GH Update Thursday 10/18/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/18/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Michael goes to the Metro Court and sees Carly there. He tells her he's surprised to see her and Carly wonders why since it's her place. Michael says that he thought she would be at the hospital with Jason. Carly wonders what happened to Jason and Michael tells her that Jason found Sam's baby and they were all at the hospital together.

Duke show up at Anna's room with flowers and wishes her a happy anniversary. He notices that she doesn't look very happy to see him. She says that she didn't know his plans, if he was staying or leaving. Duke tells her that after all of the trouble he went to finding her, he's not going anywhere. He's there to stay.

Joe Jr. goes to visit Trey. Trey refuses to let Joe Jr. into his apartment. Trey says its good that Joe Jr. survived, now he can call the police.

Lulu tells Dante that her test is negative again. Dante tells Lulu that it just means that they get to keep trying. Lulu expresses that she feels like a failure with every negative test but Dante reassures her that she is not a failure. Lulu wonders if they are doing it wrong and if they should try something else.

Starr visits Todd at the PCPD. Todd tells her that everything is a big misunderstanding and that it's nothing. He tells her that it will all be cleared up when his brand new attorney arrives. Starr asks how he can say everything that happened was nothing. She asks Todd if he knew that Tea's baby had died and if he gave Sam's baby to Tea.

Sam tells Jason how amazed she is that Alexis was able to learn about Sam's baby and then have a nursery prepared and decorated so fast. Jason says that he was hoping that Sam and Danny would come home with him. He tells Sam that he wants to love Sam and Danny and take care of them if Sam lets him. He asks Sam if she would let Jason share their life with him and if they can be a family.

Joe Jr. enters Trey's apartment and begs Trey not to call the police. Trey tells Joe Jr. that Joe Jr. needs to pay for trying to kill his wife in cold blood, so either Joe Jr. turns himself in or Trey calls the police. Joe Jr. says he needs to be on the outside to survive with his friends. Trey tells Joe Jr. that no one will back him against Sonny. Joe Jr. says that's not true and that he has one very powerful friend.

Duke orders some champaign for himself and Anna. She asks what it is and he tells her its their anniversary. He asks if she's forgotten. She flashes back to their wedding and says she could never forget such a Scottish affair. They reminisce about the wedding before Anna broods. Duke wants to know what is wrong but Anna asks him what isn't wrong. Duke tells her there's nothing wrong their love can't fix.

Lulu wants to go see a doctor to see if there is anything wrong with her. Dante is confident that there's nothing wrong with either of them, but Lulu wants to see a doctor anyway. Dante heads out, sharing his confidence with Lulu as Luke is at the door waiting to come in.

Michael wonders how Carly doesn't know that Jason and Sam have their baby back as its been all over the news. Carly has been boycotting the media since Sonny and Kate's wedding, not wanting to see it replayed but she is happy for Jason and happy that now neither Sam nor Jason can blame Jason for what happened. She tells Michael that if Sam was smart, she would go back to Jason now.

Jason tells Sam that he knows she can raise Danny by herself but he wants to take care of them anyway. Sam tells Jason that she doesn't know, that she saw how angry he became and that she couldn't reach him. She admits to being confused and Jason says he was too. He reminds her of the dreams she had for them to be a family and tells her that if she lets them, they can have that life together. He tells her there's nothing in the way. Sam tells him there is.

Starr tells Todd that she wants the truth. If he tells her that he is innocent and she finds out he lied, she is done with him. She asks him if he knew he sent Tea home with Sam's baby. He tells her he knew.

Lulu tells Luke that she and Dante are having trouble conceiving. Luke tells her he's sorry to hear that but Lulu says it's ok and that they just need to be patient. She tells Luke that she and Dante will do anything to be parents.

Dante arrives at GH and speaks to Epiphany. Epiphany tells him that if he's looking for his mother, she is out for a walk with Steven. She tells him that it will take more than a fall down the stairs to stop Olivia and that Heather is still in a coma. She asks Dante if there was something he needed. He said that there is.

Luke suggests that Lulu talk to Carly since she has so many husbands and kids which probably makes her a fertility specialist. Lulu tells him she and Dante have it under control but wonders what is wrong with Luke, he seems upset and she's concerned he will leave again. Luke tells her he isn't leaving because it's what the bastard would want. He tells Lulu that he seems to be losing Anna to an ex. Lulu assumes it's Robert, Luke tells her its a different ex.

Duke tells Anna that he's sorry she's suffered but it doesn't change how he feels about her. Anna tells him it should because she's a different woman than the one he knew years ago. He disagrees and tells her that she's the woman he fell in love with and that the memories of her kept him going. He insists that he's there now and that they love each other, then reminds her that it's their anniversary. She tells him that their wedding ended years ago. Duke told her that it didn't end because either of them wanted it to. He tells her they were torn apart but now they have the chance to start again. Anna tells him it's not that simple. Duke asks if it's because of Luke.

Joe Jr. explains to Trey that he has a silent partner who is not so silent anymore. He was helping in the plan to get revenge on Sonny by taking everything. Joe Jr. explains to Trey that the plan to kill Kristina was due to the partner putting all of Sonny's assets in Kristina's name so that when Joe Jr. killed Kristina, everything would go to Trey. Trey tells Joe Jr. he wants a name. He wants to know who the silent partner is.

Jason tells Sam that he will accept whatever her decision is, but he needs to know if it's McBain. Sam tells him it isn't. Its her son. She needs to put him first and needs Jason to love him. Jason says he does. Sam reminds him that he said he was afraid that he'd look at her son and only see Franco. Jason says he was wrong about that. Sam then brings up Jason telling Heather that he loves Danny and could be his father. She wants to know if he meant it or was just saying it to save Danny.

Michael tells Carly about the whole situation with Tea, Sam and their babies. He tells he that Tea's baby didn't make it and she took the wrong baby home. Carly says she feels awful for Tea and Todd and that she knows that Todd wanted to help Tea.

Todd and Starr argue about what Todd did. Starr tells Todd that he always claims things are not his fault and that this time its different. He tells her both of these things again. Starr begins to leave but Todd asks her to stay. He wants to explain the circumstances to her before she decides whether or not to write him off for good. She stays and tells him to explain.

Carly tells Michael how worried about Tea Todd was and how much he wanted to help. Michael says that based on what Starr tells him about Todd, Michael thinks that Todd sounds messed up. Carly tells Michael that she knows how much Todd cares for Tea and she almost feels guilty being so happy for Jason. She tells Michael that she hopes Sam and Jason get back together even though Sam gets on her nerves and she feels Sam doesn't deserve him because it's what Jason wants. Michael and Carly agree that Jason would tell her to stay out of it. Carly tells Michael that if Jason decides that Sam and Danny are better off without him, then he will walk away and she needs to stop him. She asks if Michael wants to go with her and he tells her no. He tells her he wants to be there for Starr because she is close to Tea.

Todd tells the story of the night the babies were born to Starr. She sees that it's not all his fault this time but when he tells her that Tea saw the baby and told him that she didn't know how she could go on if she lost her baby, he let Tea take him. He tells Starr that he lies to everyone all of the time but this time, he didn't mean to lie, it just happened.

Jason tells Sam that he doesn't blame her for doubting him. He tells that he wants to be there for Danny, helping him learn and grow. Sam tells Jason that the worst thing for Danny would be for them to try this and it doesn't work out. Jason agrees and tells her that he wants to be there for Danny and he wants to love them both.

Dante tells Epiphany that he and Lulu are trying to have a baby and that they are having difficulty. Epiphany asks him if he's wanting to get a sperm count as everyone hears her ask him that. Dante whispers that he does.

Lulu wonders why Duke shows up out of nowhere all of a sudden. Luke tells her that he says he's there for Anna. Lulu asks if Luke is going to let that happen and he says no way, but Duke claims he and Anna are still married and that Luke has already lost Anna.

Anna tells Duke how Luke has been there for her and how he's supported her through all of the bad she's gone through and how that grew into a relationship. She says she doesn't know where it is going yet. Duke tells Anna that Luke isn't good enough for her.

Luke wonders aloud to Lulu why Anna isn't more suspicious of Duke. Lulu supposes it's due to her history with him. Luke tells her the story that Duke told him and asks her if it seems plausible to her. She admits that there are holes in his story but what is the alternative? Luke says maybe Duke isn't Duke.

Jason tells Sam that he hopes it's not too late for her to let him love her and Danny. Sam doesn't answer and instead goes to get Danny a bottle. When she's gone, Jason picks up Danny and tells him that he owes him and Sam an apology, he wasn't fair to them. He doesn't know if Sam can accept him in their lives. He wants the chance to watch Danny grow and be there for him. Carly walk in and Jason offers to let Carly hold the baby. She doesn't want to disturb Danny because he looks too peaceful. She asks Jason if he's going to be Danny's father. Jason tells her that's up to Sam and Carly is unhappy about it. She starts to go off about Sam but Jason stops her. Carly says that Jason gave Sam her son back. Jason tells Carly that Heather didn't act alone. He tells her that Todd was involved in what happened with Danny.

Todd asks Starr what she would have done under the circumstances. Starr asks if her losing Cole and Hope meant anything to him. He tells her that it hurt more than anything but Heather lied to him. She convinced him that Sam was abandoning her baby and he believed her. He tells Starr that he gave Sam a job and she nearly found out the truth. Starr wonders if he wanted to get caught. She then asks if he was going to confess and if he told Tea. He tells Starr he couldn't tell Tea and hopes she won't either.

Epiphany escorts Dante to a restroom. She tells him that she will stand guard, then take his sample to a lab technician and get the results for him, then promises that it will be completely confidential. She then encourages him to "fill 'er up".

Luke tells Lulu the history of Duke and Jonathan Paget and how Jonathan Paget died in Anna's arms. Lulu wonders if Jonathan Paget was an imposter. Luke believes it's the other way around, that Jonathan Paget was the real Duke and the one in Port Charles right now is a phony. Lulu wonders how an imposter would have gotten Duke's face.

Duke and Anna talk about how Duke was a liar in the past but he earned Anna's trust and they fell in love. Duke tells her that he would earn her trust again. He tells her to enjoy her anniversary breakfast and gets up to leave. Anna tells him to stop.

Joe Jr. says its better not to give Trey the name. Trey tries to convince Joe Jr. to call the cops and offer to testify against his partner if this guy is so bad. Joe Jr. tells Trey that you don't do that, not to this guy. They are interrupted by Michael knocking on the door, looking for Starr.

Dante emerges from the bathroom with is sample and Epiphany comments about how quick he was. Dante asks her to keep quiet about this. She tells him that her lips are sealed. She laughs after he leaves.

Lulu recaps everything she heard from Luke. She comments that the whole story is so crazy it could be true but Luke doesn't believe it. He says there are too many red flags. Lulu asks how he plans to prove that Duke is an imposter. He tells her with a DNA test.

Anna invites Duke to stay for breakfast. He mentions that he can't vouch for the food and that he would have cooked for her himself. Anna remembers meeting Duke at the Policeman's Ball and flashes back to it. Duke approaches her with a sprig of heather and asks if she remembers that, too. She did and Duke tells her he thought it reminded her of her childhood. She says that it did but not anymore, it has far less comforting associations for her now. She tells Duke that's her point about them being different people now. Duke suggests they don't focus on the past, they focus on the present.

Joe Jr. asks Trey not to give him up. Trey answers the door and tells Michael that Starr isn't there. Michael wants to wait and forces his way in after Trey says he's busy. Michael thinks he's busy with Kristina and walks in, calling out to Kristina. He turns around to see Joe Jr. standing with Trey.

Jason explains to Carly what he knows about Todd's involvement with the baby situation. Carly says that Todd may not have known about the babies and Jason concedes that he may not have but he's being questioned at the PCPD. Carly tells Jason how much Todd has done for her and that he is almost her friend. Jason wonders what that means and Carly tells him that it means she only has one friend and it's the person who never gives up on her. She tells him that she loves him and that she wants him to be happy with the baby. They are interrupted as Sam returns. Carly tells Sam that she's a mother now and needs to do the right thing by letting Jason be part of Danny's life. Carly then leaves them.

Starr doesn't want to keep the information from Tea, feeling it's a lie of omission. Todd tells her it's not a lie. Todd wonders what good could come of the truth coming out. If it does, he would go to trial, then to jail and John McBain would smile...he asks if Starr wants any of those things to happen. He tells her that all of the evidence is circumstantial and that Heather is not a factor because she's a comatose lunatic. He tells Starr that only her testimony could put him away. She's upset that Todd is putting her in that position. He promises her that he can and will do better. They are interrupted by Dante walking in and asking what is going on.

Jason apologizes for Carly but Sam says she is entitled to her opinion. Jason agrees and says that the decision has to be Sam's. He asks if she will let him be Danny's father.

Starr says she came to visit her father. Dante tells her that she didn't sign in so he has to ask her to leave and she says that's fine. Todd thanks her for coming to visit as she leaves him with Dante.

Michael says he now sees why Trey didn't want ot let him in. Joe Jr. says Michael should have listened to Trey. Michael goes to attack Joe Jr. but Trey stops him. As Michael gets his phone to call the police, Joe Jr. pulls a gun on him.

The door opens at the PCPD and Todd says he wondered what took so long but sees Carly walk in. She says she didn't know he was expecting her. Todd says he wasn't but she looks great. Carly tells him about how she was a pain to the cops every time Jason got arrested. Todd asks if she could do that for him. She tells him she needs him to answer a question: she needs to know if Todd had anything to do with taking Sam and Jason's baby away from them.

Dante is in a file room when his phone rings. He answers and asks Michael what is up. Joe Jr. still has a gun on Michael and tells him that he would hang up if he were Michael.

Lulu tells Luke that DNA tests aren't everything and that he could ask Elizabeth about that. Luke says its better than nothing, that and fingerprints. He says maybe he can prove whether or not Duke is really Duke, otherwise, Anna is falling into the arms of a lying stranger.

As Duke begins a toast, Anna flashes back to another time that Duke toasts to her. The memory unnerves Anna. Duke tells her she won't say the words and she can deny it but he knows she feels the same way the does, that they are soul mates. She turns to him and tells him that she could never turn him down. They kiss.

Jason tells Sam that he can wait. She picks up Danny and tells Jason that they have wasted enough time and that she and Danny are ready to go home with him. Jason kisses Sam and takes her and Danny in his arms.

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