GH Update Friday 10/19/12

General Hospital Update Friday 10/19/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Lulu at GH and Luke asks Lulu if she wants him to stay with her. She says no, she's ok. She's just trying to get some questions answered. Luke says he is too and wonders if her doctor can answer who the guy calling himself Duke Lavery is.

Duke and Anna kiss. Anna breaks away and looks at Duke. Duke tells her he waited too long to hold her and kiss her. He tells Anna he wants to make love to her.

Replay of Carly going to visit Todd at the PCPD and asking if he had anything taking Sam and Jason's baby away from them. She tells him to answer the question, yes or no. Todd asks if she really thinks so little of him. She says she doesn't know what to think and neither does Jason so she's asking if he switched the babies.

Replay of Joe Jr. telling Michael he should hang up. Dante asking if Michael is there and Michael says yes he is. They are interrupted by Starr walking in. She freaks out a bit at the sight of Joe Jr. with a gun.

Bernie is on the docks calling Jason. He hears something then tells Jason that he's at Pier 52 and asks him to come. He says its urgent and he doesn't want to say over the phone what it is. He says its life or death.

Jason brings Sam and Danny to the penthouse and tells Danny that it is their home. Sam says she thinks that Danny is going to be happy there. Jason tells her that they all are and welcomes her home.

Carly tells Todd she needs to know what happened that night and asks him not to lie to her. He asks if they are friends and she tells him they are getting there. Todd says she deserves to know the truth.

Sam tells Jason that its has been a long time since anything felt like home. Jason tells her that he thinks Danny is pretty happy. Sam is concerned that Danny has nowhere to sleep because Alexis won't be able to bring the baby furniture until tomorrow. Jason has a port-a-crib in the bedroom closet for Danny. He tells Sam that he was going to give it away but deep down he hoped he and Sam would find their way back to each other. Sam comments on how powerful hope is and how she's glad he had enough for both of them. She starts to mention what he did for them and Jason stops her, telling her they aren't looking back anymore, only forward. Sam agrees. They take Danny up to put him to bed together. She stops on the way upstairs and mentions how huge it is for them to be there at home during their first night as a family. Jason tells her she better get used to it.

At the pier, Bernie says that Jason needs to see something and that he should have told Jason the night it happened. He flashes back to the night he was shot at Sonny's restaurant during an ambush and Shawn saved his life. In the present, Bernie then says if only it had ended there. He flashes back again, this time to talking to Carly before he goes into surgery. He says that Shawn saved his life and Carly says that Jason is coming back from Chicago. As Carly leaves Bernie, he tells the doctor to take good care of Bernie. After she leaves, the doctor turns around and removes his mask to reveal himself to be Duke. Duke tells Bernie that the bullet wasn't meant for Jason, it was meant for Bernie himself.

Duke tells Anna that she can't be surprised by this. Anna says it doesn't mean its a good idea. He reminds her of their honeymoon night when they made love. Anna flashes back to that night. In present time, Duke and Anna kiss again. They are interrupted by Luke demanding that Duke takes his hands off of Anna then tells Anna she can thank him later.

Lulu and Dr. V. are discussing Lulu and Dante trying to conceive. Lulu wonders what she is doing wrong. Dr. V. tells her nothing. She tells Lulu that it may seem like it happens quickly for couples but it does take time, sometimes a lot of it. Lulu tells her that Dante says the same thing, that it will happen when it is supposed to. Dr. V. tells her that Dante is very smart and that his test results should be back soon. She tells a surprised Lulu that he came in to get a sperm count and asked if they didn't discuss it. She said they had but she didn't think he took him seriously. Dr. V. says it seem like he did. Lulu comments on how Dante wants the baby as much as she does.

Dante asks Michael what's going on. Joe Jr. demands that Michael hangs up the phone and he does. Joe Jr. wants to see it then tells Michael to turn it off. Dante is concerned and calls Michael back. The call goes directly to voicemail. McBain comes by and notices that Dante is concerned and asks if he is alright. Dante tells him yes and mentions the call from Michael. He decides to go check it out and McBain tells Dante to let him know if he needs any help. Back at the apartment, Michael puts the phone down and asks Joe Jr. to take his gun away from Starr. Starr asks Joe Jr. not to hurt her and Trey tells her he won't. Joe Jr. says he wants nothing to do with Starr, but the minute he walks out the door, Michael will call the cops. Michael promises not to call the cops and Joe Jr. doesn't believe him. Joe Jr. says he's not letting Starr go, just the opposite. He tells Starr that she is his ticket out of there. Joe Jr. tells Michael not to make any sudden movements. Michael tells Joe Jr. to take him hostage instead and says he's more valuable a hostage than Starr. Joe Jr. refuses and says that Starr is easier to control and forces her to open the door. She tries to run to Michael but is grabbed by Joe Jr. Trey tries to convince Joe Jr. to let her go. He says he has no choice. Trey tells Joe Jr. to tell the cops what he told him. Joe Jr. says the cops won't believe him. Trey asks how does he know? Joe Jr. says that taking Starr is the only way and apologizes. He doesn't want to take her and apologizes to Trey. Trey again tries to convince Joe Jr. to let Starr go. Trey tells Joe Jr. that he was Trey's hero. He says if there is anything left of the man he grew up with, he will let Starr go.

Duke tells Luke that he is interrupting. Luke tells him he doesn't care. Duke tells Luke that he and Anna are celebrating their anniversary. Luke asks Duke how long he was missing and tells Anna to next time use a "Do Not Disturb" sign. Luke asks Anna if she is actually considering being with Duke. Duke reminds Luke that he is Anna's husband. Luke tells Duke that he's Anna's guardian angel. Anna insists that they were just having something to eat. She tells him that Duke ordered room service. Luke reminds her that he and Anna are paying for it. Duke vows to prove to Anna that his feelings for her are as strong as when he left. Luke insists that Duke has to prove who he really is.

Lulu thanks Dr. V. for putting up with her and that they will wait for Dante's results. Dr. V. offers her a hospital gown and suggests they examine Lulu, too. Lulu says it isn't necessary. Dr. V. tells her that she wanted an answer as to why she isn't getting pregnant but Lulu says she just wanted reassurance that she and Dante were doing everything right. Lulu is concerned that the tests are expensive, that she's sure that it's not her and says she's been pregnant before. Dr. V. tells her that infertility is usually caused in the woman. This catches Lulu by surprise. Dr. V. says she's not suggesting that there's anything wrong with her and they don't have to look into it but if she's anxious they can. Lulu says she is anxious. Dr. V. tells her that could be part of their problem. She says that stress could cause them to have trouble conceiving. Lulu laughingly asks what stress.

Dante knocks on the door of Starr and Trey's apartment. He calls out to Starr and says he's looking for Michael. Michael answers the door and Dante asks if he's ok.

At the pier, Bernie wonders aloud why he allowed himself to be forced into this. Bernie flashes back to speaking to Duke before surgery. He says he knows Duke. Duke says he's the man who can save Bernie's life. He says that the bullet was a warning and tells Bernie how easily he could get to Bernie and his family. Bernie asks what Duke wants him to do. Duke tells him to transfer all of Sonny's assets into Kristina's name and make sure no one can tell he did it. Present time, Bernie turns around, thinking he hears something.

Sam wants to go back to Danny but Jason assures her that he is ok and that they will hear him if he cries. Sam agrees that Danny is probably tired and needs rest. Jason is concerned that Sam is exhausted. She tells him that laying down may be a good idea and she invites him to join her. He asks if she is sure and she asked if he's not sure. Jason is concerned that she was not ready and she assures him that she is and they kiss. She walks into the bedroom and says she's missed that room. Jason says he's missed her being there. Sam notices Jason's figurine on the dresser and puts hers next to his. Sam tells Jason that now everything is back to the way it's supposed to be. Jason goes to Sam and kisses her again.

Todd tells Carly that he isn't sure where to begin. She tells him at the beginning. He starts with how Tea's baby didn't look good and Tea was frantic. Carly says she knows this. Todd tells her that it is important because she needs to know how important Tea's baby is to her. They are interrupted as John McBain enters, asking what he missed. Carly tells John that she and Todd were having a private conversation. John is glad. He says he got there just in time.

Sam says she can't believe how long its been since she's been in their bedroom. Jason says same for him. He tells her that the bedroom didn't feel right without her so he's been sleeping on the couch since she left him. They agree that being in the bedroom is a lot better. They begin kissing again and lay on the bed together.

John urges Todd to continue, prompting him by telling him that left off at telling Carly how important Tea's baby was to her. Carly tells Todd that they can talk later but John tells them that right now is good. Carly tells John that he thinks his badge lets him do whatever he wants. He says he doesn't understand what she means but thinks that's not the reason for her hostility towards him. She tells him that Jason is her friend and that she doesn't like John for trying to seduce Sam and end Jason and Sam's marriage. Todd is amused, telling John that Carly is hot and perceptive. John encourages Todd to continue. He says if Carly is hot and perceptive, she won't mind. Todd says that when Tea was frantic, he took off and that's when he ran into Heather. He says that Heather told him that she was good with kids and could do something. Carly asks then what. John tells Todd that means for him to go on. Todd says that he gave the baby to Heather and she took it into the shack. John asks Todd to confirm that he gave Tea's baby to a stranger and let her take off. Todd says he doesn't know infant CPR so he waited outside in case he heard Tea and she needed him. John tells Todd that he has heard a lot of Todd's lies but this isn't one of his better lies. Carly asks if Heather went into the shack and suddenly comes out with a healthy baby. Todd says yes and that everyone is relieved. He says that both he and Tea both assumed that the baby Heather gave them was Tea's. Carly asks him if that's 100% the truth and Todd says it is. Carly asks Todd to swear to it. John tells him to swear on something important. Carly tells him to swear on the most important thing in his life: his daughter.

Dante walks into the apartment and Michael asks how Dante knew where he was. Dante says Michael doesn't usually hang up on him. Trey and Starr are both in the apartment. They tell Dante how Joe Jr. was there and forced Michael to hang up on Dante by taking Starr hostage. Starr wonders if it didn't seem like Joe Jr. had somewhere specific to go. Trey asks if he maybe had someone specific to get to.

Duke tells Luke that he won't let Luke ruin their night. Luke says its his suite, so its his rules. Anna tells them both that its obvious that they won't get along but she won't be fought over. Luke says that Anna is taking Duke at face value when she and the authorities must have had some convincing evidence that Jonathan Paget was really Duke Lavery. Duke tells Luke that Jonathan Paget knew intimate details of Duke's life because he foolishly shared the details with him. Luke wonders if the reverse was true and if Jonathan Paget gave Duke the details and that Duke's face is the result of a talented plastic surgeon. Then how would Anna prove who Duke is. Anna tells Duke that his theory is baseless. Luke wants Duke to take a DNA test.

Bernie hears something, grabs his briefcase and paces around, commenting that he was a fool to believe that they would let him live, knowing what he knows. Bernie flashes back to his talk with Duke. He tells Duke he knows who he is and that he thought Duke was dead. Duke tells him clearly not but Bernie will be and so will his family if Bernie doesn't do as he's told. In present time, Bernie comments that his poor judgement was keeping Duke's secret. He says that once Jason gets there, the secret is out.

Jason and Sam are on the bed, making out and preparing to make love.

Todd asks Carly if she wants him to swear on his daughter's life. Carly said she asked for the truth and he said he gave it, so she wants him to swear on his daughter. Todd is about to answer her when Diane comes in and tells Todd not to say another word. Diane goes on about how her shoes are not made for rushing to the PCPD and says they should stop wasting her client's time and money. Carly asks if Diane is Todd's attorney and she said she is as of two hours ago. John asks for an introduction. Carly says that she'll let Diane introduce herself. Diane introduces herself to John as his worst nightmare.

Sam stops them. They exchange I love yous and Sam tells him how she can't believe what is happening. She says all of her what if are coming true now. They start to kiss again and are interrupted by Danny fussing and crying. Sam goes to take care of Danny. Jason gets his wedding ring and puts it back on. Sam returns with Danny and they all get comfortable on the bed. Sam tells Danny that this is a big moment for both of them. Jason puts Sam's ring back on her finger, telling her that he loves her forever. Sam promises to never take off the ring again. They settle into the bed with Danny, then Sam takes a picture of the three of them on her phone. Sam tells Jason that its their first family photo and that there will probably be a million more.

Lulu is finishing dressing as Dr. V. comes into the examining room. Lulu asks if everything is in working order. Dr. V. says fertility is not an issue. Lulu says she looks worried and asks what's wrong. Dr. V. says that they need to talk.

Dante is on the phone ordering a search of the area for Joe Jr. Michael is comforting Starr when Dante hangs up and asks if they have any idea where Joe Jr. has been hiding out. Michael that by the time he got there, Joe Jr. wasn't talking and Starr says she got there after Michael. Dante asks Trey for the information. Trey tells Dante that Joe Jr. told him that everything, including Trey and Kristina getting married was another person's idea. Michael tells Dante that this person is after Sonny. Dante asks Trey if he got a name. Trey tells him he doesn't have a name but he could tell by the way Joe Jr. was talking that whomever Joe Jr. was talking about is dangerous.

Duke tells Luke he will not take a DNA test. Luke accuses him of having something to hide. Duke denies it and says he just isn't giving in to Luke's paranoid delusions. Luke continues to try to convince Duke but Duke continues to refuse. Luke says that Duke isn't helping his cause. Duke says that his only cause is getting Anna back and her opinion is all that matters. He says that Anna knows who he is. Luke asks Anna if that's true. He asks if she is absolutely positive that Duke is who he says he is.

Bernie is looking at documents with Kristina's name on them. He hears a gun click and turns to see Joe Jr. holding him at gunpoint. Bernie guesses that Duke sent Joe Jr. and Joe Jr. confirms it. Bernie warns Joe Jr. that if Joe Jr. kills him. Bernie's boss will kill Joe Jr. Joe Jr. says that if Bernie lives, Joe Jr. won't. Joe Jr. says he's more afraid of Duke than of Sonny.

Duke tells Luke that Anna has no doubts about him, not after the memories they shared. Luke asks Anna if the Duke Lavery she knew always spoke for her. Anna says that Luke is doing all of the investigating for her. Luke says someone has to and he prefers she do it herself but she's buying into Duke's scam. Duke says there is no scam and he's not taking a DNA test. Duke says there can't be a DNA test without his consent. As Duke turns to leave, Luke pulls a strand of hair from Duke's head for a DNA test. Anna wants Luke to apologize but he refuses. Duke wants Luke arrested for assault. Anna tells Duke that she doesn't like Luke's behavior either but there are too many legitimate criminals who need arresting, not a hair thief. Duke lets it go and tells Anna that he enjoyed their celebration. He promises they will pick it up again soon. Anna asks what Duke is doing as he turns to leave. Duke tells her that he needs to make arrangements now that he's permanently staying in Port Charles, then leaves. Anna says she has no words for Luke. Luke asks if Duke brought the weeds. Anna tells him that its heather and tells him not to say a word.

Carly tells Diane that Todd must be paying her well for her to work for him after Todd dumped her. John wonders if Todd and Diane were an item. She tells him they were not, but Todd fired her to replace her with Heather on the paper. Todd tells Diane that was a serious misjudgment on his part and she agrees. Diane hands John paperwork and tells him that there is no evidence against Todd. She tells Todd that he is free to go and takes him to get his personal effects. John congratulates Todd and Diane and tells them they should go celebrate. He says Todd stole someone's baby. He then tells Carly that she got snowed. Carly leaves John alone. John is clearly unhappy about Todd's release.

Dante asks Trey to think and see if he could remember someone from Joe Jr's past. Trey tells Dante he grew up believing that Joe Jr. was an antiques dealer and that he knew nothing about their mob life. They are interrupted as Lulu calls Dante. She asks him to come to the hospital. Dante asks her if everything is ok. She tells him just to come and that they'll talk when he gets there. Michael asks if everything was ok. Dante said he didn't know but he had to leave. He tells Michael that there'll be cops to have a look there shortly. He then tells Trey to let him know if he remembers anything of if Joe Jr. contacts him again. Trey tells Dante that won't happen since Trey chose his friends over Joe Jr.

Bernie begs Joe Jr. not to kill him. Joe Jr. tells Bernie to beg all he wants, but he has no choice. Joe Jr. shoots Bernie.

Jason and Sam are still fussing over the baby when Sam notices a message on the answering machine. Jason didn't know there was one and Sam plays it. They hear Bernie's message to Jason. Jason is concerned about the message. Sam tells Jason he has to go. Jason doesn't want to leave Sam and Danny alone and offers to call Alexis or Max to come and stay with her. Sam tells him that they will be fine and urges him to go do his job. He thanks her and she tells him that they will be waiting there for him to come back. He tells them that he loves them. Sam tells Jason they love him, too. He starts to leave when Sam calls to him. She wants him to take his phoenix figurine. She says she likes it being with him wherever he goes. He takes it, kisses them both goodbye and leaves.

Dante arrives to meet Lulu at the hospital. She tells him that she can't have a baby. He holds her.

Diane hands Todd a bill and tells him its the first of many he will get from her. Todd looks at how much it is as Carly joins him. He offers to walk Carly out but she stops him. Todd tells her that he was released. Carly says that she needs to hear the words. Todd swears on his daughter's life that he had nothing to do with what happened to Sam's baby. Carly hugs him and thanks him as he looks concerned.

Joe Jr. sees that Bernie is still alive. He is about to shoot Bernie again when Jason arrives and calls out to Joe Jr., gun in hand. He orders Joe Jr. to drop the gun. He raises it instead and both men fire, but only Joe Jr. is hit.

Sam puts the dragon figurine on a shelf to watch over her and Danny until Jason returns. She tells Danny that Jason is the dragon and she is the phoenix and that Danny is all they need to make them happy.

Jason approaches Joe Jr. and kicks his gun away from him. Jason goes to Bernie to check on him. He tells Bernie not to talk, but Bernie insists that there is something Jason needs to know, that there's someone he needs to know about. Jason tells him not to worry, he can take care of Joe Jr. Bernie tells Jason that it's not Joe Jr. He needs to tell Jason about the money. Before Bernie can tell Jason, a gunshot rings out and Jason is shot in the back.

Anna still can't believe that Luke took Duke's hair. Anna insists that Luke is the only one with suspicions about Duke but Luke doesn't believe that. She tells him that she could arrest him. Luke tells her to save the cuffs because she may need them for Duke.

Jason falls over and crawls away from Bernie as Duke arrives.

Sam tells Danny how much he looks like Jason. There's a knock at the door and Sam thinks Jason forgot his key. She opens the door to find John McBain there.

Jason collapses, unconscious, bleeding on the docks with Duke standing over him.

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