GH Update Thursday 10/25/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/25/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is reading her pamphlet about adoption when she is interrupted by Luke. He notices that she is throwing a Halloween party and Lulu asks if he would like to come. He declines, saying that there are too many ghosts including Duke rising from the dead for him already. Lulu says she thought he was going to prove Duke was a fake. Luke tells her his attempt only proved Duke was real.

On the docks, Dante tells Anna that the bullets in Bernie matched the ones in Joe Jr.'s gun and that there was gunpowder residue on Joe Jr.'s hands. Anna says that proves that Joe Jr. was one of the shooters. Now they need to find out who wanted Bernie dead. Duke listens to their conversation from nearby.

Replay of Alexis and Sonny trying to convince Trey to help them commit Connie. Trey refuses, upsetting Sonny. Trey and Sonny argue over whether or not Trey should help and Alexis steps between them to try to defuse the situation. Trey tells Sonny that he doesn't want to do anything for Sonny and that Connie is Sonny's problem, not his.

Connie comes onto Michael. Michael asks if she's not having enough fun with Johnny. Connie says she's not because she's thinking about Michael and that he should be with her because he won't get anything from Starr. Starr arrives at the Metro Court and sees Connie all over Michael. She rushes up to them and chases Connie off of Michael.

Todd looks at the DNA test results proving Jason is Danny's father. He puts it away as Carly walks into the room and asks what he's looking at.

Spinelli arrives at Jason's penthouse and Sam lets him in, glad to see him. She says she needs him to help find Jason. Spinelli thinks that she wants help finding Jason's remains, but Sam tells him that she wants help finding Jason. Spinelli starts to balk at the suggestion when Sam encourages him, telling him that they are investigators and partners. She wants to know if he is in or out.

Michael tells Connie to go away. Connie tells him it's too late. Starr already caught them in the act. Starr tells her that she caught Connie with her hands all over Michael and that is harassment. Connie guesses that Michael enjoyed it. Starr says that Connie is sick. Connie says she is just speaking truths: Michael isn't a virgin, he used to sleep with a hooker and the hooker probably taught him a few things. Michael warns Connie to shut up about Abby. Connie wants to know if Michael doesn't want a woman instead of a little girl. Starr tells Connie she's not even half a woman, she's an alter. Connie comments on how fast Starr got over her dead boyfriend and baby. Starr slaps Connie.

Sonny and Trey continue to argue. Sonny tells Trey not to sacrifice Connie because he is pissed at Sonny. Trey tells Sonny that Connie left him alone in a drawer and Sonny killed his father. Sonny tells Trey that he didn't kill Joe Jr. but Joe Jr. shot Bernie and for all he knows Joe Jr. killed Jason, too and he knows that Joe Jr. shot Bernie because Bernie told him so. Trey asks if he is supposed to believe that and comments that Sonny wanted Joe Jr. dead. Sonny says he did because Joe Jr. was a son of a bitch. Alexis steps in and tells Trey that he is justified in being angry but she guesses that he is not only angry with Sonny, but with Joe Jr., too.

Luke explains to Lulu that they couldn't prove Duke's identity via DNA because when Duke died, the process wasn't perfected yet, so he checked fingerprints and the fingerprints were a perfect match. Lulu guesses that's the end of that. Luke tells her it isn't because a talented con with enough money can make it happen. He says that Duke lied about being in a Turkish prison so he's probably lying about more. If he can't prove that Duke isn't Duke, he can at least prove that Duke is up to no good.

Dante and Anna review the events leading up to Bernie's and Jason's murders. Anna wants to know how Sonny didn't realize Bernie moved his money to Kristina's accounts. Dante explains the position Bernie held and how trusted he was by Sonny. He also mentions Trey telling him that Joe Jr. mentioned working for another party when Anna asks if Joe Jr. could have been behind the money movement. Anna tells him that they need to identify Joe Jr.'s boss because when they do, she believes they will identify the second shooter. Duke continues to listen in on the conversation.

Spinelli says he came over to congratulate Sam on getting her son back but also to be with her in the wake of their loss. Sam tells him if he's there to give sympathy, he knows where the door is. He asks if she wants him to go. She said no, but she doesn't want sympathy. She gets that from her family. Spinelli tells her that her sisters just want to comfort her but Sam says they've already written Jason off and she expected better from Spinelli. He tells her that he went diving and saw no sign of Jason. Sam says Jason probably drifted down the shoreline. Spinelli tells her that the authorities did a sweep of the shore line and found no evidence of Jason there. He continues to tell her what the Coast Guard and the police say, but Sam insists that they are wrong. She is certain that Jason is still alive.

Todd tells Carly that he is taking care of bills that piled up when he was in jail. He asks how she is. She asks if he wants the truth or a polite answer. He asks for the truth. She tells him that Jason is gone and starts to tell him about how close she and Jason were and how he was always there for her. She tells him how close he was to Michael and how good a father figure he was to Michael. She says its unfair it is that Jason didn't get a chance to raise a child of his own. Todd says he noticed how attached to Daniel Jason was. Carly wishes that Daniel was Jason's son, that way there would still be a part of Jason still there.

Lulu asks Luke what if Duke is telling the truth about his circumstances and that he is there because he loves Anna. Luke says he doesn't believe that and even if it was true, Anna is involved with him. Lulu reminds him that Duke is still her husband. Luke changes the subject and asks about her trying to have a baby. She tells him that she can't carry a child to term and shows him the pamphlets she's reading about the alternatives for her and Dante to have a baby.

Alexis tells Trey that she knows it must be difficult for him to process what he knows about Joe Jr. and Trey tells her to skip the psychoanalysis, he doesn't need a shrink. Sonny tells him that he's right, Connie does. Trey tells him that he doesn't have to help him. Alexis tries to get Trey to consider what caused Kate to abandon him. Trey asks why he should do that. Alexis tells him because he will be able to ask questions but they have to get Kate the help she needs before Trey loses her completely.

Starr warns Connie to shut up about Cole and Hope. Connie wants to know why everyone is slapping her today. Starr tells her she threw Cole and Hope in her face when Connie is the one who killed them. Connie says Starr needs to get her facts straight. Connie didn't kill them and she's sick of taking the blame for it.

Todd asks Carly if it would make that big a difference if Jason turned out to be Daniel's father. Carly says it would because it would be one last tie to Jason. Todd tries to convince her that it wouldn't because kids don't always grow up to be like their parents and he uses himself as an example. He says he's an improvement over his own father. Carly says it would still be a piece of Jason with them. She would get to look into Daniel's eyes and see Jason there. She thinks that Sam would feel the same way since Sam and Jason were going to raise Daniel together. Carly apologizes for going on and they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Todd let's Diane in. She's there to give Todd another bill and she see's Carly. She gives Carly her sympathies and tells her that she left a message for Max. She asks that Carly give her sympathies to Max, too. She explains to Todd that they all worked very closely together. She then goes on about how much Jason did for Carly and would do for her. Carly goes to leave and thanks Todd for being there for her and thanks Diane for keeping Jason out of prison, telling her how much he appreciated it. Carly and Diane agree that they both thought Jason was indestructible.

Sam shares the research she's been doing with Spinelli. He looks at the information and calculates the possibility that Jason may have survived. Sam asks for his honest opinion. Spinelli tells her that as an investigator its their job to search for the truth without prejudice. He and Sam start to research together, starting at the beginning.

Duke continues to listen to Dante and Anna's conversation. Anna wants to know everyone who has come into contact with Joe Jr. this year. She wants his phone records, computer, everything. Dante tells her he has the visitor log from the jail in Atlantic City. Anna wants the guards and cell mates interviewed. Dante tells her that Joe Jr. had medical attention for his bullet wound in his shoulder, more than what Tracy gave him. Anna knows that he didn't go to the hospital and Dante says that he was MIA for about a week. Anna wonders if he was holed up with the man he was working for. They hear a commotion as Duke trips over something in his hiding place.

Luke tells Lulu that adoption is a big decision. She says that she and Dante haven't discussed it yet. Luke says that there are a lot of brokenhearted kids needing a home and if she decides to give a home to one of them, he's proud of her. He tells her that she is going to be a great mother. She says she and Dante need to talk about it. Just like Luke needs to talk to Anna.

Dante and Anna draw their guns and go to look for the source of the commotion. Duke is gone. Dante comments that they had a visitor. Anna finds a bit of Duke's scarf torn off onto a box. She comments that they had a visitor with very expensive tastes.

At the Haunted Star, Duke listens as Luke and Lulu talk about Luke and Anna. Lulu encourages Luke to talk to Anna about their relationship. Luke is convinced that all he has to offer Anna is an appreciation for the woman she is. Lulu tells him that he should tell Anna. Luke tells her that commitment isn't his thing while Lulu points out how committed to Anna Duke is and that she's trying to tell him what he's up against. Luke says he knows what he is up against, he just doesn't know what to do about it. Duke steps into the room, revealing himself to Luke and Lulu.

Alexis asks if Trey wants a relationship with his mother. Trey asks why should he. Kate tossed him away like trash and Connie forgot about him. Sonny tells Trey how sweet Kate was before Joe Jr. raped her. Trey still doesn't believe Joe Jr. raped her. Sonny says the bottom line is that Kate is sick and needs help and that Trey is the only one who can get it for her. Trey says he knows that Sonny hates asking for his help. Trey says that Sonny wasted his time and that he wants Sonny and Alexis to leave so he could make arrangements to bury his father.

Starr and Michael wonder if someone else caused Cole's and Hope's deaths. Connie says she pulled the trigger but it's not her fault that Cole lost control of the car. Starr becomes upset that Connie put the blame on Cole for his and Hope's death. Connie says she has nothing else to say. Carly arrives and says she does. She tells Connie to get out of her hotel.

Sam brings Daniel downstairs to meet Spinelli. Sam tells Daniel that Spinelli is helping her find his daddy. They agree that Daniel looks like Jason, that he has Jason's eyes. Spinelli tells her that Jason and Daniel share a lot of DNA. Sam says that Jason is Daniel's father in every way that counts and that Jason is trying to find a way to come home to them.

Todd writes Diane a check and she wonders why no bonus for freeing a guilty man. Todd doesn't know what she means. Diane starts to recount how Todd fired her from the paper and hired Heather. Diane guesses that Heather not only has Todd over a barrel but she must have evidence that he was involved in the baby switch. Todd asks if Diane is blackmailing him. She says no, she is happy with the fee and even so, she can't say anything because of attorney-client privilege. She would be disbarred. Todd asks if he talked to her, would what he said be held in the strictest of confidence. Diane asks if he has something else to confess. Todd asks Diane if he could be charged if he knew that Sam's baby was alive the entire time. Diane says that if he knew about it and gave the baby to Tea, yes he could be charged with kidnapping. She urges him to tell no one but he says he's already told Starr because they have a thing about honesty between them. Todd tells her that he almost told someone else but they would have hated him for it. Diane guesses he meant Carly.

Connie tells Carly that the Metro Court is as much her as it is Carly's. Carly tells Connie that her best friend is missing and presumed dead so she can't handle Connie right now and she needs to get out. Starr assures Carly that Connie is going to be committed. Connie says that Johnny would never do that to her. Starr tells her that Trey would and he is with Sonny and Alexis signing the papers as they speak. Connie realizes that it was what Sonny meant when he said that Johnny wasn't the only one who could commit her. She starts to leave but Michael tells her that the only place she's going is to ShadyBrook. Sonny and Alexis walk in as Connie tells him that if that was true, Sonny would have men with him to take her away. Connie guesses that Trey hates Sonny more than he hates her.

Anna collects the piece of the scarf off of the box. She says its in good condition so it hasn't been there long but she believes it has nothing to do with the shooting. Dante says it could, given the vantage point. Anna theorizes that its possible that Joe Jr.'s boss wanted to supervise and when things weren't going the way he wanted, he stepped forward to become the second shooter. As they talk, Sam, Spinelli and Daniel arrive. Anna conveys sympathies to Sam and tells her she is glad that Sam and her son are reunited. Sam says she's just trying to find her husband. Dante tells them that they are on a crime scene. Sam and Spinelli tell Anna and Dante that they are licensed investigators and asked what they were saying about a second shooter.

Duke says that he is looking for Johnny or Lulu. Lulu introduces herself and Duke realizes that she is Luke's daughter. He said he was looking for a job. He tells her that he used to have his own club but then excuses himself and starts to leave. Lulu asks him to wait.

Todd tells Diane that Carly can't know his part in the whole mess. Diane says he can't tell Carly and that she won't tell Carly. She says he has to worry about Starr. He tells Diane how Carly went on about wishing that the baby was Jason's. Diane says that unfortunately the baby is Franco's and Todd says maybe, maybe not. Diane asks him to clarify that. Todd tells her that Franco isn't Daniel's father...Jason is. Todd shows Diane the DNA test results. Diane tells him that Carly and certainly Sam would want to know about this. Todd tells her that he feels bad about Sam not knowing. Diane says that he doesn't have to convince her, he just pays her to be on his side. Todd asks that with Heather in a coma and Jason gone, why don't they just tell Sam who Daniel's father is.

Anna confirms that Jason was on the docks because of an emergency phone message. She asks if Sam still has the message so that they can analyze it and see if they can get a clue as to who the second shooter is. Sam says she still has it and thinks it's a good idea to analyze it. Sam, Spinelli and Daniel leaves. Dante tells Anna that Sam is in some serious denial. Anna says that to her its hope. When that goes away, that's when it starts to hurt but sometimes things get turn around and hope gets realized.

Duke tells Lulu that he has a lot of experience, he's discreet and make sure things run smoothly. Lulu tells him they don't need a manager, but they need a bartender. Luke is incredulous that Lulu would offer Duke a job. Duke says he'd be delighted. Lulu tells him she needs to talk to Johnny and draw up the papers and asks him to come back later that night. Duke promises to be there, tells Luke he has a remarkable daughter and leaves them. Luke wants to know what just happened.

Michael asks Carly how she's doing. She says she'll get through it. It's what Jason would want. Michael can't believe that Jason is gone. Carly tells him that if it wasn't for Jason, she would have lost Michael the day he was born. She tells him that they are lucky Jason loved them.

Sonny goes to speak with Connie but Alexis tells him its a bad idea. Sonny blows her off. He tells Connie that Joe Jr. is dead and that its all over. He tells her that she is safe and tells Kate she can come back.

Carly asked if Michael needs to go after Starr because she seemed pretty upset. Michael tells her no, Starr says she has something she needs to do.

Starr walks into the apartment and tells Trey she thought he was going to have Connie committed. She says she walked in on Connie hitting on Michael at the Metro Court. Trey asks if she should be talking to Michael. Starr tells Trey how hard it is for her to see the person who killed Cole and Hope every day, that she's not going to be punished or treated. Starr asks him to help her put Connie away. Trey says he talked to Sonny and Alexis and he isn't signing the papers. Starr tells him it's never too late to do what's right.

Diane tells Todd that many people would want to know about Daniel's true paternity. Todd tells Diane to get that information to Sam but she can't know it came from him. He wants to invoke attorney-client privilege. Diane asks if she is supposed to hand Sam a document with the DNA test results without telling her where she got it. Todd told her yes, she is. She is a smart lady and says she's the best at what she does. He tells her he trusts her and for her to figure it out as he pushes her out the door and shuts the door behind her.

Sonny continues to try to coax Kate back, promising her that it is safe for her to come back when her phone rings. Sonny asks her not to answer it, just to stay with him. Connie pulls away from him and answers her phone to discuss test driving a car and whether the salesman is cute as Sonny and Alexis listen.

Starr tells Trey she knows what its like to have a father they love and whom everyone else hates. She tells him they can't get caught up in their fathers' dramas, they need to try to be their own person. Starr says she knows him and she thinks he will do what's right and he will help someone who desperately needs it.

Duke returns to the docks and hears Anna and Dante discussing trying to get some DNA off of the piece of scarf that they have. Duke looks at his scarf and takes off down the alley.

Luke asks Lulu why she offered Duke a job. She reminds him that he tells her to keep friends close and enemies closer. Luke isn't happy that she's doing it. He asks her where she learned to be so devious. She tells him to guess.

Anna asks Dante to see if there's been any progress on the second bullet. She says if Sam brings the tape to him, just process it and don't try to convince Sam about Jason, let her come to it in her own time. Duke appears from around the corner as Dante leaves. Anna asks what he's doing down there. Duke tells her he just got a job and asks if she wants to hear about it. He's excited about it. Anna tells him that she can't because she's working. Duke says he heard there was a shooting there and asks how it was going. Anna tells him its good, they're following up on a few leads.

Carly asks if Michael talked to Sam. He says he did for a little bit and tells her that he and Starr baby sat Daniel while Sam went to the docks. Carly tells him that when she saw Jason holding Daniel, it reminded her of when Jason held Michael. Carly says she should call Monica. Michael says that he talked to Monica and she's upset. He tells Carly that Monica didn't like it when he told her that Jason was like a father to him. She told him that AJ was his father. Carly tells Michael that Jason loved him. Michael tells her that Monica disagrees. Carly says she's letting it go because Monica needs to get through it in her own way.

Todd tells someone on the phone that for the paper, he doesn't want to focus on the mob stuff that Jason did, he wants to focus on the great stuff he did. He tells the person on the phone that if they look they should be able to find something. Todd hears a knock at the door to find Spinelli there and asks what he wants. Spinelli says he wants the truth about Sam's baby.

Diane is at Jason's penthouse about to slip the envelope under the door when Sam arrives with Daniel. Sam asks what she is doing there.

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