GH Update Wednesday 10/10/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/10/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Heather’s hotel room: Heather told the baby not to worry; it was “Mommy’s” job to figure out what happened next. She cooed that she had big plans for him. Heather wished Steve would be going with her and the baby. She told the baby not to look at her like that; she’d done what she had to when she knocked Steve out. It bothered Heather was that Steve turned on her after all she’d done and was planning to do for him, but she figured this baby gave her a chance for a do over. In her mind, the child was the son she was always meant to have. Heather told the baby that she knew someone who’d be unhappy to hear from them, but who’d get them the things they’d need to leave Port Charles.

Metro Court: Luke stood in the open doorway of his suite and watched Anna hugging Duke. “Slim?” he said, and Anna and Duke turned around. Luke was shocked to see Duke, however he thought the man was just be a look-alike. Luke said while he’d never met Duke, he knew Duke had been a nightclub owner and an alleged mobster who’d died. Anna said she thought so too at first. Luke reminded Anna that she’d just been through this with Robin, and he hoped she wasn’t about to do this again. Anna replied that Duke had explained everything to her, but Luke was convinced that Duke was an impostor. Duke said he and Anna had a lot of catching up to do, and he wanted Luke to give them some privacy, but Luke refused to leave. Duke was taken aback when Luke said he and Anna lived together. Anna explained that she’d decided to stay in Port Charles to be near her granddaughter and Luke helped her out by giving her the extra bedroom. Duke relaxed and assumed Anna and Luke were only roommates, but Luke said it was more than that. Anna told Duke that she and Luke had been involved, but Luke said he’d like to think they still were involved, regardless of what happened in Switzerland. Duke took notice of the Switzerland mention. Luke wanted to talk to Anna alone, and he flippantly suggested that Duke shouldn’t mind waiting, since two hours wasn’t a long time, after being dead for so many years. Duke said he’d gone through hell to get back to Anna and he had no intention of leaving. Luke snapped that Duke didn’t live there, but Luke and Anna did.

Anna agreed that she and Luke needed to talk, but she didn’t feel that she could ask Duke to leave. Luke said Duke could wait in the bar, but when no one said anything, Luke said they could just talk in front of him. Luke told Anna that he’d cleared things up with Robert and that it had come to blows until Holly intervened. Duke said if there was hope for Robert and Holly, there was hope for all of them. Luke felt that now that he’d done what Anna had asked, the two of them should rekindle things. Luke believed he and Anna still had something real and he didn’t think Anna wanted to lose it any more than he did. Duke said there was one problem with that - Anna was Duke’s wife. Luke said Anna had been married to Duke, until he died twice, and she’d been married twice since then. Duke understood that, but he believed the fact that he was alive meant her subsequent marriages were null and void. Luke told him he’d have to take that up with city hall. Luke and Duke argued about which of them should leave, until Anna said she was leaving. Anna felt that as police commissioner, she needed to work on helping find Joe Jr. and Heather. She promised to talk to them both later

Todd’s suite: John told Todd that thanks to Todd, Heather had kidnapped Sam’s baby from Tea’s house. John wanted to know whether Todd had heard from Heather. At first, Todd claimed that he hadn’t seen or heard from her since he fired her, but John revealed that the security footage at Ferncliff proved otherwise. Todd stammered something about going there to give Heather her severance pay. Todd told John to search his suite for Heather if he wanted, because Todd was going to Llanview to comfort Tea. John angrily said Todd really wanted to go see Tea as a way to try and weasel his way out of what he’d done to her. Todd argued that he only had John’s word that Victor Jr. wasn’t Tea’s son, but John yelled that Todd couldn’t spin this anymore. John said once they found the baby, Tea was going to find out the entire truth, and she was going to lose the child and have to pay for Todd’s lies all over again. Todd told John to leave. John asked what about the search, and Todd said not without a warrant. John vowed to get one - for Todd’s arrest. Once John left, Todd decided to call Tea and try and make things right, but Heather called first. Todd demanded to know where she was and blasted her for kidnapping Tea’s kid. Heather sweetly said they both knew this was Sam’s child. Todd promised he’d hunt her down if she hurt the baby. Heather said she wouldn’t do that; she vowed to show everyone what a wonderful mother she was.

Heather said after all she and Todd had shared, the least he could do was help her and her baby leave town. She wanted money and passports. Todd argued that this wasn’t Heather’s child and she couldn’t play God with him. Heather said Todd played God when he gave Tea Sam’s baby. Todd reminded Heather that that had been her idea, and Heather said that wouldn’t be what she told the cops. Todd said if she tried to blackmail her again, he’d get Steve thrown in jail. Heather bluntly said Steve had turned his back on her and now she had another child to provide for. Heather blackmailed Todd into helping her. He sighed and asked for the address. Heather told him she was staying at the Nightlight Hotel.

Davis home: Sam was heartsick and alarmed when Jason told her that Heather had kidnapped her son yesterday afternoon. about Heather having her child. Jason told Sam about the steps the authorities were taking to track Heather down. He said that Steve was going to let him know when Heather made contact with him. Jason was confident that this would happen, because of Heather’s obsession with Steve. Sam didn’t understand why Tea let Heather near the baby, and Jason explained how Heather had presented herself to Tea as the good Samaritan who saved the baby’s life and as a nanny. Jason said Heather had been caring for the baby for a little less than a month, but when John saw the baby, he was perfectly healthy. Sam wondered why John didn’t say anything and Jason said they were all waiting for the DNA test, but by the time they got it, Heather and the baby were gone.

Sam asked if Tea knew that the baby wasn’t hers, and Jason told her that John didn’t say anything, because he didn’t want to add to her pain while the baby was missing. Sam empathized with how Tea was going to feel once she learned the truth. Sam was terrified that Heather was going to hurt the baby. Jason urged her to stay positive. He told her the baby was strong and had survived a lot already. Sam cried that she couldn’t lose the baby again, and Jason hugged her. Sam quickly pulled herself together. She felt as the baby’s mother, she should be looking for him. Jason wasn’t sure what Sam would be able to do, since she didn’t know where to look for Heather and the baby. Sam thought Heather might turn to Todd. She figured out that Heather must have blackmailed Todd into hiring Heather. Sam believed that Todd felt guilty for what he’d done, but not guilty enough to tell the truth. Sam thought that Todd might help Heather again, if he was afraid that Heather would tell everyone about Todd’s role in the switch.. Sam told Jason they had to go pay Todd a visit. At that moment, John arrived, and Jason told him that Sam knew the whole story.

Steve’s apartment: Olivia cradled Steve after finding him knocked out on the floor. She was alarmed to see that he was bleeding. He came to, and he told her that Heather had done this. He struggled to get up, but the worried Olivia had him stay on the floor while she called for help.

Falconeri loft: Dante and Lulu snuggled in bed after making love. Lulu thought there was a great chance that this time would result in a baby; she felt especially positive because Olivia had a premonition of them with a child. Dante was concerned, because Olivia had a premonition about seeing Heather, too. He wondered if Heather might have returned to Port Charles. Dante said he should go back to the station, but Lulu said she had an hour before she had to open the club, so the two of them stayed in bed and started kissing again. Before things went further, Maxie banged on the door and yelled for Lulu to open up, because it was an emergency. Dante and Lulu decided to be quiet until she went away, but Dante’s phone rang and they realized their romantic plans would have to wait. While Lulu got dressed, Dante talked to his mother on the phone. She filled him in about Steve and Heather. Olivia thought Steve would be okay. Dante asked about the baby and Olivia told him Steve said Heather didn’t bring him. Dante asked if Heather said anything about the baby’s mother, Tea. Olivia asked and Steve told her that the baby was Sam’s. Olivia assumed Steve was confused because of his injury and decided to take him to the hospital to get checked out.

Lulu unsuccessfully tried to get Maxie to come back later. Dante told Lulu there’d be a break in the case, and he left. Maxie realized this meant Lulu didn’t need Maxie to leave. She walked in and told Lulu that Spinelli had found his perfect girl and it wasn’t Maxie. Lulu realized she meant Ellie and said she and Spinelli had only had one date, but Maxie insisted this was serious.. Maxie said Spinelli took Ellie on a bird watching date because he wanted to know more about her.

While Lulu charted her temperature, Maxie rambled about how much Spinelli and Ellie had in common. Lulu told her to relax, because Ellie wasn’t Ellie Spinelli yet. Maxie didn’t think that was funny; she said Spinelli couldn’t get married. Lulu asked why not, when Maxie did. Maxie said she only got married for a specific reason. Lulu understood that, but she pointed out that Matt offered to end the marriage once he confessed. Maxie understood why Spinelli might feel he had to move on, in theory, but she didn’t think he’d move on with someone who was so perfect for him. Maxie said while she would never set Spinelli up with anyone, if she did, she’d choose Ellie. Maxie called Ellie nerdy in a cute way and very enthusiastic.

Lulu laid down on the couch with her legs up in the air. Maxie wondered what she was doing and Lulu said she was trying to get pregnant. Maxie was happy for her and Dante, and she wondered when Lulu decided this was a good idea. Lulu said the last positive pregnancy test made her and Dante realize they wanted to be parents as soon as possible. Maxie recalled that Lulu used to sabotage her love life, just like Maxie did. Maxie wondered how Lulu changed but Maxie hadn’t. Maxie said she’ d been about to tell Spinelli that she loved him and loved the idea of committing to him, when she saw him on a date with Ellie. Maxie felt like she’d missed her chance. Lulu felt that if two people were meant to be together, it was never too late for them to reconnect. Maxie said that was genius; she decided to go declare her love for Spinelli right now. Lulu urged Maxie to be cautious. Maxie saw no harm in telling Spinelli as soon as possible. She thought once she told him she loved him, he would see that she finally knew they belonged together and that she’d never take advantage of him again. Lulu warned Maxie that Spinelli might think she was only doing this because he’d moved on. Lulu thought Maxie should make a big gesture to let Spinelli know she was serious. Maxie thought that was a good idea and she absentmindedly twisted her wedding ring as she wondered what she should do. Lulu pointedly stared at the ring until Maxie got the hint. She said she couldn’t show Spinelli she was serious about him while she was still married to Matt. Maxie wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but she knew she needed to talk to Matt.

Hospital: Ellie and Spinelli returned after their picnic lunch on a cliff. Ellie thanked Spinelli for the lunch; she loved the location he chose too, because they got a chance to see a falcon. Ellie noticed that Spinelli seemed preoccupied. Spinelli replied that he was thinking about a friend, and Ellie assumed he meant Maxie. Then Ellie said it couldn’t be her, since Maxie wasn’t Spinelli’s friend and wouldn’t be until Spinelli was in a serious relationship. Ellie told Spinelli that it was clear that Maxie cared about him, and she mentioned that Maxie wondered if Ellie and Spinelli had slept together. Ellie clarified that Maxie was very nice about it.

Ellie was curious about who the friend was that Spinelli was talking about. Spinelli told her about Sam trying to get him to tell her what Jason had wanted to say to her. Spinelli thought Jason wanted to tell Sam his suspicion that her baby was alive. Ellie wasn’t sure how the tests she (Ellie) ran could have been wrong. Spinelli wasn’t sure either. He hoped that Sam and Jason would get good news and reunite. Spinelli explained that Sam and Jason had been his first real friends and that he’d struggled with interpersonal skills before he met them. Ellie understood; she used to have trouble interacting with people, too. This surprised Spinelli, because he found her charming and easy to talk to. Ellie felt the same way about Spinelli. Spinelli said it was all thanks to Jason and Sam, and he hoped he could repay them some way. Ellie thought that was sweet. She didn’t understand why Maxie didn’t want to be friends with him. Spinelli seemed startled by what Ellie said and Ellie told him Maxie said the last thing she wanted was to be friends with Spinelli. Ellie had a feeling about what Maxie said, but Olivia, Steve and Dante’s arrival interrupted the conversation. Spinelli overheard them discussing Heather attacking Steve and Spinelli walked over to them. Dante asked about Tea’s baby and Steve told everyone that the baby was Sam’s.

A doctor took Steve to an exam room. Dante stepped aside to check in with the search party. Ellie and Spinelli were pleased to realize the tests been right after all. Spinelli beamed and said this would change everything for Jason and Sam. He called Jason.

Steve believed he was fine and once his exam was over, he wanted to leave. He and a nurse butted heads, because she insisted that he follow the doctor‘s orders and stay for a consult with a neurologist. Olivia walked in on the disagreement and sided with the nurse. She told the nurse she’d take it from here. Olivia convinced Steve to stay put. Dante came in and said they’d put up road blocks on all the roads leading out of the city. Olivia realized Heather’s return to Port Charles meant that yet another one of her visions had been right.

Davis home: Spinelli told Jason that Sam’s baby was alive. Jason let him know that he and Sam already knew the truth. They talked about Heather and Spinelli said there was someone at the hospital who might know how to find her. He and Ellie smiled at each other.

Meanwhile, John told Sam that Todd knew more than he was saying, and John was going to keep up the pressure on him. Sam had long suspected Todd was hiding something, but she never would have guessed it was something this big. John wondered how she was doing. Sam was happy, but scared she’d never get to see her baby again. She asked John about the baby and he said he was beautiful.

Hospital: Ellie told Spinelli she was so glad the results showed that the tests she ran were correct, because she hated thinking she’d made a mistake in the lab. She said she’d just been telling Maxie that the rules in the lab and in science made more sense than in the outside world. Spinelli steered the conversation toward Ellie saying Maxie didn’t want to be his friend. Ellie was going to tell Spinelli her opinion on how Maxie felt, when Jason and Sam rushed in. Spinelli apologized for not telling Sam everything he knew about the baby beforehand. Sam said it was okay; she just wanted to find Steve.

Jason and Sam walked into Steve’s exam room, just as Dante was asking if Heather wanted a ransom. Sam said she’d pay whatever she had to get her son back. Steve told them that Heather planned to keep the baby and raise him as her own, to prove she was a good mother. Jason pointed out that this gave Heather the incentive to take care of him, but it didn’t make Sam feel any better. Steve told them the baby had beta Thalassemia and it was important that he keep getting his medication.

Now that Ellie and Spinelli were alone, Ellie said she thought Maxie was protesting too much. Ellie believed that Maxie cared about Spinelli and missed having him in her life. Spinelli asked Ellie if she thought Maxie might be jealous that they were dating. Ellie didn’t know; the thought hadn’t occurred to her. Spinelli quickly said that was good and Maxie couldn’t be jealous, because she’d made it clear that she wasn’t romantically interested in Spinelli. Spinelli said that had been painful to hear at the time, but he was glad it happened, because if it hadn’t, he might not have taken a chance with Ellie. He kissed her.

Heather’s hotel room: Heather gave the baby his medicine and got worried when she realized she’d just used the last dose.

Metro Court: John ran into the shaken Anna in the hallway. She asked John if he’d heard any news on Heather. John hadn’t. he asked Anna if she was okay. She said she was trying to comprehend something that just happened in her personal life. John offered to help, and Anna said he could keep her focused on work. John told Anna his theory that Todd would lead them to Heather.

Meanwhile, Luke was telling Duke to leave. Duke told Luke he should bow out now, because whatever Luke thought he and Anna had was over.

Todd opened a briefcase stuffed with money. He grabbed a couple of stacks and put the briefcase away. Todd looked at the scrap of paper that he’d written Heather’s address on. He memorized it then sat the paper down. Todd opened the door and found the terrified Tea standing there.

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