GH Update Wednesday 9/26/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/26/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly’s: Carly noticed Elizabeth checking her phone and asked if she was hoping to hear from Jason. Carly let Liz know she was grateful for what Jake had done for Josslyn and that she didn’t want Liz or Jason to hurt any more than they already did. Carly informed Liz, that in her opinion, Jason would never get romantically involved with her, because it would put her and the boys at risk. Liz didn’t understand where this was coming from, and Carly told her she knew Liz and Jason kissed. Carly explained that Sam saw her, and in Carly’s opinion it was the only reason Sam signed the divorce papers. Carly said she knew what it was like to love someone knowing it would never work out. Carly admitted she’d treated unfairly given Liz so much grief over Jason was because Carly was jealous that Jason used to turn to Liz instead of her. Liz told Carly this was none of her business. Carly told Liz that Jason might confide in her or kiss her, but they would never have a real relationship. Liz argued that Carly had no idea what Liz and Jason shared. Carly was adamant that Jason was constantly struggling with wanting to connect with Liz, but knew he couldn’t, especially after what happened to Jake, because he didn’t want Liz to get hurt. Liz said she’d heard all this before. She said she used to believe the timing would never work out for her and Jason, but she didn’t feel that way anymore.

Carly warned Liz that the more she invested, the more it would hurt when Jason and Sam reunited. Liz pointed out that Sam already signed the divorce papers. Carly countered that they both had to sign. Carly believed Sam and Jason still wanted to be together and she didn’t think they’d go through with the divorce. Jason walked in on the uncomfortable scene and asked what was going on. Carly told Jason to relax; she and Liz were just catching up, then she walked away. Jason asked Liz if she wanted him to talk to Carly. Liz said no, because while she didn’t agree with Carly, she thought her intentions were good. Jason wondered how bad Carly’s lecture was, and Liz told him not to worry about it. Liz told him the DNA results would be in today. Jason thanked her for putting a rush on it. Liz said the sooner they found out whether the baby was Sam’s the better it would be for everyone. Jason said he was lucky to have her help. Liz realized it was time for her to head to the hospital; she asked Jason if he wanted to go with her. They left.

Shawn noticed that Carly seemed depressed. She explained that she’d signed the divorce papers and given them to Alexis. Carly was okay, but this was difficult, because part of her would always love Jax. Carly said she should have signed the papers months ago, but she’d finally done it for Johnny. Shawn didn’t like Johnny, but he admitted he’d gone up a few notches after he saved Carly. Carly said Johnny had worked hard to prove himself and had been honest with her, so she felt like she owed it to him to move on. Carly made an offhand comment about wondering if Alexis would ever let Jax go. Shawn was startled and asked what she meant. Carly said Alexis adored Jax. Shawn said he knew they were friends. Carly unnerved Shawn by lying to him about Jax and Alexis falling in love and getting married. Carly laughed and told him the truth – Jax and Alexis were never more than friends and only got married to help a mutual friend. Carly asked Shawn if he was involved with Alexis. Shawn said yes, and Carly asked if it was serious. Shawn wasn’t sure yet, but he was interested in seeing where it went.

Floating Rib: Jax met with Alexis to discuss his divorce. Jax said he chose the venue because there was alcohol available there. Alexis wondered if he regretted his decision. Jax said that Carly’s reluctance to sign the divorce papers had made him wonder if he’d made the right choice, but now that he was back and saw her commitment to Johnny, he was okay with the divorce. Jax was worried that Carly would regret putting her faith in Johnny, though. Alexis wasn’t a fan of Johnny’s, but she did think he was devoted to Carly. Alexis reminded Jax about Johnny taking a bullet for Carly. Jax grumbled that he saw the whole thing. He told Alexis that Todd and Johnny were keeping something from Carly and that Todd wouldn’t tell Jax what it was. Jax felt that the only thing he could do was warn Carly, then let her decide who to trust. Alexis surmised that Jax didn’t like not being Carly’s rescuer anymore. Jax said that wasn’t his place anymore, and Alexis handed him the divorce papers and said it could be his place if he destroyed them.

Jax said life or death situations had a way of prioritizing what was really important. Alexis joked that they should send Jerry a thank you card. Jax said he would have done anything to rescue Alexis from Jerry. Alexis smiled and said Jax did when he bravely confronted Jerry. Jax reminded her that Carly didn’t back down either. Alexis thought Carly was only being protective of Jax. Jax said Carly saved him and Johnny saved Carly. While Jax was grateful Johnny took a bullet for Carly, he was concerned that it would make Carly fall even harder for Johnny.

Alexis wondered where Jerry had been planning to take her. Jax said she should be honored in a way that Jerry wanted to spend his last days with her. Jax understood why his brother never got over an incredible woman like Alexis. Jax said there was no one he’d rather be in a marriage of convince with. Alexis smiled and told Jax he was the best husband she ever had and the best friend. She gave him a friendly kiss on the lips.

They played pool and Alexis told him about her and Shawn. Jax noted that Shawn made his way down to the docks to help Alexis even though he was in bad shape at the time. Alexis. Alexis said Shawn had been incredible. Jax asked if it was serious. Alexis didn’t know, but she thought she’d have fun finding out. Jax said to tell Shawn that he’d come back from Australia and kick his butt if he didn’t treat Alexis like royalty. Alexis was disappointed he was leaving already. Jax said Carly had moved on and it was time for him to do the same. Jax said he’d be back all the time for Josslyn, but Alexis said once Josslyn was old enough to fly on her own, she’d never see Jax again. Jax hugged her and said he’d miss her too. Alexis picked up the papers and couldn’t help smiling as she asked if he wanted her to deliver them to Carly. Jax pointed out that she couldn’t contain her joy, and Alexis said she never thought Carly deserved Jax. Jax said he’d take the papers, as he was meeting Carly at Kelly’s. Alexis said she was meeting Shawn there, too. Jax took her hand and suggested they give them something to talk about.

Kelly’s: Carly said Alexis wasn’t her favorite person. Shawn said at first he thought Alexis was uptight, but now he knew she had a wild side. Jax and Alexis arrived. Jax told Shawn he was a lucky man. Shawn said he’d do what he could not to mess it up. He and Alexis walked away. Shawn asked if Alexis had a good time with her ex. Alexis jokingly asked if Carly was making trouble and Shawn said just a little. They went outside and Shawn said Carly’s little trick made him realize there was a lot he didn’t know about Alexis. Alexis said there was a lot she didn’t know about Shawn either. They smiled.

Jax handed Carly her copy of the divorce decree. She stared at it silently for awhile then said they were officially exes. Jax said it never felt like you thought it would. Carly said she expected to feel this way and asked what Jax had expected. Jax confessed that he’d feel a lot better about things if she weren’t moving on with Johnny. Carly said she didn’t want to fight about this – Johnny was good to her. Jax said this wasn’t a fight. He countered that Johnny was lying to her, but Carly said Johnny told her what he and Todd were fighting about. Carly assured Jax that Johnny’s secret wasn’t even that big. Jax hoped she was right. Carly smiled and said it wasn’t his problem. Jax said that’s what made it hard. They hugged. Carly wiped away tears, then told Jax he should go spend time with Josslyn before he left. Jax told Carly to call him if Johnny gave her any trouble and he’d come right back to town. They shared a bittersweet goodbye, then Jax left.

Manning Enterprises: Todd called Johnny, who was at home, and asked if he’d solved Todd’s “crazy lady” problem yet. Johnny said that depended on whether Todd was going to help with Johnny’s crazy lady. Todd said he would think about making Connie disappear. Johnny snapped that thinking and doing were two different things. Todd said he’d help Johnny, but first he wanted an update on how Johnny was coming with Heather. Johnny said his men tracked Heather south. Todd accused Johnny of giving him the run around with such vague information. Johnny said the cops couldn’t even find Heather, while Connie was right under Todd’s nose. Todd said that if Johnny could deliver Heather to his office in the next three hours, Todd would take care of Connie. Todd hung up.

Johnny’s home: Johnny decided to go somewhere, but someone threw a bag over his head and kidnapped him, just after he stepped outside his apartment.

Pozzulo’s: Connie arrived after Sonny called her. Sonny asked how she slept, and he played disappointed when she said she’d slept like a baby. Connie appeased him by saying she slept better with him. Sonny was excited they were getting married tomorrow, and Connie pretended to be happy about it, too. She said she had a lot to do before the wedding asked Sonny why he called. Sonny wanted to know why she wanted to have the wedding at a place owned by Johnny. Connie said it was a beautiful location that was also partially owned by Sonny’s daughter in law. Connie said she didn’t invite Johnny to the wedding, she just made a simple business transaction. Sonny countered that there was nothing simple about her relationship with Johnny, and he asked why she brought it up. Connie said they didn’t have a lot of options. When Sonny asked why they couldn’t get married at the Metro Court, “Kate” cried that the Metro Court reminded her of the cruel things Connie did to Sonny on his birthday. Sonny said he wasn’t trying to upset Kate; he just wanted her to understand his viewpoint. Connie argued that she could never celebrate their love at the Metro Court. Her position was that she’d only dealt with Johnny because she couldn’t reach Lulu. Sonny didn’t understand why she didn’t let Maxie handle it. Connie replied that Maxie couldn’t be trusted to take care of it after she botched the menu plans.

Connie offered to have the wedding somewhere else if it would make Sonny feel better. Sonny relented and agreed to get married at the Haunted Star, as long as Johnny didn’t pull anything. Connie assured him that Johnny wouldn’t be there. They kissed, then Connie left. Connie wiped her lips, then murmured to herself about the plans she had for Sonny and said she was back thanks to the son she wished she never had. Connie pulled Trey’s medal out of her purse, just as someone put a bag over her head and kidnapped her right outside the restaurant. She dropped the medal during the struggle.

Back inside the restaurant, Milo and another henchman delivered Johnny to Sonny. Johnny was still dealing with pain from his gunshot wound. Johnny realized this was about the wedding and said for what it was worth, he tried to talk Kate out of getting married at his club. Sonny said it wasn’t worth much. Sonny told Johnny he’d never forget what Connie and Johnny did with each other. Sonny said it had taken some time, but Kate was nearly healed, but there were no guarantees. Sonny knew that Connie considered Johnny an ally and told him that if Connie ever turned to Johnny again, he needed to let Sonny know. Johnny said he loved Carly and he wouldn’t hurt her like that. Johnny said if it were up to him, he’d never hurt Carly again. Sonny told Johnny that people made a choice whether or not to hurt people. Sonny told Johnny that it was inevitable that he’d hurt Carly again, but Sonny wouldn’t allow him to use Connie to do it. Johnny sarcastically saluted Sonny and left. When Sonny and his men left, Sonny found Trey’s medal. He asked if it was Johnny’s and the men told him that they brought Johnny in through the other door.

Manning Enterprises: Two men brought Connie to Todd’s office. Todd told them to leave the office, but stay close by. Connie put on a performance pretending to be the appalled Kate, and she told Todd that Sonny would kill him when he found out about this. Todd told her to drop the act, because he knew all about DID and had faked having it to get out of trouble. Connie snapped that she was found not responsible for something her alter did. Todd revealed that he knew she was Connie and that Johnny caused the accident and not her. Todd said for that reason, it was time for Connie to say goodbye. Connie panicked and asked if he was going to kill her and Todd mumbled that he wasn’t sure. Connie realized that Johnny was blackmailing Todd into getting rid of her. Todd refused to discuss it with her, and he buzzed his henchmen back into the room. Connie quickly told Todd to wait; she pointed out that if she disappeared, Sonny would torture Johnny and Johnny would tell Sonny what Todd was hiding. Todd said he could handle Sonny. Connie pointed out that Sonny would kill him, and when Todd still refused her help, she realized Johnny must be holding something huge over Todd. Todd told her to let him worry about what he may or may not have done. Connie said he was going to end up paying for it. Todd said he didn’t believe in karma and Connie said she was talking about death. She pointed out that Sonny would flip if she didn’t show up for the wedding tomorrow. Todd didn’t understand why Connie was going through with marrying someone she hated. Connie asked Todd to think about how Starr would feel when he was killed, then she found out Todd knew who really killed her family.

Connie said she wasn’t going to tell anyone what Johnny did, because if she did, Johnny would tell everyone that she was Connie and Connie would end up in the psych ward. Connie said all Johnny had to do was follow orders and they’d all be fine. Todd asked what Connie wanted Johnny to do, and Connie reluctantly told him. Todd was delighted by Connie’s twisted plan, because it would also break up Carly and Johnny. Connie said that would give Todd the chance to make a move with Carly. Todd said he and Carly weren’t like that; he just thought she could do better than Johnny. Connie asked if Todd thought he was better, considering he was going to have Connie killed. Todd wasn’t sure whether or not he was going to let Connie live. To Connie’s dismay, Todd buzzed his henchmen back into the room, and they grabbed her.

Todd had Johnny come by the office. Johnny asked if Todd found Connie and Todd said yes. Todd asked if Johnny found Heather. Johnny said he was getting close, but Todd said that wasn’t good enough. Johnny asked Todd what he wanted him to do, when Heather was on the run. Todd wasn’t sure, but said he had some incentive for Johnny. He pressed the buzzer, and on cue, Connie strolled in. Johnny saw Todd and Connie smile at one another and felt like he’d been tricked. Todd walked out, leaving Johnny and Connie alone in his office. Connie told Johnny he was going to pay for trying to get rid of her.

Hospital: Sabrina was feeling down after a patient gave her a hard time. Patrick cheered her up and let her know that the patient was difficult with the doctors, too. Patrick apologized to Sabrina about Emma’s behavior the night before. Sabrina told him not to worry about it. She apologized for interrupting his date and asked how Emma was. Britt overheard Patrick and Sabrina laughing and talking about Emma wishing Sabrina would come back the next day. She hurried over and told Patrick she was glad things worked out with his daughter. Britt mentioned that Patrick was worried when Sabrina called during dinner. Sabrina apologized for that, but Britt sweetly assured her she’d done the right thing. Patrick agreed. He thanked Sabrina and walked away.

Once he was gone, Britt’s demeanor changed. She snidely said Sabrina didn’t deserve thanks and probably shouldn’t be trusted with patients if she couldn’t even handle a small child. Britt snarled that she’d given Sabrina one task so that Britt could go out with the one doctor who interested her and Sabrina couldn’t even do that right. Sabrina tried to defend herself, but Britt interrupted and said Sabrina exaggerated about the severity of the tantrum, that’s why Sabrina, Emma and Patrick were able to have such a cozy evening. Sabrina daydreamed about grabbing cold oatmeal off the cart next to her and throwing it in Britt’s face. Britt saw Sabrina smiling about her fantasy and accused her of being happy with the way the evening turned out. Britt said if she didn’t know any better, she’d think that Sabrina wanted Patrick all to herself. Sabrina stammered that that was crazy and that in order for that to happen she’d have to be someone else. Britt realized she was right; Sabrina did have a crush on Patrick. Sabrina denied it and said besides, Patrick was into Sabrina, or he would be if it weren’t for his dead wife. Sabrina realized she made Britt angry and she scurried off to do bedpans. Patrick returned and said it was funny that Britt would have Sabrina on bedpans, when she was actually quite talented. Britt said she agreed that Sabrina had a lot of potential.

Patrick asked to talk with Britt after he finished with his patient. When he got back, he apologized for their awkward date the night before. Patrick said he should have made sure she could eat something on the menu and that he shouldn’t have taken her to his late wife’s uncle’s bar. Britt didn’t hold it against him. Patrick said he ran out and left her there. Patrick said he talked to Emma and it shouldn’t happen again. Britt said she hoped not, then she clarified that she meant she hoped Emma was okay now. Patrick asked her out again. They agreed to go to dinner later that night, then Patrick realized he couldn’t go, because Maxie wasn’t available to watch Emma. Britt said there were a lot of other student nurses who’d be happy to baby-sit.

Sabrina walked up and offered to watch Emma. Britt thought it was a bad idea after what happened last time, but Patrick said Emma liked Sabrina now. Sabrina said she’d love to try again and redeem herself. Patrick readily agreed to let Sabrina watch Emma and said they were all getting a do-over. Patrick walked away and Britt asked Sabrina if she was trying to ruin another date, or get close to Patrick. Sabrina fantasized about grabbing Sabrina by the hair and telling her off for being so nasty and dismissive toward Sabrina. Britt apologized and begged for forgiveness. Britt snapped Sabrina back to reality by speaking to her in a rude tone. Sabrina meekly said she offered to baby-sit because she thought Britt would appreciate it. With a glare, Britt said she hoped neither Sabrina nor Emma would interrupt the upcoming date.

Hospital: Liz took Jason into a room and told him to wait there while she went to the lab. Jason thanked her and Liz smiled and said he had to stop saying that. She returned and handed Jason the results, then she grabbed the envelope and told him to stop. Liz said that even if the envelope said what Jason hoped, it would be a long road to reunite Sam and her son. Liz said she wanted to be there for Jason no matter what happened. Jason appreciated her standing by him. She gave the envelope back. Jason read the results and was stunned that they said Victor Jr. wasn’t Sam’s son. Jason asked if it could be a mistake, but Liz assured him that they ran the results several times. Jason was frustrated, because all the evidence pointed toward this being Sam’s baby. He was disappointed, but assumed that he must have been wrong. Liz gently said she wished Jason could have given Sam her son, but it was over now and he had to let it go. They hugged.

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