GH Update Monday 9/24/12

General Hospital Update Monday 9/24/12


Written by Tami

An impatient Sonny and Alexis wait at the lake house for Kristina to come home to discuss the annulment of her marriage to Trey. Sonny doesn't want Kristina to know that Trey's father is Joe Scully Jr., the man who raped Connie/Kate or that Connie/Kate is Trey's father. Alexis doesn't like keeping this information from Kristina given her reaction to Sonny's and Alexis' secretive actions to get Kristina into Yale. Sonny insists that he has to handle the situation right and Alexis agrees that it does need to be handled correctly and agrees not to say anything to Kristina until Kristina "unmarries" Trey before she knows the truth. Kristina walks in, overhearing the tail end of what Alexis says, asking what is there to know.

Trey is visiting Joe in his hotel room. Joe says that the room where his is staying just until they claim what is "theirs". Trey says he isn't sure he wants it to be "theirs" anymore.

Carly is taking care of Johnny at his home, serving him a drink instead of the Téa that he's been drinking. Johnny warns Carly joking that if she doesn't stop treating him so well, he's not going to want to cooperate. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Carly answers the door to find Connie/Kate at the door. Carly is surprised to see Connie/Kate there. Connie/Kate says she has some business to discuss with Johnny and shows herself into his apartment.

Spinelli is at The Floating Rib, drowning his sorrows and wondering why was it that two people who are so clearly meant for each other couldn't get over themselves, admit it and something about it. He turns to see Maxie approach him. She takes his glass and comments that he's drinking vodka and while he may not want to be her friend, he clearly needs a friend himself and suggests putting their non-friendship on hold.

Heather is still at Téa's, holding "Victor" and packing a bag. She tells him that its time for them to hit the road and get out of there before someone catches them. John McBain knocks on the door and announces himself. Heather comments to the baby that it was "John McBain...the cop Todd hates"

The owner of the Chinese restaurant is clearly happy to see Jason and Sam there. He says he'll tell his wife that they are there. Jason reluctantly goes to join Sam at her table. Neither Jason or Sam expected to see the other there. Sam shows Jason her dragon figurine and comments that she was feeling nostalgic. She asked what happened to the phoenix figuring. Jason produces it. Sam comments on the coincidence. Jason then sits down with Sam, saying he went there to think. Sam said she did, too. They agree that a lot has happened in a year. Sam comments how things were good when they married and Franco destroyed it. They both wish that the bad that happened in the last year could go away. Sam is about to present Jason with divorce papers when the man who married them interrupts. He says its been a long time then says he knows why they are both there. He wishes them both "Happy Anniversary".

Back at The Floating Rib, Spinelli rejects putting his "non-friendship" with Maxie on hold, telling her that while it is a tempting idea, his pain is of an intimate nature and that he doesn't wish to share the details with someone who shuns his intimacy. Maxie says that its fine, she needs to discuss Connie/Kate's bachelorette party with Mac anyway. Spinelli blurts out to her that Jason and Sam are getting a divorce instead of celebrating their anniversary as she walks away. Maxie offers condolences knowing that he cares about them a lot. She tells him that she cares about them, too. Maxie comments that Jason has communication issues and now he's breaking up with the one person he communicates with and it is wrong that two people so meant to be together are not going to be together. Spinelli inadvertently comments that it isn't fair given everything Jason is trying to do for Sam. Maxie asks what Jason is trying to do for Sam.

Heather is still talking to "Victor", saying that all she needs is for a cop to find her there with Sam Morgan's son. John knocks again and calls out to Téa. As John is calling out for Téa, she arrives and approaches him outside. She asks what he is doing there. He claims he's there to see a friend unannounced. Téa said if he'd called ahead, he wouldn't be talking to her door all day and invites him in to see "Victor"

Back at the lake house, Sonny covers by telling Kristina that no one will know she married Trey, "Mob Princess" will never air and he will sue everyone to make sure that happens if he has to. Alexis says that it won't come to that because it will get out that the wedding was stage and immediately annulled and she offers Kristina the annulment papers while Sonny offers her a pen. Kristina says she won't be signing the papers.

Back at Joe Jr.'s hotel room, Joe Jr. asks what Trey means about he doesn't want it to be theirs, that they are partners. Trey tells his father that he and Kristina have become close. Joe tells him that it was always the plan for him to marry Kristina. He says he cares about Kristina and they are trying to be a real couple. Joe Jr. thinks that's great and whatever kind of marriage they have is fine with him as long as they stay married.

Carly asks Connie/Kate what kind of business she has with Johnny. Johnny tells Carly he can handle it and Connie/Kate said he wants to discuss the wedding with Johnny. Carly asks what about it since he's not going because he's recuperating. Connie/Kate says that she hoped they'd both attend. She says she wants her wedding and reception at the Haunted Star. Carly asks why while Johnny looks a bit put out by the statement. Carly suggests the Arch of Vermilion or the Metro Court for the wedding and reception. Connie/Kate says she can't have it at the Metro Court and Carly asks why. Connie/Kate says because of Connie.

At the Floating Rib, Spinelli covers by saying that Jason is keeping himself in top shape and Sam should appreciate that. Maxie asks if Jason isn't already in great shape. Spinelli agrees that he is but has to keep in shape to act as Sam's hero. Maxie comments that being her hero obviously wasn't enough. Maxie says that she knew that Jason and Sam were fighting but thought they would make it work as both agree on the love between Jason and Sam being without question. Maxie figured that the disaster of a wedding they had must have been a bad omen. She hopes that the wedding she is throwing for Sonny & Connie/Kate will be better but she is doubting some of Connie/Kate's choices, worried its going to be tacky. Spinelli tells her that they are not talking about Maxie. Maxie says she knows but goes on about the bachelorette party being held at the Floating Rib and how its not Kate's style but Kate claims she is embracing her inner Connie by holding it there. Spinelli is worried, saying that Kate's Connie side hurt a lot of people.

Johnny says that he thought Connie was gone. Connie/Kate says she can't have the wedding and reception at the Metro Court because that's where Connie threw Sonny's horrible birthday party. Carly reminds her that it was the party where Connie lured everyone there and tried to sleep with Carly's boyfriend but wants to know why Connie/Kate wants her wedding to be held at a place owned by someone Sonny considers an enemy and who Connie/Kate accused of taking advantage of her.

Trey tells Joe Jr. that he hates lying to Kristina about his father and the history with her father and then says that on top of it all, Sonny is marrying Trey's long lost mother. Joe Jr. agrees that its a lot for Trey to deal with and asks if Trey is starting to feel guilty about going after Sonny. Trey says that while his marriage is not traditional, Sonny is his father in law. Joe Jr. gets upset and tells Trey that Sonny is liar, a thief and deserves everything that is coming to him. Trey asks what Sonny has coming to him, what is he going to do.

Sonny asks Kristina why she isn't signing the annulment papers. She says it isn't right. Sonny and Alexis tell her how right and how legal the papers are. Kristina tells them that one reason she can't annul the marriage is because it has been consummated. Alexis tells Kristina that she can redraft the papers because there are other reasons to allow for annulment. Kristina says she and Trey want to be married and have no intention of annulling the marriage as Sonny glares.

Sam starts to mention that she and Jason are getting a divorce when the man who married them says he can't believe its been a year. Jason says that neither he nor Sam planned on being there tonight and the man who married them says it wasn't planned on their wedding day either. He asks if they are running away from something like they were on their wedding day.

Téa goes to look for "Victor" to show him to John while John finds a picture of the baby and studies it. Téa goes to the nursery to find Heather with "Victor". Téa tells Heather that she thought for a moment that Heather took "Victor" out and didn't tell her. She says she has someone she wants "Victor" to meet downstairs.

Jason tries to announce the divorce when the old Chinese couple enters the room. The guy who married Jason and Sam says that his grandmother hasn't been well and its good to see her smile. She comments in Chinese about how she's pleased they remembered the phoenix and dragon tokens and about their happiness. Sam has a flashback to hers and Jason's wedding then agrees with grandmother that they do remember.

Sonny threatens to get his hands on Trey while Kristina defends Trey. Sonny asks if Trey forced himself on Kristina like Kiefer did and she says he didn't. Kristina explains that she and Trey want to be together and Sonny asks why, asking if its for another season of "Mob Princess". Kristina said that she and Trey started out being about the show but now they have a real relationship. Alexis asks Kristina if she doesn't want the whole thing, dating, courting, but Kristina says she knows all she needs to know about Trey. Alexis tells her she deserves better than a rushed Vegas wedding but Kristina says this works for them. Sonny insists that the marriage will be annulled on the grounds of fraud.

Trey insists to Joe Jr. that he deserves answers as he has done everything that Joe Jr. has asked him to do. He says Joe Jr. has kept secrets from him and Joe Jr. insists that he was protecting Trey. Trey says he doesn't want that and doesn't want to hear "leave it to me" anymore. Joe Jr. says he understands that Trey doesn't want Kristina to get hurt and reminds him that Kristina isn't the target, Sonny is. Trey says that he understands it but he has real feelings for Kristina despite the way the relationship started. He asks Joe Jr. what he wanted Trey to be on the inside for.

Connie/Kate sings the praises of the Haunted Star as a wedding location. Carly asked why she didn't go through Lulu instead of coming to Johnny. Connie/Kate claims she tried but can't reach Lulu or get an answer and she doesn't feel like waiting around. Carly pushes asking if someone else couldn't have contacted Johnny then. Connie/Kate tells Carly that Maxie is coordinating her wedding. Johnny suggest he and Connie/Kate talk at the Haunted Star later but Connie/Kate insists that time is an issue and he should be able to appreciate that.

Heather puts "Victor" in his crib and tells Téa they shouldn't wake a sleeping baby. Téa asks Heather to just bring him downstairs when he wakes up. Téa returns to where John waits and tells him that "Victor" only drinks from sippy cups and tells him that "Victor" is napping which will give them a chance to talk. Téa thought that John settled in Port Charles. He says he's not settled, just helping out. Téa comments that something like the water crisis makes people take stock in what they have and what they have to lose, then asks if John is in Llanview for Natalie. John says Clint has her in seclusion somewhere and mentions the restraining order. Téa asks if he's there to talk to her about the child.

Jason and Sam attempt to say their goodbyes to the Chinese family when the Chinese grandmother insists on them staying for an anniversary feast. The older couple leaves to cook the feast. Jason and Sam try once more to leave but the man who married them explains that his grandmother is very ill and may not see her own next anniversary. He says it would mean the world to her if they stayed for dinner. Jason and Sam say they had no idea she was so sick and agree to stay. Sam says she feels bad that they lied to the Chinese family by letting them believe that she and Jason are celebrating their anniversary. They agree that the lie was for a good cause as dinner is brought out to them. Sam thought it was kind of fast, but the man who married them says that it may sound odd but he thinks his grandmother was expecting Jason and Sam.

Téa assumes that John wants her to represent him in the custody issues with Natalie. John says he did think about it. Téa says she'd love to but begs off by saying that she's caught in the middle because she's close to Natalie's family and represents one of Clint's businesses. John says he didn't know that and congratulates her. Téa apologizes and says she's furious with Todd and his part in the whole mess. She said that she can't hate Todd because he's the reason she has "Victor". John says that he would like to see "Victor" before he goes. Téa says that "Victor" should be awake now and goes to get him. Heather tells "Victor" that she can't be seen by John because he knows her and that he's another reason that Sam Morgan doesn't deserve "Victor". Téa goes up and gets "Victor" to bring him downstairs to meet John. Téa invites Heather to join them but Heather says she has to fold "Victor's" laundry and says there's nothing she wouldn't do for the baby. Téa brings "Victor" downstairs to meet John as he sees "Susan Moore's" file. Téa tells John how grateful she is to have "Victor" especially given how he came into the world and mentions his blood disorder despite the fact that neither she nor his father have a history of it. She asks John if he's ever heard of it and John says he'll have to look it up. Téa says that "Victor" is a miracle and keeps his father alive for her...and she doesn't know what she would do without him.

Maxie tells Spinelli that the only good wedding ceremony she was a part of was her non-wedding to him. She reminisces with him about their non-wedding and the planning that went with it. Spinelli calls her on stalling and she admits that it was true. She was scared to get married. He tells her that they obviously weren't meant to be married.

Trey asks what Joe Jr. expects him to do, that he can't just go in and liquidate Kristina's bank accounts. He mentions that Kristina has three brothers who have as much right to Sonny's fortune as she does and asks what he's supposed to do. Joe Jr. concedes that he involved Trey too much. All he has to do is stay married to Kristina and everything is ok. Trey says that they had big plans and now they're nothing. Joe Jr. says that's right.

Kristina argues the fraud issue with Sonny. Sonny says Trey married her under false pretenses. Kristina argues that it isn't false pretenses if she is in on it. Sonny asked if Trey told her about Sonny and Joe Jr having bad blood. Kristina insists it was a story for the show, to make it more interesting. Sonny insists that the marriage isn't real, Kristina insists it is. Alexis brings up the legal issues such as power of attorney and inheritance issues. She can't just marry someone because she's attracted to him. Kristina says she knows what she is doing and insists that Sonny and Alexis should be happy for her since its what she wants. Sonny insists that she end her marriage, Kristina says she won't and they can't legally force her to. Alexis is forced to agree with Kristina. Kristina said that Sonny should stop worrying about her marriage which is fine and focus on his wedding to Kate.

Carly and Johnny discuss Connie/Kate's barging in on them and insisting on the wedding at the Haunted Star as Connie/Kate gives them some semi-privacy. Johnny tells Carly that it could work because he could jack up the price of using the Haunted Star on Sonny and Connie/Kate and bring down what he owes on the loan. They are interrupted by a phone call to Carly, telling her that the ice machine at the Metro Court is broken and there is water everywhere. Carly tries to get Connie/Kate to go handle it but she refuses, saying she is trying to plan a wedding today. Carly leaves to handle the crisis. Once Carly leaves, Johnny figures out Connie/Kate caused the problem to get rid of Carly. She says she signed "the papers" and its Johnny's turn to sign them now. Johnny says he's not signing anything but Connie/Kate says he has no choice. He says for her think of something else she wants from him. She said there's nothing else and if he doesn't sign, she will go to the police and tell them that he killed Starr's boyfriend and daughter. Johnny tells her that the only way it gets remembered is if Kate remembers. Connie/Kate says that Kate isn't going to be around to remember. Johnny refuses to sign the papers again and Connie/Kate convinces Johnny that she is calling the police. He grabs her phone and reluctantly signs the papers she brought to him.

Kristina tells Sonny and Alexis that her marriage isn't Yale. They don't get their way this time. Sonny tells Kristina that she needs to learn to stop reacting and start learning to think before she ruins her life. Kristina tells Sonny that she truly does care for Trey. Trey walks into the Lake house and says he cares about Kristina. He tells them how much she means to him and how much he cares about her. He tells Sonny and Alexis how wonderful he is and that he wants to be with her.

John holds "Victor" and asks Téa for a drink of water. When she goes to get it, he produces a swab from his pocket to take a DNA sample from "Victor"

The Chinese family toasts Jason and Sam, giving them the advice to look back on the good things when things are not so good. Sam flashes back to her wedding to Jason again. She cries as she thinks about it. Jason and Sam finish dinner and Sam offers to help clean up but the Chinese family insists that they don't and that its an honor to have married them and now to share their anniversary. They say that they want Jason and Sam to come back every year, even after the grandmother is gone. The grandmother tells them in Chinese that it is meant to be. Sam tells Jason that they were meant to stop there when they did.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she's not able to reach Mac as she returns from trying to call him. She said she will need to plan the bachelorette party over the phone. She declares the break from the non-friendship over as they are done talking. Spinelli agrees and Maxie leaves.

Connie/Kate tells Johnny he did the right thing and leaves just as Carly returns. Carly tells them that the whole mess was cleaned up by the time she got to the Metro Court. She asks what the paper Connie/Kate has in her hands is. Connie/Kate tells her its just the contract for the wedding and reception to be held at the Haunted Star and that Johnny made a good deal. Connie/Kate leaves and Carly asks if Johnny is ok. He said he's great.

Sonny tells Trey to save the poetry and tell him what he wants. Trey says he wants to take his wife home. Kristina is happy to go with him while Alexis looks upset and tries to make a move on Trey as Alexis steps in and stops him, admiring his restraint. Sonny tells her she has no idea. Alexis says she does. She then asks Sonny to stay calm and asks if Sonny thinks there is any chance there is any sincerity in Trey's declarations to Kristina. Sonny says he doesn't believe a word Trey says and that he knows that Joe Jr. and Trey are up to something.

Joe Jr. looks at a picture of Trey and apologizes for lying. He said that there is no way the plan goes up in fact, its white hot. There is a knock at Joe Jr.'s door. He tells the person at the door that he's right on time.

John gets the DNA sample from "Victor" and pockets it before Téa returns from the kitchen with his water. John gives "Victor" to Téa telling her he needs to be changed. He sips the water and leaves, thanking Téa and telling her to take care of herself and of "Victor". Heather comes out to the living room just after John leaves. Téa promises that she will meet John another time. John leaves, commenting that he's about to see if "Victor" is Sam's child.

Sam and Jason comment on how sweet the Chinese family was to them even considering what is going on with them. They stare at each other and then kiss.

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