GH Update Wednesday 10/24/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/24/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Quartermaine mansion: Monica grumbled about the blood stains that were in the room due to Tracy's friend. Michael arrived, and Monica greeted him warmly and asked what brought him by. Michael told her how Jason had shot Joe, then someone had shot him and he fell in the harbor. Once Monica heard all the details, she insisted that there must be some mistake, at first. Michael told her how sorry he was. “No, not my son” Monica said, sadly. Monica wondered how Sam was, and Michael told her how Sam had searched for the water for Jason. Michael explained that the strong current may have dragged Jason's body more than a mile away. Monica wept quietly and asked God why he took Jason, too. Michael tried to be optimistic about Jason's chances, but while Monica agreed that Jason might be alive, she was realistic about his odds. Michael said he wouldn't give up on Jason, because Jason never gave up on him. Michael said Jason had almost been like a father to him. Monica interjected that Jason was NOT Michael's father. Michael apologized and said he just meant Jason was important to him. Monica knew. She railed at how cruel it seemed God was being, by taking Alan, Emily, Lila, and now Jason. Michael added that AJ to the list of their deceased relatives. Monica couldn't make sense of how Jason made it through so many difficult things this year, only to die just when it seemed like things were finally going well for him. Monica wondered if Michael had seen Carly. When Michael said he hadn't, Monica said she Carly loved Jason and could use a hug from her son right now. Monica's voice cracked and she said that was something she (Monica) couldn't get. Michael hugged her. Monica went over to a shelf full of family photos and told Michael to go, because she was fine. Michael promised that she was never going to be alone, as long as he was around. Michael left and Monica picked up an old portrait of Jason and started crying. She flipped through a photo album and gently ran her fingers over a picture of Alan, AJ and Jason. Monica made a phone call and told the person on the other end that they needed to talk.

Metro Court: Carly was working at the hotel desk when Sonny showed up and took her aside to talk. He told her he was there about Jason and began to tell her the whole story. Carly urged him to get to the point about Jason, and Sonny told her what happened. Carly confidently said Jason would be back, because he always came back. When Sonny tried to convince her that this time was different, Carly didn't want to hear it and ordered him to get out of her hotel. Carly soon accepted the truth and allowed Sonny to comfort her as she wept. Sonny told Carly he'd be at Starr's if she needed him. Carly asked if Michael knew, and Sonny said he did. Sonny explained he was going to Starr's to ask Trey to help him get Kate committed. Carly lost it; she was disgusted that Sonny was focusing on his other issues instead of mourning their best friend. She snapped that Jason died cleaning up Sonny's mess, but Sonny was too single minded to spend more than thirty minutes grieving for him with her. Sonny gently countered that setting aside his errands wouldn't bring Jason back. He told Carly he loved Jason, too and he didn't understand why she was lashing out at him. Sonny said he was sorry they couldn't help each other, and when he turned to walk away, Carly grabbed his hand and apologized. She kissed his forehead and told him he didn't deserve what she'd said, and what happened wasn't Sonny's fault.

Todd was annoyed that someone ignored the Do Not Disturb sign and knocked on his door. He answered it and found Connie, who took note of his bare chest and started flirting with him. Todd tried to close the door in her face, but Connie playfully grabbed Todd's privates and pushed her way in. Todd made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her, and Connie noted that he had high standards for a rapist. Connie was there to accept the job Todd had offered Kate awhile back – she wanted to run Crimson and have a car, driver, and a corner office. Todd stressed that he made that offer to Kate, but Connie countered that she was Kate, and she wanted the job. Todd flatly refused to hire Connie. He pointed out that Starr and Carly would never forgive him if he did. Connie realized that Todd was romantically interested in Carly. Todd tried to get Connie to leave, then he questioned why she even wanted a job when she had a rich husband. Connie said Johnny was being stingy with his money, especially after he paid Jerry millions of dollars. Connie tried seducing Todd into hiring her, and Carly entered the suite just in time to see Connie climbing into Todd's lap. Todd pushed her off and told Carly that Connie was just leaving. Carly and Connie had words, then Todd asked Carly how she was. Carly realized Todd had already heard about Jason. She wondered how, when it wasn't in the papers. Todd explained that he'd intentionally held the story back until he was certain Carly had heard about it, because he didn't want her to learn about it by reading his newspaper. Connie was curious to know what happened to Jason and when Carly told her, Connie made a joke about “Stone Cold being stone cold.” Carly slapped Connie. When Connie tried to retaliate, Todd lifted her up, kicking and screaming, and put her in the hallway, then closed the door. Carly opened up to Todd about her thoughts. She knew the longer Jason was missing, the greater the chance that he didn't survive. Carly thought it was crazy of her not to have been prepared for Jason's death, since as a hit man, his life was constantly in danger. Carly never expected Jason to die, because he was so good at handling trouble. Carly said Jason had supported her unconditionally. She told Todd how Jason had pretended to be Michael's dad, to prevent Michael's real dad, Jason's “bad seed” brother AJ, and the other Quartermaines from taking Michael from Carly. Carly explained that Jason had raised Michael for the first year of his life. Carly told Todd that Jason was great with kids and was just about to get to raise a child with the woman he loved, even though the baby wasn't his. Todd got a guilty look on his face. Todd told Carly she looked great, which made her laugh. Carly thanked him for listening, then went to wash her face. Todd opened his safe and looked at the paternity test that showed that Danny was Jason's son.

Pier: Elizabeth ducked under the crime scene tape and walked over to Jason's bloodstain on the dock. She noticed someone in diving gear climb out of the water; it was Spinelli. He'd been looking for Jason. Liz wasn't sure how to go on without Jason. She said he was kind to her, even when she didn't deserve it. Spinelli told her that Jason saw her as a source of joy. Liz confessed that she'd deprived Jason of time with his child, time she now knew Jason didn't have, because she wanted Jason for herself. Liz showed Spinelli a copy of the paternity test results she'd tampered with. Liz said she understood if Spinelli hated her, but Spinelli said he couldn't ever hate her and neither could Jason. Liz was surprised Jason hadn't told Spinelli what Liz did. Spinelli said Jason would never sully her name. Spinelli told Liz that Jason loved her and he forgave those he loved. Spinelli felt like he was more of a nuisance to Jason, but Liz told him that Jason loved respected and trusted him. Spinelli felt the same way about Jason. Now alone at the pier, Liz looked at the paternity results, crumpled up the paper and threw it in the harbor.

Jason and Sam's: Sam showed Danny the dragon and phoenix figurines. Alexis, Kristina and Molly came. They told her how sorry they were. Sam didn't understand why they were sorry, when Jason was fine. At first, Sam's sisters assumed Sam had some information they didn't, but soon they and Alexis realized that Sam was in deep denial. Sam was adamant that Jason was fine, because he'd never leave her and Danny. Sam was resolved to wait until Jason got home. Sam noticed her family's worried expressions and insisted that she wasn't losing it. She reminded them that she'd been right when she felt that her baby was alive, and Sam believed she was right, now. Sam firmly told her family she needed their support right now. Alexis placated Sam by telling her she was right and there was a good chance Jason was still alive. She told her that they were all the Davis girls and Sam had their full support. They all had a group hug, then Sam took Danny upstairs to put him to bed.

Once Sam was out of earshot, her family discussed the situation. Kristina didn't understand Alexis's decision to support Sam's delusions. Alexis felt that she was giving Sam a chance to process things and come to terms with the truth in her own time. Molly wondered if Sam was right – maybe a boat had rescued Jason. Alexis told her the coast guard had checked all the boats in the area and Jason wasn't on any of them. Sam came downstairs and overheard Alexis telling her other daughters that they would give Sam time to come to grips with things. Sam said if they didn't believe her husband was alive, she didn't need any of them. Alexis tried to smooth things over, to no avail. Sam told them they weren't going to convince her to believe Jason was dead. Alexis said they came because they loved her, but Sam replied that she needed more than that. She said she understood if they wanted to let go of Jason, but they couldn't do it in her home in front of her or her son. Sam opened the door and said it was time for them to go; they'd be welcome back if they changed their minds. Molly, Kristina and Alexis reluctantly walked out. Alexis turned back and kissed Sam and told her she loved her, then she left. Once they were gone, Sam's tough demeanor cracked and she started to cry. Sam pulled herself together and began to chart things out on a nautical map to figure out where Jason was most likely to be. There was a knock on the door. Sam assumed it was Jason and rushed over to answer it. It was Spinelli. Sam was thrilled to see him; she told him he'd be able to help her find Jason.

Starr and Trey's: When Trey got home, Starr tried to give him her condolences, but it was as if he didn't hear her. He walked past her and straight to the shower. When he returned, Starr tried to get him to open up. Trey went on a tirade about Joe's crimes and how Joe died in his arms before Trey got a chance to say goodbye, or “thank you” or “I hate you.” Trey said he'd lost the only family he'd ever known. Trey apologized for being a jerk, but Starr understood why he lashed out. Trey was struggling with the way everything he'd known about his father had changed in such a short time. While Trey knew Joe deserved to be held accountable for his crimes, he didn't think it was right that Sonny killed him. Starr pointed out that Jason killed Joe, but Trey thought that was just what Dante and the other cops wanted everyone to think. Starr urged Trey to keep an open mind instead of starting a feud with Sonny right off the bat. Just then, Sonny arrived; Starr said it wasn't a good time, but Trey told Sonny to come in. Sonny gave Trey his sympathies, but Trey didn't think Sonny was being sincere. Sonny said they both lost people they loved last night and he didn't want to argue. Trey told Sonny to leave, but Sonny insisted on discussing Kate first.

Alexis arrived. Sonny wondered if they should put this on hold while she spent time with Sam. Alexis thought it was best that she give Sam some space until Jason's body was recovered. Meanwhile, Starr was trying to convince Trey to take some time to process Joe's death, before dealing with Sonny and Alexis. She suggested that the two of them leave their phones and get out of the apartment for awhile. Trey insisted that he was fine and told Starr she could go and he'd call her if he needed her. Starr asked him to call her and let her know how he was, regardless. She left. Alexis told Trey she was sorry about his dad, but Trey wanted Alexis to skip the chat and get on with their reason for being there. He knew they wanted him to exercise his rights as Kate's son to have her committed. Trey didn't understand why he had to get involved; he said didn't Kate have a sister. Alexis explained that Olivia was her cousin and she was struggling with her own mental issues. Alexis said a judge wouldn't give Olivia power of attorney, but Trey was another story. Sonny told Trey that Kate was sick and it was damaging to her to have Connie in control for so long. Sonny made it clear that Trey was his only hope to get Kate back. Trey snarled that he hoped Sonny got a better goodbye than Trey did. Trey accused Sonny of killing his father and refused to help him for that reason. Trey announced that Kate was never coming back.

Metro Court: Back at the Hotel Lobby, Michael arrived and asked the man at the front desk if his mom was there. Connie spotted him and greeted him by exclaiming “Nice ass!” She told Michael that Carly was busy, then she came on to him and grabbed his butt. When Michael refused her advances, Connie said she didn't know why he was on a high horse when he used to “bang a hooker.” Michael ordered her not to talk to him about Abby. Connie persisted and said she was just trying to give him what that “priss” Starr wasn't going to. Starr walked in and saw them together.

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