die. AJ tells him to explain how he is standing there in front of Michael. AJ asks that Michael let him explain. They hear someone mentioning going onto the deck from inside the Haunted Star. AJ says no one can see him there. Michael suggests he leaves and AJ asks Michael to go with him. Michael asks why he would do that. AJ tells him that he deserves to hear the truth and asks that he go with him to the docks. Michael asks why he should believe anything AJ has to say and AJ asks that Michael just hear him out. They hear someone heading out of the Haunted Star.

Starr assumes that Trey backed out in court. Trey explains that Alexis filed the petition for Trey to become Connie's legal guardian as he had concerns about Connie's mental health and that she would be a danger to herself and others. Starr asks what happened. He tells her something that none of them expected.

Sonny mentions to Alexis that if Johnny hadn't arrived in court on Connie's arm, then Kate would have been committed. Alexis adds that she didn't expect that Connie would burst in and object to her motion. Sonny continues on with mentioning Connie insisting that Johnny is her husband and only he has the right to commit her. He says that Connie told the judge that the only reason Sonny wanted Connie committed was because she had left him at the altar. He said that's why he had Trey sign the papers.

Trey tells Starr that Connie was never his mother and that she didn't know until recently that she had a son, so how could Trey have her best interests at heart. Trey confesses to Starr that Connie had a point there, he doesn't care about her, he just wants her locked up. Starr asks Trey if that could still happen or did Connie convince the judge that she is sane. Trey said she hadn't yet but the judge scheduled a hearing for Johnny and Connie to tell their side of the story. Starr says that sounds like bad news.

Alexis tells Sonny that she obviously would have liked to wrap the case today but they still have a chance to convince the judge to have Connie committed. Sonny says that Connie and Johnny can make their own argument and Alexis reminds him that the judge said that Trey could make a case for having Connie committed and that's what they need to do tomorrow. Sonny tells her that the way Johnny and Connie hate him, it's going to get ugly.

Johnny tells Connie that they didn't exactly win in court. Connie reminds him that she's not in ShadyBrook. Johnny doesn't feel like celebrating. Connie taunts Johnny over Carly and Todd again. She suggests they go to Kelly's but Johnny says he's not hungry. She assumes he's going to drink and tells him to pay the tab before she leaves as she walks out. The restaurant worker returns and Johnny apologizes for Connie. He is then asked that he discourage Connie from dining there because the staff is used to Kate and they find Connie upsetting. Johnny says he'll do that if he can get Todd's suite number. Johnny puts some money on the bar for him.

Todd asks Carly what's wrong. She asked him to wait. Carly tells Todd that he doesn't want to do this. He tells her that he does. He starts to kiss her again but Carly tells him his body wants to but not his heart. He still loves Blair and he proposed to her. He tells her that Blair married someone else. Carly tells him his heart's been broken. Todd tells her that whatever is happening or not happening has nothing to do with Blair. Carly tells Todd he still wants Blair. Todd tells Carly that she's told him for months that he needs to move on and start fresh and asks why it can't be with her. Carly doesn't want to be his rebound girl. Todd asks her what she is doing there. She says if he thinks she's there to rebound from Johnny, he's wrong. Todd tells her that neither of them is rebounding, they are just two healthy people who enjoy each other and he kisses her again as there is a knock at the door. Todd shouts for them to go away. Johnny calls out for Carly and says he knows she's in there. Todd and Carly stop what they are doing and neither looks happy.

Alexis urges Sonny to not be so negative. He says he wants to believe her but he can't...she tells him to try. He tells her that Connie married Johnny, is in control and Kate is gone. He wonders if Kate came back, saw Johnny and broke down completely. Alexis urges Sonny not to speculate. Sonny tells her that Jason is still missing and Sam is still convinced Jason is alive but Sonny knows better because Jason would have contacted him. He tells her that he lost the two people he cares most about, their daughter was almost killed, he lost his accountant and its going to take years to fix things. He says he knows he's feeling sorry for himself. Alexis jokes that it's what he pays her for. She tells him that she knows it sucks, he was happy and wanted to marry Kate but now its all blown to hell.

Johnny continues to knock on the door. Carly tells Todd that its Johnny but Todd doesn't care. Johnny says he knows Todd is in there with Carly. Todd tells Carly that he thought Johnny was married to someone else. She tells him he's right and tells him to open the door. Johnny thinks Carly is with Todd to get back at him but she says she isn't. He tries to warn him about Todd but Carly says it would be a lie like everything else he says and tells him to go home to his wife, then walks off as Todd whispers a taunt at Johnny.

Connie arrives at Kelly's and is amused to see Sonny and Alexis there. She walks in and taunts them over what had happened in court. Alexis tries to urge Connie that it would be better for everyone if she ate somewhere else. Connie continues to taunt them, telling them how much she loved watching them fall on their asses. Sonny tells Connie that Kate is sick and Connie is nothing but a symptom. Connie thinks that Sonny is jealous because she's not hot for him. Sonny tells her that she's not his type. Connie tells Sonny he'll never see Kate again. Connie tells Sonny to learn to live with disappointment because she's going nowhere. Sonny tells her not to get too cocky. It's not too late.

Trey says that even if the judge doesn't buy Johnny and Connie's story, there's no guarantee that they will get Connie committed. Starr begins to text on her phone and Trey asks if he's boring her. Starr tells him that Michael was supposed to meet her there and she's wondering why he's taking so long. Trey says now he gets it.

AJ and Michael head to an alley. AJ thanks Michael for coming with him and Michael tells AJ to tell him something worth hearing. AJ recounts the story of how Dr. Thomas tried to kill him but he survived. He tells Michael how Monica saved him, hid him and protected him. He explained that he's there because Monica called him and told him about Jason. He couldn't let her lose both sons. Michael says that explains Monica's behavior with him. AJ says that he knows, he was on the terrace. When he saw the man Michael had become, he wanted to run in and hold him. He says now he can do it and he tries to hug Michael. Michael pushes him away and tells AJ not to touch him.

Trey teases Starr about how she answered the door, expecting Michael. Trey says that they were supposed to go to the party at the Haunted Star, so why didn't they come home together. Starr tells him Michael had to run an errand. Trey guesses that he went for condoms. Starr tells Trey to stop and he tells her he could have given Michael one of his. He then brags maybe not as they would have been too big. Trey tells her that they're going to learn things about each other that they may not want to know. Starr urges that they need boundaries. Trey asks what the big deal about the night is then he realizes that Starr and Michael have never hooked up before.

Michael asks if AJ followed him around all night in a mask. AJ reminds Michael that he can't be seen but he got excited when he saw Michael. Michael asks if he thought that if he revealed himself to Michael if all was supposed to be forgiven. He tells AJ that AJ is nothing to him. AJ tells Michael that he is his father. Michael reminds AJ how AJ kidnapped Michael, Kristina and Morgan and told him that Sonny and Carly didn't want him because they had Morgan and after Jason rescued him, AJ shot his own father in the back. AJ says that is one of his biggest regrets. Michael remembers Jason and AJ fighting over the gun on the stairs and the two of them falling over the railing. He tells AJ that he thought both of them were dead and that Michael was to blame. AJ tells him that it wasn't his fault. Michael says he knows, it was AJ's fault. Michael tells him how he saw Dr. Thomas killed AJ and it traumatized him to where he couldn't talk for weeks. AJ says he won't deny any of it but every story has two sides. He tells Michael that he tried to get him away from Sonny, Jason and most importantly Carly who tried Michael's whole life to keep Michael from him.

Johnny goes into Todd's suite and asks Carly to let him explain. Carly doesn't want to hear it. Todd asks Johnny to leave and he does with a slam of the door behind him. Carly is upset that Johnny is trying to police his behavior. Todd asks if it changes things, if they can still go into the bedroom. Todd tells Carly that he tried to warn her about Johnny but Carly says that he did no such thing. Todd tells her that he's the anti-Johnny and that he doesn't misrepresent himself as a good guy. Carly says he did say he was a good guy and Todd says only because he wanted to kiss her. He tells her that he's being honest now but he's not such a good guy. Carly says that she doesn't want to mess things up but she's rushing things. Todd tells her that she should have sex with him because that's the best way she could get back at Johnny.

Connie tells Sonny that tomorrow is what she has been waiting for because she and Johnny will tell the truth about them. Sonny tells Connie she never tells the truth. Connie tells him that he was pretty slick coming up with the plan to have Trey sign the papers to have her committed. Alexis tells Connie that Trey had the legal right. Connie says that Trey can't stand her and asks how they convinced him to sign the papers. Alexis tells Connie that she persuaded Trey all on her own. Sonny tells Connie that by going to see Trey with her act, Trey saw right through it and decided to sign her away. Alexis tells her that it proves why Connie can't be trusted and provides a compelling case proving that Connie and Kate are not fully integrated and that can only happen if Connie doesn't exist. Connie tells Alexis that Kate is long gone and Alexis tells her to let the court decide that. Connie warns Sonny to back Alexis off because they will lose. She says the gloves are coming off and when they are all done, there will be blood on the floor. Connie then tells Sonny she's going to have sex with her husband and leaves. A furious Sonny upends a table.

Michael tells AJ that his parents didn't force AJ to do anything. AJ says that there's a lot that he could tell Michael about Sonny and Carly. He starts by telling Michael about how Sonny had him hung on a meat hook to force him to sign over his parental rights. Michael doesn't believe him. AJ tells him that its true and that Sonny said that if he didn't sign the papers, he would have a drunk driving accident. He said he signed the papers and regretted every day. Michael tells AJ that he is lying and he knows how much Sonny loves him. AJ tells Michael that Sonny is his father because Carly would never accept AJ as his father. He then tells Michael how Carly drugged him and doused him with alcohol in an ally. Michael says that maybe AJ did get drunk. AJ tells him that he was sober and that his one mistake was promising to Carly that if he fell off the wagon, he would go to rehab out of state and never return so she tried to make that happen. He tells Michael that Carly tried to pass Michael off as Tony Jones' son and when that didn't work, she passed him off as Jason's kid. Michael says that Carly and Jason were trying to keep AJ from taking him from Carly. AJ says that Carly took him first and tried to make AJ think that he was drinking. He tells Michael how Carly turned Jason against him but AJ loved Jason very much. He doesn't know how Carly turned Jason against him. Michael insists that Carly and Jason were protecting him. AJ asks if that's what they told him but there are two sides to the story. He confesses that he is not proud of everything he did but he says that Carly and Jason pushed him into it. He says he changed because of how important Michael is to him. He just wants a chance at a relationship and to be a good father to him. Michael says he already has a father. AJ says he heard what Michael said to Monica about wishing the had a relationship with AJ. Michael claims he just told her that because she was grieving. Michael says that now that he knows AJ is alive, he has nothing to say to him. AJ asked why Michael asked for the picture. AJ wonders if Michael wanted to know more about AJ: is he all of the bad he's heard or is there more to him? AJ tells Michael that now he has the chance to find out.

Starr confesses to Trey that she and Michael haven't been together yet but they were taking it slow due to what they'd both been through. Trey tells Starr that he understands. Starr wonders what is taking Michael so long. Starr is nervous especially since Jason was just shot. Trey tries to calm her down, reassuring her that Michael is fine. Trey tells her maybe the drug store is out of condoms and the offer to give one of his to Michael still stands. Starr tells him she appreciates him trying to make her laugh but she is truly concerned.

AJ begs Michael to give him a chance. Michael receives a text from Starr and says he has to leave. AJ thinks it's because of him and Michael assures him it isn't. AJ asks Michael if he can see him again. AJ says he'll be at the house and asks Michael to keep it between them. Michael asks why he should. AJ says it's their best chance at a relationship. He knows that Michael has more questions, he just wants a chance to answer them. Michael thinks AJ wants to tell more "lies" about his parents but AJ insists that he just wants Michael to think for himself. He asks again that Michael keep AJ's being alive from Sonny, the police and especially Carly. AJ says that he just asks those two things: keep AJ's being alive quiet and think about what he said. Michael leaves without committing.

Alexis asks Sonny what he's doing. The waitress comes over and asks if everything is ok. Alexis covers for Sonny and Sonny apologizes and pays for the damages.

Johnny walks up behind Connie at Kelly's. Connie is happy to see Johnny. Connie sees how upset Johnny is and guesses that he went to see Carly and Todd.

Carly tells Todd she's not going to sleep with him to make Johnny suffer. Todd asks if she hasn't has revenge sex before. She confesses that she has and the most recent attempt was when she walked in on Connie and Johnny together. She tells Todd it was with Sonny but cooler heads prevailed and it didn't happen and that needs to happen with Todd, too. Todd asks her to agree that what was happening between them was nice and that if it happens again, it would be nice, too. Carly agrees. Todd tells her that there was something between them. Carly agrees and says if she slept with him, it would be for the wrong reasons. Todd says he doesn't mind. Carly tells Todd that he is her friend and she doesn't have many. With Jason gone, she can't lose Todd, too. Carly thanks Todd for the night and leaves. Todd stops Carly and asks if he could ask her one question. He asks if she slept with Jason. She tells him it was a long time ago as they laugh and he shuts the door. Carly leaves.

Connie tells Johnny that she hasn't eaten yet and slams Kelly's. Johnny tells her if they serve her, they can't be that picky. Johnny asks her if he is supposed to be ok with her blackmailing him. Connie attempts to seduce him with the promise of a night of sex. Johnny tells her he'd rather kill Todd Manning and walks away.

Todd hears a knock at the door and wonders if Carly returned. He opens the door to see a strange woman there looking for Ralphie. She tells Todd that he is very cute. Ralphie arrives and tells Todd to get away from his girlfriend. The girl turns to Ralphie and hugs him. They end up making out on the hallway floor as Todd shuts the door and decides to take a cold shower.

Carly is in an alley and flashes back to making out with Todd earlier that night. She then talks to Jason. She says she went to where he died to feel close to him. She tells him how she almost slept with Todd but stopped and thought it through. She wants to find out if Todd is lying to her first. She says she wants to trust Todd but isn't sure she can. She wishes Jason was there so he could tell her what to do. She hears a commotion and calls out "hello".

Starr is worried that Michael hasn't texted her back yet. Trey says that maybe Michael is on his way. Starr decides to go look for Michael. Trey offers to go with her. They open the door to find Michael there. Starr asks where he was. Michael asks Trey where he was going. He first says nowhere and then says he's going to bed. Trey tells them to have fun and went to bed. Starr asks what took Michael so long. He says he got delayed. Michael tells Starr that he just saw his father.

Carly is still calling out in the alley, asking if someone is there. She hears footsteps and turns, asking if it's Jason. AJ steps out into view. Carly is stunned by seeing him there.

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