GH Update Tuesday 10/16/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/16/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Duke’s suite: Duke asked Joe how he was doing. Joe was fine; the doctor had patched him up well. Duke then slapped Joe across the face and said that was for Joe ruining Duke’s plans for Sonny. Duke said he had worked things out so carefully, starting with staging Robin’s death. Joe was curious about who Robin was and why Duke needed everyone to think she was dead. Duke would only say that Robin was a crucial part of his plan. Duke said he wanted EVERYTHING, including the only woman he ever loved, and he needed everything Sonny had, in order to get it.

Duke was angry, because all the work he’d done to get Sonny’s assets transferred into Kristina’s name so Trey could inherit it when Joe killed her had gone to waste due to Joe. Joe minimized his part in the plan going awry by saying he didn’t realize Trey was going to risk his life to save Kristina. Duke said Joe had never been in love, so he couldn’t grasp the lengths a man would go to for the woman he loved, including eliminating the competition for her. Joe countered that he did understand love; in fact there was a woman he cared for right now. Duke didn’t want to hear Joe talking about any woman except Kristina and the only words he wanted to hear was that Kristina was dead. Joe argued that he’d tried to kill her and got shot by his own son in the process. Duke wasn’t moved. The way Duke saw it, if it weren’t for Joe’s failure, Trey would have inherited Sonny’s assets and Duke would be running Sonny’s empire right now. Joe didn’t think it was too late to carry out the plan, but Duke felt that Joe’s idea was stupid, because Kristina would soon end the marriage and the cops were already aware of what Joe tried to do. Duke said thanks to Joe, Duke had to revise his plan. Joe was eager to help bring Sonny to his knees. Duke said Joe would be instrumental to the new plan. While Duke hadn’t devised a new plan, he knew that it would involve someone else’s death.

Metro Court: Luke and Tracy had dinner in his suite, but Luke was preoccupied with thoughts of Anna and Tracy couldn’t get her mind off of Joe. Luke grumbled about the way Anna bought Duke’s story without any proof. Tracy said maybe Duke was telling the truth. Luke felt that if the man really was Duke, he must be dangerous, since one didn’t survive a Turkish prison by being nice. Tracy thought about Luke’s point and said if Duke was a dangerous criminal with a talent for survival, that meant Anna had a “type.”

Luke was on edge, and he snapped at Tracy for her table manners. Luke’s gut told him that Duke was conning Anna. Tracy asked what Duke’s scam was, if he’d been up front about wanting Anna. Luke wasn’t sure, but he planned to find out. He said Anna had been hurt enough after chasing Robin’s ghost, and she didn’t need to go through it again with Duke. Luke said this all happened because Heather tricked Anna into thinking Robin might be alive.

Davis home: Alexis invited Sonny over. He arrived in a bad mood, because the cops still hadn’t found Joe. Sonny bemoaned not killing Joe when he had the chance, because if he had, Trey never would have manipulated Kristina into marriage, Kate never would have found gained control. Alexis advised Sonny not to kill anyone. Alexis had invited him there, because she had an idea about how he could get Kate back. Sonny was desperate to get her back, but he wasn’t optimistic. Olivia was too distantly related to Kate to be appointed as her guardian, but Alexis had an idea - get Trey to petition for custody of Kate, then have her committed. Sonny wasn’t completely sold on the idea, and he figured Trey was long gone now that everyone knew what he and Joe had done to Kristina. Alexis told the skeptical Sonny that she believed that Trey was remorseful and was trying to make amends for what he’d done. Alexis told Sonny he’d need to decide whether he wanted Kate back badly enough to work with Trey. While Sonny was willing to do whatever it took to get Kate back, he didn’t think Trey would be willing to help her after Joe poisoned him against her. Alexis said that they could use Trey’s part in almost getting Kristina killed to guilt him into helping them. Alexis said they could also point out that Trey couldn’t get to know Kate unless she was integrated.

Meanwhile, Kristina came home and was surprised to find Trey about to knock on the door. Trey was hoping he and Kristina could talk. He asked how she was and she said she hadn’t had any nightmares about his dad trying to kill her, so she guessed she was peachy. She asked how Trey was. Trey was having trouble reconciling the Joe who raised him with the Joe who tried to kill her. He needed answers, but he didn’t know where Joe was or whether he’d been treated for the gunshot wound.

Kristina admitted that she wasn’t concerned about Joe’s wellbeing, but she appreciated Trey dropping by. She began to go inside. Trey asked her to wait; he wanted to know where he stood as her husband. Kristina said she wasn’t his wife, because their entire relationship had been based on a lie. Trey said he’d been honest about his feelings for her. He’d grown to care more about her every day and when they finally got together, it felt real. Kristina admitted she felt it too. Trey knew they couldn’t stay married, but he hoped they could keep dating. He noted that it was chilly out and suggested they go inside.

Back in the house, Sonny said he didn’t think Trey would be willing to do this. Just as Alexis said they’d have to ask Trey, Trey and Kristina walked in. Sonny told Trey they needed his help with his mother.

Zacchara home: Johnny got irritated with Connie when he caught her using his credit card to order takeout. Unfazed, Connie reminded him that it was “their” money now and told him not to forget to put her name on all his credit cards. Johnny pointed out that he’d lost a lot of money paying off Jerry Jacks, but Connie countered that she was sure Anthony left enough money for them to live comfortably. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Johnny opened it and found Carly there. Carly said she was there to apologize. Johnny said she had nothing to apologize for, but Connie wanted to hear Carly out. Carly said she’d been rude at the wedding. Carly said she had a wedding gift for them.

Johnny opened Carly’s gift - it was the charm bracelet he’d given Carly; the one just like the one she’d always wanted when she was a little girl. Johnny thought back to the moment he’d given it to her. In the flashback, Carly wondered how Johnny remembered the bracelet she’d mentioned in passing. Johnny said he remembered everything she said. In the present, Johnny told Carly that it was hers. Carly said she didn’t want it, but his wife might. Carly frowned and said she didn’t want that piece of junk. Carly said Connie was right; the bracelet was a piece of junk.

Connie said she‘d found some of Carly‘s clothes - since Carly was there, Connie decided to go upstairs and get them for her instead of throwing them away. Once Connie was gone, Johnny gently said Carly shouldn’t have come. Carly said she shouldn’t have done a lot of things, including getting involved with him. Johnny said maybe she was right, but they did have some good times while it lasted, right. Carly didn’t remember. Carly thought it was odd that two people as different as Todd and Jason were both able to see right through Johnny. She told Johnny she’d defended him. When Johnny said he wished he could have justified her faith, Carly blasted him for playing noble. She said he was everything Todd said and worse. Carly said that if Johnny wanted to be a lying, cheating, hypocrite he should own it instead of acting like he had no choice in the matter. Carly thanked God for Todd, who was there for her after Johnny humiliated her. Johnny ordered Carly to stay away from Todd. Carly angrily told Johnny had no right to tell her who she could or could not see. Johnny assumed she meant she and Todd were romantically involved and said that was fast. Carly spat that Johnny was married to someone else.

Connie was coming downstairs with the garbage bag full of Carly’s stuff, just as Carly said Todd told her the truth. Carly clarified that Todd told her he’d been watching the surveillance cameras and seen Johnny and Connie having sex. Carly said Todd had kept quiet to spare Carly’s feelings. Johnny insisted that Todd was a dangerous SOB and that Carly had no idea what Todd was capable of. Carly told Johnny to tell her what he was talking about. Johnny was about to tell Carly everything, when Connie interjected and did some fast talking about it being no use for Johnny to continue the cycle of taking shots at Todd because Todd said mean things about him. Johnny said “whatever.” Carly and Connie had words, then Carly decided to leave. Johnny was about to say something to Carly, then he changed his mind. Carly said she had one more present for Johnny, and she gave it to him - a passionate kiss. Carly told him to cherish that reminder of what he’d given up, because it was the last kiss he’d get from her. She told him he’d need to live with what he’d chosen, then walked out. Connie tried on the charm bracelet and Johnny snatched it from her.

Metro Court: Anna went home. She said hello to Tracy, who called her “Mrs. Lavery.” Anna asked if Luke knew where Duke was. He didn’t. Tracy asked if they found Joe and Anna said no, but they found the baby. Tracy asked how he was. Anna said he was fine, but she didn’t want to get tell the whole story, so she suggested Tracy could watch the nightly news to hear the details. Tracy made a sarcastic comment about Heather, then she left. Luke told Anna they had to talk. Anna agreed. Luke was especially interested in discussing Duke. Anna had had a long day and she was she was too exhausted right now. Luke suggested they get coffee, but Anna went to bed.

Hospital: Sabrina told Patrick she thought his wife was alive. Patrick said he was sure Robin was dead, and he didn’t understand why Sabrina would say something like that. Sabrina told him she overheard Heather say it. Patrick pointed out that Heather was crazy, but Sabrina said Heather sounded insistent and that she’d told the police commissioner. Sabrina continued that the commissioner didn’t seem surprised by what Heather said. At that moment, Patrick spotted Anna leaving Heather’s cubicle. Anna told Patrick that Heather passed out before she said anything. Patrick told her he knew what Heather had said. Sabrina felt bad and apologized for eavesdropping. Patrick assumed Heather had just made the story up in that moment to try and get Anna on her side. He was disgusted by Heather and said he hoped that Anna didn’t believe a word Heather said. Patrick pointed out that people didn’t just come back from the dead.

Anna asked Sabrina to excuse them, and when she was gone, Anna said she knew Robin was gone, but when Heather told her Robin was alive and at Ferncliff, Anna felt compelled to follow up on it. Anna explained that Heather’s lead sent her to Switzerland. Patrick asked why Anna didn’t tell him before. Anna said she wouldn’t put him through that. Patrick said he tried to move on, but every night he had the feeling that Robin was asking him to help her. Anna felt it too, especially tonight - it was Robin’s birthday. Patrick shared that Emma  attached a birthday card to some balloons. She wanted to release them and send them to Heaven. Patrick fought back tears as he told Anna that last year, he’d surprised Robin with plane tickets to different cities around the world. They never got a chance to take any of the trips. Anna comforted him.

Britt noticed that Patrick was upset and asked Sabrina what was going on. Sabrina said Patrick was told his wife was alive. “She’s not, is she?” Britt asked. Sabrina said she didn’t know; she’d only told Patrick what she overheard. Britt was appalled that Sabrina had upset Patrick.

Britt saw Patrick sitting in the waiting area by himself and she rushed over and asked what was wrong. Patrick shared that for a minute, he thought he wife was alive, due to Heather Webber. He complained that Heather still found time to hurt people even after falling off a roof. Patrick walked away and Britt glared at Sabrina. Britt told Sabrina she hoped she was proud of breaking poor Patrick’s heart. Sabrina was sorry. According to Sabrina, she didn’t mean to upset Patrick, she’d just blurted that out because he saw that she was upset. Britt scolded her for being insensitive and said that she needed to think before she spoke. Britt noticed that Patrick was about to leave for the night, and she suggested that she drive him home, since the two of them had gone above and beyond, today. Patrick accepted her offer.

Elsewhere, in the hospital, John looked on as Todd apologetically told Téa that the child she’d been raising belonged to Sam and that Téa’s son was dead. Téa didn’t want to hear it, but Todd persevered until Téa slapped him to shut him up. The upset Téa turned to John and asked him to tell her Todd was lying and take her to her son. John gently said Todd was telling the truth.

John asked if she remembered that something had been wrong with the baby the night it was born. Téa remembered everything, including Todd saving him. Téa asked Todd why he was lying when he knew what really happened. Todd recapped the story of taking Téa’s baby into the woods to get help and seeing an abandoned car and finding a shack. John added that Sam had also taken her baby into the woods that night, and she’d passed out in the same shack. Téa said she never saw Sam. John explained that Sam had been passed out inside the shack and that the baby switch had already taken place by the time Téa got there. Téa insisted that Todd had been holding Victor when she got there and that she took him out of Todd’s arms. She got angry when John and Todd said that wasn’t Victor. She ordered John to prove their claim, and John gave her the DNA test results.

Téa hesitantly asked where her baby was, if the other child was Sam’s. John told her he’d been buried there in Port Charles. Téa ripped up the paper. She growled that she wanted the body exhumed and another DNA test conducted at an independent lab. John said if she’d do that, she’d find that the deceased child died of respiratory failure and that he had hemophilia. Téa finally accepted the truth and she was devastated. Téa told John that hemophilia ran in her family. John knew. He added that beta Thalassemia ran in Sam’s. Téa collapsed onto a chair crying, and John held her while a guilty looking Todd watched.

Later, Todd sat next to Téa and tried to comfort her by telling her she’d been a great mom to the baby and that somewhere deep inside, the child would always remember that for a little while, he had a mom. Todd thought he’d have counted himself lucky if he’d had one second’s worth of the warmth and support that Téa gave the baby. Téa hugged him. John and Anna stood just around the corner. After Téa was gone, Todd got into an elevator. Anna agreed to get something for John that would ensure that Todd paid for what he did.

Jason and Sam were in a cubicle with the baby. Sam held the child close and told Jason the baby didn’t know her. Jason noted that the boy looked comfortable in her arms, as if he knew that was where he belonged. Sam thought she looked inexperienced and terrified, but Jason said he thought she looked beautiful. Sam realized she didn’t have any baby supplies; she’d given it all away when she thought her son died. The baby had to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. Jason said Alexis and Sam’s sisters would have things ready by the time the baby got released from the hospital tomorrow. Sam wasn’t ready to tell Alexis the whole story. She hadn’t even processed it yet, herself.

Sam said she didn’t know anything about babies. Jason gave her some general tips on babies and said once she got to know him and his signals, she’d be amazing. Sam felt awful that her happiness came at Téa’s expense. Jason assured her that this was Heather’s fault, not Sam’s. He said Sam had a right to her son. A nurse came in with some forms for Sam to sign. Sam put the baby in the crib and started filling out the forms. She heard the baby fussing and turned around and found Jason holding him. She told him the baby fit so perfectly in his arms. Jason talked to the baby and told him he was strong like his mom. Sam watched the two of them and said her fantasy was exactly like this. “There are no what ifs” anymore, Sam said. “There’s only what now,” Jason replied. Sam knew the baby needed so much and she didn’t know where to start. Jason said this would be the fun part - she would get to know the baby. Jason told her about taking Michael to the park as a baby and letting Michael look at the space around him. Jason handed the baby back to Sam. Sam cooed that she didn’t know if he could sit up or crawl yet. She said she didn’t even know what to call him. Sam heard a quiet voice say “Victor.” She turned and saw Téa standing the doorway. Téa assured them that it was okay - she knew the truth. Sam didn’t know what to say. Téa needed to say goodbye to Victor and asked if she could hold him one last time. Sam readily agreed and handed the baby to her. Todd peeked in the doorway and watched. Téa snuggled the baby and told him she’d always remember him as Victor. She told him he kept the man she loved alive for her. Téa told the baby to be good for Sam.

Todd made his way to the nurses’ station where John was. Todd asked why John didn’t tell Téa his theory about Todd being involved in the baby switch. John said she’d find out soon enough, but for now, she’d been through enough.

Back in the cubicle, Téa told Sam about the baby’s routine, the foods he liked and how he liked to be read to in Spanish. Téa gave Sam her baby back. Téa took a stuffed toy out of her purse that the baby couldn‘t sleep without. Téa was going to say that the baby‘s sister gave it to him, but she caught herself and said her daughter gave it to him. Sam thanked Téa for taking such good care of him. Téa kissed Victor goodbye then ran out of the hospital sobbing. Todd noticed her and tried to follow, but a cop grabbed him and placed him under arrest. Todd promised John he’d turn himself in later, if John would let him go make sure Téa was okay. John refused. John said Téa wasn’t okay and wasn’t going to be, because she‘d just had her heart ripped out, due to Todd.

Sam told Jason she’d had a fantasy about choosing the baby’s first name. Jason remembered that Sam had said she’d wanted to name the baby after her brother. Sam said she’d pictured Jason choosing the middle name. Sam got her chance to say what she’d been dreaming of saying, for real. “Welcome home, Daniel Edward,” she said to the baby.

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