GH Update Monday 10/15/12

General Hospital Update Monday 10/15/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, the nurses inform Patrick that there’s a crazy woman on the roof. Steven overhears and concludes it must be his mother.

On the top of the roof, heather holds the baby and Sam pleads with her to not hurt her baby and give him back to his mom. Jason reminds Heather that she won’t get very far with what she’s trying to do so she might as well give them back the baby. Heather then turns to see there are cops and peoples surrounding her from outside the building and admits she realizes that is true. Outside the building, Tea and Todd rush to attempt to prevent Heather from taking the baby away. But before anything can be done, Heather appears to jump off the roof with the baby in her arms. Right then everybody freaks until Elizabeth discovers that the baby has not gone off the roof with heather. Jason then finds the baby on the roof safe and sound and assures Sam that he’s going to be alright except for one thing. He needs his mom. From outside the building, Tea is still not aware that this baby is not hers’ and is so relieved to know that he’s ok.

Inside the hospital, Steven tells the others that while his mother is on the roof with an innocent child, he’s going to take action before she hurts more people. He runs into Dante and tells him he’s going to intervene with or without the cops’ permission. But Dante tells him that it’s “too late” for him to save heather.

Sam cries happily while Jason holds the baby. And she affirms that she trusts Jason with her own life and her son’s life. He puts the baby in her arms. Jason smiles although he has yet to tell Sam all of the secrets he’s been keeping from her.

Steven asks Dante what he means when he tells them heather’s not on the roof. Dante replies that Heather jumped. She’s unconscious but breathing. Hearing that, Patrick gets the medical staff ready to assist with a possible spinal cord injury. Yet, everybody is relieved to know the baby is ok.

Jason faces Sam who happily holds her baby. He tells her all he ever wanted for her was to get her son back. He puts his arms around Sam and rubs the baby’s back. And right then, John McBain walks in to see them together.

Steven attempts to get his mother into a stretcher but doesn’t know what to do when Heather asks if the baby is ok.

John faces Jason and Sam telling them that although they may not care about Heather’s future after she stole Sam’s baby, the medical team and the cops have a job to do involving getting her medical care and not letting her die. Anna finds Patrick and asks him if Heather is likely to live or be able to stand trial. He tells her he does not know but will keep her posted. Tea tells Todd she is not going to “wait” to see her son after he’s been kidnapped. But Todd attempts to distract her knowing what is likely to happen when she finds out the truth about who the baby really is. Anna tells Todd he better not remotely consider leaving town at this point.

Dante tells the nurse he wants to stay there until they find out what will become of Heather and the situation. In the OR, Patrick directs the medical team to operate on Heather. Steven and Elizabeth are in the other room when he feels he must do something seeing his mother going into cardiac arrest. Dr. Wesborne (pediatrician? Patrick's new girlfriend?) meets Sam, Jason and the baby and goes with them to check the baby out. John talks to Dante about how Jason saved the baby’s life. Anna asks Steven if maybe he could answer some questions. But he doesn’t want to talk about it. Elizabeth takes her aside reminding Anna that her brother does not want to be interrogated after all of the diabolical things that their mother has done. But Anna knows that Heather must have had an accomplice. He tells her he does not want to talk about police work or prosecution when his mother could be dying or paralyzed for life. John wants to talk to Jason and Sam about making sure that the baby is ok before they do anything else. Right then, Tea gets off the elevator with Todd behind her and as soon as she catches sight of the baby (in Sam’s and Jason’s arms), she indicates she still believes he’s her baby, Victor. They don’t know what to say or do in response to that. John stands beside them silent and she asks why he didn’t call her. She assumes that Jason and Sam, two strangers, are nothing more than “good Samaritans” who saved her baby’s life. She graciously thanks them and (graciously) demands they give her her baby. But Sam angrily tells her she better stay away.

Steven finds his mom and assures her that Patrick will take care of her and she’s in good hands with a brilliant surgeon like him. But she tells her son she only trusts him. She asks him if she does not make him, if he will promise her not to be too hard on himself for not doing everything she could do.

Dante finds Anna and informs her that John got a statement about what happened. He tells her that everything Jason has said matches up with what they saw on the security camera so their jobs might not be that difficult in figuring out what to do regarding police matters. Anna then goes into the OR to see Heather awake and lucid. She does not appear to be “coming in peace”. She tells Heather they need to have a little talk…about Todd Manning

When Sam refuses to give Tea her baby, she screams at John to not let them take her baby. Todd stands beside her and says nothing. She urges him to realize that these two strangers took her baby and he has to help her. But he does not respond.

Anna tells Heather she’d like to know what Heather knows about her daughter (Anna’s daughter), Robin

Dante and Steven talk about the dilemma involved in the fact that Heather is Steven’s mother yet has ruined many people’s lives that he cares about including Dante’s mother, his girlfriend. They reflect on what a good mother Olivia was and how fortunate Dante was to have her. Steven tells Dante he regrets his stupidity in letting his mother out of Ferncliff and failing to see that she was not ready and not listening to anyone. Dante assures Steven that they need not worry now that it’s likely Heather will be locked up. But Steven tells him that getting locked up has never stopped his mother before.

Anna furiously talks to heather about what she did to Robin and to so many others. Right then, Heather admits to Anna (in what sounds like what might be her last gasp of breath) that Robin Scorpio Drake is alive.

The pediatrician talks to Sam and Jason about the baby’s prognosis which sounds positive. Elizabeth brings the baby to Sam. She tells her she’s very happy for her and for Jason. She tells them she will check on the medical records and realizes they will want a new birth certificate. They thank her. She leaves and Sam holds the baby. Jason smiles and she appears very grateful to have him there.

Tea tells John she realizes Sam lost her child. She knows that is a tragic thing she would not wish on anyone. But that does not give her the right to steal Tea’s child. John tells her she maybe needs to sit down. Todd stands behind John overhearing and not wanting to leave. She angrily tells John she’s not about to sit down and tolerate what has happened. She has been without her son for days. If John will not do his job, she tells him, she will call a “real” police officer who will do something about it. She gets on her phone but Todd takes it out of her hands. He tells her she is, unfortunately, not getting her kid back. She asks him what he is talking about. He tells her that the baby is not hers.

Anna tells Heather she remembers the last conversation they had after Heather shot Luke. At that point, she regrets letting Heather off as easy as she did by having her admitted to Ferncliffe. After what Heather’s done now, Ferncliff will seem like fun compared to what will happen to her now. Heather will never be able to breath fresh air, see the sun rise or see her precious Steven Lars again. But she can prevent that from happening if Heather can tell her if she had an accomplice who helped her take the baby.

Patrick is able to see that the new nurse, Sabrina has something on her mind. So he asks her what is on her mind. She replies by telling him she knows his wife is alive.

After Todd tells Tea that the baby is not hers’, she laughs and tells him it’s absurd he’d believe that since he helped deliver the baby in the woods. He tells her that it was not her baby. Noticing both Todd’s and John’s unwillingness to help her, she tells them she will get Victor back on her own. He then tells her she needs to know that there is no Victor.

The new pediatrician sits beside Elizabeth and can see she has something on her mind involving Heather. Elizabeth tells her that she had a child who died. She knows that one mother will have a joyous reunion and the other will have everything taken away from her.

Inside, Jason asks Sam if she’s ok. She tells him she’s not sure how to feel. On one hand, she is rejoicing, but another part of her feels like crawling into a ball. He tells her she has the right to be happy. She tells him she is so happy it “hurts”.

Todd tells Tea he’s “sorry”. She asks him for what. He tells her he’s sorry for everything he’s done to her. And he’s sorry for what he’s about to tell her. That baby in there is not Victor. She tells him that’s ridiculous. Does he think she would not know her own child? John also tells her he’s sorry to have to tell her otherwise. She demands to know why both men are telling her what they are telling her. Todd then admits to her that her child is dead. And the baby in there belongs to Sam.

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