GH Update Monday 10/1/12

General Hospital Update Monday 10/1/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr opens the door to see Michael ready to take her out. They are dressed formally and happy to be together. Kristina and Trey are also at the apartment. They are all ready to attend Sonny’s wedding. But Michael and Starr can see that Kristina and Trey need to discuss something privately. They leave them alone to talk. Kristina has yet to find out who Trey’s mom is but tells him she’s certain she won’t be “shocked” to find out. Right then, Trey spits out to her that his mom will indeed be at the wedding. She’s the bride.

Kate (as Connie) is getting ready and clearly has a trick up her sleeve.

Johnny and Carly talk at The Haunted Star and he tells her he has his “reservations” but is not about to reveal his deep dark secret to her. She asks him to come with her to Sonny and Kate’s wedding> But he tells her he cannot do that.

Alexis is ready to attend with her formal dress but Sam announces to her mom she is not going.

John and Jason talk about the very likely possibility that the baby that died when Sam gave birth was not her baby and he (the baby) may very well be alive. Elizabeth overhears knowing that that might mean for Jason and Sam.

Steven joins Dante and Lulu and wants to find Olivia and take her to her cousin’s wedding> But they tell him that Olivia may not be “ready”. She appears to be having more hallucinations.

Although Connie has successfully convinced Olivia that that is in fact the case and that Olivia did not know what she saw when she declared Connie has come out, Olivia watches her cousin and declares she is not seeing things. She spies upon her cousin getting ready and declares she knows that this is in fact Connie who has taken over.

Sonny stands beside Max and Milo when the brothers are wondering if they should tell Sonny that his “fiancé” has seduced Milo the night before.

Maxie talks to Lulu about believing that Spinelli has moved on and ready to date another girl. But Lulu wants her to believe otherwise. Right then, they see Spinelli in a formal tux with a date on his arm. Lulu declares she can clearly see that Spinelli has not “gotten the memo”.

Jason and Elizabeth are dressed and ready to attend the wedding together when he tells her that he and John McBain have found evidence that the baby that died was not Sam’s. But the only way to know whether Sam’s baby is dead or alive is to exhume him and he doesn’t want to go through with that and put Sam through that only to find out her baby may have died. He also shows Elizabeth the signed divorce papers from Sam, which confirms that he has to give up on his marriage.

Sam is alone at Alexis’ home when John comes by. She gives him an envelope that appears to be Natalie’s handwriting. She tells him it may be good news about his son, Liam. She is ready to give up on John and let him get back to his fiancé and baby. But John does not want Sam to go away when he opens the envelope.

When Kristina finds out, for the first time that Kate is his biological mom, she asks who his “mysterious” dad is. He then admits that his dad is Joe Scully. She then concludes that he’s lied to her and to Starr about his father and his father’s history with Sonny.

When Milo attempts to work up the courage to tell Sonny what “Kate” did to him the previous night, Sonny suspects nothing about hat and tells Milo it can wait.

Olivia catches Connie red-handed.

Sonny joins Dante and Lulu and asks if any of them might have seen Kate.

Maxie goes to find Olivia with Connie who tries to make it sound as though she’s still Kate. She dismisses Maxie so she can talk alone with her cousin.

Carly tells Johnny she will go upstairs, make sure Jocelyn is ok, get dressed and join him at Sonny’s wedding although he does not want to go.

Lulu motivates Maxie to go and talk to Spinelli before the wedding although he’s with a date.

Olivia admits to her cousin that she “really believes” she is seeing Connie although Connie convinces her it’s the LSD talking.

When Kristina finds out that Joe Scully is Trey’s father and he’s lied to her about it, she cries and tells him he’s betrayed her. How can she believe or trust him about anything?

John talks to Sam alone at Alexis’ home while he opens the envelope to read that Natalie is done with him; and if he cares about Liam, he will honor the restraining order and stay away. Sam agrees that he shouldn’t have to accept that. He tells her he will fight for his right to see his son but realizes it’s over between him and Natalie. Hearing that, she tells him “that makes two of us” realizing the same fate for herself and Jason has happened.

Jason discusses the same thing with Elizabeth after getting the divorce papers, which he admits he did not expect Sam to actually go through with drawing up and sending to him. Hearing that, Elizabeth declares to him she thinks she knows the reason why Sam did what she did.

Sam tells John McBain that she did, in fact, give Jason the divorce papers last night. He asks her if she’s sure this is what she wants. She admits no but realizes this has to happen. She admits that she overheard something at the bachelorette party that confirmed to her that she and Jason are through. She overheard Elizabeth telling someone that she (Elizabeth) kissed recently.

Elizabeth tells Jason she hates to be the one to tell him this but Sam is dating John McBain.

She tells John that she believed there was hope for her and Jason working out their issues. But what she overheard confirmed to her that that hope is gone.

Jason admits to Elizabeth that even if he were to give up on getting Sam back, he at least wanted to give his soon-to-be ex-wife the chance to be a mother. But he now knows what Sam will never get the chance. Elizabeth can see that he may have second thoughts about ending it with Sam. But right then, he signs the papers to confirm that he’s ready to divorce Sam and not contest it.

Maxie notices that Spinelli is about to eat something that he’s allergic to. But Spinelli’s new friend, Eli, seems to know all the scientific properties and theories about his allergies to prove she knows him better than Maxie.

Trey tells Kristina that he only found out that his dad as in the mob and knew her dad recently. But she realizes that it was months ago that he’s known and been lying to her about that.

Sonny finds Kate and asks her why he overheard a very “intense” argument between her and Trey and questions if there is not far more to it than her simply telling her future step-mother’s “husband” that she disapproves of Trey and Kristina being married. He knows there’s much more to it than that although she’s not about to let Sonny know that Trey is her son.

Johnny tells Carly he’s happy to be alive and be with her. She gets him to get dressed in formalwear with her and gets him to go with her to Sonny and Kate’s wedding.

Trey protests to Kristina that he did not lie to her because he wanted to. He did because his father “ordered” him to. Hearing that, she asks if he’s a 12 year old without any responsibility for his actions. And she demands to know why he felt he had no choice except to comply with what his father demanded of him.

Connie successfully convinces Sonny to suspect nothing and believe she’s Kate. He leaves. Olivia enters and seems to believe that her cousin is Kate and she has no cause for suspicion. Connie dismisses her cousin. But as soon as Olivia is alone, she notices something “suspicious” in the waste basket.

Johnny and Carly arrive and Johnny admits he’s not comfortable nor happy to see Sonny and knows the feeling is mutual. But Carly encourages her boyfriend and ex-husband to get over their differences and be civil.

Ellie asks Spinelli about his “history” with Maxie, indicating she knows he might have feelings for Maxie. Maxie observes them with Lulu and indicates she is not ok about the thought of Spinelli moving on.

John admits to Sam that losing the person one thought they had a rare connection with and having to accept that it’s all gone is a devastating and confusing fate and he does not know what will come next.

Jason is ready to leave with Elizabeth. But she cries and tells him she has to reveal something to him. She admits that she lied to him about something very important.

Sonny and Alexis are wondering why Kristina and Trey have not arrived.

She emotionally tells him that she now knows that the only reason he married her in the first place was because his father put him up to spying on her father for him. She tells him now he’s stuck with a wife he doesn’t want for no reason so it must suck to be him. He protests to her that she must believe him when he says that she does mean something to him.

Dante and Michael stand beside Sonny and declare to their dad that they are very proud of his fighting for the woman he loves. They all suspect nothing.

Johnny goes to find Kate (who’s really Connie) and urges her to know it’s not too late to change his mind.

Elizabeth cries and admits to Jason that she lied to him that Sam was “with” John McBain. She also had Sam falsely believing Jason was with her. She’s pretty certain that is why Sam served him with divorce papers. She wanted them to divorce and could not accept that he and Sam were getting closer. She wanted both Sam and Jason to believe the other had moved on. She admits it was stupid and immature and not the person she wanted to be. She tells him she is really sorry.

Sam is with John McBain alone in the house, both believing their respective relationships are over. He tells her that maybe it’s time for him to get going.

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