GH Update Friday 10/12/12

General Hospital Update Friday 10/12/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Luke hears a knock at the door and yells that he thought he told him to get the hell out. He answers the door to find Tracy there. He tells her he thought she was someone else. Tracy wonders who.

Duke walks into his room to speak with the Swiss doctor. He asks how Robin was. She says she's better and even ate something. She asks if Duke's return was a pleasant surprise for Anna.

Anna asks why Todd didn't contact the police with the info about Heather. Todd says there wasn't time. Téa wants to know what is going on. Todd and Anna argue over Todd not informing the police. John tells Todd to knock it off, that a P.I. didn't find the room. Téa asks what the hell John is talking about. John announces that Heather told Todd about the hotel.

Heather is on the roof with Sam's baby. Jason and Sam arrive and Sam tells Heather to give her son. Heather tells Sam her baby is not with them anymore and calls Sam crazy. Jason says it's over, they know what Heather did.

Olivia tells Dante what happens and urges Dante to go help Jason and Sam. Dante refuses until he gets Olivia help.

On the roof Sam begs for her baby back and says she'll even get on her knees. She asks Heather what she wants for her baby. Heather says there are so many things, its hard to decide what she wants most. Jason asks Heather what it will take to get the baby back.

Duke relays the story of what happened with Anna to the Swiss doctor, how she didn't believe him at first and threatened to have him arrested. He then said that he and Anna were on the verge of a wonderful reunion until Luke showed up.

Tracy taunts Luke about his having issues with Anna. Luke tells Tracy that Anna wasn't the problem, Duke was. Tracy thinks that Anna is just talking about Duke all of a sudden but Luke says Duke is back from the dead. Tracy wonders why he would come back to Port Charles from the dead. Luke tells her that Duke wants Anna.

Téa tells John and Anna that Todd didn't speak with Heather. John pushes Todd to share when he talked to Heather. Téa tells them about 20 minutes ago and Todd agrees with this. John tells Téa that Todd received a call from Heather an hour ago.

Heather walks to the edge of the roof, telling the baby, John and Sam that she will never let the baby go. Sam attempts to get to the baby only to be held back by Jason. Jason tells Heather that it would be easier if Heather handed over the baby and Sam tells her that the baby belongs with his mother. Heather tells her that the baby is in the right hands because she's his mother now. She tells the baby they will be together forever.

Todd gets indignant about Anna tapping his phones. Anna says they didn't tap the phones, they pulled his phone records. Téa asks if they had a warrant. Anna says that given the urgency of the situation....and Téa says that they thought it was ok to break the law. Todd eggs Téa on saying that his constitutional rights have been violated and he should sue. John says Todd should sue and that he will have plenty of time to prepare a case from prison. Téa asks why Todd would be in prison. Anna reminds Téa that a baby's life is at stake and because they pulled Todd's phone records, they know that Heather was in contact with Todd. Téa wants to know how they know it was Heather if they didn't hear the conversation. John tells Téa that the call came from the land line in that room.

Epiphany arrives in the stairwell and Dante asks her to help Olivia before he runs up the stairs to help Sam and Jason. Olivia tells Epiphany that she was right, Heather was there and she's on the roof now with the baby.

On the roof, Jason tells Heather that the baby isn't hers. Heather says she should have taken the baby the first time she saw him. Sam tells her that there's only one way off the roof and its through the door behind them. They won't let her go until she gives up the baby. Heather says that she's holding the baby and possession is 9/10 of the law so they need to let her and the baby pass. Jason says that she will have to kill him first. Dante arrives, gun drawn and ask Heather what the problem is.

Duke explains to the doctor that Luke arrived when Anna was in Duke's arms. The doctor tells Duke that she warned him that Luke would be a problem. She tells him about their "partnership". She asks what happened after Luke arrived. Duke says he left shortly afterwards. Duke says he was glad to have some time alone with Luke and that he asked Luke to bow out but he refused. Duke says he has a fight but one he is prepared to win.

Luke tells Tracy about Duke's story of being in a Turkish prison and how he wished Duke stayed there. Tracy reminds him that Duke and Anna are still married. Luke tells her that Duke asks him to step aside because Duke and Anna are meant to be. Tracy teases Luke about having competition for Anna. Luke adds his competition is with a cadaver and he wouldn't be surprised to be challenged to a duel for Anna. Tracy suggests letting Anna choose for herself.

Anna asks if Téa heard the phone conversation. She says she didn't, she walked into the room at the end of the conversation as Todd hung up. Téa asks Todd why his P.I. called from inside that room. Todd tells her maybe he broke into the room to investigate. Anna suggests that if Todd's P.I. was tracking Heather, wouldn't he have called Todd to let him know that Heather left. Todd reminds them that there's a baby's life at state. Anna asks why he didn't call 9-1-1 and Todd says he always forgets that part. Téa tells Anna that she wanted to but Todd didn't. Anna says that's shocking but Todd says it isn't as he was trying to protect her since Heather tried to kill her before and he didn't want Heather to lose it in front of the baby. John asks if Todd was going to give the baby to Téa and let her leave with him. Téa wants to know what John means by let her leave with him.

Steven sees Epiphany wheeling Olivia into the hospital and goes to her, wondering what happened. Epiphany tells him his mother happened. Olivia tells Steven that Heather is there with the baby on the roof.

Todd tells Téa that he is doing the police's job and they're giving him a hard time. He says they wouldn't even have known about the hotel if they hadn't pulled his phone records. Téa tells him to shut up. Téa asks if John and Anna believe 100% that Todd talked to Heather. Anna says they do but Téa wonders why. John tells her that Heather wanted Todd's help. Téa says that Heather kidnapped her son so why would Heather think that Todd would help her.

Sam asks Dante to put the gun down. Jason tells Dante he can't get a clean shot. Heather asks Jason to at least pretend to be concerned for her since they are distant cousins. Heather asks Dante if he's upset about the incident with his mother. Dante asks if she means when Heather through Olivia down the stairs. He says he's upset about it but at least Heather didn't shoot her up this time. Dante demands that Heather hand the baby over to Sam and Jason before the baby gets hurt. Heather says that Dante's the one who arrived with the gun. Heather reassures the baby that everything will be fine when she gets rid of Dante. Dante says he's not going anywhere. Heather says that if he doesn't leave, she's going to do something she doesn't want to do. Sam asks what she doesn't want to do. Heather says if they don't get rid of Dante, she will show them.

Luke tells Tracy that Anna demanded Luke track down Robert and tell him the truth about Ethan. He tells her that he only told Robert the lie to save his life because of how Robin's death affected him. Tracy says she knows how much Ethan means to him and how much it had to hurt him to pretend Ethan wasn't his. She asks if Anna didn't appreciate the sacrifice he made for Robert. Luke tells her that Anna was still hurting over the false hope she encountered for Robin. Tracy asks what happened in Switzerland.

The Swiss doctor tells Duke of the connection and feelings she witnessed between Luke and Anna. Duke insists that no matter what their feelings for each other, they don't compare to the history he shares with Anna. He says he cares very much for Anna and knows that deep down, she cares about him, too. The Swiss doctor tells Duke that times change and so do people's feelings. She says that she wants Duke to be prepared for the possibility that Anna could choose Luke.

Luke tells Tracy the story of Anna going undercover as a patient to get close to a girl who fit Robin's description but she wasn't Robin. Luke says that Anna had to lose her daughter again and that Anna found out about Luke's lie to Robert afterwards and that's when Anna insisted that he track down Robert and tell him the truth about Ethan which he did. When he came back, he finds Duke with Anna. Tracy wonders who Anna will choose. Luke the man who lied or Duke the back from the dead dashing gangster with the heart of gold. Tracy reminds Luke how Duke's death affected Anna. Luke says it was decades ago. Tracy asks if Anna indicated who she might choose. Luke says she didn't indicate anything. She ran off to work.

Anna tells everyone they need to concentrate on finding Heather and the baby. Todd says he agrees. Téa tells John she knows him for a long time and she trusts his judgment almost implicitly but she's not seeing it this time. She says she isn't sure what John is accusing Todd of. Todd accuses John of going off on him when Todd hired Heather. John tells her that he wishes it was that simple. Téa explains to John why Todd hired Heather. John tells Téa there's more to it than that. Anna tells John it's not the right time to go into it. Todd agrees and John decides to ask Téa if she wants to know about Todd and Heather. Téa said if it's not about her son, it could wait. John tells her it has everything to do with her son.

Jason tries to talk Dante into leaving. Heather tells them that cops and guns are dangerous to the baby and tells them not to make her prove it. Sam asks Dante to go and tells him that if it was his child, he would do anything to protect it. Jason says he needs to talk Heather down. He'll find a way. Dante reluctantly leaves them. Sam says that since they had Dante leave, Heather should give them the baby. Heather refuses. Jason orders her to give them their son. Heather asks who he's kidding...Jason never wanted the baby anyway.

Olivia tells Steven and Epiphany how she saw Heather and that she saw her before she saw her in person. Epiphany explains to Steven that Olivia thought she was Heather. She tells Steve that if she took Olivia more seriously, then maybe she could have prevented everything from happening and since she didn't, a baby is in danger. Steven tells her that the baby has been in danger since Heather took him. They hear Dante ordering units to the hospital. Dante tells Olivia, Steven and Epiphany that the baby is fine but Heather threatened to hurt the baby if he didn't leave. He tells them that Jason and Sam are still up there and he has no idea what Heather is going to do. Olivia tells Dante that she's fine. Steven heads out saying that Heather is his mother and its his responsibility to save the baby.

Heather begins taunting Jason, telling him that he never wanted the baby because Franco was the father and he couldn't take it. Heather tells them that they were worried the baby would grow up crazy but Franco wasn't crazy, he was a genius. Jason tells her to shut up but she continues on about Franco getting the talent, the brains and Jason's wife. She says that their united front is very transparent. She knows that their marriage is in shambles and its Jason's fault because he didn't want the baby. Jason says she's wrong, he does want the baby. Heather wants to know since when. Jason says he wants his son.

Téa wants to know what John wants to say about her son. John looks at Todd and Téa demands to know what is going on. Anna tries to calm Téa down. Téa asks if she would be calm if her child was in danger and Anna says no. Téa begs John to tell her. John says Téa deserves to know the truth and since Todd won't tell her, he has to.

Duke says that Anna has grown even more beautiful and he thinks that her grief and suffering has given her new depth of character. He says that Anna's smile melted his heart. The doctor asks if Duke has figured out his next step if Anna chooses Luke. He says that he will cross that bridge when he comes to it. The doctor advises it is best to be prepared. Duke says she knows what his is capable of if push comes to shove. He is capable of drastic measures and he gives Robin as an example.

Luke and Tracy discuss her relationship with Joe Jr. Tracy tells Luke that when she let him use the jet, she had no idea that she was with Joe Jr. She tells him that he was a stranger and tells him how wonderful Joe Jr. was and how she thought he was the total package. Luke what happened. Tracy tells him that according to Sonny, Joe Jr. raped Kate and killed John McBain's sister. She tells him that Joe Jr. denied everything and when he showed up after being shot, she took him in and she would have done anything for him. Luke asks why he feels like that hasn't changed.

Steven tells Dante that Heather will listen to him. Dante tells him that Heather clocking him over the head and leaving him for dead says differently. Olivia tells Steven that Heather doesn't trust him anymore. Dante convinces Steven to let Sam handle it since its her baby she is trying to get back. Dante leaves to call Anna, promising to check back in with Olivia. Epiphany wants to know how its possible that Sam is the baby's mother.

Todd tells Téa not to listen to John but she tells him to shut up and asks John to continue. Todd tells her that John is stalling, hoping that someone finds the baby. Anna tells Todd to he'd better not accuse her department of not taking the situation seriously. Todd tells her they are wasting time since Heather and the baby are not there. Anna gets a phone call and steps away as Téa begs John to tell her what he has to say. John starts to tell her about the night she gave birth when Anna tells them that Heather and the baby have been located. She assures Téa that the baby is fine physically but tells her that it doesn't mean she can take him home. Anna tells her that Heather has the baby hostage on the roof of the hospital. Anna, Téa and John leave the hotel for the hospital.

Jason tells Heather he wants their baby back. Jason tells Heather that he was wrong and made a mistake. Heather continues to taunt him about the baby being Franco's. Sam begs Heather further for her baby as Jason holds her back from going to Heather. Heather says that Sam kept her and Steven apart. Sam asks if letting her think the baby is dead was revenge enough. Heather says it's not about revenge, it's because Sam doesn't love the baby.

Tracy tells Luke that Joe Jr. is a liar at the very least but her feelings for him have not changed. Luke asks how she knows Joe Jr. was lying since it's not likely she believed Sonny. She tells Luke about how Joe Jr. told her that Sonny shot him and how she took the bullet out of him. When Luke mentions that there are hospitals he could have gone to, she tells him how Joe Jr. said that Sonny could find him there and finish the job. She tells him about Dante showing up and Joe Jr. hiding. She tells him about how Dante told her the truth about everything and how she turned Joe Jr. in. Luke guessed that Joe Jr. was gone when Dante went to arrest him. Tracy tells him how she was crazy about Joe Jr. Luke tells her he's sorry about the whole thing.


Anna, John, Téa and Todd arrive at the hospital and are shown the surveillance of the situation. Téa tries to get up to the roof but is stopped by John. Téa asks if it was Liam, would John stay there. John tells her that Heather is insane and Téa doesn't know what she's walking into. She reluctantly agrees to stay with them. John tells her she's doing what's best for the baby and asks Todd to take care of her. John returns to Anna and Dante. Dante tells them that they have sharpshooters ready. John wants to know who's up there with her and Dante tells him that its Sam and Jason. Téa hears this and wants to know who Sam and Jason are and why they are with her son.

Sam tells Heather that she knows nothing about her and how she loves her son more than life. Heather told her that she abandoned her son in the woods and didn't even go to the hospital. Sam says she tried to get to the hospital. Heather says she gave birth in a seedy motel room and wanted him to die. Jason tells Heather to blame him if she needs to blame someone. Heather says she's a better parent than the two of them combined. Sam asks if that's what Heather wants...a child to love her. Sam says she can help with that if she'll let her.

Téa asks if Todd knows who Sam and Jason are. Dante explains to Anna and John what happened when he was on the roof with them. John asks Anna how she wants to proceed. Anna says Heather needs to know her options and asks for a bullhorn. Anna says she hopes she doesn't set Heather off.

Sam says that its not about her. It's about Heather and Steven Lars. She says that she can go in and smooth things over with him. She will tell Steven that everything Heather did was out of love for him and that Steven Will forgive her, all she has to do is give Sam her baby. They hear Anna calling up and telling Heather that the hospital is surrounded. Jason tries to ease his way to Heather as Anna tells her that if she gives up the baby, they can work out some leniency but she has to give up the baby now.

Tracy asks Luke why she's crying on his shoulder. They are divorced and it was his idea. She blames him for the whole predicament with Joe, but then takes the blame herself. She said she knew Joe Jr. was too good to be true. She confirms for him that she hasn't heard from Joe Jr. since she turned him in. She tells Luke she'd like to know that the police got him so at least she'd know he was alive. Luke assures her that he will be back. In Port Charles, no one dies.

Duke asks how their other patient is. The doctor comments on how badly he was tended to by whomever else took care of him. Duke says he wants to know about the condition, not an opinion. He wants to know if his patient is alive. Joe Jr. joins them and tells him that he is as fit as a fiddle.

Epiphany recalls the night Téa and the baby came into the hospital and how devoted Téa was to him. Epiphany, Olivia and Steve sympathize about Téa and Epiphany theorizes that Téa doesn't know her son is gone.

Téa tries again to get up to the roof but Todd stops her. She says that her son needs her, not some strangers. She begs Todd to let her pass.

Jason tries to convince Heather to give up the baby now that they heard Anna. Sam offers to talk to Anna to make sure she keeps her word and goes easy on Heather. Heather tells the baby they just need to get back to their hotel room so they will be safe. Jason tells her that the only way she's leaving is with police. Sam begs for her baby back again. Heather cries as she hold the baby close to her. Jason says she has no choice. Heather agrees that he's right, its over. She says if she can't have the baby, no one can. She jumps off the roof with the baby in her arms. Jason runs to them as Sam calls out to them. Anna, John, Téa and Todd look up to see Heather fall off the roof as Téa screams for Heather not to hurt her baby and Todd holds her back.

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