GH Update Thursday 11/1/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/1/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick tells Emma that there is no more candy for trick-or-treaters and explains that adults don't trick or treat. Emma shares her candy with him. Emma asks what adults do for Halloween if they don't trick or treat. He tells her that they go to parties, hang out with friends or go on dates. He asks her if she minds if he goes on a date.

Sabrina walks into Kelly's, listening to a voicemail from Patrick telling her that there is a party at the Haunted Star and asking if she's available. She wonders if he is asking her out on a date and she excitedly heads out of Kelly's.

Mac, Felicia and Maxie celebrate Maxie's birthday with a piece of cake at Kelly's. After Maxie blows out the candle, Felicia asks if she made a wish. Mac says of course she did and asks Maxie what she wished for. Felicia says Maxie can't tell her wish just as Spinelli enters with a gift for Maxie.

Todd opens the door of his room to find Carly there. He asks where the little trick or treater is. Carly explains that Josslyn was tired so she stayed home with Mercedes and she thought about how lonely Todd must be. She asks Todd to spend the night with her. Todd asks if Carly is propositioning him. She says she guesses she is.

Monica walks into AJ's room, calling out to him to get no answer. She sees an open photo album on the bed. She is concerned that AJ left the house.

Dressed as the Grim Reaper, AJ takes off his mask on the Haunted Star. He apologizes to Monica, speaking to himself, saying that he needs to see his son.

Michael tells Starr that he hopes Johnny doesn't show up. He tells Starr they wouldn't want any unexpected guests. They walk off as AJ, with his mask on again, enters the party.

Duke tells Anna that he didn't think she'd take the night off. She asks who says she has.

Luke and Tracy arrive with Luke thanking Tracy for coming with him and promising to make it up to her. She blows it off as another empty promise. She accuses Luke of being there to dig up dirt on Duke. Luke says he's not convinced he is Duke and if he is, he is convinced that Duke is running a con. Tracy supposes that Duke just wants to win Anna's heart back. Luke says that it won't happen and thanks to their costumes, they will observe with anonymity.

Duke and Anna flirt and banter about how she heard about the new bartender and how he has a thing for women with great legs.

Michael and Starr discuss the bar being open and what Starr would like to drink. Starr says she will just go with Michael to the bar to place their order. As they head for the bar, Michael comes face to face with a still masked AJ.

Maxie opens her gift from Spinelli to find an original sketch from Enzo Cartullo. She wonders where Spinelli found it. She can't believe that he got her something so nice after she was so nasty to him about the bracelet he got her but he says its water under the bridge. They compliment each others' costumes. Spinelli tells her that his costume is Ellie's idea. Maxie guesses that Ellie couldn't make it just as Ellie walks in and joins them. Ellie thanks Maxie for her costume suggestions and tells her that she and Spinelli decided on another direction. Ellie tells Mac and Felicia that she hardly recognized them with their clothes on. Felicia comments that she loves playing strip pool with Mac as its easy to get him undressed. Mac suggested they all head for the party. Maxie tells Felicia that she was worried about being a third wheel but it seems that she's a fifth wheel.

Patrick shows off his costume to Emma who declares it perfect. He asks Emma if she's sure she's ok with him going out on a date. She says she is as long as Sabrina babysits. They are interrupted by the doorbell. Sabrina arrives dressed in a costume. Emma asks if Sabrina is trick or treating. Patrick reminds Emma that adults don't trick or treat and then realizes that Sabrina must have mistaken his call for an invitation to the party. Sabrina covers and says she knew she was babysitting. Britt walks in and announces that Patrick is going to the party with her.

Tracy points out to Luke that Anna is at the bar with Duke, then leaves him alone to spy on them. Luke makes his way over to the bar. He listens to Duke and Anna as Duke asks if Luke was coming. Anna says he's not. She tells Duke that Luke asked her but she turned him down. She couldn't see attending with Luke when Duke asked first and she turned him down, too. Duke tells Anna that it doesn't matter because after tonight, it'll be as if Luke didn't exist. Luke "accidentally" spills a drink on Duke after Duke steps away from Anna.

Carly says she's there to watch TV with him, knowing that was his plan. They talk about how much they love horror movies and decide to watch a Halloween marathon together.

Monica returns to AJ's room and calls out to AJ, asking where he is. Alice stands at the doorway and asks if Alan Jr. isn't dead.

Michael and Starr tease the Grim Reaper about his costume and try to guess who it is. Michael first thinks its Max but then guesses it's not. He says there's a way to see who it is and reaches for his mask. AJ grabs Michael's wrist to stop him.

Patrick and Britt compliment each other on their costumes. Patrick introduces Emma to Britt. He then says that he needs to get something and leaves Britt, Sabrina and Emma alone. Britt asks Sabrina if she is going trick or treating. Sabrina tells her that she is just getting into the Halloween spirit. Emma asks if Britt is a nurse. Britt tells Emma that she's a doctor and she'd never be a nurse just like Emma would never be whatever she is dressed as. Emma explains that she's Belle and explains who Belle is. Britt tells her that all princesses look alike to her just as Patrick returns. Britt flaunts the last two date she had with Patrick and how much fun they had. She tells Sabrina she hopes for no interruptions. Patrick says goodbye to Emma, thanks Sabrina for babysitting and leaves with Britt. Emma tells Sabrina that she doesn't like Britt.

Anna tells Duke that the drink was spilled on him accidentally but Duke wonders if it was on purpose. He then asks Luke if he knows him. They are interrupted by the arrival of Mac and Felicia. Felicia introduces Mac to Duke and tells him that Mac is Robert's brother. Duke tells Mac that he respects Robert. Mac says he does, too but that doesn't mean that Robert wasn't a pain. Duke tells Mac that Robert might be a pain but not the most annoying person he knows.

Lulu welcomes Maxie, Spinelli and Ellie to the party. Ellie asks Spinelli to dance. Lulu waits for them to go then wishes Maxie a happy birthday and tells her that Maxie's present is in her office. Maxie hopes it's something that will break up Ellie and Spinelli. Lulu reassures Maxie that she will be able to tell Spinelli that Maxie is ready to commit to him but just not tonight. Maxie says not necessarily.

Monica tells Alice that of course AJ is still dead. It's just that with Jason dead, it brought back strong memories. Alice says she understands that there are things Monica may still want to say to AJ and Jason. Monica thanks her for her understanding. Alice says she understand that but she doesn't understand the passport she shows Monica with AJ's photo with the name Crane Tolliver on it.

Michael asks AJ about taking off the mask. AJ lets his wrist go and walks off. Starr laughs about how weird the whole thing was. Michael agrees that it was weird that the Grim Reaper acted like he wanted to say something to them and left without a word. Starr says that he asked her to step in if he got distracted or sad, so she kissed him to do that. Michael then holds her but still looks concerned behind her back.

Todd and Carly both cover their eyes as they watch Attack of the Dolphinman. Todd says he thought Carly liked scary movies and she says she does if she's seen them before, otherwise they are too stressful. Todd tells her that this one is great and they are to the best part where the evil scientist is smothered in the hospital. Carly comments on how creepy it is and tells Todd it's because that's how Michael's father died.

AJ bumps into Tracy, spilling her food on her. Tracy rails at AJ, asking for an apology and then asks what he has to say for himself. AJ leans to her and tells her that he knows exactly who she is. Tracy asks how he knows her and asks who he is.

Sabrina asks why Emma didn't like Britt. Emma thinks Britt is mean. Sabrina asks if Britt said something mean to her. She said no, but she can just tell. She says that she knew Britt wasn't a nurse because nurses are nice like Sabrina. She tells Sabrina that the nurses even had a special party called the Nurses' Ball.

Patrick and Britt approach Anna to say hello. Patrick introduces Britt to Anna. Anna asks if they are together and Britt tells her that they are. She then claims to have seen a friend and leaves them. Patrick tells Anna that Britt is nice and asks if she is ok with him being out with Britt.

Maxie opens Lulu's gift to find a cashmere sweater. She says its perfect but will be more perfect in another color and in a V-Neck. Maxie asks Lulu to wish her luck. Lulu asks where she is going and Maxie tells her "you'll see", then gets up and leaves. Maxie watches Spinelli and Ellie dance from a distance. Luke joins Lulu at the table. Lulu comments that Luke is flirting with Tracy and spying on Duke. Luke tells her that he can multitask. Lulu tells Luke that Duke seems to be on the level.

Tracy tells the Grim Reaper that she knows his voice and asks who he is. He says he's the Grim Reaper and tells Tracy to be very afraid before he stalks off.

Carly tells Todd about how AJ died being smothered to death in the hospital when his back was broken. Todd guesses AJ deserved it. Carly tells him it was almost a relief but Michael witnessed the whole thing. She tells him that Michael was traumatized but he got through it. Carly tells Todd what how terrible a person AJ was and how she's glad he's gone. Todd tries to compare AJ to Sonny and Carly says there's no comparison: Sonny is flawed, AJ was a monster.

Alice tells Monica that she doesn't know who Crane Tolliver is but she knows that's a photo of AJ. Monica tries to explain it as AJ needing it for one of his illicit enterprises before he died. Alice says she thought that, too but points out the issue date of the was issued after AJ died. Alice guesses that AJ is still alive. Monica confirms this to Alice.

AJ listens in as Michael and Starr discuss their relationship. They agree that neither thought they would get this far and that they were taking it slow. Starr tells him that the way they are tonight, she thinks maybe they don't need to take it slow anymore.

Anna brushes away tears as Patrick apologizes for upsetting her. Anna says he didn't, she was just caught off guard. She says that Robin would want him to start dating again and that she would be happy for him. Britt returns and Anna apologizes for being rude. Britt tells her its ok and how highly Patrick speaks of her. Anna seems surprised and excuses herself, leaving them. Britt then asks Patrick to dance.

Sabrina asks what the Nurses' Ball is. Emma tells her it was the biggest party in the world and was for her mommy. She shows Sabrina a Nurses' Ball scrapbook they have. Sabrina recognizes Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica explains to Alice why she helped AJ fake his death. She tells Alice that she knows AJ didn't face justice for what he'd done but she was his mother and had to protect him. She tells Alice that she didn't get to see AJ but called to tell him about Jason when Jason died. She wanted to hear his voice. She says she never thought he'd risk coming home but now he doesn't want to leave. She said that she told him he had to stay in his room but now he's left and she's concerned that if the police see him, he will be arrested.

Luke listens in as Anna tells Felicia about how Duke returned to her. Felicia asks if the feelings for Duke are still there. Anna says she doesn't know and that its complicated. Felicia asks if it's because of Luke and asks how Anna feels about Luke.

Patrick and Britt are kissing. After the kiss, Britt asks if it's too soon for her to ask him to come home with her.

AJ continues to listen in on Michael and Starr. Michael asks if Starr is saying what he thinks she's saying. Starr asks him to talk to her outside about it. They leave.

Maxie approaches Ellie and Spinelli. She asks if she can cut in. Spinelli says that he is flattered but he can't abandon his partner. Ellie insists that they dance. Ellie goes to stand with Lulu. Lulu asks if Ellie is ok with Maxie dancing with Spinelli. She says she is because Maxie shouldn't be sad on her birthday and maybe Damien can cheer her up. Lulu tells her to be careful what she wishes for. Ellie asks why she shouldn't want Maxie to be happy. Maxie mentions to Spinelli how he barely reacted when she told him she was divorcing Matt. He tells her that he thought it best to keep his opinion to himself but he never thought Matt was the right guy for her. Maxie asks him who the right guy for her is.

Starr tells Michael that she didn't mean to put him on the spot. He says she didn't. They discuss how good for each other they are. Michael says he wants to be with her if that's what she wants. She says the time for them to be together is perfect.

Todd tells Carly that its best that AJ is dead because Michael doesn't have to think about a father in prison. Carly says she doesn't want Michael to think about AJ at all. He was raised by Jason first, then Sonny. Todd tells her that he guesses that Carly got knocked up by a rich boy loser, then married a gangster and had a hit man for a best friend but then screwed it up with a good guy. Maybe there needs to be a happy medium. Carly tells Todd the attributes he seems to be indicating in a man for her. Todd says he's not sure that the guy she is describing exists. Carly wonders what kind of man Todd is.

Patrick tells Britt he can't go home with her, he needs to get home to Emma. Britt tries to convince Patrick to call Sabrina and ask her to stay the night. He says he needs to be there when Emma wakes up in the morning and needs to make sure she is ready for when he takes that step.

Sabrina and Emma look at the Nurses' Ball scrapbook. They look at a photo of Lucy and Emma points out a photo of Robin. Sabrina comments on how beautiful Robin was and how wonderful it is that they had the ball. Emma tells her it's because nurses are nice. Sabrina wonders why they don't do it anymore and so does Emma.

Carly asks Todd if he's good or bad. He tries to avoid answering but she insists. He says that he's a horrible person. Carly asks why and he say that's for another night. Carly thinks it has to do with what happened with Sam. He tells her that he had nothing to do with that and she says she told him she believes him. She says in her mind, that makes him a good guy.

Luke continues to listen as Anna tells Felicia that she has feelings for both men. Felicia asks if she had to choose now, who would it be. Anna says it would be Luke.....if he wasn't trying to prove Duke was an imposter or spying on her. Anna goes to Luke and accuses him of trying to catch Duke in nefarious dealings when Luke is the one getting caught.

Maxie tells Spinelli that he never answered her question. He notices AJ and comments to Maxie that the Grim Reaper was there. He waxes poetic on what the Grim Reaper is and what he does.

Alice promises to keep Monica's secret and tells Monica that she is on her side. Monica tells Alice to just pray that AJ doesn't get caught.

Michael and Starr kiss, then Starr is ready to go to her place. Michael tells her that he wasn't expecting to do this tonight so he is unprepared. She tells him there are drug stores on the way home. They agree that they are going to do this, then kiss some more as AJ peeks around the corner and watches them.

Luke asks Tracy if she learned anything. She says that she learned that Luke annoys Duke and that Duke makes a passable martini. Luke tells Tracy that Anna was going to tell Felicia who she prefers but she busted Luke instead. He tells her that whatever Duke is doing is blinding Anna to it. Tracy tells Luke that Duke's only agenda appears to be Anna. He turns to see Duke, Anna, Mac and Felicia toasting together, then Anna turning to look at him.

Maxie tells Lulu that things are moving slowly but Spinelli told her that he thought Matt was not right for her then almost told her who he thought was right for her and she thinks he was going to say himself...until he was distracted by the Grim Reaper. Ellie and Spinelli discuss a favorite movie they have in common then comment that they are perfect together. Ellie says she left her phone in the bathroom and she leaves. Spinelli stares at Maxie. Lulu brings this to Maxie's attention. She guesses that Spinelli was scared and confused by the conversation between Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie turns to look back at Spinelli.

Patrick and Britt are outside Patrick's home. He apologizes for the night and explain that having kids makes you less spontaneous. Britt tells Patrick to pick the night and he says he will. He walks in to find Sabrina asleep with Emma sleeping on her lap.

Todd asks what's next for Carly. He wonders what his chances with her are. Carly says she's looking for a good guy. He asks if he has to be good all of the time, then kisses her.

Monica wants AJ to come home. Alice says maybe no one will recognize him. Monica says AJ is reckless when it comes to family and he wants to see Michael. She wonders what he will do if he finds Michael.

AJ continues to watch Michael and Starr. Starr tells Michael to go to the drug store and she'll go to the apartment. She wants to get things ready for him. When Starr leaves, AJ approaches Michael. Michael tries to leave, saying he doesn't care who the Grim Reaper is anymore. AJ takes off his mask and asks if he's sure about that.

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