GH Update Friday 10/26/12

General Hospital Update Friday 10/26/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie goes to speak with Lulu at the Metro Court. They disagree over whether or not Maxie listens to Lulu and follows her advice. They then discuss Maxie telling Spinelli about her divorcing Matt and Maxie's disappointment over Spinelli's non-reaction. Maxie realizes that a big part of the non-reaction could be Spinelli's still being upset over Jason's death. She tells Lulu that while they were both friends with Jason, he was Spinelli's hero and mentioned that Ellie would never understand that.

Sabrina approaches Ellie to ask if she would like to donate money for a flower arrangement to be sent to Monica in sympathy for Jason's death. Ellie contributes, mentioning how Jason was Spinelli's best friend and how beside himself he is over Jason's death. As both girls go to leave, Sabrina stops short of running into Patrick who asks what she is doing.

Monica looks at a photo of AJ and Jason when Tracy walks in bearing a flower arrangement sent by the ELQ board. Tracy extends her sympathies and tells her how she thought nothing would really happen to Jason. Tracy says it's a shock that it did. Monica agrees that it is a shock, then tells Tracy its all her fault.

Anna tells Duke that the case of Jason's murder is personal to her because she's known the Quartermaines forever and that Robin was very close to Jason. Duke comments that the papers say that Joe Scully was responsible. Anna a tells him that there is evidence of an accomplice and she believes that person is the one who killed Jason.

Spinelli goes to speak with Todd. Before Todd can close the door on him, Spinelli makes his way into Todd's room. He tells Todd that he needs to tell Sam the truth about Daniel. Todd tells Spinelli that he is trespassing and threatens to call security. Spinelli tells him that's fine then pleads with him to tell Sam the truth since she just lost her husband and knowing the truth would give her solace.

Diane is at Sam's door about to slip the envelope under the door when Sam arrives. She asks what Diane is doing there. Diane says hello to Daniel and Sam asks if the envelope in Diane's hand is for her.

Duke comments on Joe Jr. having a partner but Anna tells him maybe but he appears to be more of a boss as she starts investigates the site a bit more. Duke asks how she knows this. She tells him that Trey had said that Joe Jr. mentioned a boss he was taking orders from. Duke asks if there are any leads. Anna says not yet but she will find him. She says they owe it to Monica Quartermaine to find the man who took Monica's only living child from her.

Tracy asks Monica how Jason's death was her fault. Monica tells her it's her fault for seeing Joe Jr. and bringing him into their lives. She tells Tracy that she knew that Joe Jr. was a rapist and a murderer yet she continued to see him and if she hadn't, Jason would be alive today. Tracy tells Monica if she wants to blame someone for Jason's death, she should look in the mirror.

Sabrina asks Patrick if he would like to contribute to the flowers for Monica and he says no. He tells her that he wants her to stop collecting money altogether. Sabrina asks if it is against the rules to collect money for a good cause. Patrick says it is not a good cause because Jason was a murdering criminal. Elizabeth walks in to hear the exchange and Patrick asks her to tell Sabrina that they'd all have been better off if Jason died months ago.

Maxie asks Lulu if Spinelli seemed distracted when she told him about the divorce. Lulu points out that Spinelli was on a date. Maxie points out that Ellie wouldn't leave so what was she supposed to do. Lulu suggests that she talk to Spinelli privately when he isn't on a date. Maxie tells Lulu that she's a genius and that she'll talk to him at the Halloween party. Lulu reminds her that not only is the party not private but that Spinelli would be there with Ellie. Maxie doesn't care and comments on Jason's death being bad timing.

Todd tells Spinelli that he has no idea what Spinelli is talking about. He says that John McBain has accused him and so has the PCPD yet he is still free because there's nothing proving that Spinelli is right. He then threatens to throw Spinelli out the window. Spinelli tells Todd that he is a private investigator and a good one. He tells Todd he will prove Todd's guilt.

Sam asks again if the envelope is for her. Diane tells her it isn't. It's just some legal work that she dropped. Diane offers sympathies and Sam tells her she doesn't want them. She says that Jason is alive. Diane tells her she knows the body hasn't been found which could complicate legalities. She offers her legal services to Sam. Sam tells Diane she and Jason wouldn't use her as their attorney if she was the last one on earth because she helped Todd walk. Diane points out that there was no evidence against Todd so she got the charges dropped just like she had for Jason many times. Sam gets upset and tells Diane not to compare Jason to Todd and tells Diane to get out of her home. John walks in and asks if there's a problem.

Britt calls Sabrina over and asks what she did to upset Patrick. Elizabeth asks Patrick how he could say such things about Jason. Patrick tells her that Robin died saving Jason's life. Elizabeth tells Patrick that she would have done it for any other patient. Patrick tells her that any other patient would still be alive. Jason threw away the life that Robin died to save. He points out that Jason was at the docks on mob business and he doesn't understand how Elizabeth can defend Jason after all he'd done to her and because she was Robin's friend. Elizabeth points out that Jason was Robin's friend, that Robin would hate him using her death to beat up on Jason and she storms off.

Tracy tells Monica that Jason and AJ both died because she and Alan coddled them and excused their mistakes. Monica says that AJ made mistakes but Jason was not responsible for his choices because of his brain injury. Tracy points out that the brain injury was due to AJ's drunk driving. Monica says that AJ paid a price for that bad choice. Tracy tells her that she and Alan were both more interested in philandering than their sons. Monica says that Tracy is no model parent either. Tracy points out that her sons are both still alive and that Monica's are dead because of her bad choices. She asks if Monica could deny that and Monica admits that she can't deny it.

Duke tells Anna that he likes to watch her work, that she is passionate about her work. She agrees that she is and asks Duke about his new job. He tells her that he's going to be a bartender. Anna is concerned that he is overqualified for tending bar. Duke says when you spend two decades in a prison, your résumé tends to have gaps in it. Anna asks him where he's going to be working. He tells her that he is working at The Haunted Star.

Lulu asks Maxie to rethink the whole thing. She tells Maxie that Spinelli seems serious about Ellie. Maxie says that he can't be because he's been in love with her for years and is only with Ellie because she was married to Matt. She points out that Spinelli promised to love her forever and that he is a man of his word and she finds that hot. Lulu asks if she expects Spinelli to dump Ellie just because Maxie is available. Maxie says that Spinelli is too much of a gentleman to do that so when he knows she is ready to commit, he will let Ellie down gently. Ellie joins them, saying its a happy coincidence that Maxie is there and asks what Maxie is up to.

Spinelli cites Todd hiring Heather at his paper as being proof. Todd says its proof of nothing and Spinelli says it's a working hypothesis. Todd tells Spinelli that he needs to go bother Heather. Spinelli points out that it is convenient for Todd that Heather is in a coma. Todd says its convenient for everyone that she's in a coma and goes to open the door and asks Spinelli to leave. Spinelli again appeals to Todd to tell Sam the truth to give her some shred of comfort.

Sam tells John that Diane was just leaving. Diane agrees and heads out. She tells Sam that Jason was a good friend as well as a client and she leaves. John closes the door behind Diane and asks why Diane was there. Sam says Diane was Jason's attorney but was Todd's attorney too. John tells her that he knew Diane as Todd's attorney. Sam tells him that Diane was there to offer sympathies and John correctly guesses that she didn't accept them. Sam says there's no reason to because Jason isn't dead. John tells her that he doesn't believe Jason is dead either.

Monica tells Tracy that she and Alan may have made monumental mistakes with AJ and Jason but that doesn't get Tracy off the hook for letting Joe Scully get away with his acts. Tracy says she didn't let him get away with anything. Monica tells her that she needs someone to want her so badly that she overlooked that everything about him was a lie. Tracy tells Monica that he was not all bad. She tells him how Joe Jr. saved her life during the water crisis by slipping her the antidote. Monica points out that if Joe Jr. had the antidote, it means he was working with Jerry Jacks.

Sabrina apologizes for what happened between them and Patrick. She tells Elizabeth that she had no idea of the history between Jason and Robin. Elizabeth tells her that its ok. Sabrina notices that Jason meant a lot to Elizabeth, too. Elizabeth tells Sabrina that she loved Jason.

Britt asks Patrick if he is ok. He tells her he's not. He feels bad for going off on Elizabeth the way he did. He didn't take her feelings into consideration. He explains to Britt that Jason and Elizabeth had a son together and that he was killed in a hit and run last year. Britt tells him that it doesn't change the fact that Robin died for saving someone who had no regard for his own life. Patrick thanks her for understanding.

Anna asks if Duke knows who Lulu is. He says he does and that Luke was there when he talked to Lulu. He says he knows that Lulu hired him just to keep an eye on him for Luke and he knows that and tells her he couldn't find a job anywhere else. Anna hopes that the whole thing doesn't backfire on Duke or Lulu.

Ellie tells Maxie she must be devastated over divorcing Matt. She tells Maxie how brave she is for hiding her pain even though its obvious she doesn't want to be alone. Maxie tells her she's not alone, she has Lulu. Ellie points out how busy Lulu is with planning the party. Ellie invites Maxie to go to the party with her and Spinelli. She tells Maxie that Spinelli loves Halloween and how upset he is about Jason. She purchases the tickets from Lulu as Maxie says that Spinelli and Jason were very close and it could be complicated for an outsider. Ellie tells her how Spinelli talked to her all night about his relationship with Jason. Maxie tells Ellie about the things she did for Jason. Ellie tells Maxie that she has two people to cheer up and that making sure Spinelli and Maxie is important to her.

Todd is about to tell Spinelli the truth when Diane returns and tells him to not to say another word. Spinelli asks if Diane is Todd's attorney. Diane tells him that she is as of last week. Spinelli is very upset over this and tears into Diane for defending Todd and getting him freed of the charges against him. Diane tells Spinelli that everyone is entitled to an attorney and the best defense possible. Spinelli tells her that she doesn't get to comment on Todd's guilt or innocence and Diane says that she won't. She tells him that she won't allow him to hurl insults and accusations at Todd. Spinelli is glad that Jason isn't around to see what she's become. Diane tells him that she and Jason were both professionals and that he'd see she's doing a job with no personal feelings involved. Spinelli leaves and Diane comments at how low she's sunk when a mob's tech guy gets to pass moral judgments on her. Todd tells her who cares, he'll get over it. The important thing is that Sam knows the truth. Diane tells him that she doesn't know yet.

Sam asks John if he doesn't believe that Jason is dead. He says that there's no body so that means no proof of death in his book. Sam asks if he thinks she's crazy. He tells her that wanting to know what happened to her husband isn't crazy. She tells him that Jason was shot, the water was cold and the current was strong. He could still be alive and unable to get back to her. He tells her that its possible.

Monica points out that Jerry was the only one with the antidote, so where else could he have gotten it from. She tells him that if this is true, Tracy was sleeping with a man who helped try to kill an entire town. Tracy says it could be worse. She wonders if it is possible that he could have been a part of the Metro Court hostage crisis. She asks Monica what if he helped contribute to Alan's death. Monica asks what the police say about Joe Jr. being involved with Jerry. Tracy says she hasn't told them.

Sam wonders if someone could be holding Jason against his will as he has a lot of enemies. John says it's too soon to tell. She then theorizes that he is hurt and can't get to her or that he could be in hiding to protect her and Daniel. John doesn't think that Jason hiding to protect Sam and Daniel is likely because he wouldn't worry her like this. Sam tells John that Anna told her that Bernie was shot by two different guns and that Trey told said that Joe Jr. was taking orders from someone else. John says he may know who.

Duke tells Anna that he has received money from the federal government to compensate him for being in the Turkish prison, so he can take care of Anna. Anna tells him that he doesn't need to, she can take care of herself. Duke tells her that he knows but its been an uphill battle for him, especially with Luke casting doubts on him. Anna says she was concerned, too. Duke asked if that made it necessary for her to have his prints checked. She said it did but now there's no doubts. Duke said and now he has a job, too. He is going to prove himself to Anna and they are going to have their happy life together again.

Elizabeth explains to Sabrina that there was a lot of history between her and Jason, sometimes as friends, sometimes more. Elizabeth wishes she treated Jason better. Sabrina tells her that she is sure that Jason knew she cares about him. Elizabeth confesses that she would do anything to keep Jason, not that he was hers anyway. She says the timing was never right for her and Jason. Sabrina tells her that we all do stupid things when we're in love.

Patrick thanks Britt for seeing his side of things. Britt tells him that if he ever needs to rage or lash out about the injustice of his wife's death, he can come to her. She tells him that she can take whatever he dishes out. Patrick thanks her for the gesture.

Todd tells Diane that he pays her a lot of money to do one thing. Diane tells him that her job is to protect Todd's freedom and safety. Todd tells her not if she keeps screwing up. Diane tells him that Sam believes he had something to do with the baby switch. Todd doesn't care. He says the only proof against him is in a coma. Diane tells him that if Sam even suspects that he has been keeping the paternity secret, she will stop at nothing to see Todd hang and would get help from John McBain and Carly. Todd asks if Carly would really turn against him. Diane assures him that for something like this, she'd crush him. Todd tells her that's why they need to get the truth to Sam without implicating him.

Elizabeth tells Sabrina that they need to get back to work before Epiphany writes them up. She tells Sabrina that she can call her Elizabeth.

Britt tells Patrick to let her know if he wants to get together and leaves. Elizabeth and Sabrina walk in on the way back to work. Patrick apologizes for the way he treated Elizabeth. She thanks him and leaves. Patrick stops Sabrina and gives money for the flowers for Monica. Sabrina thanks him. She apologizes for before and asks if there is anything she can do for him. He tells her that there is.

Monica asks if Tracy didn't mention to the police about Joe Jr. working with Jerry. Tracy didn't see that it would make a difference. Monica tells her that she doesn't know anything. Tracy tells her that while she may have had a few lapses in judgment, Monica doesn't need to become histrionic. Monica tells her that she lost Alan, Emily, AJ and Jason, that she has no family, that she's alone. Tracy tells her that if she needs to take it out on her, then go ahead. She says that her sons are alive and that Monica's sons are gone and nothing will bring them back.

Duke tells Anna that he shouldn't keep her, that she has work to do. Anna asks Duke if he has a number. Duke tells her that she could come over. He has an apartment with a spectacular view. Anna said she wanted to but Luke was on his tear about the fingerprints and she wanted to get that out of the way. Duke says now that they have, she should come to his place. That it won't be a home until she's there.

John tells Sam that there was a closed hearing to get Joe Jr. out of jail and whomever it was covered their tracks well. Sam asked him to try again and he promised he would but whomever it is may not be connected to Jason. San says but they might, too. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Sam tells John that she thinks every knock is Jason. She answers the door to find Spinelli there/

Maxie tells Ellie that Halloween is her birthday and she's not in the mood to party so close to it. Ellie tells Maxie that Spinelli needs to be around his friends and Maxie is one of his best friends. Ellie is able to convince Maxie to attend the Halloween party with her and Spinelli.

Spinelli tells Sam about his visit to Todd and that he tried to get the truth from him. John tells Spinelli that Todd has no conscience to play upon. Spinelli says he feels like he was getting close to getting Todd to admit all when Diane showed up. Sam said he tried and that's all he could do. She tells him she's lucky to have him as a friend.

Diane says she will get the DNA results to Sam but it will cost him. Todd asks why he keeps her on retainer if she keeps charging him. She says she charges double for subterfuge. Todd asks if that isn't part of an attorney's job anyway. Diane insists on payment for the task. Diane suggests that Todd use a messenger service to get the results to Sam instead of someone she knows. Todd fears that Sam can trace the courier to him. He doesn't trust anyone who rides a bike and doesn't want to mail it. Diane asks that if he doesn't like his ideas, what does he suggest. Todd says he may have something.

Sabrina asks Patrick how she can make things up to him. He says if she's not busy, perhaps she can babysit Emma. Sabrina agrees to and then watches Patrick go to Britt and ask her out.

Lulu gives Ellie her tickets and Ellie asks for Maxie's help with a costume. Maxie asks why her. Ellie suggests it may help take her mind off of the divorce. Maxie tells her that is very thoughtful. Ellie tells Maxie that maybe the man of her dreams will be there.

John promises to follow up on the lead he and Sam talked about. He tells her to take care of herself and Daniel and that she may need to take care of Spinelli too. He leaves them. Spinelli asked what lead John was talking about and Sam tells him maybe something that will lead them to Jason.

Anna's phone rings and she tells Duke its work and she needs to take it. Duke tells her its ok. Anna Devane always gets her man but not to forget that Duke Lavery always gets his woman. She watches him leave.

Diane asks Todd what he suggests, carrier pigeon. Todd says she's close...loon. He says loon as in Heather Webber.

Tracy tearfully tells Monica that she is sorry about Jason and leaves her. Monica looks at a photo as the back door opens and she hears "I thought she would never leave". She looks up to see AJ. They smile at each other.

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