GH Update Friday 9/28/12

General Hospital Update Friday 9/28/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Replays are shown of the scenes of Mac getting Milo away from the women, the poker game and Sonny trying to give money to Trey from yesterday.

Maxie and Sam approach Kristina to ask her why she never told them that Milo had such a great body. She says she didn't know as she had only known Milo as a bodyguard and he never wore anything tight. Kristina then asks Lulu how she didn't know that Milo had such a great body since Lulu was the one Milo had a crush on. Lulu tells them that Milo never dropped his pants for her. Starr wonders how Sonny will react to hearing about "Magic Milo". Sam says she thinks that Milo won't be a bodyguard much longer as he could have his own career. Maxie calls dibs on being Milo's manager but Lulu insists on a cut since she helped make it happen. Olivia tells Lulu that they are all grateful for that. Olivia asks where Kate is.

Replays of Kate coming onto Milo and Sonny showing Trey his medal.

Sonny dangles the medal in front of Trey and asks if he recognizes it. He says that the initials are J.M.S. for Joseph Mitchell Scully, Trey's daddy.

Johnny is in the Haunted Star looking at a photo of himself with Carly. He flashes back to Connie telling him he has no choice but to sign her papers. Back in current time, he then says to himself that he does have a choice and he is making it. He drops the photo of himself and Carly and he drops his passport into a duffel bag.

Replay of Olivia walking in on Connie all over Milo, kissing him. She asks Connie what she is doing with a tone of indignation.

Mac and Felicia congratulate Maxie on a successful party. Maxie said that it was only successful because she could get a stripper at the last second, that she had the idea to ask Milo to strip and she thanks Lulu for helping convince Milo to strip. Lulu says Maxie owes her because now she has to be Milo's client in his personal training business in exchange for the show. Lulu says she can't wait to have to explain that to Dante. Felicia says everyone comes out ahead with Milo making a lot of money, Lulu gaining a personal trainer and Mac getting to witness a bachelorette party to which Mac says he has a greater understanding of women. Felicia says best of all, Maxie scored big points with Kate. Felicia asked what Maxie will do with it. Maxie says she's going to use it to score her old job at Crimson back. Felicia says she should use it with Spinelli, too.

At the poker game, Spinelli folks from the hand they are playing and texts Ellie. Jason clearly isn't thrilled when Spinelli tells him that is who he is texting and that its about the DNA test.

Sam thanks Kristina for taking her to the party and showing her a good time, telling her that she is a good sister. Kristina says she isn't sure about that after what she put Sam and the family through. Sam shows an understanding for Kristina going through a tough time. Kristina tells Sam she will, too, with Elizabeth listens.

Dante asks Michael how things are going. Michael says things are good. Dante says he hopes things stay that way, especially with Starr in such close quarters with Trey. He says things could get dicey.

Trey confirms to Sonny that he is the son of Joe Jr. Sonny says that Trey is going to do as he's told and that he will save Trey as much hardship as he can for Kristina's sake. Sonny insists that Trey divorce Kristina. Trey refuses.

Olivia asks what Connie is doing with Milo. Olivia says Connie is marrying Sonny tomorrow. Connie says she's aware of that. Olivia asks why Connie is shoving her tongue down Milo's throat.

At the Haunted Star, Carly arrives and Johnny goes to greet her. Carly is mad at Johnny for being at the Haunted Star after receiving instructions from Steve to stay off his feet and stay home. Johnny is glad she's concerned and Carly said she's more than concerned since she tried to stop the bleeding. She asked what would happen if Johnny popped a stitch while driving home, he passed out and he drove into oncoming traffic. Johnny says that Carly has been hanging out with Todd too much and that it's not going to happen. He says he has a few more things to do. Carly says everything looks almost done. Johnny says he's not there for work, he's there to get away and he's taking Carly with him. Johnny says he's ready to take the Haunted Star out but Carly says it can't go anywhere. Johnny tells her of all of the refurbishments he and Lulu have been making to the Haunted Star so its ready for a cruise. Carly says she's not dressed for a night out at sea. She agrees to go with him on a sail if he agrees to go back home to rest. Johnny says he has a longer trip planned. He wants to take Carly away from Port Charles permanently.

Milo is a bit panicked by Olivia finding them. He's worried that Olivia will tell Sonny and she nearly confirms she will. She tells Milo to get dressed, get into his car and start driving because once Sonny hears about what happened with Milo and Connie, Sonny would do some damage. Milo begs Olivia not to say anything and pleads his innocence to her as Connie says she and Milo did nothing wrong. Milo apologizes, gathers his clothes and runs. Olivia asks how Connie could do that Sonny, how she could be all over Milo like that. Connie then starts to work on convincing Olivia that she just had another hallucination.

Sonny says he thought they were done playing games. Trey says that they are. sonny says that they need to deal with their problem before it gets worse. Trey asks if he means the same way Sonny dealt with Joe Jr. by framing Joe Jr. for a murder he didn't commit and stealing his inheritance. Sonny tells Trey that Joe Jr. fed him a bunch of lies and that he'd school Trey but he doesn't care and that as long as Trey stays away from Kristina, the two of them will be fine. Trey tells Sonny that he can make as many threats as he likes but he's not staying away from Kristina because he cares about her. Sonny asks if Trey cared about her when he talked her into "Mob Princess" and tricked her into marrying him. Trey says he will never hurt Kristina and Sonny asks if Trey's father would say the same thing.

At the Floating Rib, the girls see Milo running out of the bar and tell him not to be scared. Sam asks Kristina if there is anything she can say that would convince Kristina that she and Jason are not a sure thing. Kristina says no, especially with the evidence she has to the contrary such as Sam not giving Jason the divorce papers and Sam and Jason both being drawn to Noodle Buddha. Nearby, Elizabeth listens as Kristina convinces Sam that she and Jason are meant to be, including mentioning Sam and Jason kissing. Elizabeth is clearly unhappy hearing this.

Maxie, Lulu, Felicia and Mac discuss the possibility of Maxie with Spinelli. Lulu mentions Maxie's marriage to Matt, then asks if Maxie would want it. Maxie confesses that she could under the right circumstances. Felicia says she thinks that Maxie does want Spinelli but Mac says that Spinelli has the reservations this time. Maxie says they are not reservations, Spinelli hates her. Lulu says that he doesn't hate her, he's just hurt. Lulu tells Maxie how perfect Maxie and Spinelli are for each other, but Maxie decided that she should be with Matt. Maxie says everyone thought she should be with Matt, but Mac and Lulu say that they didn't. Felicia leads Mac away so Lulu and Maxie can speak privately. Lulu reminds Maxie how Spinelli was there for her when Robin died and tells her that this time Maxie will need to make the first move with Spinelli and that maybe she needs to put some work into it. Maxie asks what if she doesn't know how to do that.

Jason tries to convince Spinelli to drop the whole DNA issue because the tests show that the baby didn't match Sam. Spinelli says that there was no test done between the baby and Tea. Jason reiterates that the test didn't match with Sam. Spinelli is adamant that the issue be pursued. Ellie walks in and Max tries to stop her, telling her that they are having a private party. Ellie says that she is invited while Spinelli tells Jason that he will prove that he is right with Ellie's help.

Jason asks if Spinelli has contacts at the hospital now. Spinelli says her name is Ellie, after her great aunt. Ellie tells Max that she's not interested in their party but then smells the cigar and asks if they are Cubans. She starts to go to the table but is stopped by Max. Jason comments that she's an interesting girl. Spinelli tells Jason how intelligent Ellie is. Jason says that she's cute and starts to tell Spinelli that maybe they should go out. Spinelli says she does have a certain "effervescent appeal" and goes to greet her.

Carly asks Johnny if she's supposed to drop everything and leave with him and reminds him that she has a daughter. Johnny says that they will take her along. Carly asks where they are supposed to go. Johnny says anywhere she wants and they can explore the world. Carly says it's not realistic. Johnny says they can travel until they find a place to settle down. Carly wants to know why Johnny wants the three of them to leave.

Olivia says that what she saw wasn't a hallucination. Connie says she is sure it was and asks what Olivia saw. Olivia tells Connie how she saw her all over Milo. Connie tells Olivia that she was just calming Milo down because Milo was scared that Sonny would be upset over Milo's stripping and that Milo had a point. Olivia says that she saw lipstick all over Milo's face while Connie tells her that she would never kiss Milo no matter how tempting. Olivia insists that she knows what she saw. Connie continues to convince Olivia that she saw a hallucination and she (Kate) would never do anything to hurt Sonny...but Connie would.

Milo runs into the bachelor party and Max asks why he is back so early. Max then notices lipstick on Milo's neck.

Dante says that he doesn't think that Trey will come between Michael and Starr but as a cop, he can see when things are off and he says there is something off about Trey. Dante says that he can tell that Trey is a con and he doesn't want Michael involved in whatever Trey is doing and that its bad enough that Trey is involving Kristina. Michael tells Dante he did all he could to stop Kristina from marrying Trey and that Trey scrambled to cover himself while Kristina bought all of it. Dante says that Kristina doesn't want to believe that the man she married is using her. Michael confesses that he would have done real damage to Trey if Starr hadn't pulled him away from Trey. Dante warns Michael to be careful, especially considering his record. Michael says it was hard to stay out of it. Dante asks if Sonny of handling it.

Sonny wants to know what Trey's father's plan was and asks if Joe Jr. cut Trey out of the plan. Sonny brings up how Trey lied to get into Kristina's life, how Trey preyed on Kristina's feelings and innocence. Trey protests that he didn't but Sonny brings up that Trey married her without telling her who he and his father are. Sonny says that Joe Jr. has Trey in way over his head and asks if Trey knows what he could do to Trey. Sonny says if Trey does care about Kristina, then Trey needs to tell Sonny where Joe Jr. is.

Starr asks Kristina if she's heard from Trey. Kristina reminds Starr that before "Magic Milo", she said something was bothering Trey. Sam tells Kristina that she could say many things about Trey but since Kristina has been so supportive of her, Sam will keep those things to herself and she walks away. Starr comments that it looks like the rest of Kristina's family is as unhappy with Kristina's marriage as Michael is but Kristina just says that they'll get over it. She wants to know what's up with Trey.

Sam heads over to the bar and asks what she has to do to get a drink. Mac tells her to say please, then he serves her a shot after she does.

Lulu re-joins Elizabeth at the bar, apologizing for being all over the place and asks what Elizabeth was saying. Elizabeth says its nothing but Lulu says she knows that something was bothering her. Lulu asks if it was about Jason as Sam overhears. Lulu promises no more interruptions. Elizabeth sees Sam at the bar as well and says it would feel good to get some things off her chest and asks if Lulu can keep a secret. Lulu assures her that she can. Elizabeth says she doesn't want to make things awkward between Lulu and Lucky and Lulu reassures her that she won't. As Sam hears all, Elizabeth says that something did happen with Jason, that they kissed.

Carly asks Johnny why the urge to get away. Johnny says it's just an impulse and Carly reminds him that they promised no more secrets. She wants to know if it's a mob issue or a money issue and tells him if its money, she has money. He tells her that it's not money and she presses him for a reason to leave. She asks how he would explain things to Lulu, Starr and Kate. He said he'd buy Lulu out, Todd would take care of Starr and Kate wouldn't care. Carly tells him how upset Kate would be if he sailed off with her wedding. She pushes further, wanting to know what's wrong. Johnny says that its the whole thing with Jerry, saying that after the whole thing blew over, he started to wonder why he was still there and brings up that there are a lot of people who don't want them to make it. He wants to take Carly and Josslyn somewhere safe where he can protect them. Carly reassures him that she doesn't care who doesn't want them to make it and that no one will tear them apart. She tells him that he can't stop them from ever getting hurt. Johnny said he can try. Carly tells him that they have to try there because Port Charles is their home.

Starr tells Kristina that Trey seemed really upset before they left for the parties. She felt like something serious was wrong. Kristina says that Trey wasn't going to open up to her after she ran to Michael the last time he did. Starr tells Kristina that she should be grateful that she has a brother who cares so much about her. Kristina says she isn't going to get into an argument with Starr, so just tell her what Trey said that had her so worried. Starr says it was about Trey's mother.

Milo says that it isn't lipstick on his neck, its barbecue sauce. Max asks who the woman is. Milo says there's no woman. Max asks if Milo is getting some and asks if its Diane. Max says he knows how Diane feels about flexible men and that he warned Milo to stay away from her. Milo tells him it's not Diane. Milo whispers that its Kate. Max takes Milo aside and Milo tells him that Kate kissed him a lot. Max smacks Milo in the back of the head and calls him an idiot.

Dante asks Michael if Sonny has plans for Trey. Michael says he has no idea what Dante is talking about. Dante says he saw Sonny's face when he took Trey into the office. Dante says that Michael knows something is going on. Michael tells Dante its complicated and Dante tells Michael to educate him. Michael suggests Dante talk to Sonny and walks away.

Sonny continues to press Trey to tell him where Joe Jr. is. Trey remains silent. Trey asks what Sonny was going to do. He brings up what happened to McBain's sister and says that he knows Sonny framed Joe Jr. for murder. Sonny tells Trey that Joe Jr. did commit the murder. Trey says that he won't go against his father and won't let Sonny either. Sonny pulls a gun on Trey and asks what makes Trey think he can stop him.

Spinelli explains to Jason who Ellie is and asks Jason to explain to Ellie what Jason told him. Jason tells Ellie the situation. Ellie remembers the situation and Jason tells her that there was no match with Sam. Jason tells her that the hospital must have made a mistake on the autopsy in the tissue donation, they hospital recorded the wrong blood type for Sam's baby. Ellie tells Jason that is impossible.

At the Floating Rib, Sam still listens in on what Elizabeth and Lulu are discussing. She hears as Elizabeth tells Lulu that Jason actually kissed her, not the other way around. Lulu asks how she feels about that. Elizabeth says confused because she knows Jason is still married, she reminded him of that and said it wasn't ok but Jason told her that he has feelings for her. Lulu asks if Elizabeth has feelings for Jason and Elizabeth says she always has had feelings for him but she doesn't want to come in between Jason and Sam but Jason told her it was ok, that things are over with Sam and that Elizabeth has nothing to feel guilty about. Lulu asks what Elizabeth is going to do. Elizabeth says she would respect the marriage and wait for the divorce papers to be signed. Lulu asks if Elizabeth is worried that Jason will change his mind. Elizabeth says no and that Jason assured her that the papers would be signed any day now. Elizabeth says that Jason told her that he's going to put his mistakes with Sam in the past and he can't wait to move on with his new life. Lulu asked if he meant with Elizabeth and Elizabeth shrugs.

Carly tells Johnny that she sees he's disappointed. She says that its tempting to run away and that maybe some day they can. Johnny says he just hopes it's not too late. Carly asks why it would be too late. Johnny tells her that things change. Carly tells him that's why it's so important that they trust each other. She says that she should go but Johnny asks her to stay. Carly says he gets all the time with her he wants.

Kristina asks Starr how Trey could be upset about his mother when he never met her. Starr says that apparently they were introduced because he said he spoke to her. Kristina asks if Trey said what his mother wanted or why she just showed up 25 years later. Starr says that all he knows is that he found out stuff about his mother and that Trey doesn't tell her those things but maybe he'll tell his wife.

Sonny tells Trey he can't protect his father and he'll do what he has to do to protect his children. Trey reassures Sonny that his father won't hurt Kristina. Sonny asks if Michael and Morgan are fair game and tells Trey that he is fair game, too. They are interrupted as Dante knocks on the door. Sonny tells Dante not now and Trey asks for his medal back. Sonny tells Trey that Joe Jr. can come and get it. Trey explains it's his as his name is Joseph Mitchell Scully, too. Trey says that Kate tore it off of him. Sonny says that it didn't happen that way, he saw Trey manhandling Kate. Trey asks if that's what Kate told him. Sonny asks what that is supposed to mean. Dante knocks again and walks in, asking if everything is ok. Trey leaves and Sonny tells him that they are not finished. Trey says he is and leaves. Sonny tells Dante that the party is over and walks out of his office.

Ellie tells Jason that she did the tests twice herself. She said the deceased baby was AB negative and Spinelli adds that a baby born from Sam and Franco could not be AB negative. Jason asks how they can explain the DNA test showing that the living baby isn't Sam's.

Elizabeth tells Lulu about how she and Jason have known each other way longer than Sam and Jason have. Elizabeth tells Lulu how much she and Jason had helped each other and how they had a baby together but the timing was always wrong but now maybe the timing for her and Jason is right to make it work. Sam walks out of the Floating Rib as Elizabeth watches. Olivia comes in and asks Lulu if they could get out of there. Connie walks in and asks to see Maxie. She tells Maxie that the party got off to a bumpy start but Maxie saved it so the job at Crimson is hers. She congratulates Maxie. Maxie shares the news with Mac and Felicia. They congratulate her and Felicia tells her that maybe now she can go to Spinelli and make it two for two. Maxie says she thinks she will and leaves to find Spinelli. Lulu asks Olivia what's wrong. Olivia tells Lulu she had another episode. Olivia tells Lulu she hallucinated Kate being all over Milo. Connie smiles as she watches the two talk.

Max asks Milo if he made out with Kate. Milo says that Kate threw herself at him and explained how he didn't want to strip, but Lulu begged him. Max tells him that Lulu is a married woman. Milo asks if he should tell Sonny or not. Max tells him not if he wants to live because if Sonny doesn't kill him personally, Jason will.

Jason tells Spinelli and Ellie that he can't take the investigation any further.

Dante is on the phone with Lulu and asks if Olivia is ok. Lulu tells him that she is but she's shook up and that they will be heading home soon. Olivia stares at Connie as if she's trying to figure things out when Lulu comes and takes Olivia out of the bar.

Sam arrives at the bachelor party to see Jason. Jason asks what she is doing there. Sam says she's bringing divorce papers. She said she signed them and when he does, he's free to move on. She gives him the papers and leaves.

Spinelli thanks Ellie for coming to see them. She says she's happy to do it. Spinelli asks Ellie to dinner and she says she's free tomorrow. Spinelli says he has a wedding to attend and asks her to be his date. She accepts. Maxie walks in just in time to hear Spinelli tell Ellie that it's a date.

Milo swears to Max that he would never kiss Kate. He says that Kate kept coming onto him and telling him how much she likes his guns. Max tells Milo to shut up. Milo asks what if Olivia tells Sonny what she saw. Max tells him to let her and she can deal with the fallout.

Connie asks Mac and Felicia if she can hang around the Floating Rib for a while. Mac tells her that its fine and gives Connie the key so she can lock up.

Carly tells Johnny that she hates to break things up but she has to get home. She makes him promise not to sail off without him and he promises. They kiss.

Connie puts some music on the jukebox and lets loose at the Floating Rib, dancing on the pool table and eating whipped cream.

Lulu and Kristina arrive home to find Trey there waiting. Kristina asks what is going on and what's wrong with Trey.

Sonny arrives at the Floating Rib to find it empty.

Kristina tells Trey that Starr mentioned that something happened with Trey's mom. She urges him to tell her the truth.

Johnny closes his duffel bag as Connie walks in and tells him that she loves what he's done to the place. Johnny begs her not to make him do what they are going to do. Connie says she's sorry but it's time for him to take his medicine.

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