GH Update Monday 10/8/12

General Hospital Update Monday 10/8/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In a private unknown clinic far away, we see that Robin is alive but unconscious and the man who is keeping her there has unfinished business with Anna.

John McBain and Anna are trying to find Heather Webber.

Steven and Dante are also looking for her.

Todd is on the phone talking to a search party to find Heather yet is having no luck. Carly is sleeping on his couch hung-over after being told that Johnny has betrayed her and is secretly married to Connie.

At the hospital, Maxie talks to Spinelli’s new friend, Ellie. Ellie informs Maxie that since the wedding was cut short, although maxie probably assumes that Spinelli took her home early, they spent the night together.

Sam goes to find Spinelli and informs him she knows that Jason is keeping something from her and she thinks he knows what it is.

Maxie assumes “the obvious” when Ellie informs her that she “spent the night” with Spinelli. She tells her it’s not what it sounds like. She and Spinelli spent the night together at the space center talking about advanced scientific pontifications and things that only she and Spinelli could enjoy together. But realizing Maxie first assumes that she (Ellie) had sex with Spinelli but is now aware they did not, Ellie asks her why she’s relieved to find out that Spinelli did not shack up with Elli.

Spinelli protests to Sam that she should not assume that if Jason had a secret, he’d (Spinelli) know about it.

Steven goes to see Jason and informs him he happens to know that Jason knows that Sam’s baby was born the same night Tea Delgado had her baby and knows that Jason has some information that may pertain to the reason heather disappeared. Jason then clarifies to Steven that he confirmed that the baby everybody believes is Tea’s is really Sam’s. John McBain informed him that Tea hired Heather to “take care” of her baby. Now, all of a sudden, both Tea and the baby are gone.

The mysterious man confirms to unconscious Robin that he had to hide her from her mother but Heather Webber prevented him from doing it. He also reveals that something is preventing him from letting Anna know her daughter has not died.

Anna tells John McBain that she has to remove herself form the investigation to find Heather Webber because of her personal issues with Heather. And she admits she wishes she had her old job where she did not have to play by those rules. She admits she’d like nothing more than to nail Heather for all she has done to ruin Anna’s family. And Anna asks John just what he knows about Tea Delgado and her baby and how that relates to Heather.

Todd is ready to serve Carly a full course breakfast. She thanks him but admits she’s not really hungry after finding out what Johnny did. And she admits to Todd she cannot stop thinking that there’s got to be something that Johnny is not telling her.

The mysterious man admits that he has known Robin since she was a child. He tells her he never intended any malice. And he tells her he promises he will reunite her with Anna but not now. It has to be “carefully orchestrated”. He reveals that Robin has been moved from a place in Australia but has become comatose with a dangerous dosage of electroshock. And he concludes that that is the very reason why she’s not yet ready to be reunited with her mother.

John explains to Anna that he knows that the very night Sam had her baby and believed he died, he discovered Heather with Todd Manning appearing as though they’d saved Tea’s baby’s life after she gave birth.

Todd expresses that he believes Carly is a beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman with so much going for her and she could do so much better than Johnny Zacarra although she still has Johnny on the brain and still needs to know what is up with Johnny’s secret.

Spinelli does not want to admit to Sam that Jason believes that their baby is alive. But she needs to know where Jason is right now. Spinelli continues to evade her questions but she tells him she knows he knows something and must tell her.

Maxie needs to know what Ellie has been doing with Spinelli. Ellie admits that social skills are not her strong suit although she’s highly “intellectualized”. But Ellie wonders why maxie is interested in Spinelli when Maxie is married to the guy who went to prison for murder.

Sam refuses to let Spinelli leave and refuse to talk about what he knows Jason has been doing. She tells him she remembers him and Jason talking about a baby and she tells Spinelli she needs to know what baby he and Jason were talking about.

The man who’s hiding Robin is discontented that there’s no change and tells her he wishes he could bring her back to her mother knowing how much they miss each other. He’d like to bring them together but cannot do that now. He then remarks that it’s “time for another reunion”.

Anna asks John what he knows about Todd meeting Heather in the woods and Heather now running off with the baby. He then tells her that the baby is not Tea’s. It’s Sam Morgan’s baby.

Jason tells Steven that the reason he has not revealed to Sam or to anyone that he knows her baby is still alive is that her baby is missing and he has yet to prove it.

Sam tells Spinelli she wonders how odd it was that Elizabeth was going to tell her something regarding her baby and made a remark about Sam being “another mother”. That doesn’t make any sense since everyone knows she’s never had a child and the baby she was going to have died. Spinelli continues to evade her questions until she grabs a hold of him and demands that he tells her what he’s keeping form her before she hurts him.

Maxie admits to Ellie that she has a complicated relationship with Spinelli. Ellie tells Maxie she knows all about the whole history of Maxie and Spinelli because he told her the whole thing. Maxie tells Ellie she realizes that she and Spinelli have this “bond” together as the only two people who can understand complicated intellectual, scientific computer works and everything. Ellie confirms that if Spinelli is dating her (Ellie), then he no longer has to pine over Maxie and they can go back to being friends.

John admits that he got the DNA evidence to prove that Tea’s baby is really Sam’s illegally so it’s not admissible in court. But he knows exactly what happened. He know that it makes perfect sense that heather and Todd Manning worked together to switch the babies so that Todd could appear to be the hero to Tea for saving her baby and so Heather could stick it to Sam having her falsely believing her baby died.

The man who is keeping Robin believes he can get back what he “lost” with Anna.

Carly tells Todd that she knows that she had a good thing with Jax yet threw it all away to be with trash like Johnny an didn’t see him for what he really was. Jason warned her about Johnny but she did not listen. Todd clearly wants her to get over Johnny and consider him as her new man. He tells her she need not rush off and get to work. They can both skip work, have popcorn and watch movies together. He tells her the best thing for them to watch is a show about somebody realizing their boyfriend is trash. She thanks him for his help and concern and admits she would enjoy spending the day with him.

Steven tells Jason he needs to know even if they found Heather, there’s no guarantee they’d find the baby. Jason tells him that’s exactly the reason why Sam can never find out about their investigation to find her baby until he’s found.

Sam demands that Spinelli tells her what is going on. He admits that he’s considered the “possibility” of something that has been disproved and turned out to be a mistake.

John admits to Anna that although he intended to drop the bombshell to tea that her baby is not really hers’, he couldn’t bring himself to do it when he got there and found out that Heather kidnapped her baby. Anna admits that that has to be the cruelest thing anybody could do to a mother.

Right then, we see the man not knowing how or when to inform Anna about Robin. The nurse who’s with him asks him if they should not consider Luke Spencer’s relationship with Anna. He tells her that he is the only man for Anna to love.

Anna asks John if Bo Buchanan is still police commissioner in Llanview. John confirms he is. She then asks John to inform Bo that he can rely on full cooperation from her and the Port Charles cops to do something about this and protect tea. She then reveals that she’s sleep deprived and hasn’t eaten. He urges her to go home, get some rest and eat. He tells her she has to stay sharp.

Steven tells Jason that he realizes Jason wants to protect Sam by keeping the secret from her but asks Jason if he does not believe that Sam has the right to know, at the very least, that her baby has lived as long as he has and has been cared for by Tea.

Sam apologizes for taking her frustrations out on Spinelli. But he continues to evade her questions.

Maxie keeps trying to find out from Ellie what both of their intentions are in their respective relationships with Spinelli.

Ellie tells Maxie she knows that Spinelli will be disappointed if Maxie doesn’t want to remain friends with him. He did, in fact, tell her that once e’s in a “relationship” with another female, he’d be in a much better position for being friends with Maxie. Right then, Spinelli enters and asks Maxie what she’s doing there. He’s ready to take Ellie out on a picnic that only the two of them can enjoy. And Maxie reveals she is clearly jealous.

Anna goes to find the mysterious man, pulls a gun on him and is surprised to see him. She thought he was dead the whole while.

Carly admits that she has enjoyed spending time with Todd in his hotel room but she has to get back to Jocelyn. Yet Todd again tempts her to stay longer. She admits, however, that although she’d feel better getting over Johnny, she still loves Johnny.

Steven is making calls in his apartment, when his mother shows up out of nowhere. He does not know what to say or do when he sees Heather.

Todd realizes that he’s exhausted his attempts to get Carly to stay with him when he hears a knock on the door. He opens it to see John McBain who informs him he knows what he (Todd) did.

Jason goes to see Sam after talking to Steven and hearing that he cannot keep the secret from her. Alone with her at Alexi’s home, he admits to her that it’s about her son (whom he is still unaware is also his son). He admits that her son is alive.

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