GH Update Tuesday 9/25/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/25/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Drake home: Patrick was running late for his date. He called Britt and asked if they could meet at the Floating Rib. She agreed. Sabrina arrived for babysitting duty and was flustered when the shirtless Patrick opened the door. He asked her which shirt he should wear and she picked one and told him it brought out his beautiful eyes, then she quickly backtracked and said the shirt was beautiful. While Patrick was out of the room, Sabrina stared at a picture of Robin, Emma and Patrick.

Patrick led the shy Emma into the room and introduced her to Sabrina. Emma clung to Patrick’s leg and asked where he was going. Patrick told her he was going to dinner with a new doctor named Britt. Emma asked why, and Patrick said he wanted to get to know her and perhaps become friends. He told her Sabrina was a new nurse (she corrected him and said she was studying to be a nurse) and that the two of them were going to have fun. Emma didn’t want to stay with Sabrina; she wanted Maxie. Patrick explained again that Maxie couldn’t babysit tonight. He kissed Emma goodbye and left. Sabrina tried to interact with Emma, but the little girl ran out of the room. Sabrina looked at Robin and Patrick’s wedding photo, and her heart broke for Patrick. Outside, Patrick tried to psych himself up for going on a date.

Emma came back out of her room, but she pouted and rebuffed Sabrina’s attempts to win her over. Sabrina asked Emma what she wanted, and Emma said she wanted Patrick.

Floating Rib: Patrick was surprised when Mac walked over to the table; he thought Mac was still out of town. Mac explained that his and Felicia’s vacation to Niagara Falls got cut short because Mac had to work. Patrick introduced him to Britt, but it was obvious that he was avoiding mentioning the family connection. Britt shared that she’d transferred from a large Boston hospital, because she wanted to work in a more personal environment. Mac assumed this was a work thing, but Britt told him they were on a date. Patrick told Britt that Mac was Robin’s uncle. Britt gave Mac her condolences and said everyone at the hospital said nice things about Robin. Mac thanked her and asked what she’d like to drink. When Mac went to fill their orders, Patrick followed and sheepishly said the date was Britt’s idea. Mac asked why Patrick was explaining this. Patrick said he was still married. Mac assured Patrick that Robin would want him to move on. Mac said Britt seemed nice and she was pretty, too. While they were talking, Britt answered Patrick’s phone – it was Sabrina calling, because Emma said she wanted her dad. Britt impatiently told Sabrina to deal with it on her own. Sabrina thought Emma might feel better if she spoke to Patrick, but Britt said Sabrina needed to set limits with Emma, then she hung up.

Drake home: Sabrina tried to show Emma a card trick, but Emma wouldn’t cooperate and hurled all the cards to the floor. Sabrina gently told Emma she might need a time out. Emma knocked some toys off a desk, then yelled that she wanted Patrick. Sabrina watched helplessly as Emma threw herself onto the couch and cried.

Floating Rib: Patrick apologized, because as a vegetarian, Britt couldn’t eat much on the menu. She told him it was okay and that they’d go somewhere else next time. Sabrina called, very apologetic for interrupting, and told Patrick Emma had locked herself in the closet. Patrick apologized to Britt for having to leave. She acted like she was very understanding about him putting Emma first, but once Patrick left, she rolled her eyes.

Drake home: Sabrina hung up the phone, when Patrick arrived, then she apologized profusely to him. Patrick said it wasn’t her fault. He said that when Emma got scared, she got angry. Patrick blamed himself for not preparing Emma better. Sabrina understood that Emma just missed her mom. Patrick said he did, too. Sabrina told Patrick that he was a great dad and that Emma would feel better and understand once he talked to her. Patrick said that was a good idea. He went and got Emma, then carried her back into the living room. Patrick told her it was his fault and that next time he went to visit a friend, he’d explain things to Emma first and make sure she had something fun to do while he was gone. Patrick said he thought Emma scared Sabrina and asked Emma to apologize to her. While Emma and Patrick were talking, Sabrina was in the kitchen. After the talk was over, Sabrina came in with two glasses of milk and cookies. She made chocolate milk and said she bet “Dr. Drake” loved it. Emma, calmed by Patrick’s return, giggled at Sabrina. Sabrina had made the treat just for the Drakes; she was about to leave when Patrick and Emma asked her to stay and have some.

Johnny’s house: Carly wondered why Kate would want to have her wedding at the Haunted Star. She was sure something must be going on. Johnny changed the subject and he and Carly cuddled for a bit, but she steered the conversation back to Kate’s strange choice. Johnny said they had more pressing issues – he was hungry for Chinese food. Carly knew about a great place that delivered, but Johnny wanted a dish that could only be gotten at the Noodle Buddha across town. Carly was happy to go pick it up. She kissed him goodbye and left. Johnny stood up and wondered how he was going to shut Connie down.

Hospital: After hanging up, Britt adjusted her slinky black dress and mentioned to Elizabeth that she was dressing at the hospital because she had a date. Liz wished she had a man in her life and said things didn’t work out with the guy she liked. Britt chuckled that that was one way of putting it, and she pointed out that Ewen tried to kill Liz. Liz, taken aback by Britt’s blunt comment, said she was talking about someone else. Britt advised Liz to make it work out and pursue the man she was interested in.

John brought Victor Jr.’s DNA sample to the hospital.

Noodle Buddha: Jason and Sam kissed. Jason leaned in for a second kiss, but Sam pulled back and wondered what they were doing. Jason noticed the divorce papers and seemed saddened to see that Sam had already signed them. Sam explained that she’d stopped by his apartment and she was trying to make things as easy as possible. Jason got John’s text and told Sam he had to go. Sam said he didn’t have to leave because of her, but Jason said this couldn’t wait. After Jason left, Carly arrived and placed her order, then she approached Sam and asked if she’d come all that way to meet someone. The forlorn Sam said she was celebrating her anniversary. She told Carly about her coincidental meeting with Jason, the sweet celebration they had at the urging of the owners and the kiss. Carly called Sam passive aggressive. Sam told her not to worry, since any feelings Jason may have had for her dissipated when he saw the divorce papers. Carly said she was sorry. Sam pointed out that Carly never thought Sam was good enough for Jason. Carly agreed, but said that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

Sam said Jason would be free to put Carly first again or maybe not, since he’d moved on with Liz and was probably with her now. Carly didn’t believe it, and Sam said she saw them kissing and celebrating his birthday. Carly snapped that Sam had no place to judge after she kissed John. Sam reminded Carly that Carly cheated on several people. Carly said she owned up to what she’d done, while Sam sat there crying over a divorce that she supposedly wanted. Sam argued that she didn’t want to be angry or disappointed in the man she loved anymore. Sam asked Carly if she had any idea what Jason did to her, when he shut down with her, while she had to deal with carrying her rapist’s child. Carly said if Sam found that unforgivable, so be it. She reminded Sam that Sam had done a lot of things that hurt Jason in the past, too. Carly said Jason gave her the divorce, which meant they were free to see other people. Carly hoped John knew what he was getting into and she felt a bit sorry for Liz. Sam said Liz didn’t need her sympathy, because the divorce meant she’d finally get to be with Jason.

Carly said she wanted the divorce to happen, but she didn’t think Jason did. Carly said Jason told Carly not to try and fix things between him and Sam. She explained that Jason thought he reminded Sam of the baby and that the only thing he could do for Sam was to get out of her life. Carly said Sam had all the power and could have Jason back if that’s what she wanted. Sam said according to Carly, that would be the worst thing Sam could do. Carly said Sam was doing the worst thing she could do right now, by sending Jason mixed signals. Carly said if Sam didn’t want Jason, she needed to let it be over. Sam asked what if it wasn’t over; what if it was meant to be.

After Carly left, Sam looked at her figurine and at the divorce papers.

Hospital: Jason and John went into a private room and discussed the baby. Jason asked if the baby was happy, and John assured him that the boy was well taken care of. John said that Victor Jr. was the center of Téa’s world and that she’d be devastated if he wasn’t hers. John was sure that if there had been a baby switch, Todd had a hand in it, as a way to make up for killing Téa’s husband. John said if the boy was Sam’s he’d make Todd pay.

After John left, Jason ran into Liz and mentioned that he needed to get something to the lab. She asked if this was about the baby, and Jason took her into the empty room and shut the door. He told her Sam’s baby was alive and he thought he knew who it was. Liz was amazed; she told Jason he could get to put the baby back into Sam’s arms. She wondered what it would be like to have a child you thought was lost returned to you. Liz told Jason that she’d take the swab to the lab and have the tests run under her name, that way it would be done right. Jason said it wasn’t fair to involve Liz in this, but Liz was adamant that she wanted to help. She told Jason he’d do it for her, if the tables were turned. Jason gave her the swab. While Liz was gone, Jason pulled out his figurine from the wedding. He put it back in his pocket. Liz returned and said she had the lab put a rush on the test. She told Jason she hoped he got what he wanted. Jason said he hoped they all did.

Police Interrogation Room: Todd was put out, because Anna had called him there, then taken his phone. She scrolled through his phone and found the “Crazy calling” ring tone he’d assigned to Heather’s number. Anna revealed that she wanted Todd to help her find Heather. Todd pretended not to have a relationship with Heather, but Anna pointed out that the last time Heather had been arrested, she’d used her one call to call Todd. Todd claimed he only went to see Heather in jail because he was her employer and he wanted to support her, since she claimed she was innocent and he understood what it was like to be blamed for something you didn’t do.

Anna wondered why Todd hired Heather in the first place. Todd said he’d seen his sister face discrimination due to her mental health issues and it made him want to give Heather a chance. He said he let her go once she started shooting people and he hadn’t heard from her since. Todd’s phone rang; he picked it up and noticed it was Johnny. Once Anna found out it wasn’t Heather, she let Todd answer. Johnny told Todd that if he didn’t want the truth about the baby switch to come out, he’d better get over to Johnny’s house. Todd told Anna that unless she was charging him, they were through. Anna promised Todd that they would find Heather and if he was hiding something, the truth would come out.

Police station: Anna told John that she had proof Todd was lying when he said he hadn’t heard from Heather since he fired her. Anna revealed Todd visited Heather at Ferncliff. She wondered why Todd seemed to be doing Heather’s bidding. John said he was looking into something that might explain the Todd/Heather connection. Anna wanted details, but John explained that it would hurt a lot of people, so he wanted to keep it under wraps until he had the full story. He promised to let Anna in on it as soon as possible. John said he wanted to be there when Anna arrested Heather.

Johnny’s house: Todd showed up, but told Johnny he didn’t appreciate being summoned. Johnny said Connie was getting out of hand and he needed Todd to neutralize her. Todd refused, but Johnny reminded him that Connie was Todd’s problem, just like Heather was Johnny’s problem. Todd bemoaned not smothering Johnny when he had the chance. Johnny said that was Todd’s problem. Todd said Johnny had to find Heather before the cops did, because if the truth about the baby switch came out, Téa would lose her son and hate Todd more than she already did. Johnny asked if Todd was going to help him with Connie or not. Todd said Johnny should find Heather and he (Todd) would think of something, then he left.

Carly returned and Johnny asked what took her so long. She told him about running into Sam crying over her divorce papers. Carly said she used to wish Jason and Sam would stay apart, but now she hoped that Sam would reunite with Jason and she wished that everything that had gone wrong between Jason and Sam could be undone.

Sonny’s house: Sonny found “Kate” looking at the contract she got from Johnny. He asked what it was and she told him it was a surprise. Sonny was curious about it, so he playfully tried to take the papers away from her. Connie played along. There was a knock on the door, and Sonny kissed Connie, who wiped her lips once he was out of the room, then he let Maxie in. Maxie went over the details for the wedding – Chinese food, pupu platters, and a reception at the Floating Rib. Sonny was startled about the choice of venues and menu. Connie told Maxie this wasn’t a good time, but Maxie didn’t take the hint and asked Kate which rib choices she’d prefer. Sonny said none of this sounded like something Kate would want. Maxie repeated what Connie had told her about Kate having some of Connie’s preferences now that they were integrated.

Connie quickly ushered Maxie out the door and apologized to Sonny. Sonny wanted an explanation and Connie painted Maxie as an airhead who misunderstood and assumed she wanted pupu platters when she told her she wanted Pan-Asian. Connie said this was her fault, because she told Maxie she wanted something radically different than the last wedding, Sonny was curious about why Maxie brought up Connie. Connie said that was Maxie’s way of referring to her integration. Connie said she hated to talk about it even though she lived through it. She told Sonny she’d understand if he wanted to elope.

Sonny said he was okay with her having the wedding of her dreams. Connie smiled and said Maxie was mangling her instructions, but Sonny said everyone liked a pupu platter. He kissed her and suggested they take things upstairs. Connie pulled back and said not before the wedding. Sonny said that they’d been living together for months, but Connie said it would make the wedding night more fun. Sonny said he could wait, but on October 2nd she was all his. They kissed deeply, then Sonny said he loved her. Connie said it back, then she left. Once outside, she said she hoped Sonny liked that kiss, because he wasn’t getting another one.

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