GH Update Tuesday 10/2/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/2/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and Trey’s: Kristina was in the hallway on her way to the wedding, when Joe clamped his hand over her mouth and dragged her off.

Haunted Star: Michael was nervous about giving a speech after the wedding. Starr gave him some pointers to help him get over the jitters. Michael glanced at Sonny and said Sonny was even more nervous that Michael was.

Sonny wanted to make sure the wedding went smoothly. Max and Milo told him the guards were stationed all around the area. They swore there was no way Joe or anyone else Sonny had issues with was going to get to the boat.

Connie and Johnny were in one of the back rooms. They argued over whether or not Johnny was going to let Connie force him to take part in her scheme. Lulu walked in on the tense moment and asked what was going on. Connie covered and claimed to be threatening to bankrupt the Haunted Star with bad publicity if something went wrong at the wedding. Lulu accepted her explanation. She assured “Kate” that everything would be fine, then left her alone to get ready. Johnny left, too. Lulu remarked that Kate was back to her old self.

Olivia was emphatic that Kate’s alter had taken over. She told Steve and Dante that if Kate were in her right mind, she never would have wiped mascara on their grandmother’s handkerchief and thrown it away. Steve and Dante looked at Olivia with concern and tried to convince her she was wrong, but Olivia vowed to tell Sonny who he was about to marry. Dante and Steve blocked her path and pulled her off to the side before she could reach Sonny. Olivia insisted that she was right and the men tried to placate her by suggesting that Kate might just be having a bad day. Olivia said okay and said she was going to the restroom. She walked away, but doubled back once Steve and Dante’s backs were turned and overheard Steve say that Olivia might have to go to ShadyBrook if she kept hallucinating.

Maxie watched as Spinelli and Ellie connected over their mutual love of comics. Carly asked Maxie if she’d seen Johnny. Maxie pointed her in the right direction, then ran off after Spinelli and Ellie. The minister stopped her to ask when the ceremony was starting. Maxie said soon, then she resumed spying on Spinelli and Ellie.

Alexis called Kristina and got her voicemail. Shawn said he was sure Kristina was on her way. Joe took Kristina to Sonny’s warehouse and tied her to a chair. He made her call Alexis and say she’d had a fight with Trey and didn’t feel up to going to the wedding. Alexis tried to convince her sobbing daughter to deal with Trey later, but Joe hung up the phone. Alexis was taken aback, thinking Kristina had hung up on her. Sonny noticed her expression and asked if everything was okay. Alexis took him aside and told him what Kristina said. Sonny asked if Trey was giving her a hard time and Alexis said she thought Kristina might be realizing the truth about Trey. Both Alexis and Sonny were hopeful that this might be the beginning of the end for Kristina’s marriage. Sonny wondered where Kate was and Lulu overheard and said she was doing some last minute bride things.

Johnny groaned in pain as he sat down in one of the chairs. Carly rushed over to him and asked if he was okay. Johnny said he was fine, just tired. Carly was irritated that Kate had insisted on him being there. Johnny reminded her that she should try and keep the peace for the sake of the kids. Carly agreed that he was right. She said Sonny claimed he loved Kate, although Carly didn’t understand why. Carly admitted that Sonny had been very understanding about Connie. Johnny asked that they not discuss Connie, and his tone made Carly suspect something else was going on. Johnny claimed he was just thirsty and asked Carly to get him some wine. Carly told Johnny they were leaving as soon as Kate and Sonny said “I do.” When she walked away, Johnny said to himself that he wished that was possible.

Jason’s apartment: Elizabeth tearfully explained that she’d manipulated things because she cared about Jason and wanted a chance with him. Jason said he should go to the wedding. Liz stopped him by saying she had to tell him something about the baby. Liz prefaced her confession with the acknowledgment that she’d done the wrong thing. Spinelli called Jason to ask where he was. Jason told Spinelli something had come up, then he hung up the phone. Liz began to haltingly tell the truth, and Jason urged her to get on with it. When Liz apologized and admitted that she’d deliberately given Jason the wrong results, he calmly asked if she had the real ones. Liz got some papers out of her purse and handed them to Jason. She told him he was right; Sam’s baby was alive. Jason read the results and digested the fact that Sam’s son was still alive.

Liz said she hadn’t been able to sleep after lying about the baby. Jason asked why she did it. Liz said she felt bad for the woman who’d been raising Sam’s son for four months. Liz said the woman didn’t deserve to lose the baby. Jason countered that the baby didn’t belong to her. Liz yelled that she didn’t deserve to lose Jake, either, when Sam watched him get kidnapped and watched Liz, Lucky and Jason suffer without telling them what she knew. Jason asked if this was payback and Liz sobbed that she didn’t know. She admitted it might be. Liz said if Sam hadn’t done what she did, Jake’s life would have been different. Liz told Jason that she also did it because she didn’t want Jason and Sam to reunite and she was afraid the baby would bring them back together. Liz asked why she and Jason couldn’t have a chance after all they’d been through. Jason didn’t know what Liz wanted him to say. Liz calmed down a bit and said she didn’t expect him to say anything. She said she realized she’d been slowly losing her mind. Liz said she’d been struggling with Jake’s death, trying to get better on her own, but it was getting worse. She’d hoped Jason could fix things for her, but now she realized that wasn’t fair of her to expect that of him.

Liz walked out of the apartment, but Jason called her name. Liz said she was sorry she ruined everything that Liz and Jason had. Jason said he knew what it was like to make a terrible mistake and at least Liz was able to make things right. Liz promised that she would, by telling Sam everything once Sam had her baby back. Jason asked her not to say anything; he said he had to figure out the best way to handle this. Liz asked Jason to do her a favor and be kind to the woman raising Sam’s baby and remember that he knew what it was like to lose a child.

Sonny’s warehouse: Kristina’s phone rang again and she told Joe it was her mother. Joe looked at the number and said that was actually his son calling. Kristina didn’t understand, and Joe revealed that he was Trey’s father. Kristina realized that he must be Joe Scully Jr., Sonny’s enemy. Joe was a little annoyed that Trey had already told Kristina the whole story, but he confirmed it and said Sonny deserved to be hated. Kristina said he must have history with Kate if she really was Trey’s mom. Joe confirmed this as well and said she left Trey to die. Kristina refused to believe Kate would do such a thing. Joe laughed and said “I’d tell you to ask her some time, but that’s probably…” Kristina interrupted to say he was a liar just like Trey and she was annulling the marriage ASAP.

Kristina angrily informed Joe that Sonny would kill him. Joe laughed at her, then he told her he considered this poetic justice, as Sonny had brought him to the same warehouse and tied him up just like Joe had to Kristina. Kristina recoiled as Joe softly ran his fingers across her bare shoulder. Joe said Sonny made a mistake leaving Joe alive. Joe told Kristina that no one would make it in time to stop what he had planned for her, because it would all be over before time the wedding ended.

Kristina gave Joe a lot of attitude and Joe said he could see why Trey fell for her and her fiery personality. Kristina told Joe to get it over with and make the ransom call. Joe said this wasn’t about ransom. Joe told Kristina he wanted the Corinthos money and power and everything else and he’d get it as soon as Kristina was dead. Joe confidently said Sonny had so many enemies that no one would ever suspect Joe in her death. Joe reminded Kristina that one of Sonny’s enemies even shot her brother. Joe explained that once Kristina was dead, Trey would inherit from her. Kristina tried to talk Joe out of killing her. She asked to call Trey, but Joe said no. Kristina told Joe that Trey would hate him. Joe said Trey would never know. Joe said part of being a parent was doing the dirty work so your kids didn’t have to. Joe said this was going to make Trey’s life and his. He told the sobbing Kristina he was sorry she had to die, but Sonny had to lose so Joe could win.

Starr and Trey’s: Trey called Kristina and got her voicemail. He remembered Kristina telling him off for lying to her. In the present, Trey promised to make things up to Kristina.

Haunted Star: Maxie used a tray of hors d'oeuvres as a pretense to start a conversation with Ellie. They chatted, then Maxie asked how long Ellie and Spinelli had been dating. Ellie said this was her first date. Ellie was very kind, complimenting Maxie on the wedding and her dress. Ellie said Spinelli told her about Maxie being in the fashion industry. Ellie, on the other hand, never knew what to wear. Maxie told Ellie that she looked great. Spinelli returned and he and Ellie went to their seats. Maxie complained to herself that she hated Ellie because she was so nice.

Dante told Lulu he was concerned because Olivia was convinced that Kate was Connie. Lulu told Dante about seeing Johnny and “Kate” together earlier. Lulu said it seemed like Johnny and Kate were covering.

Alexis watched Sonny nervously pacing and told him he should know from his 500 marriages that the bride would get there when she was ready. Sonny explained that it wasn’t just wedding jitters; he was nervous because he wanted to get married to give Kate some stability before he told her the truth about Trey. Sonny believed that the news might cause a setback and he wanted Kate to know she had her husband to be by her side. The judge told Sonny they had to get the wedding going, and Sonny sent Maxie to get Kate.

Connie modeled her wedding dress, then went toward the main room.

Max ordered Milo to stop looking so guilty. Milo felt that Sonny deserved to know about “Kate’s” out of character behavior. Milo said Kate had never come on to him before, and he suspected that Connie might have been the one who kissed him at the bachelorette party. Max pointed out that Sonny would not take that news well and that he’d never take Milo’s word over Kate’s. Max urged Milo to just do his job. Max felt that if Connie was Kate, it was safest for Milo to let Sonny figure that out on his own.

When Trey got to the wedding venue, Michael asked where Kristina was. Trey told him he thought she’d be there, by now. He explained that they didn’t come together because they had a fight and she walked out on him. Michael was pleased and asked what happened. Trey said that was between him and Kristina. Trey just wanted to find her and explain. Michael knew how much the wedding meant to Kristina and he figured Trey must have really upset her if she wasn’t there. Trey decided to go look for her, and Michael grabbed him. Trey asked if Michael was going to ruin another wedding with a fight. Starr calmed Michael down and told him Trey had the right to find his wife. Trey hoped he hadn’t lost Kristina. As he was leaving, he bumped into Connie, who snapped at him, then she snapped at Maxie. Maxie took it all in stride and got the wedding started.

Davis home: John and Sam sat on the living room floor. They kissed passionately and John removed Sam’s sweater and kissed her shoulder. Sam suddenly put the breaks on things and said if they didn’t stop now, they never would. John asked if that was a problem and Sam said yes. She pointed out that they’d just gotten out of relationships and were still hurt and angry. John agreed that those were the wrong reasons to turn to each other. Sam said if they were meant to take that step due to their connection, they’d still be able to later on.

John told Sam he didn’t want to complicate her life or hurt her more than she already had been. They were about to kiss again when Trey banged on the door yelling for Kristina. Sam let him in and he didn’t go into details, but he told her about the fight. He left a note for Kristina, assuming she’d stop by there, later.

Sam told John that this had been a weird day, but not all bad. As John was leaving, Jason called and told John they had to meet.

Starr and Trey’s: Trey found Kristina’s bracelet in the hallway and assumed she’d returned. He ran inside and she wasn’t there. Trey remembered Joe insisting that Trey marry Kristina and stay married, so the Scullys could get their inheritance back. Alarmed, Trey figured out Joe’s plan. He rushed over to Joe’s motel room, but he wasn’t there.

Jason’s apartment: John arrived and Jason showed him the correct DNA results. He told John that Tea had Sam’s son. John didn’t want to do anything until he knew Jason was sure these results were right. Jason assured him that they were. John didn’t relish hurting Tea. Jason said he just wanted Sam to have her son back.

Davis home: Liz stopped by to talk to Sam. Sam wasn’t interested in what she had to say, but Liz insisted that this was important. She told Sam that she deserved to know the truth. Sam said she already overheard Liz tell Lulu that she and Jason were back together. Liz told Sam that she lied, because she knew Sam was listening. Sam said she saw Jason and Liz kissing. Liz told Sam how Jason pulled away and said he and Liz would never have a future. “Divorced or not, he still belongs to you” Liz said.

Haunted Star: Connie beamed as she walked down the aisle toward Sonny. The judge told them that a successful marriage required commitment, honesty, trust and the support of family and friends. He asked if anyone knew a reason why Sonny and Kate shouldn’t marry. Olivia stood and announced she had something to say. Steve unnerved Olivia telling everyone that she didn’t feel well. Olivia stammered something about Kate being lucky to marry Sonny. Olivia wished Kate happiness, and she and Connie hugged. The wedding resumed, then Milo jumped out of his seat and told them to wait. Max quickly said Milo wanted to say best wishes to Sonny, then he pulled Milo back into his chair. Sonny said he was glad everyone was happy, but this was a wedding, not a free for all. He directed the judge to get things going again.

Before things could get started, Connie objected and told Sonny she couldn’t marry him. Carly whispered to Johnny that you’d think Kate had enough drama. Alexis told Shawn that this didn’t bode well. Maxie hoped this wasn’t her fault. Sonny wanted to talk in private, but Connie said everyone should hear this. She coldly said she couldn’t marry him because she was already married. Everyone stared at Connie except Johnny, who stared at his lap. Sonny tried to convince “Kate” that this could be fixed. He told her she wasn’t married. Connie cried that she was married – to Johnny.

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