GH Update Thursday 9/27/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/27/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie tosses back shots, stressing about the bachelorette party. Felicia and Mac are with her trying to calm her down. Maxie tells Felicia and Mac about Kate's high standards. Connie arrives, excited and asking where the men are.

Jason, Max & Milo are getting ready for Sonny's bachelor party when Sonny arrives.

Mac gives Connie a glass of champagne and tells her it was Maxie's idea. Connie takes a sip and then turns her back to Mac, Maxie & Felicia and pops a balloon, clearly displeased.

Sonny sends Milo to be security for the bachelorette party, telling him no one is to crash, especially Joe Jr.

Joe Jr. packs a duffle bag, tossing a role of duct tape into the bag.

Spinelli arrives for the bachelor party and thanks Sonny for allowing him to attend. Michael then arrives and Sonny brings Michael to his office for a private word. He shows Michael the medal that Kate dropped. Michael notices the initials JMS and Sonny tells him they stand for Joseph Mitchell Scully. Michael asks what it's doing there.

Trey is getting dressed and flashes back to Connie telling him that he is a child of rape. He is clearly shaken when Starr walks in and asks what is the matter.

Connie escorts Maxie away for a talk. Felicia asks why Mac is giving Maxie alcohol. Mac tells her it's mostly water. Connie asks about entertainment. Maxie starts to tell her that he has some games set up but Connie wants to know about the strippers.

Joe Jr. is interrupted by a knock at the door. Tracy is there.

Connie tells Maxie what she wants in the way of strippers. They are interrupted by Dante dropping off Olivia and Lulu. Connie pulls Olivia to the side to talk and Dante says goodbye to Lulu. Elizabeth arrives at the party and sits at the bar. Kristina and Sam arrive for the party. Sam wants to go home but Kristina makes Sam to stay as Sam tries to leave twice.

Spinelli is excited over Cuban cigars and tries to light one when Jason stops him as he has the cigar backwards. Spinelli puts the cigar away saying she will save it for someone who appreciates it. Jason asked if he means someone like Maxie.

Maxie gets on the stage at the Floating Rib to start the party with a speech about sending Kate off to martial bliss. Connie stops her, says no more speeches, she wants to get her drink on.

Spinelli tells Jason he's put his feelings for Maxie to rest and that he joined an online dating service. Jason asks if he's had any dates. Spinelli says he's optimistic. Jason tells him that maybe he needs to not look for someone so specific.

At the bachelorette party, Connie, Elizabeth, Olivia, Maxie and Lulu are doing shots as Sam and Kristina watch nearby. Connie goes into how Olivia isn't drinking so much and how Olivia used to really put the shots away. Sam and Kristina approach the bar, share drinks and Sam talks about what happened at the Chinese restaurant between Jason and Sam. Sam tells Kristina about the kiss. Kristina is excited, telling Sam that this means she and Jason could still have a shot as Elizabeth looks on.

Jason tells Spinelli that the party wasn't the place to discuss Sam, then tells Spinelli he's wrong about the baby.

Maxie goes to the bar for another drink. Felicia tells her that Kate seems to be having a good time. Maxie tells her that Kate wants a stripper.

Tracy walks into Joe Jr.'s room and he assumes she is there because she still has feelings for him. Tracy insists he's wrong and says she's there to return his medal.

Sonny tells Michael that he doesn't know how the medal he's looking at got there but its Joe Jr.'s and proof that Joe Jr. is up to something. He warns Michael to be careful. Michael asks about Trey and asks if Sonny found something else on him. Sonny said that was putting it mildly.

Starr asks if Trey's mother wasn't out of the picture and asks if he found out something from his dad. Trey said he found out from the woman herself. Starr asks if Trey as seen his mother.

Maxie is wondering where to find a stripper with such short notice, then says she should call help find a stripper, not to strip. Milo walks in as Maxie steps away to make her call to Spinelli and they say hello to each other.

Tracy hands the medal back to Joe Jr. He asks her if she came all that way just to return the medal. Tracy said she wants to make sure he receives it and can't claim it was lost in the mail. Joe Jr. said she could have sent it certified mail where she could have gotten a receipt. After he takes the medal, Tracy doesn't leave right away. Joe asks with her ride waiting and since she gave him the medal, what is keeping her there.

Sonny tells Michael the story about Joe Jr. and Trey, telling Michael that Trey is Joe Jr.'s son. Michael asks if Trey knows.

Starr figures out that Kate is Trey's mother. She offers to stay with him at the apartment to watch movies, but Trey says they both have parties to go to. Starr says she is just going to Trey's party for Michael. Trey insists they both go to the parties and he leaves.

Michael and Sonny further discuss if Trey knows, but Sonny says he doesn't know what Trey knows. Michael voices concern about Kristina, saying that she doesn't know and she thinks that Trey cares about her. Sonny says he won't do anything uncalled for but Joe Jr. is dangerous and he will do anything to protect his family. Dante walks in and asks what Sonny is protecting them from.

Jason tells Spinelli that the DNA for the baby doesn't match Sam. Spinelli says there is no way that is true, that something had to have happened to the test because the other two showed to match Sam.

At the bachelorette party, Elizabeth flashes back to the conversation she and Jason had about the DNA test. Lulu interrupts her, saying she looks lonesome and asks what is on her mind.

Spinelli is on the phone thanking someone for coming out of her way and he looks forward to seeing her. Jason asks if Spinelli asked a date to the party. He said he asked Ellie to come over to give a professional opinion. Jason protests but Spinelli asks him not to take him off the case.

Connie is upset and impatient, asking Maxie where the strippers are. Maxie confesses there are no strippers coming. Connie tells Maxie that she was going to get Crimson back and hire Maxie back as her assistant but if she can't handle a simple bachelorette party, she won't hire her. Maxie tells her to give her a minute, she runs off and grabs Lulu to ask for her help. Lulu goes to Milo and starts buttering him up, telling him how good he looks. Maxie watches Lulu and Milo, giving Lulu a thumbs up.

Spinelli reluctantly brings up the divorce. Jason tells Spinelli what happened at the Chinese restaurant. Spinelli asks if that means that Jason and Sam are working things out. Jason tells him that Sam still has the papers and that he had to leave about the DNA tests. Spinelli urges him to not give up on the baby or on Sam.

Lulu and Milo agree on a deal before Maxie drags Milo away. Lulu goes back to Elizabeth, apologizing for leaving her. They talk about Elizabeth's feelings for Jason with Elizabeth telling Lulu that she did something stupid. Sam sits nearby, watching and listening to the conversation between Elizabeth and Lulu.

Joe Jr. dares Tracy to leave and says she can't as he opens the door for her. Tracy starts to leave and Joe Jr. points out that she stayed there. Tracy closes the door and kisses Joe.

Starr arrives at the party and Kristina introduces Starr to Sam. Starr tells Kristina that she had a talk with Trey. Sam excuses herself and Kristina asks what Starr spoke with her husband about.

Sonny gives Dante an excuse about protecting them from Spinelli. Dante wonders why and Sonny tells him because Spinelli counts cards like Rainman. Sonny, Dante and Michael join the party to play some poker. Trey walks in as everyone sits down to get started, commenting that they saved him a seat.

Olivia asks Connie if she's not having a good time. Connie says she's not. Olivia says she's got booze, food, family and friends and then asks if she's having second thoughts about marrying Sonny. Connie says she's not.

Sonny invites Trey to join them and Trey says no thank you, that he's not one of the "big dogs". Sonny escorts Trey to his office, offering him an account with the "Bank of Corinthos". Spinelli wonders if he, too, could open an account with the "Bank of Corinthos".

Connie complains about not being able to have a good time. She says her party is dead and wonders where the shenanigans and flesh are.  Maxie interrupts the party to introduce "Magic Milo". Milo steps out on the stage in his suit and freezes up as he looks around. Lulu sees Milo freezing up and tries to coach him from the bar. Milo stiffly starts to dance a bit. Connie is clearly not entertained by Milo.

The men continue with their poker game and Spinelli says that he can't see the ladies having as good a time.

At the bachelorette party, Lulu continues to coach Milo. He finally starts to undress and the ladies, Connie included, start to urge him on.

The men discuss how calm Sonny is with Trey and Michael tells the men about how Trey and Kristina got married, then comments how they'd never get married like that. Jason asks if Michael if he means him and Starr.

Milo starts to loosen up and get into the stripping and Connie begins to enjoy the show.

The men start to question Michael about him and Starr. Michael protests that he and Starr are ready to marry. A comparison to Romeo and Juliet is discussed then dismissed by Spinelli.

Starr is seen recording the show at the bachelorette party briefly but then stops as Connie, Maxie and Starr begin dousing Milo with champagne and beer. As Milo begins to strip off his pants, Connie asks Olivia for some money.

More discussion by the men about Starr and Michael. Max advises not to commit to anyone while they young like he did. He's asked if he means Diane and wasn't he about 40 when he was with Diane. Max says he's not 40 yet. Max continues to urge Michael to just stay free.

At the Floating Rib, Milo strips down to his boxers. Connie drops money down Milo's boxers while Felicia gives money to Starr and Maxie. All the other women follow Connie's lead and give Milo their money as he dances on the table.

Michael continues to defend his relationship with Starr and that he doesn't see the point in rushing into anything. Spinelli assumes that Michael means he and Starr will last.

At the bachelorette party, Connie and Milo are putting on a show on the pool table as she douses Milo with more alcohol then goes to drink it off of him.

Jason gives Michael advice about how serious marriage is and that he should take his time because if it ends, it's very painful.

When the whipped cream comes out at the Floating Rib, Mac attempts to stop the strip show but is pushed aside by the women.

Michael insists that he and Starr are not getting married. Spinelli shares a poem about men and brotherhood with the men at the poker game. Jason and Spinelli face off in a hand with Jason winning.

At the Floating Rib, Mac manages to get Milo off the pool table and away from the women. Connie follows them out of the bar. Milo is getting dressed and pulling money out of his shorts when he comments to himself to remember to thank the boss for sending him to the Floating Rib, allowing him to "made out" stripping than he would have at the poker game. Connie walks in and asks if someone mentioned "making out"

The men at the poker game are going to start a new game and wonder what's going on with Sonny and Trey. Michael says that he thinks Sonny and Trey will be awhile. In his office, Sonny offers Trey a large stack of cash. Trey says he doesn't feel comfortable taking the money. Sonny says he felt comfortable taking his daughter and that he thinks Kristina is not all Trey wants.

Connie is checking out Milo and starts coming onto him. Milo, doesn't get what she's doing until she becomes more aggressive with him. When she refuses to let him get dressed, Milo tells Kate that Sonny wouldn't appreciate what she's doing. She says she's not married to Sonny yet.

Trey tells Sonny that he doesn't understand what Sonny means. Sonny shows Trey the medal, indicating that he knows who Trey is.

Olivia goes to get Kate so they could have cake and walks in on Connie kissing Milo.

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