GH Update Tuesday 10/30/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/30/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Haunted Star: The depressed looking Johnny was drinking at the bar when Connie walked in. She poured a glass for herself and told him her attempts to win Trey over had backfired, so she and Johnny were about to go to war. Johnny didn't want to help Connie, so she threatened to take him down with her. Lulu walked in and overheard Connie's threat. Lulu asked what was going on. Connie tried making small talk with Lulu about the two of them being related through Dante, but Lulu swiftly shut her down. Connie grinned and asked if Lulu wanted to get on her bad side, and Lulu asked if that was a threat. Johnny tried to diffuse the building tension by saying Connie didn't mean anything by it. Lulu went over some Club business with Johnny, and Connie told Johnny she'd be right back to finish their discussion, then she went to the restroom. As soon as she left, Lulu asked Johnny what the hell was going on with with him. Lulu knew Johnny well enough to know must have forced him into the marriage, and she also believed that Johnny wanted to open up to someone. Lulu encouraged Johnny to confide in her. She told him she wasn't a cop, Johnny countered that she was married to a cop, but Lulu repeated that she wasn't one. Connie returned and announced herself by making a coarse comment about the Club's toilet paper. Lulu whispered to Johnny that she really wanted to help, then she had him sign some papers. Lulu left.

Connie suspected Johnny and Lulu were conspiring against her, and she confronted Johnny about it. Johnny railed at Connie for being so paranoid and abrasive. He argued that if she weren't so crass and unlikable and didn't keep threatening everyone, people might not be so intent on having her committed. That reminded Connie of her issue with Trey, and she asked Johnny to stage an “accident” for Trey to die in. Johnny was appalled that she'd suggest killing her own son. Connie shot back that Johnny had done something just as terrible when he killed Cole and Hope and made Connie take the blame. Johnny threatened to have her committed if she suggested that he murder her son again. Connie vowed to tell the truth about Johnny if he didn't work harder at convincing people they were happily married. Johnny got upset that she kept bringing up what he'd done to Starr's family. Connie agreed, as long as Johnny remembered that her problems were his. She told him that they had to figure out a plan for Trey, because the two of them were screwed if he signed those papers.

Starr and Trey's: Starr looked at the CD and the picture of herself and Johnny that Johnny had given her, then she angrily ripped the picture up. Kristina stopped by looking for Trey and Starr invited her in to wait for him. Starr ordered lunch for the two of them, then Kristina noticed the picture. Starr and Kristina talked about Johnny; neither of them could understand why Johnny would marry Connie. Starr told Kristina how she caught Connie coming on to Michael and how Connie blamed Cole's driving for the accident. Starr was outraged that Johnny would marry such a nasty person. Kristina said she'd known Johnny for a long time and thought he was a good person who made bad decisions because he was messed up. Kristina asked if Trey had said anything about having Connie committed. Starr wasn't sure Trey would do anything to help Sonny, because he thought Sonny killed Joe. Kristina didn't think Sonny did it. Starr understood, but she got why Trey didn't want to think his father used his last breath to lie. Kristina was having a hard time comforting Trey, because she wasn't sad that Joe was dead. She said maybe she wasn't the right person to comfort Trey right now. Kristina knew what it was like to love your father in spite of the fact that he'd hurt people. Kristina said sometimes Sonny impulsively hurt people, including her, but other times he hurt people on purpose, which scared her the most. Starr could identify with what Kristina was saying.

Quartermaine Mansion: Monica and AJ were talking on the patio when Michael walked into the living room looking for Monica. Monica went back inside, and Michael asked who she was talking to. Monica said she'd been talking to her son. Michael assumed she was talking to Jason's spirit and told her he missed Jason, too. He'd come by to check on her. AJ listened in as Michael told Monica he was sorry for offending her when he said Jason had been like a father to him. Michael said he knew AJ was his biological father. Outside, AJ grumbled about Carly and Sonny taking away his chance to raise Michael. Michael said he was close to Jason, but he never knew AJ well. Monica apologized for overreacting earlier. She said she just wanted Michael to know that AJ loved him. Michael wasn't sure about that; he reminded Monica that AJ had kidnapped him, Morgan and Kristina, then faked Michael's death. Monica admitted there was no defense for the things AJ had done, but she said if AJ was there, he'd tell Michael he loved him with all his heart. Michael said he would have liked to hear what AJ had to say, but he didn't think he could ever forgive him for the pain he caused by faking Michael's death. Michael sometimes wondered what would have happened if Jason hadn't figured out where Michael was and brought him home. Monica just wanted Michael to understand that AJ wasn't all that bad. Michael thanked Monica for giving him AJ's perspective. He knew it must be difficult for her to have lost both of her sons. Monica admitted that she felt like she'd lost them both a long time ago. Michael said at least there was a chance that one of her son's could still be alive. Michael offered to stay and keep Monica company, and Monica was grateful, but said she wanted some time alone.

Michael noticed the older photo of AJ and Jason and asked for a copy. Monica told him to take it, since she had others. They shared a loving goodbye, then Michael left. AJ walked in and said he couldn't believe that was his son. All AJ wanted was to reunite with his “little boy,” but Monica was adamant that AJ couldn't let Michael see him. AJ was hurt that Michael thought of Jason and Sonny as his fathers, while AJ was only a kidnapper to him. AJ wanted to get Michael to understand how much AJ loved him. Monica promised that she would do that, but she told AJ that he had to leave before anyone found out the truth and arrested him for shooting Alan in the back. Monica pointed out that she could also face charges if anyone found out she faked AJ's death and funneled money to him for years. AJ promised to protect Monica, but he refused to leave her or Michael again. Monica thought AJ would be disappointed if he approached Michael, because Michael was devoted to Jason, not AJ. AJ argued that he was here, while Jason was gone, and he was determined that he and Michael would build the relationship they were meant to have. Monica asked if he was willing to risk going to prison.

AJ thought they could find a way to clear his name in time. AJ forcefully said “I am AJ Quartermaine, and this is my home, my family and that is my son!” AJ was determined to do whatever it took to get back what he'd lost.

Volonino's Gym: Trey found Sonny and pledged to help him get Connie committed. Sonny was curious about what led to Trey's change of heart. Trey told Sonny how Connie tried to manipulate him into being on her side. Trey made it clear that he was doing this for Starr and not Sonny. Sonny thought this could give Trey a chance to see how wonderful his mother was. Trey shot back that his mother left him for dead. Sonny theorized that Connie had been the one who abandoned him. Trey wasn't sure they'd ever know who abandoned him, but his main concern was getting Connie off the streets. Trey said he'd sign the papers on the condition that Sonny told him the truth about how Joe died. Sonny insisted that he didn't send Jason to kill Joe, even though Sonny wanted Joe dead long before Joe kidnapped Kristina. Trey asked why Sonny didn't have Joe killed, and Sonny told him that Kate had demanded that Sonny let Joe live. Trey said he'd be in touch, then he left. Michael went to the gym and showed Sonny the picture of AJ and Jason. Michael told Sonny how Monica had explained AJ's actions. Sonny said while AJ and Jason looked alike, they couldn't have been more different. According to Sonny, Jason was down to earth, but AJ, while smart, was self entitled and irresponsible. Michael noted that Sonny hated AJ. Sonny said he had his reasons. Sonny felt that AJ's greatest accomplishment was having Michael as a son. Sonny assured Michael that there was nothing inherently wrong with AJ – he was smart, full of potential, and athletic, but he had a character flaw that Michael definitely hadn't inherited. Michael understood that. Michael said he didn't want to badmouth AJ to Monica, but the few memories he had of AJ were pretty bad. Michael sometimes wondered whether he and AJ would have had a relationship if AJ hadn't died. Sonny said he had good news – Trey was going to sign the commitment papers. Sonny took Michael for pizza, so he could tell him all about it.

Sam's place: Steve came by and handed Sam the paternity test. Sam was confused and asked where it came from. Steve told her it was in Heather's things, and explained that she must have altered the earlier results. Sam wondered if the results Steve had just given her might be fake, but Steve told her he'd double checked the original lab records, and these were the correct results – Jason really was Danny's father. Overjoyed, Sam hugged Steve. Steve looked concerned when Sam talked about how happy Jason was going to be when he found out. Sam noticed his expression and adamantly said Jason was coming home. Steve said he hoped so, then he left. Sam showed the results to Danny and told him Jason was really his daddy. Sam couldn't wait to tell Jason.

Sam had a hallucination in which Jason came home. They had a happy reunion and she told him that he was Danny's father, and not Franco. Sam said she thought she always knew the truth deep down; Danny even had Jason's eyes, according to her. Jason told her he loved Danny no matter what, but the results meant that Franco's plot to affect their lives forever had failed. They kissed and hugged, then Jason held Danny. Sam couldn't believe what Franco and Heather put him through. Jason told her to forget about them. He put his arm around her and said all that mattered was the three of them. Jason handed Danny back and Sam looked away for a moment, then when she looked back, Jason had disappeared. Sam frantically searched the apartment for Jason, then sat down on the stairs and sobbed when she realized Jason had never really come home.

Hospital: Todd dropped by and taunted the comatose Heather with the news that he'd found a way to tell Sam that Danny was Jason's without it being traced back to Todd. Todd told Heather there was nothing she could do about it. He was shocked when Heather suddenly opened her eyes and grabbed him. Todd exclaimed that she was supposed to be in a coma, and Heather said it was a miracle. When Heather learned Todd had avoided prison by telling the cops he didn't know she switched the babies, Heather vowed to set the record straight. Todd told her no one would believe a whack job like her. Heather was willing to take her chances, but Todd said they had to get their stories straight first. Heather weakly called out for Steve, but Todd told her he was busy giving the real DNA results to Sam. Heather asked how Steve got them, and Todd said that lots of things happened while she was in a coma. He mentioned that someone shot Jason. Heather wasn't surprised; she believed God always punished people who crossed her. Todd told Heather how he put the DNA results in Heather's copy of Fifty Hues of Blue. Heather asked for the book – she wanted to know how it ended. Todd promised to give it to her, if she told the police that he wasn't involved in the baby switch.

Heather saw no reason to help Todd, unless he gave her something in return. Todd refused to give her anything besides her book. Heather felt that if Todd got off, she could, too. Todd argued that there was no way she was getting out of this, after all she'd done, including leaping off the roof with a baby. Heather found out that Todd was now using Diane as a lawyer. Todd pointed out that he'd fired Diane from The Sun for Heather, so Diane didn't like Heather either. Todd said the best Heather could hope for was to get sent to Ferncliff instead of prison. Heather was adamant that she wasn't going to either place. She promised to take all the blame for the switch in exchange for Todd hiring her a high priced attorney like Diane. Steve happened to walk in and was shocked when he realized Heather was awake. Heather told her son she had something to tell him about the baby switch. Todd tried to discredit Heather before she could start talking, but Steve wanted to hear what she had to say. Heather apologized for the things Steve's mom had done. When the confused Steve told her she was his mom, Heather pretended to believe that she was Susan Moore, Jason's mother and Heather's cousin.

Steve wondered what Todd was doing there, and Todd claimed he walked in when he heard her babbling about being Susan. Steve spoke to Heather as if she were really Susan and asked her if Todd was Heather's accomplice during the baby switch. Heather acted like she thought Todd had was a doctor who'd just delivered her baby. Steve took Todd out in the hall and made it clear that he wasn't falling for Heather's act. Todd insisted he didn't know what Steve meant. Todd asked about Sam and Steve said he hoped the true paternity results would bring her some peace. Steve said that everyone know that Heather and Todd were in on the baby switch together. Steve let Todd know he intended to have Heather tested to prove she was lucid. Once Steve left, Todd went back into Heather's room and thanked her for not ratting him out. Heather told him that he'd better keep her happy if he wanted to keep her quiet.

Starr and Trey's: When Trey got home, Starr and Kristina were having a great time chatting. Trey revealed that he was going to sign the commitment papers. Starr approved. Trey signed the paperwork.

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