GH Update Tuesday 10/23/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/23/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Hospital: Lulu was depressed that she couldn't carry a baby past the second trimester. She was surprised this was so hard for her, when she hadn't even been thinking about being a mom, six months ago. Dante was willing to pursue other avenues to become a parent like the doctor had suggested. Lulu wondered if it was too soon, but Dante didn't think it was too early to explore their options. A police officer called Dante and told him to come down to the pier. Dante didn't want to leave Lulu, but she put on a happy smile and told him she'd meet him at home. Dante kissed her goodbye. As soon as he was gone, Lulu started crying. Maxie arrived; she was going to tell Lulu about something that happened when she saw Matt at Pentonville, then she noticed that Lulu was upset. Lulu brought Maxie up to speed. Maxie asked if there was anything Lulu needed. “A baby,” Lulu cried. Lulu said she could picture her child so clearly and now it was gone. Maxie urged Lulu not to give up on her dream. Maxie noticed the pamphlets. One was on adoption another was on surrogacy through in vitro fertilization. “It's perfect; a baby without stretch marks!” Maxie exclaimed. Lulu wasn't in the mood to hear about that kind of thing right now. She said she could use a drink. “Let's go” Maxie said.

Pier: Dante and the other officers discussed the evidence at the scene. They realized that Joe had likely shot Bernie, then Jason shot Joe. Dante wondered who shot Jason; he wasn't sure whether or not Joe did it. The officers told Dante that they were about to call off the search and rescue mission for Jason.

Quartermaine mansion: Tracy watched unobtrusively as Trey and Joe talked. Joe laid bleeding on the couch and Trey knelt by his side and asked who did this. Joe lied and said Sonny. Joe called Trey his son, in a loving tone, then he died. Trey wanted to take Joe to the hospital, but Tracy gently convinced him that Joe was gone. Trey put his head on his father's chest and sobbed. Tracy told Trey she had to call the police. She offered to call a friend for Trey.

Starr and Trey's: Kristina stopped by looking for Trey and Starr told her that Trey had left after supposedly getting a call from Kristina. Michael surmised that Trey had really gone to see his father. Michael and Starr filled Kristina in on Joe trying to kidnap Starr and on Joe possibly being involved in the shots fired near Sonny's warehouse. When Michael mentioned that Sonny was at the pier now, Kristina decided to go, too. Michael blocked Kristina's path, and she insisted that she had to go find Trey. Michael was afraid Joe might be using Trey to lure Kristina to him, but Kristina said there was no danger now that the marriage had been annulled. Tracy called Kristina and told her Trey needed her. Kristina asked about Joe, and Tracy said he wouldn't be able to hurt her.

Quartermaine Mansion: Trey wondered why Joe was there. Tracy explained that she and Joe were friends. Tracy said she didn't know Joe very well, but she knew Joe loved Trey very much. Tracy gave Trey Joe's JMS medal. Trey sniffled and said he used to have one just like it. While Tracy went to answer the door, Trey talked to Joe. Trey lamented that he'd never get answers from Joe. He felt like he didn't have a family anymore and wasn't sure if he should avenge Joe's death.

Kristina told Tracy she had a bodyguard just outside, in case Joe tried anything. Tracy told her it wouldn't be necessary. Kristina went into the living room and Trey told her Joe was dead. He added that Joe blamed Sonny. Tracy apologetically told Trey she needed to call the police now. Trey understood. While Kristina hoped Sonny didn't kill Trey's father, she said she wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Floating Rib: Spinelli took Ellie to the bar for a date. They walked in on Mac, Felicia, Alexis and Shawn playing strip pool. The women were fully clothed, but Mac and Shawn were partially undressed. Mac realized they had customers, so he put his pants back on and went behind the bar. Felicia told Mac that Spinelli had replaced Maxie. Ellie gushed to Spinelli about Shawn's muscles, then settled into a chair and gazed at Shawn. Spinelli snapped her out of it by taking her to the bar to order drinks. Spinelli made the introductions, and Ellie told Mac and Felicia that they must be proud of having a wonderful daughter like Maxie. She and Spinelli ordered whiskeys then joked around and went back to their table. Mac thought Ellie was nice and had a quirky personality just like Spinelli. Felicia felt bad for Maxie and told Mac they had to do something. Mac kissed her on the cheek. Mac said that Spinelli spent a long time trying to win Maxie back and as much as it pained Mac to say it, Maxie had her chance. Felicia made her way over to Spinelli and Ellie and made a little speech about how happy she and Mac were together and how glad she was that she had pursued Mac even when it seemed like Mac wasn't interested.. she walked away, leaving Spinelli and Ellie wondering what that was about.

Shawn put his shirt back on. Alexis mentioned that she was hoping Trey would call and let her know if he was willing to help them get Kate into ShadyBrook. Alexis wasn't sure Trey would be willing to help Sonny out. Shawn didn't understand why Kristina was still giving Trey the time of day after he helped lure her into a trap. Alexis thought Kristina saw him as a knight in shining armor, since he rescued her in the nick of time. Alexis did have some compassion for Trey, since Joe had been manipulating him from day one. Spinelli and Ellie made small talk with Shawn and Alexis about the strip poker game. Alexis mentioned that she was celebrating about Sam, Jason and the baby. Spinelli wondered what she meant.

When Lulu and Maxie walked in, Felicia told Maxie about Ellie. Maxie assured her mom that she knew and she was okay with it. Maxie and Lulu placed their orders then talked. Maxie had gone to Pentonville and told Matt that Spinelli was the one. Matt took it well and was willing to help expedite the divorce. Lulu hoped Maxie wasn't planning to tell Spinelli that now, figuring he'd dump Ellie then and there. Maxie hinted that the topic might come up in conversation.

Spinelli was so happy to hear that Sam and Jason had reunited, that he decided to go to their house right then and there, but Alexis convinced him to wait until the next day. Spinelli told Shawn and Alexis about the role Ellie played in uncovering the baby switch. Ellie explained a bit about the blood test that she ran, and Spinelli sighed that she was amazing. Spinelli hugged Alexis for telling him Jason and Sam were back together.

Lulu could sense that Maxie was planning to go over to Spinelli and Ellie, and she unsuccessfully tried to talk her out of it. Maxie greeted the couple in an upbeat tone. Ellie hugged Maxie hello. Spinelli told Maxie that Jason and Sam weren't getting a divorce, and Maxie saw her opening and seized it. Lulu motioned for Maxie not to say anything, but Maxie ignored her and announced that she and Matt were getting a divorce.

Lulu picked up her pamphlets and looked at the one on adoption.

Jason and Sam's: Sonny arrived to tell Sam what happened. Sam told him Jason wasn't home. She quickly ushered him in and introduced him to Daniel. Sam told Sonny how happy she was that she and Jason were about to embark on a new start with the baby. Sam added that the baby had Jason's eyes. Sonny interjected and gently told her Jason had been shot. Sam listened in disbelief as Sonny told her that Jason had been shot and fallen into the harbor. When she insisted that Sonny was wrong, Sonny said Bernie told him (Sonny) what happened just before he died. When Sam found out they hadn't found Jason, she said goodbye to Danny, told Sonny to watch the baby, then left to find Jason herself. Sonny picked Danny up and noted that he did look like Jason. Sonny assured the baby and himself that Jason was resourceful enough to survive and come back to them.

Starr and Trey's: Michael couldn't take waiting anymore, so he decided to go to the pier and find out if Jason was okay. Starr tried to convince him not to go. Sonny called and told Michael what was going on. Sonny wanted to be at the pier to support Sam, so he asked Michael to come babysit. Michael agreed. Sonny told Danny that his dad was strong, so they couldn't give up hope.

Jason and Sam's: After Starr and Michael arrived, Michael told Sonny he was going with him. Sonny didn't want Michael to go, because if Jason was dead, he didn't want Michael to see Jason like that. Michael understood. Sonny left. Michael noted that Starr was really good with the baby. Michael told Starr how Jason raised him as a baby and named him Michael after Sonny, before Sonny adopted Michael dad. Starr thought it was nice to meet someone who had a childhood as convoluted as hers. Michael explained that his biological dad was Jason's brother AJ Quartermaine. He told Starr how Jason pretended to be Michael's dad for awhile, to keep AJ from taking Michael from Carly. Michael said Jason had always been there for him and had even got himself sent to prison to protect him. Starr noticed that Michael was scared and she encouraged him to stay positive.

Pier: Sam arrived, and Dante took her aside and explained that they'd called off the search due to the strong current and cold water. Sam was determined to help her husband, so she began asking around for a spare wetsuit. Dante said it wasn't safe, but Sam insisted that she was an experienced diver, who'd been in worse conditions. Dante learned that Joe had been found. He realized Sam was still planning to search for Jason and tried to convince her that it was too dangerous, but Sam refused to stand idly by when Jason's life was at stake. Dante tried to convince her that there was nothing she could do that the Coast Guard hadn't. Sonny returned to the pier and told Sam the baby was with Michael. Sam resumed her mission to find a wetsuit, and Sonny told Dante to let her go. Sonny and Dante discussed the shootout, and Sonny mentioned that Bernie said Joe shot him. Dante informed Sonny that Joe was dead. He wished Sonny luck, then went to the Quartermaine's. Sam returned a while later in a wetsuit, calm and convinced that Jason was fine and she was going to rescue him. Sonny told her that Jason wouldn't want her to put her life at risk, but Sam couldn't be swayed. Sonny wished her luck, and Sam got into the water.

Quartermaine Mansion: Trey and Kristina stepped out onto the patio. Kristina wasn't sure what to say about what Joe had said. Trey bitterly said he could understand the logic in Sonny killing his dad, since Joe tried to kill Kristina.

Back inside, Tracy was struggling with some questions. She stared down at Joe and sighed that it was a waste. Tracy wanted to mourn him, but she wasn't sure how. She also wondered where Joe got the antidote that he used to save her life. Dante and the other officers arrived on the scene, and Trey told him that Sonny killed Joe. Dante immediately shot that claim down, and he reminded Trey that Sonny was with Trey, Michael and Starr when the shots were fired. Trey argued that Sonny could have seen Joe and shot him when Sonny was on his way to the pier. Dante replied that they recovered a gun that they were pretty sure belonged to Joe. He explained that according to Sonny, Bernie said Joe shot him, and the cops thought Jason shot Joe. Kristina asked whether Bernie was okay and Dante told her he'd died. Trey didn't want to believe his father was responsible for Bernie's death. Kristina asked why they didn't ask Jason what happened and Dante explained why they couldn't. Trey was dismissive about the reliability of the eyewitnesses. Kristina scolded him and told him Jason was more than her brother in law – she'd know him her whole life. Trey apologized. He was uncomfortable that they were pinning a murder on his father, when his father had just died. Trey said if Jason did turn up alive, he'd never contradict Sonny. Trey suggested that Sonny sent Jason to kill Joe in retaliation for what Joe did to Kristina. Dante urged Trey not to jump to conclusions without all the answers.

Trey heard the body bag being zipped up. He went over to the stretcher and cried. Dante offered his condolences. Kristina followed Trey out to the patio. Trey knew his father was everything the cops said he was, but Trey knew his father had loved him and he was struggling with knowing he'd never see him again. Kristina understood that Trey still loved his father.

Dante asked Tracy if there was anything else she wanted to say about Joe. Tracy claimed she'd told Dante everything.

Jason and Sam's: Starr sang “Hush Little Baby” to Danny. Michael listened to Starr singing about things “Daddy” would buy for Danny, for a second, then he called Sonny. The camera panned to Jason's phoenix figurine on a shelf in Jason's apartment. Back at the pier, Sonny noticed Sam emerge from the water and told Michael to hold on. Sonny asked Sam if she'd found anything. Sam showed him her dragon figurine that Jason she'd given Jason before he left.

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