GH Update Wednesday 10/17/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/17/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Hospital: Sonny walked in and heard Jason setting up a meeting that would be attended by Jason, Jason‘s lawyer and Anna. Jason explained that Anna wanted to interview him about Heather. It was just a formality, because the surveillance video backed up Jason’s version of how Heather came to fall of the roof. Jason said the only thing he’d been concerned about when Heather fell was protecting the baby. Sonny noted that Jason sounded like a father. Jason told Sonny Sam named the baby Daniel Edward, then he showed off some pictures of Daniel. Jason divulged that he wanted Sam to bring Daniel home to live with him, but he wasn’t sure he had a right to ask her to make the baby a potential target. Sonny said that Sam knew what she was getting into when she married him, but Jason thought things were different now that she was a mother.

Sonny wondered if Jason wanted to quit the business. Jason said “and go where?” Jason knew Sam didn’t want to leave town, and he didn’t either, but he didn’t want to hurt Sam or the baby. Sonny understood Jason’s desire to give Sam and Daniel a perfect life, but pointed out that it was impossible to do so. Sonny said all Jason could do was love them. Jason wondered if he should love them enough to let them go. Sonny urged Jason to trust his instincts and figure out what he wanted. Jason wanted to be with Sam and to be a father to Danny. Sonny advised Jason to fight for that, just like Sonny was going to fight as long as it took to get Kate back. Sonny said maybe he and Jason would both be happy for the first time. Sonny left to work on getting Kate back.

Davis home: Alexis, Molly and Kristina got ready to go to the hospital to meet Daniel.

Sam fed Daniel a bottle. She knew all of this was new for him and acknowledged that he and Tea must miss each other. Sam said Daniel was calm like his uncle Jason. Sam said part of her kept waiting for someone to say he was really Tea’s baby, but she knew that wouldn’t happen, because she could feel that he was her son. Jason brought Monica in and introduced her to the baby. Monica knew Edward would be pleased that the newest Quartermaine had his name. Monica asked whether the baby’s last name would be Morgan or McCall. Jason and Sam said they hadn’t figured it out. Just then, Sam’s family arrived and swarmed around the baby. Molly noted that the baby looked just like Jason.

Jason and Monica stepped out of the room. Monica hoped she didn’t make things awkward when she asked about the baby’s last name. Monica was curious about what role Jason was going to have in the baby‘s life. Jason said they hadn‘t had time to discuss it. He changed the subject and asked about Heather. Heather was in a coma; Monica hoped she‘d survive, so she could pay for what she‘d done to Jason, Sam and Tea. Monica wanted Jason to reconcile with Sam. She told him she was certain he could love the baby as his own. Jason said he already did, but he wasn’t sure Sam could get past his mistakes and take him back.

Back inside the room, the Davis family spent some time bonding with the baby. Molly broached the topic of the child they’d all grieved for. Sam had been thinking about the other baby, too. She said the child had deserved to be mourned and he would be again.

Later, Jason went back into the room and overheard Sam telling her family about Jason rescuing Daniel. Molly said now they could get back together. Alexis quickly changed topics and told Sam that she’d ordered everything Daniel would need so he’d be all set when Sam brought him home to Alexis’s house. After Alexis, Molly and Kristina left, Jason told Sam he was hoping she and Daniel would move back in with him.

Star and Trey’s: Starr overslept, but said it didn’t matter, since there was no way she was working for Johnny after he married Connie. She noticed Trey looked depressed and asked what was wrong. Trey was feeling overwhelmed, because he’d signed the annulment papers, Joe was still missing, and now Alexis wanted him to have his mother committed. Starr thought Alexis’s idea was great, but Trey was ambivalent about it. He asked why he should help the woman who left him for dead. Starr insisted that it was the decent thing to do and that it would give him a chance to know his mother. Trey told Starr that Kate had been cruel to him when she found out that he was her son. Starr countered that Connie had done that and that Kate wasn’t responsible for Connie’s actions.

Trey asked what if Kate, and not Connie, was the one who left him for dead. Starr could understand why Kate would snap after giving birth to her rapist’s baby. She argued that Trey had done worse when he knowingly went along with a scheme that almost got Kristina killed. Trey insisted that he had no idea that Joe was capable of murder and that he never would have gotten involved if he‘d known what Joe had in planned. Starr begged Trey not to let Cole and Hope’s killer go free. She was still angry that Johnny was helping Connie and vowed to make him answer for it. Starr went to get ready to go to Johnny’s house, and Trey contemplated signing the commitment papers. Later, Trey went online and noticed that Todd had been arrested for kidnapping, and then he told Starr.

Metro Court: Anna was in her suite looking at a wedding picture of her and Duke. She told Luke that it was her and Duke’s anniversary. Luke looked at the pictures and said she was beautiful. Anna found Duke’s sudden reappearance, announcement that he wanted her back, then disappearance very surreal, like a dream. Luke thought it was a good thing Duke was gone. Anna asked what happened after she left that night. Luke said he threw Duke out and told him that he (Luke) wasn’t going to give Anna up, so Duke should leave and not come back. Anna thought Luke had overstepped his bounds, but Luke said he had every right to kick Duke out of his suite. Anna contended that Luke may have put Duke in danger by forcing him out on the streets where his enemies could find him. Luke countered that if Duke could survive twenty years in a Turkish prison, he could handle the streets of Port Charles. Anna said she’d needed to talk to Duke, but Luke said that she needed to be talking to dim (Luke) about what they had. Anna wasn’t sure they had anything anymore, but Luke felt that they could overcome the situation with Robert. Anna blasted Luke for calling Duke a liar, when Luke had lied to her. Luke said it wasn’t the same, but Anna said all she knew for sure was that Luke was a liar, not Duke. Luke said he wanted to get back to where they were before Heather showed up. Anna asked if he meant when he was lying to her. Luke dropped it and asked Anna to forget about him, and think about the claims Duke was making. He urged Anna to apply her instincts as a police officer to Duke’s story and consider whether or not it made sense. He asked her to consider whether it was smart to believe everything the man said, just because he looked like Duke and knew things that only Duke was supposed to know? He asked if she didn’t think she should get some sort of forensic evidence like fingerprints or DNA. Luke felt that he’d said all he could, and he left.

Zacchara home: Johnny was taken aback when he came down stairs and found Connie prancing around in a skimpy outfit. She flirted with him and tried to feed him some yogurt. Johnny refused to eat it, so Connie threw the contents of the bowl in his face. Connie went off on Johnny, because of something she’d found on his computer. Johnny thought she found out he’d been visiting adult sites, but Connie was referring to the research he’d done into having her committed. Johnny grabbed Connie roughly and refused to let her go. He began to taunt her with details of what her life would be like when she was institutionalized. Johnny said these fantasies were better than his porn. When Johnny finally let her go, Connie told him that he’d go to prison and share a cell with Todd if he had her committed. Johnny told her to stop threatening him. He felt like he had less to lose than Connie did, if he confessed, because while he’d go to prison, Connie would cease to exist. Johnny took off his yogurt covered shirt. Connie tried a different tactic and flirted with Johnny, urging him to take the lock off his bedroom door, so they could have some fun last time. Johnny made Connie think he was going to kiss her, but instead, he took out his frustration on her by shoving a handful of yogurt into her face.

There was a knock on the door and Johnny smacked Connie on the behind and told her to open it. Connie grinned and said she liked it rough, then she opened the door. It was Sonny. Connie was dismissive toward Sonny. Sonny raised an eyebrow at the display, then he asked to speak to Connie alone. Connie balked about Sonny sending Johnny away, but Johnny went upstairs to shower. Before he could go, Connie pulled him into a deep kiss and promised to join him in the bath. Sonny noted that Connie and Johnny’s relationship seemed icy. Connie said Johnny was upset Sonny interrupted their foreplay. Sonny grabbed Connie’s arm and made a heartfelt speech assuring Kate that he hadn’t given up on her and never would. Connie’s face softened and Sonny thought he was getting through to Kate, but when Connie flashed a dark smile, Sonny realized he’d been tricked. Connie was adamant that Kate was never coming back, because only Johnny had the power to have her committed, and he never would. Sonny told her not to be so sure about that. After awhile, Johnny returned, and Connie told him what Sonny said about having another way to get her committed. Connie asked Johnny to make Sonny leave. Johnny told Sonny to go. Sonny talked past Connie to Kate and told her he’d see her later. Then he told Johnny that he was going to remember what Johnny had done. Sonny left.

Police Station: Todd was taken to an interrogation room. He said he didn’t want visitors, but Tea walked in anyway. Todd expressed concern for Tea and promised to be there for her once he got things cleared up. Tea didn’t want sympathy; she just wanted to know whether he knew all along that she had the wrong baby. Todd stalled, for as long as he could, then he lied and said Heather took Tea’s baby from him and into the shack and switched him for Sam‘s son without Todd‘s knowledge. Todd asked how he was supposed to know Heather had another baby in the shack. Tea was suspicious; she bombarded Todd with questions - would he really let a stranger take the baby out of his sight? Why didn’t he realize she returned with a different baby? Todd pointed out that Tea didn’t realize the switch had been made either, and Tea reminded Todd hadn’t let her hold the child until she found him at the shack. Todd explained that he probably didn’t notice the difference in the babies, because he’d been so relieved that Heather had saved the child. Tea suddenly remembered that Todd had to gone into the shack. Todd admitted this but said it was only for a second and that he didn’t see Sam in there. Todd noticed Tea’s skeptical expression and asked why she was looking at him like that.

Tea admitted that Todd’s story was possible. She also found it possible that Todd took the opportunity to replace her dead child with a live one, to avoid hurting her more, after he’d murdered her husband. Tea gently stroked Todd’s hair. She told him that if he‘d knowingly given her the wrong baby to fall in love with only for her to lose it, he’d hurt her a thousand times more than he ever had before. “If you did that, may God have mercy on your soul” Tea tearfully said. She walked out, past the guilty looking Todd. She ran into Starr on her way out, and they hugged. Starr couldn’t find the words to tell Tea how bad she felt for her. Starr asked if Todd had anything to do with the kidnapping. Tea didn’t know, but she believed that if Todd was honest with anyone, it would be with Starr. Starr went into the interrogation room and came face to face with Todd.

Ian’s suite: Joe said they could try and kill Kristina again. Duke said that plan had been scrapped because the cops knew too much and because Duke’s sources said the marriage had already been annulled. Duke announced that Joe had to die. Joe did some fast talking - Dr. Obrecht had told him that Duke was in love with Anna. Joe tried to convince Duke that Joe could be useful to him as muscle, to get rid of people who got in the way of the plan. Joe pointed out that Anna’s boyfriend was already suspicious of Duke. Joe realized Anna had no idea what Duke was up to. Duke admitted that he did love Anna and that he’d have to be careful now, since it seemed that Anna no longer had a thing for men on the dark side. Joe told Duke to tell him who needed to go, and Joe would take care of it. Later, Joe had a pained expression, but he assured Duke that there wasn’t a problem. Duke said good, because he (Duke) had something important to do.

Metro Court: Anna looked at the wedding photo again and wondered if she’d lost Duke again, or if Luke’s concerns were right. At that moment, there was a knock at the door. Anna opened it and found Duke there with a bouquet of flowers. Duke wished her a happy anniversary.

Starr and Trey’s: Trey answered a knock at the door. He was surprised to see that it was Joe.

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