GH Update Monday 10/22/12

General Hospital Update Monday 10/22/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Lulu informs Dante that she cannot have a baby. The reason is she can get pregnant but the doctor told her that she can’t carry it to term. That is probably the reason why she previously thought she was pregnant and then heard otherwise. She probably had a very early miscarriage at that time like she will any other time she gets pregnant. He asks her if there’s a way to fix it. She tells her that the doctor told her that there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Anna talks to Luke about this guy who came out of nowhere to duplicate Duke Lavery’s face. He reminds her that even if this man can do that, he can’t duplicate Duke’s DNA so there should be proof that he is not really Duke. But she knows that there is no DNA on record for Duke so it cannot be proven.

Jason is on the docks ready to jump into action and save Bernie after he’s been assaulted by Joe. But Bernie has something he needs to tell him. At that point, the Duke Lookalike comes out of nowhere and shoots Jason. He’s unconscious and the Duke Lavery pushes Jason’s unconscious body into the river.

Monica returns home and Tracy asks her why she’s so nauseatingly happy. Monica replies that she’s now an official grandma. Jason and Sam brought their healthy baby home and it’s official. Tray reminds he that the baby is not Jason’s. It’s Franco's. In response to that, Monica asks Tracy of she is merely concerned about somebody being an heir to the Quartermaine fortune besides herself. Tracy asks Monica if the family really wants to welcome Franco’s child into it.

John comes by Jason and Sam’s home and is surprised to see that she’s back with Jason. She tells him that she and Jason and the baby are now a family and she wants to talk about her would-be-possibility with john although he doesn’t want to talk about that.

At the docks, the Duke lookalike reveals it’s he and not Scully who shot Jason and assaulted Bernie. Bernie is injured and on the ground but manages to dial his phone to Sonny in an attempt to inform him what happened to Jason. The cops are out looking for Joe Scully but he may not be the one they need to worry about.

Lulu cries and tells Dante she’s sorry and believes it’s her fault that this has happened.

Monica is going over baby clothes in the house for her new grandson. She informs Tracy his name is Daniel Edward. She tells Tracy she knows Tracy was snooping around in her medical bag and needs to know why. Tracy replies that she pulled a bullet out of Joe Scully’s shoulder.

On the docks, the Duke lookalike reveals that he “hired” Joe to kill Kristina but Joe failed so he’s going to have to figure out what to do with him.

Bernie manages to call Sonny and informs him he has to get to the docks. Jason has been injured.

Lulu’s doctor tells Lulu and Dante she’s so sorry and knows how much they were looking forward to conceiving and she knows Lulu has something on her mind. Dante informs the doctor that his wife believes what has happened is ‘her fault”. The doc asks why she’d believe that. Lulu replies that they may have overlooked it in her files but when she was a teenager, she had an abortion.

Sonny and Michael both know that they better waste no time to help Jason. They know this is crucial.

Monica asks Tracy why she’d want to save Joe Scully’s life. Tracy asks Monica of a doctor like herself (Monica) is not supposed to understand the medical oath to save all lives. But Tracy admits that Joe tried to murder Sonny’s daughter. She wanted him caught. She intends to turn him in to the cops. But Monica wonders if Tracy really intends to go through with refusing to cover for Scully.

Luke urges Anna to realize she has resources as a police chief and private detective to verify the DNA of the fake Duke to prove he’s not the real one.

Sam tells John that the two of them have to deal with what almost happened between them.

The doctor firmly tells Lulu that her inability to carry a baby has nothing to do with her terminating a pregnancy years ago. It’s a genetic condition that she inherited. She wonders, however, how it is that this could be genetic when she knows of nobody in her family having this. And she concludes it doesn’t really matter anyway if she can never have a baby.

Starr and Michael argue about whether he or his dad should risk their lives to save Jason. She emotionally tells Michael she cannot lose him in addition to the people she loves whom she’s already lost.

Anna tells Luke that she somehow knows that this man who everybody suspects (with good reason) is the real Duke. But Luke knows there could be danger involved if she does not confirm that without first running the fingerprints.

Sam tells John she knows that the two of them had this “unexplained connection”. But whatever chance they had to take this to the next level is over. She tells him she values his friendship. He saved her son’s life and played a huge part in finding Danny and proving he was still alive. Jason knows as well as she does that they have John to credit for being able to get their baby back safe and sound. She asks John if he wants to hold her baby. The baby seems to like John.

Lulu and Dante talk alone about all the dreams they had about having a baby, watching their son or daughter grow and become a young person

Joe calls Tracy urging her to help him. She hesitates but remembers his being vulnerable and afraid in her home when she tried to help him the last time she saw him. He asks her if she can do him one last favor by calling his son. She asks why she should do anything for him. He replies because he saved her life.

Michael tells Starr that he cannot turn his back on Jason but is torn between saving his friend and assuring Starr that he will be ok.

The Duke lookalike goes to talk to Luke and Anna telling them he knows they doubt that he is whom he says he is. Luke tells them that he can find out if this man really is Anna’s ex-husband or a fake by plucking hair from him. And if he has nothing to hide, he won’t object to that.

John informs Sam that he intended to go back to Llanview but has a problem with the restraining order from Natalie and her father preventing him from seeing his son Liam. Sam sounds like she would like to help him and does not want him to give up because she knows he’s a good father. She tells him now that she has her son back, she could not imagine being separated from him.

Sonny rushes to save Jason and finds Scully who almost sounds like he’s concerned and willing to help. Sonny is horrified and afraid that his best friend could be in grave danger.

Dante informs Lulu he’s gotten a call about “something happening” down by the pier and they need all available units. But he doesn’t want to leave her. She tells him he has to go where he’s needed. Plus there’s nothing he can do to change the fact that they cannot have a baby together.

While the medics attempt to find Jason, Sonny asks Bernie if it was Scully who tried to kill both him and Jason. Bernie attempts to answer but cannot get it out as to who the murderer is.

Anna determines that she believes he is the real Duke.

Sonny urges Bernie to tell him what he intended to tell him. But it’s too late. And Sonny believes it was Joe and nobody else who has done this and who has to pay.

Tracy appears to be the only person who knows that Joe is capable of saving lives and doing something heroic. He gave her the antitoxin to save her life when Jerry Jacks was going to poison the entire town of Port Charles.

Trey, Michael and Starr all watch the television knowing that Scully could be in danger. Right then, Trey gets a call form Tracy informing him that his father needs him. He lies to the others that he has to help Kristina knowing that they cannot know that he’s going to see his father. Alone with Starr, Michael explains to her that Jason is more than just an uncle to him. He’s been there for Michael his entire life. Now Jason and Sam have their baby.

At the docks, nobody can find Jason. Sonny struggles to get something done. But the divers tell him that maybe it’s for nothing. Not far away, Joe Scully is injured and maybe ready to redeem himself. But the Duke lookalike is not going to let him do that.

Sam tells John that Jason confirmed that he really loves this baby and is ready to be his father. So she knew that she needs to come home with him. She tells John he’s a really good man and he’s done so much for her. So she doesn’t want to leave things uncertain.

The search team tries and fails to find Jason. Sonny goes to Jason’s home. Sam is alone with the baby and asks Sonny what he’s doing there. He informs her that Jason has been shot.

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