GH Update Thursday 10/4/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/4/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny tries to get through to Kate, urging her on, saying that she's stronger than Connie. A tearful Kate asks Sonny what is happening and he's happy to see that Kate got through.

Tracy opens the door of the mansion to find a wounded and bleeding Joe Jr. She asks what happened and he tells her he's been shot.

Carly asks to talk to her and tell her the truth. Johnny insists that she knows the truth, he insists that he has been running around behind her back with Connie. Carly says that it's not true, that there's something else going on and she wants to know what it is.

Sonny tells Kate that everything will be ok and that he won't let anything happen to her and he hugs her. Kate smiles and reveals that she is still Connie. She says that Sonny already let something happen to her. He let Joe Jr. rape her and he let Kate get shot. So much for promises.

Todd is on the phone with someone, impatiently asking how hard it is to find a crazy lady, insisting that they find Heather before the cops do. Starr walks in to hear him say this and she asks why they have to find Heather.

John arrives at Tea's home in Llanview. He looks at the paper containing the DNA test results then knocks on the door. Téa answers the door and asks what he was doing there.

At the lake house, Sam asks Jason if something is wrong. Sam asks if it's about Elizabeth. Jason says no. He tells her he's been working on something and it's important.

Todd says Starr snuck in on him and asks how she got in, is Michael teaching her how to sneak into places. She reminds him he gave her a card key. Todd still thinks Michael is a bad influence on Starr. Starr still wants to know what Todd wants with Heather. He says that Heather still holds a grudge against him. Starr says he has a lot of people holding grudges against him and he doesn't send people after them. He says that he knows no one likes him. Starr asks if he wants to go after them and he says no because none of them are stupid enough to go after people he cares about. Starr says she doesn't know Heather. He tells her that she's lucky. Starr says she knows that Heather escaped from a mental institution and she thinks Heather should be far away. Todd says any normal crazy person would but Heather could be in his wardrobe for all he knows. Starr urges him to concentrate on an enemy closer to home: the person who killed Cole and Hope.

Carly wants to know what Connie has on Johnny. She knows it has to be bad because he's not telling her what it is. She continues to push for what's going on and he says he can't tell her and that he is sorry. She says the last time he was sorry to her was when she walked in on him and Connie. She said she gave him another chance because he begged and promised to be a better man. Johnny apologizes again for hurting her and Carly says she doesn't want apologies, she wants to know how this happened. Carly wants to know what Connie can give him that no other woman can.

Connie has packed a duffle bag and is preparing to leave. Sonny asks what took so long for Connie to take over. Connie says it wasn't the right time, then flashes back to her conversation with Trey as Sonny asks if now is the right time. Connie says it is since Kate went on a permanent vacation when she found out her unwanted kid is still alive.

Jason tells Sam that things are complicated and she needs to hear things in the order in which they happened. He is ready to explain when they are interrupted by the arrival of Kristina and Trey. Kristina says she'll be fine but Trey says she's in shock. Sam asks what happened to Kristina. Kristina tells her that Trey's father tried to kill her.

Tracy helps Joe Jr. into the house. She tries to call an ambulance and Joe Jr. refuses. She offers to take him to the hospital herself, he turns her down again because the hospital has to report gunshot wounds. Tracy wants to know what he did.

Téa lets John into the house and asks how things are, how's Todd. John says that he's what he is. Téa says she had hope for Todd and asks why John is there. He's not a come and chat kind of guy. John says she knows him well. They need to talk and it's serious. Téa apologizes about the restraining order. John tells her it's not about that, it's about her and her baby. Téa wants to go get her son. She wants to have her son with her if what John says is about both of them, besides, his nanny lets him sleep too long. She goes to get her son.

Sam asks what Kristina means that Trey's father tried to kill her. Jason wants to know everything that happened. Trey starts to tell the story but Jason wants to hear it from Kristina. She tries to tell the story but can't speak. Sam asks Jason to get her some water. Jason goes but takes Trey aside. Trey tells Jason he's on Jason's side. Jason wants to know where Trey's father is. Trey doesn't know. Jason asks for his father's name and Trey tells him Joe Scully Jr.

Joe Jr. says he needs to lay down, can he lay in a bedroom? Tracy says no. Joe Jr. asks if Tracy is going to let him die in the foyer. She says he can't stay if he's bringing violence to her home. She wants to know what he did to get himself shot. Joe Jr. swears he did nothing. When Tracy calls his bluff by saying he won't mind if she calls the police, he tells her not to. Joe Jr. says he will tell her, then says it was Sonny. He says Sonny sent his men to kill him. Tracy doesn't believe that Sonny would order a hit on his wedding day. Joe Jr. says it would be a perfect wedding gift to Kate or maybe Sonny decides that his wedding would be a perfect alibi to get rid of him. He says he doesn't know how Sonny's mind works. Tracy wonders why a professional wouldn't finish the job. Joe Jr. says he didn't stick around to find out and asks for her help before he bleeds to death. Tracy starts to get Monica, but Joe Jr. refuses, deciding Monica won't stay quiet. He tells Tracy that she has to take the bullet out.

Jason asks if Joe Jr. is Trey's dad. Kristina defends Trey, saying Trey wasn't involved and that Trey saved her. Sam asks what Trey saved her from. Jason asks again what happened. Kristina tells the story of the fight with Trey and the kidnapping. Jason calls Sonny to tell him.

Sonny asks if Kate knew about Trey. Connie says she does and said she started paying attention while Kate and Trey are fighting when she saw the medal around Trey's neck. Kate wanted to bond with Trey but Trey accused her of making up the rape. Connie says she then told Trey how she wished he'd not survived the boarding house and it felt good to tell him that. She says that Kate finding out about Trey brought her out and she's not going anywhere.

Starr tells Todd that Connie is back and apparently never went anywhere. Todd says he is sorry he didn't crash. He sees how upset Starr asks and asks if she is ok. She tells him that she never got to confront the person who killed Cole and Hope before today and Connie thinks she's going to get away with it. She wants to call the police but Todd stops her. Starr says she wants justice not revenge. Todd brings up that Connie can't be charged again because of double jeopardy. He says there are other options. Starr tells him that only Connie's husband can have her committed but Sonny isn't her husband, Johnny is.

Carly pushes to know what it is about Connie for Johnny. Johnny says Connie has nothing on Carly. She asks why he's pretending and he says he's not. She says she should have known something was up when Johnny teamed up with Todd to go get the money back from Jerry. She figures out that Todd know. Johnny says that his issues with Todd are between him and Todd. Carly tells him there's nothing between her and Johnny, they're over. Johnny says there is something but Carly reminds him that he's married. Tearfully Carly begs Johnny to tell her why he married Connie if there is anything between herself and Johnny. Johnny says he married Connie because he loves her.

Tracy returns with a medical bag to find Joe Jr. laying on her couch. She is upset that he'd bleeding on an antique couch. Tracy says she doesn't know what to make of all of this. Joe Jr. tells her clean the wound, remove the bullet, stitch him up and bandage him up. Tracy says there's no pain killers in the bag, so he'll have to be happy with ibuprofen. She tosses him a wooden spoon she finds for him to bite down on and tells him that he's taking his life in his hands. He says no, he's putting his life in Tracy's hands and he trusts her completely. She says here goes nothing and tells him to try not to scream as he puts the wooden spoon in his mouth.

Jason tells Bernie that he doesn't know all of the details and tell him to get someone over to the warehouse to check it out. Dante arrives to talk to Kristina. Dante wants to know why Trey didn't take Kristina to the hospital. Kristina tells him she's not hurt and wanted to come home. Dante says he hears Joe Scully Jr. tried to kill her. Kristina says that he didn't and that Trey saved her, that Trey is the only reason she's alive. Dante asks what happened. Kristina tells him what happens as everyone listens. Kristina can't continue part way through so Trey tells the rest, including how Joe Jr. had been shot. Dante wants to know where the gun is. Trey gives Dante the gun. Jason asks if anyone knows where Joe Jr. is. Dante says they checked out the warehouse, saw the blood but no one was there. Kristina says that Joe Jr. ran away. Jason tells Dante that Sonny needs to know but he can't reach him. He thinks Sonny turned off the phone for the wedding. Dante tells him the wedding didn't happen. Sam asks why not. Dante explains about Connie taking control

Sonny wants to know why Connie put on the act. She said that since Sonny ruined his first wedding to Kate, she wanted to ruin this one but at least Sonny didn't get shot but there's still time. Sonny says that there isn't for Connie because he and Alexis will find a way to get her committed. Connie explains that it won't happen because only Johnny can have her committed. She starts to leave to find Johnny but Sonny grabs her arm to stop her.

Johnny tells Carly that he fell in love with Connie because she was there for him, wants him for him and didn't ask him to change. He said he wasn't going to say no. He wanted to have Carly and Connie, then stick it to Sonny at the same time. Carly asks where Kate fits in. She reminds him how ashamed he was about taking advantage of Kate but he says its true, they fell in love. Carly asks if he's in love with Connie, why did he ask Carly to run away with him. Johnny says because Connie was pushing for marriage and he got cold feet. Carly asks what if she agreed to run away with him. Johnny tells her then the two of them and Josslyn would be on the boat sailing to some island somewhere. Carly says then she'd never know about Connie but since she said no, Johnny must have figured what the hell and got married to Connie. She says she has one question: why didn't he dump her.

Starr tells Todd about Carly, Johnny and Connie. She expresses that she feels betrayed by Johnny and she trusted him. Starr says its different with Todd. He asks what she means and she tells him that with all they've been through, its hard to write him off. He hopes she never has a reason to write him off. Todd says he hates to say he told her so, but Starr says no he doesn't. She wonders what else Johnny could be hiding.

Téa returns to the living room alone and asks if her nanny came through the living room with Victor. John says they didn't pass him and asks what's wrong. Téa tells him that they are gone. John asks if the nanny ever takes Victor out without telling her and she says no. She tries to call Heather but gets no answer. John promises they'll track her down. Téa tells him that her name is Susan Moore. John questions the nanny being in Port Charles and then just showing up in Llanview. Téa says she thought it was strange too but she said she needed a job. She said her nanny had excellent references. John shows Téa a picture of Heather on his phone and asks if that's what she looks like. Téa says yes. John tells Téa that Susan died in 1983 and that the person she hired is named Heather Webber and she's no nanny.

Todd tells Starr that someone who has secrets usually have more than one and Johnny has a boatload of them, that Connie is just one of them. Todd hopes that she is cutting ties with Johnny. She said she wants to but Johnny owns her contract and she sings in his club. Todd says he can buy her contract and she can sing in Blair's club. She says that Blair's club is in Llanview. Todd tells her she can have a long distance relationship with Michael, its perfect. Starr says she can't leave Port Charles, especially with Connie out there. Todd wants to handle the revenge for Starr. Starr makes him promise and he does promise to make Cole and Hope's killer suffer. They hug and Starr leaves. Todd says it's entirely possible that Johnny has already begun to suffer.

Carly questions Johnny wanting Connie but went to the wedding with Carly and holding her hand. Johnny said he hoped Connie wouldn't go through with it. Carly wonders about Johnny continuing to sleep with both her and Connie and if Kate ever returned, she'd never know. Johnny says he wished he could have spared Carly all of this. Carly says he should have broken up with her if he wanted to be with Connie, assuming he does. He said its the truth. Carly tells him whether or not its true, he's scum. She tells him that she gave him every opportunity to tell her the truth and he refuses to but she does know that they are truly over.

Connie tells Sonny he can't force her to do anything but Sonny tells Connie she's forcing herself on Kate. Connie tells him that Kate forced her to lie next to him and hear him declare his love and promise to protect her yet he put her in danger. She tells Sonny he's a bully and a pig and while Kate didn't have the guts to kick him out of her life, Connie does. Sonny says she can hate him all she wants but he's not letting her go to Johnny. She wants to see what Johnny has to say about that.

Johnny and Carly hear Connie call him, saying she needs him. Carly wishes Johnny luck. Johnny begs Carly not to leave. Carly tells him that he made his bed, so now he has to lie in it with his crazy wife and she leaves him.

Dante continues to tell Jason, Sam, Kristina and Trey about the wedding and how Connie announced she's married to Johnny. Trey asks if Connie could have been around a couple of days ago and Dante says its possible. He says he's not concerned with Connie right now, he needs to find Joe Jr. Jason looks over at Trey.

Tracy finishes bandaging up Joe Jr. and he tells her that she saved his life. She gives him the bullet as a reminder of why he should change his life and if he loses it, he'll have the scar she gave him. Joe Jr. says he will treasure the scar like he treasures her. He says from the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was an angel. He says he'd like to stay, but Tracy tells him that he isn't staying. He has to leave. Joe Jr. says he can't leave, he doubts he can even stand up. He says Tracy is his only hope.

Dante asks Trey where Joe Jr. is. Trey says he doesn't know but tells him about the hotel Joe Jr. has been staying at outside of town. Jason says that there's no way Joe Jr. is there if Trey knows about it. Dante says Joe Jr. has no friends. Where does Jason think he would be. Jason says that Joe Jr. has one friend.

Joe Jr. and Tracy argue over whether or not Joe Jr. can stay. Joe Jr. asks her for a place to stay to protect him from Sonny. Tracy suggests Joe Jr. report Sonny to the police and Joe Jr. comments that it hasn't worked in the past. He says that Sonny will spin the situation like always. Joe Jr. says she's the only one he can trust and he is begging for her help. Tracy reluctantly gives in but says at the first sign of trouble, he's gone.

Dante and Jason discuss Joe Jr. and Tracy knowing each other. Jason says Sonny caught them together. Jason says he has no idea what Tracy's relationship with Joe Jr. is but Sonny says they look like more than acquaintances. Dante says he's going to check it out and tells Kristina and Trey to get to the PCPD to make their reports while its fresh in their minds. Dante tells Jason that he hopes Jason isn't creating a diversion so Jason can take care of Joe Jr. himself. Jason tells Dante he's told him the truth. Dante leaves.

Téa looks at a laptop and is upset while John puts out an APB on Heather and says a back up unit to Tea's house. Téa says that Heather was a wonderful nanny and wants to know why she would steal someone's identity and go to her. John says Heather is crazy and must have assumed Susan's identity when she escaped from Ferncliff. Téa wants to know what Heather wants with her son.

Carly arrives in Todd's room. Todd tells her that he heard what happened at the wedding and that he is sorry. He wants to know how he can help. Carly slaps him to the floor.

Connie is still yelling for Johnny. Sonny grabs Connie and tells her she can scream all she wants, it won't matter when she's locked up. Johnny will never be able to find her. Connie asks if he's going to kidnap her. Sonny said she's the one who killed a three year old little girl but this isn't what he wanted for her. Johnny runs into the room. Connie asks him to help her and Sonny starts to appeal to him as well. Connie asks Johnny if he wants the alternative instead.

Todd asks why Carly slapped him. She says because he's a son of a bitch. Todd says they knew that already but he thought they were friends. Carly asks what kind of friend lets her stay with someone he knows is cheating on her. Todd says he tried but Carly says he didn't. Carly says she trusted him so how could he have not told her about Connie and Johnny.

Connie demands that Johnny do something. Johnny sat down and orders Sonny to release Connie before he calls the cops to have him arrested for kidnapping, assault and false imprisonment. Sonny lets her go and Connie tells Johnny they need to go. Sonny appeals to Johnny, saying if he has any decency, step aside and let Sonny get Connie some help. Connie grabs Johnny's arm. Johnny says he's sorry but he can't help Johnny and they leave him.

Tracy is helping Joe Jr. toward the stairs when there's a knock at the door. Dante calls out that it's the Port Charles Police and demands that Tracy open up.

Jason says he still can't reach Sonny. Sam says maybe it's for the best, but Jason insists that Sonny is Kristina's father and needs to know what happened. Sam asks why? So Sonny can order Jason to hunt Joe Jr. down and take him out? Jason said it won't happen if Dante finds Joe Jr. first. Sam begs Jason to let Dante handle it and says she wants to call John to get him involved. Jason says John is busy as Jason's phone rings. Sam wants to know what Jason knows about why John is busy. He doesn't answer, telling Sam he needs to take this call. John is calling Jason and telling him that there's a problem. Jason thinks Téa just didn't take the news well. John says he didn't get to tell her and tells Jason that the baby is missing.

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