GH Update Wednesday 10/3/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/3/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Haunted Star: Connie told Sonny she couldn’t marry him, because she was already married to Johnny. Sonny didn’t understand, and Connie snidely asked if he was always this stupid. She snatched off her veil and announced to the stunned room that she was Connie, not Kate. Sonny countered that Kate was integrated and didn’t need Connie anymore. Connie said actually, she didn’t need Kate. She went over and lovingly touched Johnny’s face and told everyone that she and Johnny had been secretly sleeping together for months. Carly urged the silent Johnny to tell everyone that Connie was lying.

Connie said she would take control and sneak away with Johnny every so often. Sonny didn’t believe her. He said Kate would have would have noticed she was losing time. Connie said her affair with Johnny made her stronger and that Johnny was all she needed to keep Kate away for good. While this was going on, Olivia told Dante she knew it was Connie. Dante said he should have believed her. Lulu and Maxie compared notes and realized why Kate had seemed so out of character during the wedding planning and bachelorette party.

Connie gleefully taunted Sonny by saying that once he went to sleep, she took over and went to have sex with Johnny. She said they’d even slept together in Johnny’s hospital room after he got shot. Starr watched Connie with disgust and told Michael that Connie was the one who killed Cole and Hope. Sonny ordered Connie to shut up. Dante tried to calm Sonny down, but Sonny said he was fine.

Spinelli thought the wedding was a disaster, but Ellie found it extraordinary. Spinelli was going to explain D.I.D to her, but Ellie said she’d learned all about it by watching soaps.

Sonny said none of this explained how Connie got married. Carly interjected that Connie didn’t get married to Johnny. Connie urged Johnny to tell Carly. Johnny weakly apologized to Carly and said it was all true. Sonny still didn’t believe it. Connie revealed that she and Johnny had gotten married at the Haunted Star on the day Sonny kept calling her and she didn’t answer. She reached into the top of her dress and pulled out her marriage license. Sonny showed it to Alexis, who confirmed that it was real. Sonny asked why she’d walk down the aisle with Sonny. Connie said she did it to humiliate Sonny. She pulled the reluctant Johnny to his feet and told Sonny to tell her and her husband how it felt. Sonny responded by attacking Johnny and punching him in the face several times. Dante, Shawn, Max and Milo pulled Sonny off of Johnny, who lay helplessly on the floor. Johnny called out to Carly, but it was Connie who rushed over and helped him into a chair. Connie insisted that Steve check Johnny out and make sure the fight hadn’t worsened his gunshot wound. To Connie’s annoyance, Steve had no interest in helping Johnny. He glanced at him from a few feet away and declared that Johnny would live.

Connie went over to Johnny and loudly talked about the wild wedding night they were going to have. Carly spat that Connie was crazy and should never have been let out of jail. Connie asked Carly if it hurt to find out the love of her life was playing her. Carly asked Johnny if that was what he was doing. Connie provoked Carly by telling Johnny to tell her how he couldn’t wait to get away from Carly and go to Connie. Starr charged over to Connie and threatened to make her pay for killing Cole and Hope. Connie said she thought the two of them were fine. Starr said she forgave Kate, not Connie. Starr slapped Connie across the face and they started fighting. Michael dragged Starr away, but she broke free and confronted her friend Johnny about marrying the woman who killed Starr’s daughter. Johnny didn’t respond. As Michael pulled Starr out of the room, Starr vowed to make Connie pay. Connie told Johnny that the least he could do after she just got attacked for killing those people was to kiss her bruise. Johnny gingerly stood, then leaned in to kiss Connie’s cheek. Connie turned and kissed him on the lips. Sonny asked if Johnny felt good knowing he was taking advantage of a mentally ill woman. Carly told Johnny she now understood why he tried to convince her to run away with him the night before.

Spinelli apologized for taking Ellie on such a bad first date, but Ellie was enjoying herself. She said this was the kind of date you tell your grandchildren about.

Motel: Trey ransacked his father’s room looking for something that would lead him to Kristina.

Sonny’s warehouse: Joe told Kristina that he was sorry she had to die, but the payoff was too great to pass up. Terrified, Kristina offered to keep his secret from Sonny and help him get the money if he’d spare her life. Joe didn’t accept the offer; he wanted Sonny to grieve for Kristina and blame himself for her death. According to Joe, Sonny needed to learn that you couldn’t build your fortune on the backs of other people and live happily ever after. Kristina sobbed as Joe told her how brave she was to fight till the end. He told her to close her eyes. He pointed the gun at her, just as Trey burst in. Joe was shocked and asked how Trey found him. Trey said from a notepad in Joe’s room. Trey was horrified about what his father was doing. Trey tried to change Joe’s mind, but Joe insisted that this was the only way for them to recover what was theirs. Trey argued that Kristina had no control over Sonny’s money, but Joe yelled that he was wrong. Joe claimed he knew some things that Trey didn’t.

Trey shielded Kristina with his own body and told Joe he’d have to shoot him, too. Joe tried to get Trey to understand that Joe was doing this so he could give Trey everything Trey missed out on growing up. Trey said he didn’t care about what Sonny stole from them. Joe said that Sonny had deprived Trey of the money and power that was Trey’s birthright and Kate had deprived him of a mother. Joe believed all of his and Trey’s difficulties could be traced back to Sonny and Kate. Trey argued that none of that had anything to do with Kristina. Joe felt that it would be poetic justice for Sonny to lose Kristina on the day he married Kate. Joe ordered Trey to get out of the way. Trey said he loved his childhood and didn’t care about the money or that he didn’t have a mom. He tearfully said that all that mattered was that Joe was there for him growing up. Joe thought Trey only felt that way because he didn’t know what he was missing. Joe painted a rosy picture of the life the two of them would have once Joe killed Kristina. Trey told his father there was no way that was going to happen.

Trey warned Joe that he would turn him in to the cops if he killed Kristina. Joe didn’t believe Trey would ever do that. Trey vowed not to let it get that far. He charged Joe and they struggled over the gun, until it went off. Kristina screamed and asked Trey if he was okay. Trey was fine, but Joe had been shot in the chest. Trey was alarmed by what he’d done to his father, and he cradled him as Joe slumped to the floor. Trey promised to get Joe help and make up a lie so the authorities wouldn’t know what really happened there tonight. Joe refused to let Trey call for help, because Joe didn’t want to go to jail for what he’d done. Trey tried to convince Joe that he’d make up an excuse for the cops, but Joe didn’t listen. He shoved Trey and ran out of the warehouse. Trey untied Kristina and they hugged. Kristina was traumatized after her ordeal and Trey tried to comfort her by promising that it would be okay and by apologizing for Joe’s actions.

Haunted Star: Sonny quietly told Connie he was going to have her committed to ShadyBrook, fly in specialists, and do whatever it took to beat Connie and get Kate back. Connie said that was the Sonny she knew and loved – the one who expected the world to do whatever he wanted. Sonny said he just wanted Kate to get the help she needed. Connie told Sonny that only her husband could commit her to ShadyBrook and that wasn’t Sonny, it was Johnny. “You’re not going to [have me committed] are you baby?” Connie asked Johnny. He said no. Carly asked if Johnny had really been sleeping with Connie since April. Johnny said yes, and Carly slapped him so hard he almost fell, then she ran out. Johnny ran after her. Milo and Max grabbed Connie. Sonny told Alexis and a few others that he’d been keeping an eye on Kate and knew Connie had to be lying about sleeping with Johnny since April. Alexis said the marriage certificate was still real, and Johnny had power of attorney over Kate. Sonny asked if Olivia, as Kate’s relative, could have her committed. Connie yelled that Olivia was crazy. Alexis thought there was a chance that Olivia could get appointed as Kate’s guardian. Alexis warned Sonny that the judge would almost certainly frown on Sonny having his men drag her anywhere against her will, so Sonny had Milo and Max let Connie go. Dante received a call about the gunfire at Sonny’s warehouse. He told Lulu that he needed to go check it out, but he was reluctant to leave the wedding at such a tense time.

Sonny thanked everyone for coming, then asked them to go so he could be alone with Connie. Connie snapped that she didn’t want to be alone with him, but Sonny said he didn’t care what she wanted. Dante tried to talk with Sonny, but Sonny was eager to be alone with Kate, so he brushed Dante off. Alexis asked Sonny not to break any laws, then she left. Ellie sat down and kept watching things unfold. Milo told her and Spinelli they had to go. Spinelli introduced Milo to Ellie, then everyone except Milo, Max, Connie, and Sonny left. When Connie tried to leave, Sonny grabbed her arm and refused to let her go anywhere. Connie called for Johnny, but Sonny said it was just the two of them. He looked into Connie’s eyes and talked to Kate – he told he loved her and would do what it took to get her back. Sonny tearfully begged Kate to come back to him.

Johnny and Carly went to another part of the boat to talk. Johnny told Carly that he never meant to hurt her. Carly said she didn’t believe he’d been sleeping with Connie. Carly said she knew Johnny was too good of a man to hurt her the way he did before. Carly knew there was more to the story and she asked Johnny to tell her what was really going on.

Quartermaine Mansion: Monica caught Tracy staring at Joe’s medal and reminded her that she was supposed to have given it back and cut Joe out of her life. Tracy said she did want Joe and the medal out of her sight and off her mind. Monica asked why she still had it, and Tracy said her relationship with Joe was complicated. Monica wondered if Tracy really hadn’t learned anything from her disastrous relationships with other mobsters – Anthony and Gino Soleito. She urged Tracy to get rid of the medal and get rid of Joe. Tracy said she went to his hotel room to give him back the medal. The disapproving Monica realized what happened and told Tracy that she’d willingly gone to bed with a murderer and a rapist. Tracy admitted she’d had a “weak moment.” She stammered that she didn’t mean to, but she couldn’t help herself. Monica replied with a snide comment about Tracy’s willpower. Tracy conceded that Monica was right.

Monica called Joe a violent dangerous psychopath. Tracy said that was according to Sonny, but Joe claimed to be a victim of circumstance. Tracy said Joe wasn’t a murderer or rapist; when he was with her, he was gentle and sweet and she couldn’t imagine him forcing himself on anyone. Monica countered that he didn’t have to, when Tracy kept throwing herself at him. Monica told Tracy not to ignore the fact that Joe was the son of a mobster and was still a mobster. Tracy argued that Joe assured her that he had left that world. Monica laughed and said Tracy could not be that naïve. Tracy shot back that Monica didn’t have the best taste in men, so she couldn’t judge. Monica was afraid that the family would be hurt by mob violence if Tracy kept seeing Joe, and they’d already suffered enough due to the mob. Tracy said most of that was thanks to Monica’s son. Monica resented the comparison and said that Jason was nothing like Joe. Monica told Tracy that if she didn’t stop seeing Joe, Monica was going to tell Edward. Tracy said Monica couldn’t do that, because Edward was sick. Monica said she didn’t want Edward getting blindsided once Joe’s violent lifestyle started affecting the family. Tracy angrily took back all the nice things she’d said about Monica when they were at the hospital. Monica said she didn’t want to have break Edward’s heart by telling him Tracy was putting the family in danger. Tracy felt that it was important to shield Edward from danger, so she decided that she’d have to cut off ties with Joe for good. Monica told Tracy she was sorry. Tracy sighed that it was Tracy’s own fault. Monica put a positive spin on it by saying Tracy took a chance, and it had been awhile since Monica had been swept off her feet. Monica went upstairs and Tracy opened the door to take Joe’s pendant to the post office. At that moment, Joe stumbled in and begged her to help him.

Davis Home: Elizabeth told Sam that Jason told her that he and Liz could never be together. Liz said while Jason would always be in Liz’s heart, he belonged with Sam. Sam let her in so they could talk. Liz said she manipulated Sam into getting a divorce because Liz wanted Jason for herself. Sam said she heard Liz tell Lulu that Liz and Jason weren’t moving forward because Liz didn’t want to get involved with a married man. Liz explained that the truth was that she and Jason only kissed twice and he stopped both kisses. Liz admitted that she made up the story about Jason wanting to be with her after she overheard Sam tell Kristina that Sam and Jason were getting closer. Sam was stunned. She said Sam was a grifter for years, but Liz was good.

Sam was upset about the way she’d practically thrown the divorce papers at Jason as a result of Liz’s manipulations. Liz told Sam she (Liz) knew about that, too. She explained that Jason told her, after she went to visit him, planning to convince him that Sam was dating John. Sam asked if Jason thought that was true, and Liz told Sam she came clean and told Jason how she’d tricked him and Sam. Sam wondered why Liz confessed everything when she was so close to getting what she wanted. Liz said her manipulations were a betrayal of everything Liz and Jason had and of Jake and their love for him. Liz said she’d lied to Jason, Sam and another mother. Sam picked up on the last part and asked what Liz’s lies to another mother had to do with Sam and Jason. Liz tried to leave, but Sam asked her to explain herself. Liz said she knew what it was like to lose a child and didn’t want to add to Sam’s pain. Sam wondered if Liz would care so much if Liz didn’t know she had no chance with Jason. Liz said she didn’t expect Sam to forgive her, but she was sorry for everything. Sam told Liz that Liz knew Sam was in no position to judge. Liz appreciated Sam’s understanding. Sam was grateful that Liz told her the truth. Liz said she hoped that Sam would soon see how far Jason went to make things right. Liz told Sam that Sam was going to get back everything she’d lost. “Not everything” Sam said, in a sad tone. “You’ll see” Liz said, then she left.

Jason’s apartment: Jason showed John the real DNA test results and said it meant Sam’s son was alive and living with Téa in Llanview. John wondered how they were going to tell Téa that the child she loved wasn’t hers. John knew that a lawyer like Téa wouldn’t give the baby up without more proof. John said they had to get evidence that the dead child was Téa’s. Jason said they’d need to get Sam’s permission to exhume the body. John said that now that they knew the baby was Téa’s, they’d have to get Téa’s permission, not Sam’s. John somberly said he was going to have to take the paternity test back to Llanview, show it to Téa, and get her permission to exhume the child’s body. John didn’t take pleasure in knowing he’d soon have to admit that he’d visited Téa earlier under false pretenses, or in knowing he’d have to tell her that her child was dead. Jason offered to go with John and be the one to break the bad news, allowing John to support his friend. John said there was no reason for Jason to have to be the bad guy, because it wasn’t his fault. He said maybe Todd could explain things to Téa from his jail cell. Jason said there was no way to make it easy to hear your child died. John agreed. John felt that he should be the one to tell his friend the truth, and he told Jason that Jason should be the one to give Sam the good news.

Jason knew that Sam would want to go to her son as soon as she found out he was alive. John knew that would be hard on Téa, but he didn’t think there was an easy way to do this. Jason said he’d been planning to wait to tell Sam the truth, but now he didn’t think it was fair to let her go on thinking her baby was still dead. Jason let John know he appreciated John getting the DNA sample and that he knew the hardest part would be telling Téa. Jason said he knew what it was like to lose a child. John said Téa would always be the baby’s mother in her heart, but Sam was the true mother and she’d get her son back, which was all that mattered.

John went back to Téa’s house in Llanview. He picked up a baby toy on the porch and looked at it, then he looked at the DNA test results before knocking on the door.

Davis home: Jason arrived and Sam let him in. Sam told Jason that Liz told him the truth. Jason cautiously asked about what and Sam filled him in. Jason asked if that was all Liz told her, and Sam asked if there was something else.

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