GH Update Wednesday 10/31/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/31/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Metro Court: Todd ordered the person knocking on his door to go away. The knocks kept coming and Todd remembered it was Halloween. He glanced around the room for something to give the trick or treaters, then grabbed several mini bottles of whiskey and opened the door. He was taken aback to see Luke, who was wearing a hockey mask and carrying a machete. Luke removed the mask and confronted Todd about wearing a similar mask and carrying a similar machete with him, when he fed Luke while Heather was holding him captive. Todd suggested that Luke didn't have a clear memory of that time. Luke pointed out that Heather's accomplice could have let Luke go, if he had soul. Todd countered that the hypothetical accomplice may have thought Luke could free himself. Luke noted that the masked man was about Todd's height and weight and both of them shared the same love for Italian leather shoes. Todd tried to bluff his way out of Luke's accusation, but Luke told him to just admit the truth. He added that everyone knew Todd and Heather conspired to switch the babies. Todd maintained that Luke had the wrong guy and that Todd was one of the victims of the baby switch. Luke asked to look at Todd's shoe rack, and Todd agreed to let him once the police obtained a warrant to search his suite. Todd told Luke to leave, and he did, but he left the hockey mask.

Todd heard a child say “trick or treat” and opened the door – it was Carly dressed as a sexy farmer and Josslyn dressed as an ear of corn. When Carly blocked Todd's attempts to give Josslyn cash and scotch, he settled on another treat. Todd complimented Carly's costume. Josslyn asked Todd what he was for Halloween. Todd replied that he was the Devil. When Carly told him it wasn't funny, he said not to say he didn't warn her. Carly noticed the hockey mask and assumed it was the one Todd had told her he was sending to his son. She wondered why Todd still had it, and Todd told her he'd sent it to Jack, but Jack returned it because he wanted no part of Todd. Carly assumed that Todd had been moping in his room thinking about his kids. She urged him to put on a costume and come trick or treating with her and Josslyn. When Todd declined because he didn't have a costume, Carly urged him to wear the mask. “Didn't some monster wear one of these?” she asked. While they talked, Josslyn wandered around the room. When Todd still didn't want to go, Carly good- naturedly agreed to let him wallow, and she and Josslyn left. Todd put the hockey mask on. Later, Todd was trying to drink one of the mini bottles through the holes in the mask when there was a knock at the door. Carly had taken the exhausted Josslyn home and left her with Mercedes. She asked Todd if he'd like to spend the night with her.

Starr and Trey's: Michael lured Starr into the hallway with a knock on the door, then leaped out in his vampire costume. Michael playfully pretended to bite Starr's neck to give her eternal life, but Starr said she was happy with the way her life was right now. They kissed, then made their way to the couch. The make out session quickly turned awkward when they got tangled in Michael's cape, then rolled onto the floor. Michael suggested this would go better on a bed, then he quickly backtracked when he saw the look of hesitation on Starr's face. Starr noticed the picture of AJ and Jason and asked Michael who the other man was. He explained that it was his father. Starr noted the family resemblance between the two brothers and Michael. Michael explained that they were actually half brothers who were raised together and had been very close until AJ injured Jason in a drunk driving accident, leading Jason to break away from the Quartermaines and go to work for Sonny. Michael told Starr how AJ kidnapped him and his siblings, then returned his siblings and allowed everyone to think Michael had died. Starr could relate to having a father who did terrible things. Michael told her that AJ shot Alan, then he and Jason fought and fell over a bannister, the memory of which still scarred Michael to this day. Starr wondered why Michael wanted the picture if thinking about AJ brought up such painful memories. Michael had never had a picture of AJ before and he didn't think of him as his dad, but Michael didn't think the person in the picture looked like such a bad guy. Starr figured he must have had his good qualities, and Michael said Monica agreed. He told her that Monica was confident that AJ loved Michael. Michael whether he would have been able to forgive AJ if he were alive, or if he'd hate him like everyone else. Starr believed you could love someone in spite of their poor choices. She said she loved her father, and he loved her. Michael apologized for the depressing conversation. He suggested that they go to the Haunted Star to support his sister in law's party. Starr was reluctant to go back to her former place of employment, and Michael told her Johnny wouldn't be there – he was busy at Connie's commitment hearing. Starr agreed to go, and Michael asked her to distract him if he started getting negative again. Starr immediately distracted him with a kiss.

Quartermaine Mansion: AJ was up in his old room looking at a photo album. He focused on a recent picture of Michael. Monica slipped in with a platter of food, but told him he couldn't stay, because Alice and Edward were likely to go into his room. AJ insisted that he was there to stay; he felt that it was time for him to reclaim his life and build a relationship with his son. Monica argued that AJ was risking prison time, by staying, but AJ wasn't concerned, since he'd avoided getting caught for years. AJ wanted to spend some quality time with Monica, since they hadn't been together in so long. He asked her to tell him about Michael. Monica listed Michael's good qualities and mentioned that he was enrolled at PCU. AJ wondered if Michael got good grades like Jason, or C's like AJ. Monica was sure a smart person like Michael was doing well in college. AJ couldn't believe how tall Michael had gotten since he saw him last. He was a man, now. AJ marveled at the way his and Jason's old bedroom looked exactly the way it did before they went off to boarding school. Monica liked to keep it that way, because it reminded her of happier times when the boys were little and got along so well. Monica and AJ reminisced about some fun family moments as they looked at childhood photos of AJ and Jason. Monica had saved all of AJ and Jason's childhood mementos and she often came up and looked at them and thought of all the things she and Alan missed out on. She grew sad and said now Jason was gone. The two were alarmed when Tracy pounded on the door and pointedly asked who was in there. Monica and AJ hoped their silence would make Tracy go away, but Tracy knew she'd heard voices inside the room, and she threatened to call the police if they didn't unlock the door.

Monica walked out, and when Tracy demanded to know who Monica had been talking to, Monica said “my son.” AJ peered out from his hiding place as Tracy pushed her way into the room and glanced around. Monica said she was doing this as closure, since she didn't have a body and wasn't going to be able to have a funeral. Tracy looked at her oddly, but admitted that everyone grieved in different ways. She added that she was surprised Monica would come there, since she never went into that room when her children were using it. Monica sarcastically thanked Tracy for pointing out her parenting failures. Tracy offered that Alan was a miserable failure too, but that didn't mean they didn't love their sons. Tracy noticed the picture of a young AJ dressed as the Grim Reaper and called it foreshadowing. Monica didn't appreciate having hear Tracy speak of her son that way, but Tracy countered that AJ had been a train wreck since his teen years. Tracy rattled off a list of AJ's crimes and shortcomings, the drinking, the accidents, stealing money from ELQ, shooting Alan. Monica said she didn't need Tracy to list AJ's mistakes. Tracy didn't think trying to kill your father qualified as a mistake. She scoffed that Jason, the hit man, was a saint compared to his brother. Monica gruffly said while Tracy felt differently, Monica loved her sons and she'd locked the door so she could grieve privately. She ushered Tracy out. AJ stormed back into the middle of the room and grumbled that he didn't miss Tracy at all. Later, Monica told AJ that she'd check on him later. She said she had the only key, and she told him not to open the door. AJ promised to stay inside. Monica questioned what would happen if AJ somehow managed to get the charges dropped and was able to stay in Port Charles – would things be better this time? AJ assured her that they would. Awhile later, Monica returned to the now dark room and called out to AJ – he was gone and the window was open. Dark music played as the camera panned to the picture of AJ dressed as the Grim Reaper.

Drake home: Patrick and Emma surprised Maxie with a birthday cupcake. Maxie knew exactly what to ask for with her birthday wish. Maxie asked Emma to go upstairs and put her costume on. Once she was gone, Maxie thanked Patrick, and he thanked her for all she'd done for him. He asked what she had planned for the night and Maxie said she was moving out. Patrick didn't understand why she was leaving; he thought they'd settled into a comfortable arrangement. Maxie felt like she was staying there as a way to put off living her own life. Patrick realized she was hoping to build something with Spinelli. Maxie said Spinelli was with a girl who had a lot of great qualities and who was very similar to him. Maxie liked Ellie, but not enough to want to see her end up with Spinelli. Maxie hoped that Spinelli would see her moving out as a sign that she was serious about wanting Spinelli back. Patrick understood and said he wouldn't stand in her way of moving forward. “Ditto,” Maxie said. Maxie was curious about how things were going between Patrick and Britt. Patrick claimed she was just a coworker. Maxie knew they'd gone on a date, and she was glad Patrick was getting out of the house. She assured him that Robin would want him to move on. Maxie also felt that it would be good for Emma if Patrick to have a woman in his life. Patrick said he and Britt were nowhere near that point, and Maxie said there was someone out there for Patrick, even if it wasn't Britt. Maxie believed that Nature hated a vacuum and that there was a chance that once she was gone, another woman would take her place. Emma came in and showed off her Princess Belle costume to the delighted Maxie and Patrick.

Kelly's: Anna walked in and found Duke looking at a story in The Sun on the shooting at the pier. A picture of Anna was on the front page, which Luke didn't think did Anna justice. Anna said she was working on figuring out who shot Bernie the second time, because that was the person who killed Jason. The police had found some fibers that Anna hoped would lead them to the shooter. Anna wondered if the killer was laughing at her, and Duke quickly assured her that he wasn't. When Anna asked how he knew, Duke covered by saying he meant he was confident she was more than capable of solving the case. Anna was determined to solve it, because she felt that she owed it to the Quartermaines. Duke shared that tonight was his first day tending bar at the Haunted Star. He hoped Anna would come. Anna didn't think she should take time off work and she was concerned about distracting Duke on the job. Duke said he could handle making drinks and making scintillating conversation. He knew that Lulu only hired him so she and Luke could keep an eye on him, which Duke said was a waste of time, because he had nothing to hide.”Glad to hear it” Luke said as he entered the restaurant. Luke told Duke that this was partially Luke's restaurant, so Duke shouldn't put in an application there. Luke and Duke traded barbs about Duke working at the Haunted Star. Duke realized it was time for him to go. He asked Anna to consider his invitation, then he walked out. Luke wondered what “Lazarus” wanted now. Anna told him about Duke's invitation. Luke thought that was a great idea and he asked her to be his date to the party.

Duke ran into Emma and Patrick, and he noted that Emma reminded him of Robin. Emma shared that Robin was her mom. Duke introduced himself to them, and Patrick recalled that Robin used to talk about Duke a lot. Duke mentioned that Robin's death was very sad, then he knelt down and told Emma that he knew Robin at Emma's age and he always knew that she'd go on to do great things.

Back inside the restaurant, Anna turned Luke down. Luke assumed she was still upset he'd lied to Robert, and he began to plead his case for repairing their relationship. Anna didn't think there was an “us” at the moment, which confused Luke. He reminded her how they'd stared out as roommates and friends and become more than friends. He really wanted to work on what they had, but he needed Anna to meet him halfway. Anna felt that it would be wrong for her to have a date at Duke's job. Luke was frustrated that Anna was concerned about sparing Duke's feelings when he hadn't been in her life for twenty years. The conversation got cut short when Emma and Patrick walked in. Anna admired Emma's costume, then Shawn called Emma over to get some candy. Patrick told Anna about Duke and the nice things he said about Robin. Patrick thought Duke seemed nice. The Duke subject clearly grated on Luke. Anna noticed and she removed herself from the situation by taking Emma outside to take some pictures. Patrick followed. Tracy walked in and noticed Emma. Tracy wondered to Luke why little girls dressed up as princesses, when those stories never ended well. Luke sighed that fairy tales never did. Tracy wondered why Luke looked like he lost his best friend. Luke grumbled that he may very well have. Tracy was okay with Luke being cryptic, because at least he was semi coherent, unlike Monica. Tracy told Luke she thought Jason's death had caused Monica to lose “what was left of her mind.” Luke thought Tracy should go easy on Monica, because she was a grieving mother. He knew it was hard for Anna, too. Tracy wondered if he meant the same Anna who blew him off to watch Duke serve drinks. Luke did; he wished he could be there to see that. Tracy told him to go. When Luke countered that three was a crowd, Tracy pointed out that it was Halloween – Luke could wear a disguise. Tracy walked away and Luke gave it some thought.

Haunted Star: Lulu, dressed as a cat, was doing some last minute preparations for the Halloween party, when Dante, dressed as a burglar, arrived. They kissed. Dante explained that he was dressed that way, because he'd just come from volunteering at an event for at risk kids at the community center. Dante told Lulu a cute story about one of the little kids and Lulu said she'd been thinking about needy children, too. She pulled out a pamphlet on adoption. Lulu admitted she needed to get used to the idea that “Rocco” wouldn't look like Dante before they started the adoption process. Lulu assumed that Dante had his heart set on a biological child, but Dante replied that it wasn't important to him that their child be blood related. He thought the most important thing was the love they'd share. Dante felt that his mom did a great job raising him, but he was excited to parent with Lulu as a team. Lulu reminded Dante that she didn't have a normal family despite growing up in a two parent home. Dante thought they had all the resources two people would need to give a child a good life, and he didn't care where the child came from. Lulu realized that she could see them adopting, too. Duke arrived and Lulu introduced him to Dante, using Dante's full work title. Duke greeted Dante in a friendly tone, then said he knew Dante's boss. After the introductions, Dante mentioned he'd return to the party after he swung by the job. Duke listened intently as Dante told Lulu that he wanted to see if Forensics had made any progress identifying Bernie and Jason's killer. Later, people began to stream onto the boat, and Anna was among them, dressed as a flapper. She and Duke smiled at each other.

Michael and Starr arrived. Starr felt like she had to explain to Lulu why she quit, but Lulu smiled warmly and told her not to worry about it.

Someone wearing a grim reaper mask, hooded cloak and scythe arrived at the party.

Drake home: Patrick carried the sleeping Emma inside then placed her on the couch. Maxie walked out with a suitcase and said she'd send for the rest tomorrow. Maxie was sad to be leaving and tried to cheer herself up by telling Patrick she'd see him all the time. She asked if he was going to the party. He was. Maxie thanked Patrick for rescuing her when she had nowhere else to go. Patrick thanked her for doing the same for him. She left. Patrick called Sabrina.

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