GH Update Monday 9/24/12

General Hospital Update Monday 9/24/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is looking out the window at Alex’s home waiting for Kristina. She tells him that maybe they need to have their daughter knowing that her “would be” husband is Scully’s son with Kate. He tells her that he will be the one to handle this since it affects him more than his daughter’s mom. Kristina walks in to overhear her parents’ conversation and asks them what they are talking about regarding whether she should know something.

Trey is wondering what to do with the bombshell of just finding out that he is the product of his father raping Kate.

Johnny and Carly are together in his apartment when Kate comes by and informs them she has something she would like to discuss with Johnny.

Spinelli is alone at the bar obsessing about Jason and Sam getting back together. He is really concerned about their lives or about his own unfinished issue with Maxie. Maxie comes by to see that he’s drowning himself in drink and tells him that maybe they need to discuss what has happened in their lives since they last spoke.

Sam is alone in the coffee shop when Jason comes by. She admits that she has been observing the gifts they had that symbolized their relationship together as the phoenix and the dragon. And she notices that when she cannot find the piece that he had, he has it right in his pocket. We then see her phoenix and his dragon together on the table, as though it symbolizes that they might not be finished after all. He sits at the table beside her and admits that he came there to think. They both realize that a lot has happened in the last year. She remembers a year ago when they found this very place and everything was good. And it took less than two months for Franco to destroy all they had, she reflects. She admits to him that she thought that coming there would make everything that went down after they got married go away although they both know that it cannot. They both seem to realize that they cannot pretend that things did not happen as they did. Right then, the restaurant owners enters, recognizes, greets and hugs then and assumes they are there to celebrate their year anniversary together.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he’s busy working on the case for Jason and Sam. She tells him she was there to meet her dad. She tells him that she realizes that he’s very close to both Jason and Sam and wants them to get back together. She talks about how she is friends with Sam although they have not talked in a while. She realizes he is friends with Jason. She likes and respects Jason but can see that he has some communication issues and won’t do what is needed to make his marriage work.

John comes to visit Téa Delgado at her home and wants to talk to her.

Kristina enters to hear Sonny telling her mom and her that since he now know that that the Mob Princess shooting was all a scam and he can sue and ruin Trey and Alexis can help him with that as well as annulling their daughter’s false marriage, they’d like her to realize that. But she tells her parents she is not about to sign the annulment papers.

Trey finds his dad who is assuming that his son has no “interest” in Kristina except for the business and convenience marriage although Trey tells his dad he does, in fact, have feelings for Kristina.

Kate tells Carly and Johnny that she and Sonny want to have their wedding at a certain place that they need to know about hat is not the metro court. Carly asks her why she can’t have it at the metro court. Kate replies she can’t because of Connie. Right then, it appears Johnny might know that Connie has come out although she is pretending otherwise.

Spinelli argues to Maxie, in favor of Jason doing what he needs to do and doing the best he can after Sam has refused to give him a second chance. She talks to him about planning Kate’s wedding and her concerns that her former boss has had some real problems where she hopes it does not appear ago. He admits that he is concerned about Connie coming back under the present situation.

Kate tells Carly and Johnny she wants to have her wedding to Sonny and Johnny’s new club. Carly cannot understand why and asks her why she would want to have her wedding taking place at the place owned by someone whom she believe “took advantage” of her.

Trey tells his dad that maybe he has feelings for Kristina and respects that Sonny is his father in law. Hearing that, Scully yells at his son telling him that Sonny is a liar and a thief and a criminal and deserves no respect from any one. Trey asks his father just what Sonny did to him or why he has any right to judge him.

Kristina tells her parents she has no intention of getting an annulment from Trey regardless of his dad or Sonny’s issue with both of them. Sonny is then working up to tell her what Trey’s dad did to Kate and the big secret of who trey’s mom is (making him Trey's stepfather as well as father in law given the circumstances).

Before Jason and Sam can finish their conversation, Robert, who remembered their wedding, his grandmother appears and also remembers her grandson marrying them and symbolizing the union of the phoenix and the dragon and how alone each of the symbols means happiness but together they mean double happiness.

Kristina admits to her parents that she and Trey slept together. Sonny immediately assumes that Trey raped her although she assures her dad that did not happen. She chose to make love to her husband. Alexis tells her daughter that maybe if she has feelings for Trey, they should start over, take their time dating and not have their wedding in a low-life establishment and pretense the way they did the first time. Sonny lays down the law to his daughter rand tells her he will have the wedding declared fraud.

Trey protests to his dad that he has real feelings for Kristina even if his dad wanted to have “arrangements” made in order to spy upon Sonny. His dad needs to realize that.

Kate tells Carly that she is going to have Maxie coordinating her wedding and they have concluded that Johnny’s Haunted Star bar is the place to have it. He then tells her that he could meet her later to discuss it privately, revealing that he might be on to her.

Téa suspects nothing about Heather, still believes she is Susan Moore and invites John into her home while the baby naps. She tells John she would like to discuss something on her mind. She tells him she’s a little surprised to see him there, as she previously thought he was settle in Port Charles. He admits to her that “something got a little intense”. She asks if maybe he’s back in Llanview for Natalie. But he informs her that Clint has slapped a restraining order on him seeing Natalie or his son and he’s in big trouble if he violates it and knows he can’t even know where Natalie and his baby are. She is surprised to hear that and wants to know more.

When Robert and his grandmother are ready to throw a party and festivities for Jason’s and Sam’s anniversary, they tell him they do not want him to go to the trouble. But he protests that his grandma is very sick, might not make it and nothing would make her happier than honoring their vows. So he cannot deny her that one thing. At that point, Jason and Sam realize they have no choice except to pretend they are still married and celebrating their first year anniversary. Alone with Jason, she admits that she feels terrible having to tell their friends the negative reality. Robert tells them it may sound odd but he thinks that his grandmother was expecting them.

Téa tells John she would like nothing more than to help him with his legal matters with his son. But, she admits it’s kind of a conflict of interest given her friendship to Viki and the fact that she has a business relationship with Clint and B.E. as his lawyer. They talk about her getting over her issues with Todd when she informs John that she finds it hard to not forgive Todd for saving her baby’s life. She then calls to “Susan”.. Alone with the baby, heather tells him that she is not going to let Sam be his mother nor Téa. Téa then gets her baby out of his crib and asks “Susan” if she’d like to come down and meet Ta’s friend. But Heather tells her she needs to finish folding the baby’s laundry. Téa brings the baby downstairs to meet John. John smiles and greets the baby. She reflects how grateful she is that her baby is ok. Not only did Todd save his life the night she gave birth, she found out that her baby inherited some rare blood disease that has nothing to do with either hers’ or the baby’s father’s family. Little does she know.

At the empty bar, Maxie talks to Spinelli about their history together and having almost gotten married themselves. She admits that she was afraid to marry Matt Hunter and how he seemed to understand everything.

Trey asks his dad if he’s supposed to use his “legal right” as Kristina’s husband to go in and liquidate her bank account. He’s not about to do that and realizes it’s going to hurt Sonny’s other kids and lots of innocent people. Scully then concludes to his son that maybe it was not fair to get Trey involved in all of this so from now on, he won’t put his son up to doing his dirty work for him.

When Sonny and Kristina argue, Alexis tells her daughter that although she respects her feelings for Trey, she needs to know the legal restrictions of being married, the fact that she and Trey do not know each other and many other things. Alexis admits that neither she nor her daughter’s father have the legal right to end Kristina’s marriage. And still knowing nothing about Trey’s “association” with her soon-to-be step-mother, she tells her dad maybe instead of assuming all these things about her marriage, maybe he needs to make plans about his own.

Kate goes to talk to Johnny alone at The Haunted Star, revealing that Connie has now taken over, that she knows that he is responsible for the death of Carly’s son’s girlfriend’s family’s death, and that he needs to cooperate with her and sign papers for her whether he likes it or not. He tells her there’s no way in hell he’s signing that and tells her there’s gotta be something else she wants from him. She reminds him if he does not cooperate, she can inform the cops that he killed Starr’s baby and boyfriend. He reminds her that “Kate” might not remember and even if she does, Connie will go bye-bye. But she pulls out her phone to call Dante Falconeri and tell him about Johnny. At that point, he pulls the phone out of her hands and tells her he will sign what she wants.

When Kristina protests to her parents that she still cares about Trey, he walks in there to affirm that he cares about Kristina. He realizes the way they first got together may not have been under the best circumstances. But he is not going to let her go. He tells them that Kristina is beautiful, smart and a great person and he wants a future with her.

When Jason and Sam are in the place where they were married “playing along” with Robert, who married them, and his grandmother, he talks about how his grandparents have been together through so many bad times. He tells them that he’s wondered how they do it. And they’ve told him that when times are bad, you remember how much the other means to you and how it’s worth it to never give up on the person you love. And right then, we see a flash back of Robert with Jason and Sam affirming that they promise to stay together through good times and bad and fight through any and all hardship for each other. When they agree to the terms, he pronounced Jason and Sam husband and wife. Sam and Jason get up and ready to go and thank their friends for the lovely dinner. And they remember believing only a year ago that they were meant to be.

Maxie tells Spinelli that they have to work together on the wedding plans for their friends. And she tells him, after they are done, they can go back to being “non friends”. She asks him if it’s not “the rules" that in order for the two of them to remain friends, they must both be in other relationships.

After Kate leaves Johnny alone with Carly, she asks him if he’s “ok”. He replies he’s great still not revealing to her his secrets.

Sonny asks Trey if he is “done” with his speech and if he wants anything more. Trey replies he’s all done and he wants one thing. Sonny asks what that is. Trey replies he wants to take his wife home. Kristina walks with her husband, out the door and there’s nothing Sonny nor Alexis can do. Alone, Alexis asks her daughter’s father if he cannot possibly conceive or believe that maybe Trey does have genuine feelings for their daughter. He tells her even if that’s true, he knows that Scully cannot be trusted and must have a plan to ruin him.

Scully sits alone and reveals that Sonny’s suspicions are true.

John departs from Téa’s home while she apologizes for not being able to help him with his legal matters. They part as friends and he acknowledges being happy to have met her baby. Right then, Heather comes out. Alone and outside the door, John reveals that he has done some testing and will find out if the baby is, in fact, Sam’s.

Jason and Sam kiss again.

Jason and Sam find themselves awkwardly not knowing what to say to Robert, who remembers they were married exactly a year ago today.

When Heather Webber is ready to take Téa’s baby away without her knowing, Téa finds her and still suspects nothing but is not about to let Heather take him anywhere without her knowing.

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