GH Update Thursday 10/11/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/11/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Luke walks into the living room to find Duke sitting on the couch. He isn't happy to find Duke still sitting there. Duke says he never agreed to give up Anna. Luke says he doesn't intend to either.

John and Anna are in her office discussing Todd and what he knows about Heather's baby switch. They decide that when Heather goes to Todd for help, they will be there to intercept her.

Heather is in a hotel room talking to Sam's baby about what a good mother she (Heather) is. She tells the baby that she's going to get the baby's medicine for him and then Todd will help them get out of town because he has no choice.

Téa is at Todd's door in tears. She tells him that Heather Webber has her son. She walks into his arms and he holds her, looking a bit stunned.

Anna mentions John saying that "we" have to intercept them. John says he wants part of it because he has a vested interest in the whole situation. Anna turns him down saying that while she could use his help, he is not on her payroll. John tells her to put together some paperwork, pay him a dollar and then they can go after the baby snatcher.

Sam is concerned about her son, saying that he needs his medication. She wonders what if he's sick and Heather refuses the medication. Jason reassures her that they will get her son back. There are roadblocks going up and Heather has nowhere to go.

Olivia waits with Dante for news of Steve's tests. Dante asks if she is going to hold his hand and reminds her that there is nothing she can do. Olivia is upset over Steve and over how his own mother could attack him that way. She urges Dante to go find Heather and bring the baby home safe. Dante reassures her that Steve is going to be ok and leaves to go help with the search for Sam's baby.

Sam continues to fret over her baby's health. Jason tells her that her baby is strong and will be fine. He asks if she remembers how he looks like her. She says that she doesn't remember because she only held him for a few minutes. She says she can't even picture his face. Jason holds Sam and see Dante in the hallway. He asks Sam if she'll be ok for a minute, then goes to talk to Dante.

Heather tells Sam's baby that when Todd arrives with the money, she's going to buy him all kinds of cool stuff. She tells him that she will be more generous than Jason would be. She tries to reassure herself that Todd will show up. She decides that he will if he doesn't want Téa to learn the truth and that she has Todd right where she wants him.

Todd tries to comfort Téa. She asks how he knows and Todd tells her through John McBain. She tells him that she hasn't gotten a lot of sleep. She wants to know where Todd is going. He says he has some stuff that he has to do then asks why she's there and not waiting by the phone. She tells him that she was at the Llanview PD when Bo got a call from Dante telling him that Heather was in Port Charles and attacked her own son, so she decided to drive to Port Charles. Todd tells her she's too upset to have driven and could have gotten into an accident. Téa tells Todd that she was calm driving to Port Charles because she had something to do but when she saw him, she broke down. Todd says he thinks she probably hates him. She says she doesn't. He helped her with her baby so she thinks maybe he could help her now in finding the baby. She says that she doesn't know what she'll do if she doesn't get her son back and asks Todd to help her. He holds her and tried to calm her down.

Anna is on the phone requesting wire taps on all of Todd's phone lines. She hangs up and tells Todd that if Heather contacts Todd, they'll know soon enough. She tells John how tired she is and John mentions how he thought she was going to get some sleep. She said it didn't work out that way. John asks for details and she refuses. John says he saw her staring at the hallway at nothing. He recognizes the look because he says it's what he does when he thinks about Natalie and Liam. He mentions he loses time. He says that if she says it out loud, it might help. Anna tells him that she has just gotten a visit from her supposedly dead husband.

Duke tells Luke that he didn't expect re-entering Anna's life to be easy, he expected changes. He is surprised when Luke declines the offer of a drink. Duke tells Luke that he apologizes for the timing but he and Anna have something very good and real and that he's not giving that up, ever. Luke says that this means that they have a problem.

Dante sends Jason some photos of Sam's son on his cell phone then goes to see if there is any update on Heather. Jason returns to Sam who is anxious to know if there is any news on her son. Jason tells Sam about the pictures Dante received from Téa and then shows them to Sam. She comments on how beautiful her son is and how big he seems to be for his age. Sam tells Jason how she wishes she could hold him. Jason tells her that she will.

Olivia is upset and hears someone walk in. She asks if Steve is on his way back from radiology. She turns around to see that Heather has walked into the room.

Téa says she doesn't know what to do with herself. She said the police tell her to sit still. Todd says maybe she should. She said that everyone is being kind but not saying what they are thinking, that she shouldn't have trusted her son to the lunatic. Todd tells her that no one blames her. He says she didn't do anything wrong. He tells her that the situation needs to be resolved. Téa tells him how much she misses her son and needs him. Todd tells her that he has something to tell her.

Olivia yells for the psycho to stay away from her. It's revealed that Olivia thinks that Epiphany is Heather. Epiphany asks who Olivia thinks she's talking to. Olivia looks at her in confusion.

Heather wonders to the baby where Todd is and how long it takes to get a couple of passports and some cash. She starts to worry that Todd is growing a conscious.

Téa screams at Todd, asking if he knows something. Todd says he doesn't know where "Victor" is, that no one told him where "Victor" is and that there hasn't been a sighting if that's what she's asking. Téa says she is scared that he knew something and didn't tell her. She asks what he wanted to tell her. He tells her that he's been in an "association" with Heather, one he calls the most unfortunate he's ever had with anybody. Téa says that says a lot. She says she knows that Todd hired her to work at the paper. Todd tells her that she doesn't know why he hired her and that's what he wants to tell her.

Sam continues to gush over the pictures of her son and how strong he looks. She says she doesn't know why John said he looks like her, she thinks he looks like Jason. Jason reminds her that he is Jason's nephew. She doesn't comment on this but continues to gush over her son and how happy he looks. She says she can tell Téa took good care of him. She says she knows Téa must be in agony over him. Jason suggests that Sam concentrate on the positive: that her son has been loved and happy his whole life. Sam says that she is grateful for that and she knows none of it is Tea's fault. Jason mentions how hard it's going to be on Téa. Sam asks what Téa is going to do if she doesn't know that her own son is gone and died that night he was born. She says she knows what that feels like and no one should have to grieve like that.

Duke suggests that Luke make things easier on Anna because she doesn't want to hurt Luke's feelings. Luke tells Duke that he's not the one who is going to get hurt. Duke says he was surprised by Luke's relationship with Luke. He says that Anna and Robert had a child together and their lives were intertwined, unhealthily at times. He says that Robert got in the way sometimes but in the end, Anna chose him. Luke says that Anna chose Duke Lavery. Duke asks if they are back to the imposter argument. Luke says he never left it. Duke tells Luke that while he was in a Turkish prison, Anna remarried Robert, one of Luke's best friends. Luke says Robert "was" one of his best friends a lifetime ago. Duke says he can't imagine that Robert was happy that Luke is with Anna. He mentions the falling out between Luke and Robert and Luke and Anna over Ethan. Luke says that's for him and Anna to work out. Duke says that Anna is his wife. Luke tells him that Anna was married to Duke Lavery before he died. Duke tells him that Jonathan Paget died in Anna's arms and that Duke Lavery is alive and well as Luke can see. Luke says assuming what Duke say is true, then where has Duke been all these years. Duke says he explained it to Anna. Luke tells Duke to explain it to him.

Anna explains to John that she watched Duke die twice, the first time in an explosion that she didn't think anyone could survive. She says that he then came back with a different face and that man convinced her that he was Duke. Then he was murdered and he died in her arms. John surmises that the second man wasn't Duke. Anna agrees and says that Duke is alive and in her hotel suite right now. She says that's why John found her in the hallway, because she knew Duke and that she knew it is Duke. John asks where Duke was. She says that he was a prisoner and that he had a lot of powerful and vicious enemies. John asks which of them should say it. Anna says she knows that Duke's story is weak and with holes big enough to drive a truck through. John asks if that doesn't worry Anna and she says it does. She tells John how she had made peace with Duke's death and had moved on until Duke showed up. John wonders if Anna isn't just seeing what she wants to see. She said it was more than his appearance and how he spoke. She felt it was Duke. John still has doubts. Anna says everything got confusing when Luke arrived when she was trying to talk to Duke. John tells Anna that she's a cop and she knows how to find out if Duke is who he says he is. They are interrupted by a phone call. Anna gets news that Todd received a call from the Nightlight Hotel. Anna and John surmise that Heather is hiding there and leave to check it out.

Heather begins to wonder if Todd is double crossing her and bringing the cops to her. She decides that he isn't because he knows that if she goes down, so does Todd, that he will be there. Heather tells Sam's baby that she knows they need his medicine. She asks if they should get it or wait for Todd.

Todd tells Téa how he came to Port Charles to start new. Todd says that sometimes he starts to do things with the best of intentions and that he acted trying specifically not to hurt Téa. She asks him if he is still talking about Heather. He tells her yes and no. She tells him she owes him no explanation or apology, that she knows he hired Heather because he felt obligated to her for helping to save "Victor's" life. She said that's why she hired Heather as a nanny. Todd says what he did was much worse than hiring her as a nanny. He then tells her she needs to calm down when she starts to lose it. She walks away to calm down. Todd tells himself that he has to tell Téa that it's not her kid, then says he can't tell her. He wonders what he's going to do. Todd goes back and forth on whether or not to tell Téa, concerned that John will tell Téa and then Todd would be arrested for kidnapping. He decides the thing to do is to kill Heather, bring he baby back to Téa and then take off with them. He then decides it's never going to work, especially since he killed her husband. Téa returns and tells Todd she called the PCPD and he interrupts her by pretending he has a phone call from someone telling him they located Heather. He then tells Téa that he located Heather.

Olivia apologizes to Epiphany for yelling at her. She is obviously not a psycho. She explains about the hallucinations/visions. Epiphany surmises that Olivia thought she saw Heather. Olivia tells her she's right.

Sam thanks Jason for sharing the photos of her son with him and for telling her that her son is alive. Jason says she can thank him when she is holding her son. Sam is worried that it will not happen, that Heather will make her suffer. Jason tells her to stay focused because her son will need her. Sam is concerned that her son doesn't know her because Téa raised him. Sam worries that they will never find Heather. Jason reminds her how hard it is to be on the run and to hide from the cops alone, let alone with a baby. He tells her that someone will see Heather and report her then Sam will have her baby back. Dante arrives and tells them they have a lead on Heather.

Anna and John arrive at Heather's hotel room to find her gone.

Heather and Sam's baby are at GH. Heather tells him that she is going to get his medicine for him.

Dante reassures Sam that soon she will have her son back.

Anna says that she and John need to check places that Heather could abandon the baby. John tells her he doesn't feel that Heather is abandoning the baby because she's fixated on the baby. Anna wonders where Heather took the baby.

Dante tells Jason and Sam that the PCPD is doing all that they can. Heather sees the three of them and gets back into the elevator with Sam's baby and wonders what Jason, Sam and Dante are doing there. Dante tells Jason and Sam that Anna and John are already at the scene. Sam says she wants to go with Dante. In the elevator Heather apologizes to Sam's baby for panicking but she will get his medicine. Dante tells Jason that Sam should stay there. Jason tells Sam that Heather could hurt the baby to get back at Sam. Dante decides to take the stairs and promises to call when he knows something.

Todd tells Téa that he has had people searching for Heather since she broke out of Ferncliff, afraid that Heather would come after him or Starr for revenge. Todd tells Téa that Heather is at some motel outside of town. Téa wants to call the police but Todd tells her not to. He tells her that if Heather sees cops, she will get crazier. Téa worries that Heather will hurt the baby and they agree on no police. Todd says he's going to get her son and Téa insists on going with him.

Anna looks at the things Heather left behind and sees an outfit that Téa says the baby was wearing when Heather took him. John goes to interview staff and occupants of the motel.

Luke recalls the tale that Duke had apparently told him. Duke asks if Luke is suggesting he is lying. Luke tells him that Anna is in a lot of pain over losing Robin. Duke says that then the time is perfect for him to be there to comfort Anna. He tells Luke that he and Robin were close and that she was practically his own child. He says that if things worked out differently, he, Anna and Robin would be living as a family but Luke doubts it. Duke tells Luke that Anna was all that kept him going and when he returned to Anna, he could see in her eyes that the memories were still strong. Luke says that she was married to Duke Lavery before he died. Duke tells him that Jonathan Paget, a man trying to take his place, died. Luke wonders if both Jonathan Paget and Duke are cons. Duke says that the face, the life, it's all very elaborate for a scam. Luke tells him that the only reason to set up such an elaborate con is if the lie gets him more than the truth. Duke asks if Luke thinks he has something to hide. Luke asks if he does.

Todd tries to convince Téa that Heather is too dangerous and that she should stay there. He can handle Heather better on his own than if Téa was with him. Téa says that she will be his back up. He says she's a good attorney but she wouldn't be the first one he calls for back up. Téa tells him either she goes or the cops go. He tells her she should wait there and he'll bring the baby back to her. Téa screams at Todd that she's going and nothing is stopping her, then storms off ahead of Todd who follows behind her, concerned about Téa being there.

Anna calls Dante and tells him that Heather isn't there but it's definitely her place. She says that Heather left lots of baby things so she thinks Heather intends to return.

Duke tells Luke that he can account for every year he was apart from Anna. Luke says that bookkeeping in the Turkish penal system must have really improved because generally the prisoners there just disappear, especially foreign ones. Duke realizes that he won't convince Luke. Luke tells Duke he won't because it takes a con to see a con. Duke says that Anna knows the truth, that he and Anna are soul mates. Luke implies that having a soulmate is a myth, like vampires are a myth. Duke asks if Luke didn't have a great love in his life at one time, too: Laura. Duke asks Luke to leave him and Anna alone. Duke tells Luke that he and Anna are the loves of each other's lives. He asks where Laura is these days and suggests that Luke go chase after her.

John returns and tells Anna that the desk clerk confirms that Heather checked in with a baby. She asks if the desk clerk was told how long Heather intended to stay and John says no and confirmed that Heather and the baby were alone. Anna tells John that she feels that Heather will be back based on all the baby things she left behind. John wonders if it could be a diversion which makes Heather crazy, paranoid and that she could be anywhere.

Olivia describes to Epiphany how when the door opened, she saw Heather, not Epiphany. Epiphany is glad she was wrong. Olivia explains how her vision have tended to come true. Epiphany wonders if Olivia is psychic now. Olivia tells her about some of the premonitions she's had and how her seeing Heather means there's a good chance that Heather is in the hospital right now. Epiphany says she just came by to tell Olivia that there was a delay in radiology and Steven asked her to wait for him and she leaves.

Sam tells Jason she should have gone with Dante. Jason reminds Sam that Heather hates her and wants to make her suffer. He tells her that Heather has her son and implies it would be bad if she came face to face with Sam. Sam concedes that Jason is right but she doesn't like just waiting and she wants to find her son. She says she will do anything to find him. Dante arrives and tells them what Anna reported to him about Heather being gone from the hotel but leaving baby things behind. Sam says that means Heather will go back to the hotel. Dante says Anna and John will be waiting for her.

Anna tells John that they have units surrounding the hotel and asks if he knows what Heather was driving. He says the desk clerk has no idea. John requested a list of cars stolen in the last few days be sent to them. The door opens and Anna pulls her gun. Todd and Téa walk into the room. Todd tells her not to shoot.

Jason asks if Dante has an address on the place Heather was using. Dante tells him he does but can't give it to him. Jason tells him that he can cover exit routes and places Heather can hide. Dante tells him that Heather won't use safe houses and getaway cars. Sam says not to underestimate Heather, that she did and it costs her months with her son. Epiphany arrives and asks to speak with Dante. She tells him that she is worried about Olivia because she had another hallucination. He asks if Olivia is ok and Epiphany said she thought so until Olivia told her that she thought she was psychic. Dante says he wishes they were that lucky.

Sam is worried that Heather escaped. Jason tells her that Heather is out of places to run. He says he believes that they will pick Heather up on the road.

Dante and Epiphany go to see Olivia and she is gone. Dante asks Epiphany if Steve is still in Radiology. She says he is and Dante believes that's where Olivia went.

Olivia is in the stairwell and approaches a woman to ask if the elevator is out of order because it wasn't coming when she was waiting. Heather turns around and greets Olivia. She asks if Olivia is still feeling the LSD. Olivia knows Heather is real Heather says she's there to pick up medication for her son. Olivia runs up the stairs towards Heather to take the baby from her. Heather grabs her and tells her that she's still tripping and that she's going to send her somewhere else this time. They begin to struggle on the stairs.

Duke wonders if he hit a nerve with Luke. Luke says that the conversation is over as he opens the door and tells Duke to leave. They agree that they have an understanding. Duke says that Anna is still his wife, that it isn't over. Luke says may the best man win. Duke tells Luke he's already lost but doesn't know it as he walks out the door.

John asks what Todd and Téa are doing there. Téa asks where Heather and the baby are. Anna introduces herself to Téa. Téa wants to know how they found out about the hotel and John tells her they got information that Heather might be there. Téa looks at the baby's pajamas and says the baby was wearing it when he was taken. She wants to know where her son is and starts to search the room.

Olivia tells Heather to stay away from the baby. Heather insists that its her baby. Olivia reminds her that she sold her baby, that this baby isn't hers. Heather tells "Steven" not to listen to Olivia. Heather then shoves Olivia down the stairs.

Sam and Jason hear the noise in the stairwell and wonder what it was.

Téa wants to know where her son is. She wants to know why Heather would save him and then steal him. Anna assures her that they are making progress in finding Heather and the baby. She tells Téa what they know and that they believe Heather will come back and they will be waiting for her. John approaches Todd as Anna talks to Téa. John asks Todd how he knew about the hotel.

Sam and Jason find Olivia in the stairwell. Olivia tells them that Heather was there and shoved her down the stairs. Sam sees a crib at the top of the stairs and runs up the stairs to check it.

John asks Todd how he knew Heather was there. Téa tells them that Todd's P.I. called him. She tells him about the team Todd had working on finding Heather before she could get to Todd or Starr. John asks if Todd told her he had a team. Téa asks what he's implying. Todd tells Téa that John's just trying to make him look bad. Anna asks why Todd didn't call the police when he got the information. Todd says he didn't have time. Téa wants to know what's going on. John asks if Todd will tell her or if he should.

Sam runs back down stairs asking Jason where her son is. Jason asks Olivia if Heather had the baby and where she is. Olivia says she went upstairs. Jason and Sam run up the stairs to try to find Heather. Dante arrives and helps Olivia. Jason and Sam run out onto the roof to find Heather and the baby there. Sam tells Heather to give her the baby.

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