GH Update Monday 10/29/12

General Hospital Update Monday 10/29/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Monica is in her home grieving the loss of Jason when her oldest son, A.J. enters to surprise her. She welcomes him back with open arms.

Right then, Sonny is in a boxing ring ready to go to battle when he recalls asking Kate to marry him only to find out that she is Connie and already married to Johnny. Michael enters to see his dad and looks concerned.

Connie goes to see Trey confident that she and her son can restore their relationship although he is not on board with that.

Johnny goes to find Starr manning and is ready to have her sing at his club again. But she angrily asks him if he seriously believes she’d sing for him after what he and his “wife” have done to her daughter and boyfriend. Although she is unaware that Johnny is responsible for their death, she knows he’s married and willing to back the person who is.

Right then, Olivia is alone in the hospital hallway when she sees heather Webber out of her hospital bed ready to continue to endanger her. She cries and freaks and breaks the glass to grab a fire hydrant. Steven hears her and assures her that his mother is unconscious and in her hospital room. They see that Todd Manning is nearby and that Olivia has mistakenly thought he is Heather. But was she really hallucinating when she saw Heather?

Carly goes to Jason’s home and is at odds with Sam who asks her if she really thinks that she’s as important to Jason as she thinks she is and asks Carly why she believes the world revolves around her. Both women are afraid of losing Jason and don’t want to conclude that he’s dead and not coming back. Carly tells Sam that if they both believe it’s just a matter of time before Jason comes back, although Sam may not want her there, she wants to help and be there for Jason’s wife and baby.

Michael tells his dad he’s worried that he has something on his mind having recently lost his best friend as well as Kate. Sonny assures his son he need not worry. But Michael is concerned.

Connie acts courteous to her son who distrusts and wants nothing to do with her. She tells him she knows that he did not have a great childhood, but she wants to be there for her son. He tells her he knows that she threw him away after giving birth to him so he does not buy a word she says nor believe in her sincerity.

Sonny emotionally tells Michael how he will never forget what Jason has done to him and for raising Michael the first year of his life. Michael tells his dad he’s eternally grateful to Jason also but is also concerned about his dad’s current state of mind.

A.J. assures his mom that he is home and she need not feel alone.

Michael admits to sonny that he went to talk to Monica who had not yet found out that Jason is missing. Sonny asks his son what he said after breaking the news to Jason’s mom. He reminds Michael that Monica has always had a “soft spot” for A.J. and made excuses and cleaned up his mess. But, Sonny tells his son, anybody should still feel for Monica after losing her son and it’s something nobody should have to go through.

Monica reveals that A.J. has been injured and almost died but came back because of his mom.

Carly tells Sam that she is willing to run some errands or help Sam out in Jason’s absence. Sam continues to urge Carly not to “help” her. She has her family for that although Carly protests that they don’t really seem to be there for Sam. She tells Sam that she knows Sam wants to dislike her and not believe she wants to be helpful. Sam reminds Carly that she might want to think of what Jason would say if he knew that she (Carly) is defending Todd Manning.

Todd then notices Olivia with Steven and jokes about her seeing and knowing things about Heather. But he remembers the secret that only he and Heather know and remembering he might not want to cross heather when she is not dead yet and may not be unconscious forever.

Starr asks Johnny just what he has to say for himself having married the monster who took her family from her. He protests and tells her he does not expect her to understand. She asks him if it was all just a joke when he let her cry on his shoulder. She thought he was her friend. He protests that he is still her friend. She tells him that marrying Connie and lying to Carly shows that he has no regard for others. It hurts not only her but Michael and his family.

Connie tells Trey she knows that her son has to come around and realize that he loves her. He knew enough to tell Sonny where to stick it when he wanted to draw up the papers to have her committed. Trey affirms that he did that but could still change his mind and have his mom back in the loony bin.

At the hospital, Todd observes Olivia and Steven while aware that they might be able to find out his secret.

Johnny tells Starr he will do anything she wants in order to make this right. She then tells him if that’s true, then he needs to have Connie committed since he is her husband and can do so. But he realizes he cannot do that.

Connie protests to Trey that she knows he has courage to have stood up to Sonny and he got that from her.

Michael reminds his dad that he knows that Bernie was shot with 2 different guns. Joe Scully was not acting alone. And now that they do not have Jason there for them, they are vulnerable, need to close ranks and protect their family. Hearing that, Sonny knows that his son wants to take over Jason’s job and tells Michael he will not allow that.

Monica remembers Dr. Steven Webber and another attendant trying and failing to save A.J’s life. She remembers believing her son died and that it’s too late for her to have helped him be a good person and give his life value. She knows that A.J. was hurt so badly and in turn believed he had no choice except to hurt others. She cried and admitted how much she loved her first born son. And it is revealed that although A.J. was ready to die, she was able to be in the room when her son came back.

Sam asks Carly why she trusts and thinks well of Todd Manning. Carly replies because she knows that Todd is a good person regardless of what others believe. She knows he cares about his daughter and wants to make it right for Jason and Sam having their child taken from them.

Monica remembers suddenly reviving A.J. after the other doctors mistakenly assume he’s dead. She is concerned realizing that somebody tried to kill him. She was the only person who believed he was alive and told her son that in order to protect him, they need to keep having all the others believing he is. Although she put her license to practice medicine on the line, she knew she had to do it in order to protect his son. But she remembered that Steven was also there and that she was able to swear him to secrecy that alive.

Sonny tells Michael that he knows he has exposed his son to more danger than the Quartermaines could have. And he wishes more than anything that he could have given his son a better life. He wanted more for his son. He realized he kind of prevented Jason from having a better life. He realized that it was entirely Jason’s choice to help Sonny. He didn’t want Jason to make the sacrifices he did but he knew Jason had his back at all times. And the only thing that Jason wanted in return is for Sonny to promise him that he’d give Michael a better life than either of them has had. So, he tells Michael, he needs to understand that.

Connie protests to Trey that she realizes he had good reason to not want to forgive Kate for what she did. But, Kate was raped and had no resources to raise a baby. Kate had her college and professional career to accomplish. For the first time we see Connie with a conscience. Her son is still confused about which person his “mom” really is. She reveals to him for the first time that it was neither herself nor Kate who killed Cole and Hope. Yet she realizes she cannot reveal to her son who did.

Starr tells Johnny she can never forgive him for his choice to marry and defend Connie and she walks away. He walks after her urging her to wait.

Carly cries and tells Sam she has kept her latest voicemail from Jason. And she gives her phone to Sam knowing how much Sam wants to hear Jason’s voice. Carly reflects it’s so unfair that all they have are memories and voicemails and it seems there should be more.

Olivia protests to Steven and to Todd Manning that she knows she is not hallucinating to have seen Heather up and about. She was in the DNA lab and she wouldn’t be surprised if Heather knows something they don’t know. Maybe she is trying to cover the fact that Sam’s baby is really Jason’s and not Franco’s. That could explain a lot of the things that Heather has done. Overhearing that, Todd is panicking. Steven then concludes that if it’s possible that Jason is in fact the father of Sam’s baby, there’s only one way to find out.

At Johnny’s club, he tells Starr that she has the right to walk away. But he believes she’s a very talented young woman and he cares about her. She seems to buy that he sincerely did not intend to hurt her. But she tells him regardless, he did hurt her.

Connie tells Trey she wishes she could undo what she did to him when he was a baby as well as the death of Cole and his baby daughter. She protests it was not “herself” that did it although she does not reveal who did. Trey still does not trust her.

Sonny tells Michael he needs to promise his dad that he will honor what Jason would want. Michael then tells his dad that he will do that. But Sonny wants to know about his conversation with Monica. He tells his son all he wants is for his son to stay safe after all that has happened.

At Monica’s home, AJ observes the pictures of Michael and they are both in awe of the fact that his biological son and her grandson is now an adult and a great young man. She admits that she regrets keeping a secret from AJ’s father. But she did what she had to do. She tells him she wishes they had more time and that he has to go away

At the hospital, Steven reveals to Olivia and to Todd that he can affirm with certainty that Jason is the father of Sam’s baby. She reminds him that nobody even knew. He tells her that Sam will have to know.

When Johnny is alone in his club, Connie returns to inform him about her unsuccessful attempt to get through to “Kate’s bastard”. She tells him that means that the two of them have to go to war.

Trey goes to find Sonny and announces to him that he can have Connie committed just like Sonny wants.

Todd goes in to see Heather who appears to still be unconscious in her hospital bed. He smugly tells her that her plan to prevent Sam from knowing that Jason is the father of her baby has failed. It’s just a matter of time before everybody knows. He’s glad because he did not like having to go along with her plan to prevent it from happening. And he tells her, the best part is, there’s no way that the cover-up can be traced back to him or get him in any trouble. And the even “bester” part is there’s nothing she can do to stop him from doing what he wants to do. But right then, she awakens, grabs his arm and smugly tells him she wouldn’t be so certain of that if she were him.

And right then, Sam is sitting alone with nothing more than Carly’s cell phone with the picture and text message of Jason when she hears a knock on the door. She walks to open it and is surprised to see Steven Webber. He hands her the document that will change her life.

Monica urges AJ to go outside the house before “somebody” discovers him. And right then, Michael enters the house able to sense that “somebody” besides Monica is there.

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