GH Update Friday 10/5/12

General Hospital Update Friday 10/5/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Trey and Kristina are at the PCPD. Trey asks an officer if there is any word on his father. The officer says no and that Detective Falconeri is working on it. Trey wonders why its taking so long for them to find one man. Michael runs in and attacks Trey. Kristina tries to pull Michael off of Trey, telling Michael that Trey saved her life.

Replay of Tracy and Joe Jr. going to the stairs and Dante knocking on the door. Joe Jr. wants to be hidden. Tracy wants to know why Joe Jr. is acting like a fugitive, he should just tell Dante that Sonny shot him. Joe Jr. says that Sonny is too powerful and he would get out of it. Dante calls out for Tracy to open the door as she may be a material witness for an investigation.

Steve and Olivia arrive at home from the wedding with some take out. Steven tells Olivia how lucky they are and how he couldn't wait to celebrate with her. Olivia said her, too, but now all she'll do is worry about Connie. Steve apologizes for not believing her and says if he did, he could have helped stop the fiasco of a wedding.

Sonny drinks alone at the Haunted Star, looking at Connie's ring. He tosses it away. Alexis says she guesses things didn't get any better. Sonny asks what she thinks. That his fiancée is married to another man.

Johnny and Connie arrive at Johnny's place. Connie is drinking a bottle of champagne, wishing they had a whole case. Johnny walks into the apartment and Connie wants to be carried over the threshold but Johnny refuses. Connie walks in, slams the door and insists Johnny lose the attitude or she will have him sent to jail.

Carly asks what kind of friend lets her see a guy who is cheating on her. Carly wants to know why Todd did this to her. Todd says he and Johnny are not friends. Carly says that it didn't stop Todd and Johnny from huddling up and she knows they weren't talking about mob money. She trusts him and she asks if it's his turn to lie to her and play her for a fool. Todd says he doesn't think she's a fool. She asks him top tell her the truth. Todd tells her that the truth is he's known about Connie and Johnny the whole time.

Michael blames Trey for the whole thing. Kristina continues to try to stop Michael and plead Trey's case. Two cops come and break it up. Michael says that Dante told him that Joe Jr. ran off and he wants to know if Trey knows where Joe Jr. is. Trey says he wishes. He wanted to call an ambulance for him but Joe Jr. wouldn't let him. Trey fears his father is bleeding to death somewhere, Michael says maybe Joe Jr. is looking for someone else to kill.

Tracy lets Dante into the house, telling him it's late. She wants to know if something happened to someone in her family. Dante asks if she knows where Joe Jr. is. Tracy says she doesn't know him. Dante shows her a photo. She still claims ignorance but Dante says that he has a witness. Tracy says maybe his witness has an ulterior motive. Dante says maybe she's covering for Joe Jr. because they are friends. Joe Jr. Listens from the next room, out of sight.

Olivia asks if Steven knows what it's like to not be able to trust what she sees with her own eyes. He says he knows that must be terrible. Olivia says that Connie has one thing right and that Olivia belongs in Ferncliff. Olivia wishes there was some way to get Connie committed so she could get the help she needs. Steven tells her that maybe Alexis will be able to find a way to get it done. Olivia says that no judge is going to appoint her as Connie's guardian when her own sanity is in question. She says she doesn't trust herself and doesn't know what's real and what's not. Steven urges her to give it some time. Olivia says that time is something Connie doesn't have and that Sonny and Alexis will need to find another way to get Connie committed.

Alexis sits with Sonny and tells her how sorry she is about what happened. She asks what went on after she left. He tells her thinking that he thought he got through to Kate but it was Connie playing him. He tells Alexis that the wedding was Connie's way to jerk him around, that she hates him and he hates her, too. Alexis tells him that's not healthy. Sonny tells her about the conversation between he and Connie and that it took everything he had not to strangle Johnny. Alexis admires his restraint. Again, she's sorry for what he's going through. Sonny says that Alexis said she'd find a way to have Connie legally committed. He asks her to tell him she found a way.

Connie tells Johnny how high the stakes are for him and how important it is for him to keep her happy. Connie tells Johnny a little of the wedding history between Sonny and Kate when she realizes that they are enjoying the first wedding night for both of them. She wants to consummate the wedding.

Carly is wondering how Todd could have kept Johnny and Connie from her. Todd says he didn't think they would get this far. Carly wants to know when Todd found out. He asks if she remembers the camera he had set up at the Haunted Star. Carly remembered. Todd tells her that he saw Connie and Johnny going at it.

Tracy "remembers" Joe Jr. to Dante. Dante wants to know if Tracy knows where Joe Jr. is. She says he does, he is her antique dealer. They are redoing the east wing. Dante tells her how Joe Jr. won't be much help especially since Sonny told her who Joe Jr. is. Tracy says that Sonny made accusations about an innocent man. Dante demands to know if Tracy knows where Joe Jr. is. Tracy says first she wants to know why Dante wants Joe Jr as Joe Jr. listens in. Dante tells Tracy that Joe Jr. tried to kill Kristina.

Michael tells Kristina that her husband is worried about his father, the man who kidnapped her and tried to kill her. Trey tells Michael that he hates what Joe Jr. did, but Joe Jr. is his father. Kristina says they have no right to say anything given what their own father does. Michael tells Kristina that their father never pulled a gun on his girlfriend. Kristina tells Michael to stop acting stupid to what Sonny does. If Sonny was hurt, they would be worried about him, too. Michael doesn't want to fight because all she's been through. Kristina asks Michael how Sonny's doing. Trey tells Michael that Dante filled them in about the wedding. Michael thinks Trey wishes that he had a camera crew there. Trey tells Michael that Connie is his mother. Michael says he knows. Kristina wants to know why Michael didn't tell her. Michael wants to know why Trey didn't say something first.

Sonny tells Alexis how strong Connie is, too strong for Kate to come back, so she needs to go to ShadyBrook. Alexis reminds him that only immediate family can have her committed. Sonny says that would have been him if they married but now it's Johnny. Sonny asks about Olivia doing it. Alexis says even if they can get a judge to listen to them about Olivia's wishes trumping Johnny's, Olivia has her own mental issues. Sonny says Olivia seemed fine but Alexis says that Olivia admitted she still can't tell the real from the unreal and she apologizes. Sonny says not to apologize, find a way. Alexis admits that she is at a loss because Connie knew what she was doing to protect herself when she married Johnny.

Johnny says he married Connie for one reason only: blackmail. Connie says he's acting like the situation is her fault when he did it to himself. She asks why he's so grumpy when she took the blame for him and now he gets her as a wife. Johnny is less than enthusiastic. Connie asks why Johnny is so uptight. She wants him to remember the fun they had together in the past.

Sonny asks if it makes a difference that Connie is dangerous. Alexis reminds him that the charges against Kate were dropped and tells him that the court doesn't differentiate between multiple personalities, so legally they are the same person. Sonny asks if he's just supposed to live with it. Alexis says for now, yes. Sonny says no, he's not going to just sit around while Johnny is with Connie.

Johnny reminds Connie that Sonny's birthday was an act. Johnny says he just wanted to make Sonny suffer. Connie says that Johnny could have told her no when she approached him with the plan. He says he did repeatedly and Connie says he accepted the deal and that not everything done was just to make Sonny suffer. She knows he was hot for her and she strips off her dress. She says he is still hot for her.

Carly says that the camera on the Haunted Star was months ago. She wants to know how many times Todd could have told her the truth. Todd says that Johnny swore it was a one time thing. Carly asks Todd if he believed Johnny after the many times Todd tried to warn her away from him. Carly asks again why he didn't tell her. He says he couldn't.

Steven comments that Olivia looks worried. She says maybe she just wants the last chicken kabob. She then tells him that she's worried that the hallucinations will continue. Steven tells her that she's only had a few. She tells him that they've been major ones. As they talk about what Olivia hallucinated in the past, Steven theorizes that maybe they are not hallucinations but premonitions instead because they came true.

Tracy doubts what Dante is telling her despite his advising her that he has two witnesses to Joe Jr. trying to kill Kristina. Tracy tells Dante how Sonny and Joe Jr. hate each other and how Sonny has framed Joe Jr. in the past. Tracy guarantees that the story of Kristina being kidnapped is a lie. Dante tells her that Kristina told him about it herself and that she would have been killed if not for someone else stopping Joe Jr. Tracy thinks that Sonny had Kristina tell the story to Dante to get to Joe Jr. She wants to know a motive. Dante tells her that Joe Jr. wanted Kristina dead for her money. Tracy asks Dante why Joe Jr. would get Kristina's money if she was dead. Dante tells Tracy because Kristina is married to his son.

Kristina tells Michael that Trey just found out about Connie being his father himself. Michael questions why Trey took so long to say something. Trey says he didn't say anything because he didn't want it to be true. He said that he couldn't deal with the things that Kate said to him but now he realizes that maybe it was Connie. He tells her about how he and Kate fighting and during the fight, Kate changed. Michael says that Trey should have said something so they could get Kate help. Kristina defends Trey saying that he was too upset. Michael says that if Trey said something then Sonny would realize that Kate relapsed into Connie.

Sonny gets his jacket on and Alexis wants to know where he's going. He says he's going to get Kate. Alexis tries to stop him, telling him that if he goes, he's going to assault Johnny again and that's twice in one day, then if he kidnaps Connie, he gets 5 years, that he will make things worse. Sonny says it's not fair and Alexis agrees. She says that something had to have triggered Connie and asks what it was. Sonny explains that Kate told him that it happened when Kate found out about Trey. Alexis asks when it happened. He explains the confrontation between Kate and Trey and that Trey never bothered to tell him about it.

Kristina tells Michael he can't blame Trey. Michael tells Kristina that if Trey said something, Sonny could have gotten Kate help and Connie would never have married Johnny. Kristina tells him that he doesn't know if that's true. Michael fills Kristina in on how Carly had to be at the wedding had hear how Johnny and Connie have been in love the whole time.

Connie asks how Johnny feels about her now. Does he want to sleep with her now? Johnny goes to her and is about to kiss her...then shoves her away from him. He tells her that he wouldn't kiss her if she was the last woman on earth. He says he doesn't want her. He throws her wedding gown at her and tells her he wants Carly.

Todd tells Carly that he couldn't tell her about Johnny because when he tried to bring it up, she told him that she didn't want to hear it and for him to leave Johnny alone. Carly says because she thought he was making it up. He says Carly wouldn't have believed him. She tells him he could have tried, then at least she wouldn't have been blindsided. Todd says there is one more reason he didn't say anything. He didn't want to be the one to hurt her. Carly asks Todd how he's ok with the whole Johnny and Connie situation. She wants to know how Todd is ok with it after Connie killed his granddaughter.

Dante asks Tracy if she has no idea that Trey is the son of Joe Jr. Tracy says she has no idea who Trey is. Dante tells her that Trey is Kristina's husband and he saved Kristina. Dante tells Tracy that it was Trey who shot Joe Jr. during a struggle over the gun. He tells her that the story comes directly from Kristina and Trey. Dante implores Tracy to tell him where Joe Jr. is because he knows Tracy has been in contact with him. Dante asks her to help him put Joe Jr. in jail where he belongs.

Alexis says leave it their son in law to screw things up. Sonny says that Kate couldn't handle Trey being her baby as a result of rape. Alexis says that Sonny predicted that would happen. Sonny blames Joe Jr. for pointing Trey at Sonny's family...he tells Alexis that includes her...Sonny says that he is the reason he lost Kate as a kid and then again tonight.

Connie and Johnny argue over Carly. Connie says Johnny doesn't care about Carly, Johnny says he loves her and what he did to her at the wedding in front of everyone is killing him. Connie says if he cared about Carly, he wouldn't have slept with her. Johnny tells her how hard he had to work to earn Carly's trust back. Connie doesn't believe him but Johnny tells her that all he wanted was to get out of the business, make an honest living running his club and then go home to Carly and Josslyn and Connie blew that to pieces for him. Connie tells Johnny that he's lying to himself and no matter how many changes he made in his life, it doesn't make him a good person. She says with her, he has someone who accepts him for who he is and won't ask him to change.

Todd tells Carly how Connie tricked him into believing was Kate again. Carly asks if Todd is letting Connie go to protect Kate. Todd says he will never forgive Hope's killer. Carly asks what he's going to do. Todd says nothing. He can't put Starr through it all again, especially since she's forgiven Kate. He doesn't want Starr to relive the whole thing. Carly tells Todd how Starr went off on Connie and asks again why Todd isn't doing anything.

Olivia concedes that all of her hallucinations came true. Steven suggests they go to Vegas. Olivia asks when was the last time he's heard of someone taking LSD and becoming clairvoyant. Steven says its different and Olivia suggests he look at his old medical books. He says he doesn't want to dig them out and he'd rather spend the time with her. Steven says he likes having his own private psychic. Olivia says she doesn't want to predict the future, she wants to live in the here and now.

Alexis and Sonny arrive at the PCPD. Alexis asks if Kristina is ok. Kristina tells them that it was scary but she is ok. Sonny asks if they found Joe Jr. and Kristina tells them no but Dante is working on it. Sonny asks about the plan to get her money. Kristina says it makes no sense, she told him she only has her trust. Alexis says she can't believe what happened but Sonny says he does because it was Joe Jr. Trey and Michael walk in and Sonny attacks Trey. Kristina and Michael try to get them separated and explain how Trey didn't know about it and saved Kristina's life. Trey tells Sonny that he loves his father but he can't defend him. He apologizes for all that happened.

Tracy tells Dante to get a warrant and she has nothing to hide. She rails at Dante, telling him that Sonny is behind the whole thing and Joe Jr. is probably bleeding out on the street somewhere....all the while, pointing to where Joe Jr. is hiding. Dante makes the move to arrest Joe Jr. but he is gone and a back door is open.

Todd says that Starr told him about what happened at the wedding and he didn't see the point in having Connie arrested. He didn't want Starr to have to relive the past again. Todd says he's sorry that Carly was hurt but Carly says he has nothing to apologize for and she shouldn't be mad at him. She should be mad at herself for being pathetic. Todd tells her that she's not pathetic. Carly wonders if there is a secret that is causing him to do this. Todd tells Carly that she's too good for Johnny. She tells Todd about Johnny's promises and starts to break down as Todd takes her in his arms.

Johnny blows off Connie's words, says he has things to do and tries to get her to go out. Connie says no way, not with Sonny's men looking for her to try to get her committed. She wants to stay home. She says she wants to shop and wants her name on his credit cards. He says she can do what she wants. Connie advises him to stop brooding over Carly because Connie is his wife and she's going to take full advantage of it and she thinks Johnny should take full advantage of their marriage, too. Johnny says she's right, he should....that he could have her committed.

Steven and Olivia lie on the couch together and Olivia says she sees another vision. It's the two of them in bed together. Steven says he sees the same thing. He asks if she thinks he's clairvoyant. She said she doesn't know, that they should find out. They kiss and then go off to the bedroom.

Sonny tells Trey not to think about defending Joe Jr. to him. Michael and Kristina continue to argue Trey's case, telling Sonny that Trey had no idea what is going on and doesn't know where Joe Jr. is. Alexis tells them that everyone will feel better when Joe Jr. is found. Sonny adds "dead or alive". Trey goes to see if there is any progress on finding Joe Jr. Kristina apologizes to Sonny for making the night even worse for him. Sonny comforts Kristina as Alexis looks on.

Dante calls in a report that Joe Jr. escaped on foot. He tells Tracy that they are searching for Joe Jr. and he will have a unit outside the house in case Joe Jr. tries to return. Tracy tells Dante that Joe Jr. told her that Sonny shot him. Dante asks how bad he was shot and Tracy said it was pretty bad and he couldn't have gotten far. Dante assures Tracy she did the right thing and leaves. Tracy closes the doors and locks them. She is near tears as she holds and looks at Joe Jr.'s medal. She vows that its the last time he will lie to her.

Sonny tells Alexis, Kristina, and Michael that he can't help Kate. Only Johnny can have her committed. Kristina asks Alexis if that's true. Alexis said they considered Olivia but she has her own psychological issues. Sonny explains that Olivia is a blood relative and can petition the court to have Connie committed. Alexis looks at Trey as she explains that a cousin doesn't usually trump a husband's authority and that a mother or sister would be easier. Michael asks if Kate doesn't get help, will she remain Connie. Sonny says he won't let that happen, there has to be a way to help her. Alexis looks at Trey again as Sonny leaves the PCPD.

Connie says if Johnny even thinks about having her committed, she's going to tell the police that he killed Cole and Hope. She goes off to bed to wait for Johnny.

Carly tells Todd she has to get home to Josslyn. Todd tells her she's not going anywhere. Carly says she can have the desk call a car. Todd won't let her leave.  Carly says she doesn't want to sleep in her office. Todd fixes up the couch and tells her that he's there for her. She's not going anywhere.

Johnny stares at a photo of him and Carly together.

Carly gets comfortable on Todd's couch. Todd sits with her and tells her to close her eyes, that everything will be alright.

Johnny looks at the picture then looks at SpiderFinder with a search for "committing your psychotic spouse".

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