GH Update Tuesday 10/9/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/9/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Falconeri loft: Lulu prepared for a romantic evening with Dante, hoping it would result in pregnancy. She heard the door opening and took off her robe, revealing that she was wearing only a baseball jersey as a short dress. Lulu was embarrassed when Luke, not Dante, walked in. Lulu quickly covered up and Luke apologized for just walking in. After the awkward moment, they caught up, since Luke had just come back to town. Lulu told him about the town’s ordeal thanks to Jerry and that Heather had escaped from Ferncliff. Lulu was concerned about Luke’s safety, but he didn’t think Heather would bother him anymore.

Lulu mentioned that Anna told Lulu that Luke followed her to Switzerland. Lulu had gotten the sense that something big happened. She was also curious about why Luke and Anna didn’t return together. Luke said something did happen in Switzerland and it all started when Anna started believing people could come back from the dead. Luke told Lulu there was a woman who’d been transferred to Switzerland from Ferncliff who looked sort of like Robin. Lulu wondered if Heather had been mistaken when she told Anna that Robin was alive, but Luke was certain that Heather had knowingly misled Anna out of cruelty. Lulu compared Anna learning the truth to losing a child all over again. Lulu was glad Luke was there for her. She wondered what happened between Luke and Anna.

Luke said things had gotten difficult between them when he told her the truth about lying to Robert. Lulu was proud that Luke had been honest. He said Anna insisted that he track down Robert. Luke had done so; he’d found Robert and Holly looking for Ethan. Luke and Robert had physically fought after Luke told the truth, until Holly intervened. Lulu asked if Robert was mad at Holly too. Luke that was for Holly and Robert to work out.

Luke had tracked down Ethan in Budapest. Lulu pointed out that Helena hadn’t hurt Ethan, despite the fact that she must know he was Luke’s son by now. She was hopeful that this meant Ethan could come home, but Luke thought it was best for Ethan to stay on the run just in case Helena decided to go after him. Luke asked Lulu for details about Anna. Lulu said she was busy at the police station and that the two of them didn’t discuss personal things very often. Lulu hoped that Anna would forgive Luke for lying. Luke hugged Lulu then left to find Anna.

Metro Court: Anna pulled a gun on the intruder in her room. She was disbelieving when she saw his face and recognized him as Duke Lavery. Anna exclaimed that this must be a trick - Duke was dead. Duke replied that actually, he was twenty years late. He asked if she was happy to see him. Anna didn’t buy it and she kept her weapon on him. Duke explained that the man who died in her arms and who she thought was Duke was really Jonathan Paget. Anna was convinced that that was one of Duke’s aliases. Duke reminded her that Jonathan didn’t look like him or have his voice. He said Jonathan had been an impostor who’d stolen Duke’s life, which Duke was now here to take back.

Duke said he’d been kidnapped from witness protection and taken to a Turkish prison. He’d been held in solitary confinement until another prisoner, Jonathan, was placed with him. Duke had opened up to Jonathan, not knowing that Jonathan was a plant put in place by Julian Jerome to learn enough about Duke to impersonate him. Julian had wanted to hurt Duke by letting him know Anna was in the arms of an impostor. Duke said she’d know the truth if she kissed him. Anna refused to let him touch her, and Duke understood. He said he’d felt just like she did and he used to make himself feel better by picturing her and her gorgeous brown eyes. Anna ordered him to shut up. Duke said he’d dreamed of coming back to her and Robin. He pretended not to know Robin “died.” He asked Anna to let him see Robin, because she would definitely recognize him. Anna cried as Duke said Robin must have grown up to be beautiful and successful. Anna said Robin was dead. She hardened and said Duke was dead, too. Anna said Robin died in an explosion, just like the one she thought killed Duke until he came back as Jonathan Paget. Anna put the gun down. She said she probably believed Robin might be alive, because the same thing had happened to Duke a long time ago.

Anna told Duke about searching for Robin in a Swiss clinic, then accepting that Robin was really dead. Duke said he was sorry and said she knew he loved Robin like his own. Anna angrily said she didn’t know that. She made Duke turn around, then handcuffed him and arrested him for fraud and breaking and entering. Duke chuckled. He said she owned him from the first moment they met. He said “I lost my heart that night and I don’t think there’s much chance I’ll ever get it back. A love like that is pretty rare.” Anna was struck by his words and whispered that he couldn’t know that. She had a flashback of him saying the same words when they were young. In the present, Duke said he remembered every kiss and every tear she shed when he upset her. He was sure she remembered, too. Anna had some flashbacks of romantic moments and of a fight in which she kicked Duke out. Back to the present, Duke told Anna that those memories had given him the courage to fight to regain his life and his wife. Anna appeared to be in a state of shock as she circled Duke, touching him and trying to digest the truth. Duke said something else that she remembered him saying in the past. She realized it was him and cried as she hugged him tight. Luke walked in and was confused to see her hugging another man. He called her name and she and Duke turned around and faced him.

Todd opened his door and was disappointed to see John standing there, instead of Carly. John announced that he knew what Todd did. Todd thought John was talking about Todd sending the picture to Natalie and tried to close the door, but John forced his way in and said he was talking about what Todd did to Sam. Todd tried to deflect by rambling about why he fired Sam , until John got exasperated and told Todd that Todd knew this was about the baby. Todd pretended not to go what was going on. John recounted the story of the baby switch, and Todd admitted that Heather was the good Samaritan in the woods who saved Tea’s baby, but he insisted that the rest of John’s statement was crazy. John told Todd that the paternity test proved Victor Jr. was Sam’s son. Todd acted shocked and asked if there’d been a mix up at the hospital or if Heather had pulled a switch while Todd was busy tending to Tea. He asked if they were going to take Victor from Tea. John said yes, they were and it was going to be harder, because Tea had fallen in love with him. Todd said he’d go to Llanview and tell Tea the truth, since she was used to getting bad news from him anyway. John told him the baby was already gone. Todd thought that meant Sam already had him, until John told him that Heather kidnapped him.

Davis home: Jason had Sam sit down, then told her that her son was alive. Sam didn’t believe it. She told Jason not to say things like that, but Jason persevered and told her she’d been right when she said the baby wasn’t hers. Sam was having trouble accepting it after everyone had worked to convince her that she hadn’t recognized the baby due to grief. Jason told her there had been a switch. Sam wondered who’d do such a thing, and Jason told her that it was Heather. Sam asked if her son was okay and what Heather had done with him. Jason said this would make more sense if he told it in order. Jason continued and told Sam how Heather took Sam’s baby after she saw Sam in the woods. Sam asked where Heather got another baby to replace hers with and Jason told her that was where Todd came in; he was in the woods that night after delivering a baby. Sam remembered that Todd had been unusually interested in her baby. Sam recalled meeting Tea at the hospital. She told Jason she was going to hold Tea’s baby when Todd intervened. Sam realized that had been her (Sam’s) child. Jason told her how Todd had taken Tea’s son into the woods looking for help, then Tea later told Steve that a good Samaritan performed CPR on the baby and saved its life. Sam realized it was Heather. Sam finally found the courage to say that her son was alive out loud. As she cried, about thinking the baby died, Jason promised that Heather would pay.

Sam wondered how Jason figured it out. Jason told her he’d gone digging for information about her baby after she told him she blamed herself for his death. Jason said he’d wanted to make things right for her. He gave her all the details that led to him realizing that the baby who died wasn’t hers. Sam asked why Jason hadn’t said anything before, and he said he wanted to be sure first. Jason told her how John helped by traveling to Llanview and getting a DNA sample from the baby Tea was raising. He explained that he told John once he knew for sure that Sam’s son was alive, but like Jason, John didn’t want to say anything until they had solid proof. Jason handed Sam the paternity test. Sam was grateful that Jason did this for her. She grabbed her keys, intending to go to Llanview to hold her son. When Jason tried to stop her, Sam said she knew things were complicated and she wouldn’t just snatch the baby. Jason gently told her that when John went to tell Tea news, the baby wasn’t there anymore. Sam panicked thinking Tea had ran off with the baby. Jason broke the news that Heather took him.

Police Station: Olivia asked if Dante had found Heather. He said no and that they hadn’t found Joe, either. Olivia hadn’t heard about Joe trying to kill Kristina, so Dante filled her in. Dante said at least Joe left a blood trail, but no one had seen Heather. Olivia hesitantly said she had. Dante was alarmed until Olivia explained that it had been a hallucination. Olivia said most of her visions seemed more like premonitions - they’d been coming true. She wondered if that meant Heather might be back in town. Dante asked if there was a baby in her vision. Olivia said no and Dante told her Heather had kidnapped a child. Dante said they had an APB out on Heather, but he was worried that something might happen to the child before they found him. Olivia noted that Dante looked exhausted. Dante said Anna had been working on the case all night until John got her to go home. Dante was upset that they couldn’t do anything besides wait. Olivia suggested that she could help by using her newfound psychic powers to figure out Heather’s next move. Dante was willing to try it, so Olivia concentrated until she got a vision of him and Lulu with a baby. She was sorry she couldn’t be more help, but she was delighted by her wishful vision of them being parents and her being a grandmother. Olivia left.

Falconeri loft: Dante went home on his break to grab something to eat and relax. He told Lulu about Olivia thinking she was psychic. Lulu pointed out that Olivia did know they were pregnant before they did. Dante told her about Olivia’s latest vision. Lulu excitedly asked if Olivia said it was a boy or a girl. Dante said he didn’t ask. They chatted and Lulu realized Dante had forgotten that they were supposed to be trying for a baby during his break, before she had to go to work. She took off her robe and they made love.

Steve’s apartment: Steve was stunned when Heather showed up at his door carrying a covered baby- shaped bundle in her arms. “Mother,” he said, and Heather was pleased to have him call her that again after their talk over the phone when she was at Ferncliff. She was ready to let the past go and move on. Heather told Steve he had a new baby brother. Steve told her that he was her only child. He told her that the child’s mother was worried sick, but Heather insisted that she was the baby’s mother, now. Heather mentioned that she’d had to dodge the cops to get to Steve’s apartment. Steve began to dial the authorities, telling Heather that he’d get her the help she needed. Heather said if he did that, someone might get hurt. Steve backed off, but was adamant about checking on the baby. Heather refused to let Steve touch the child, but Steve persisted and when he got close enough, he realized Heather had fashioned a baby sized object out of blankets and an infant carrier. Steve demanded that Heather tell him where she’d put the baby. Heather said the child was fine for now, but if anything happened to her, no one would ever see him again.

Heather gushed about how much the baby adored her. She was happy to have those moments with him that she didn’t get with Steve. Steve pointed out that Heather didn’t get bond with him as a baby because she sold him. Heather replied that mistakes were made, but now she had a new chance. She talked about the three of them being a family. Steve told her the baby wasn’t related to them, Heather had kidnapped him. Heather felt that she’d rescued the baby. She told Steve the baby would be much better off with her, than with Tea. Steve revealed that he knew the baby was Sam’s. Heather wasn’t fazed. She said Sam didn’t deserve the baby then and she didn’t now, so Heather wasn’t going to give him back. Heather asked why Sam deserved a reunion with her son, when Heather was denied a reunion with hers. Heather said it was obvious that Steve had been brainwashed against her and that there was no hope for reconciliation. Heather cried that she and the baby would soldier on alone. When Steve realized she was about to leave, he did some fast-talking and convinced her that he was ready to become a family with her and the baby. They hugged and Steve asked her to let him see his little brother. Heather looked suspicious. When they pulled away, Heather told him she’d go get the baby as soon as she freshened up. She pretended to go toward the bathroom, then spied on Steve as he picked up his phone.

Later, Olivia arrived and was horrified to find Steve knocked out on the floor.

Heather was at a house with the baby, whom she swore she’d never leave again. She told him that Steve wasn’t who she thought he was, so it was going to be just the two of them. Heather told the baby that they were going on an adventure, somewhere far away where no one would ever find them.

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