GH Update Friday 9/21/12

General Hospital Update Friday 9/21/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Anna starts to walk out of the Floating Rib and John walks in and welcomes her home. Anna thanks him and asks if she missed her. John says yes and says that he is happy he does not have to take her place any longer. Anna is sorry that she left when she did and asks if John is ok. John explains that he is doing fine and knows now that making a lot of enemies is not a good thing. John asks if Anna found what she was looking for on her trip.

Sabrina mishears Patrick and assumes that he is saying he wants to take her out of the hospital in a romantic way. She then wakes up from her fantasy and Patrick actually says that he hopes she eventually gets out of the hospital as she has a lot of paperwork to do. He states that he knows what it can be like to have to work and go to school. Sabrina asks if Patrick is doing anything tonight and Britt who is standing behind her says he will be with her.

Anna says that she did not but that the case is closed and asks if John is going back to Llanview anytime soon. John says that he has too many people mad at him right now.

Carly tries to make Johnny happy and someone keeps knocking on the door frantically. Carly opens it and in a mean tone asks what they are doing here only to discover that it is Todd.

Anna says sorry and did not mean to pressure John not to talk about her problems. John says it is all ok and wonders if Anna wants an update on Jerry Jacks. Anna explains that she will later but that right now she has another fugitive to deal with. Heather Webber.

Heather talks on the phone and explains that the baby is doing just fine and says good bye. Heather tells the baby that it was Téa his pretend mother. She explains to the baby that she will be a good mother this time around.

Jason tells Spinelli that over the phone that he knows where Heather got the baby. Spinelli is shocked and wonders if Jason knows where Heather got the baby. Sam walks in on Spinelli and wants to know what baby.

Todd wonders what Carly is doing here. Carly says that she is taking care of Johnny because he was shot. Todd sarcastically tells Carly and Johnny that it is terrible that Johnny got shot. Carly tells Todd to leave and says that she knows what Johnny and him were hiding from her because Johnny told her. Todd looks at Johnny.

Britt wonders if Patrick is up for an adventure. Patrick says that he thought they could go bowling. Britt explains that she has had her nails done. Patrick decides they should just start with dinner but he first has to go get his daughter and the baby sitter some dinner. He tells Britt goodbye as well as Sabrina and hopes that she does something fun as well tonight.

John asks if Luke knows about Heather. Anna explains that she is not in touch with Luke. John hopes things work out and explains he is meeting someone.

Spinelli is nervous and wonders what Sam is doing and hopes that she is there to make up with Jason. Sam instead hands Spinelli the divorce papers.

Steve continues to explain the baby’s condition. Jason thinks that the baby has to be alive because the one baby makes all the sense to be Sam’s.

Todd wants to know what Johnny has told Carly. Carl explains the truth. Johnny says that he will never lie to the woman he loves. Todd tells Carly that she does not that have to stay with him just because he was shot. Johnny tells Todd that he told Carly he had to borrow money from one of Anthony’s old friends.

Sabrina has a daydream about being Britt’s maid and screwing everything up. Patrick walks in and tells Britt that he is leaving with Sabrina. Sabrina walks out with Patrick. Britt wakes Sabrina up from the fantasy.

Maxie makes an order for Kate/Connie’s wedding and demands a good price on egg rolls. Patrick walks up behind her and the owner goes to get his order. Patrick asks Maxie why she is hounding on the owner of egg rolls. Maxie asks if Patrick knows how much the place charges for egg rolls to which Patrick responds he does as he just bought her and Emma a bunch plus a ton of other food in order to watch Emma tonight. Maxie forgot that she had to babysit and has to back out of it.

Sam explains to Spinelli that she brought the papers so Alexis would not have to. Sam tells Spinelli that Jason and her are moving on. Spinelli does not like this because this ruins every ones chances in the long run.

Anna and John discuss Natalie and Sam. Anna says that she has to go and Jason shows up. Anna decides to leave telling Jason to respect the law. Jason asks Anna is she knows anything about Heather. Anna explains not yet. Jason looks at John.

Heather tries to get the baby to say her name and she explains what she did once again. She thinks that she will be better off with raising this baby.

Jason explains that he thinks that Sam’s baby is alive and living in Llanview.

Maxie tells Patrick that she is hoping to get her job back at Crimson if she can help Kate make her ideas for the wedding. She has a million things to do for the wedding and must have it done by October 2nd and she is sorry that she can’t babysit tonight. Patrick says he does not have to go on a date. Maxie is shocked by this.

Anna walks into the hospital and finds Steve. Steve knows that Heather is the topic of the conversation. Steve explains that he has no information on where Heather is.

Todd tells Carly that the chicken at her restaurant was really bad. Todd threatens to leave the Metro Court if Carly is not nicer. Carly decides to be nicer. Johnny has Carly go make him Téa. Johnny and Todd argue over who is going to tell Carly what.

Jason explains in detail that they baby who died that night was not Sam’s. It is proven that Sam made sure nothing happened to the baby prior to birth. Jason says that Sam was with Heather for forty five minutes before anyone found her. Jason knows that Téa also had a baby that night who was ailing when it was born.

Todd tries to make sense of why he did the things he did. Johnny does not care about this. Todd thinks that whatever his problems are, are also Johnny’s.

Spinelli says sorry for thinking to highly of Sam and Jason. Spinelli is confused over what he should do. Spinelli still does not think that Sam and Jason should break up and Sam cannot give up on this with the miracle happening. Sam wants to know what Spinelli means by miracle. Spinelli claims that love is a miracle and to wait another day. Sam wants to know what is so important about today. Spinelli says that it is her anniversary. Sam says that she knows.

Maxie decides to go watch Emma so that Patrick can go on a date. Patrick says that he does not care because he does not want to be on a date right now anyways.

Anna wonders what Heather might have done with Todd. Steve says he does not know and goes off. Anna calls someone asking for a location of Todd.

Todd tells Johnny that he will save himself before saving Johnny unless they have a deal. Carly wonders what this deal is.

Sam says that she has to move on. Spinelli explains that Jason has not moved on. Sam knows that is not the case because Elizabeth and him were kissing. Spinelli does not think that is the case and will not allow for Jason to sign the papers. Spinelli asks for Sam to take one more day.

John and Jason try to put things together and knows that Téa could not be involved in what happened but Todd may have been. John thinks that Todd would do this to make up with Téa. John knows that Heather escaped so no one can question her.

Heather continues to talk to the baby about the past and her plan leading up to this point and how when Téa gets into contact with Todd that he will tell Téa the truth and they will still have a problem. Heather decides to take the baby with her instead of allowing that.

Patrick walks into the hospital and Anna hugs him. The two talk about the scare that had happened. Anna explains that she cannot talk about Luke but wants to see Emma. Anna gets a call and asks what they have. Patrick runs into Britt and explains he has no babysitter. Britt recruits Sabrina as the babysitter.

Jason asks John to check the DNA. John does not know if he can allow Téa to be without a child. Jason will not allow Sam to be without her child.

Sam finds the dragon statue in her pocket.

Jason finds the other half at the bar.

Todd explains to Carly that they are trying to find the money that they lost. Carly agrees to this as she also lost a bunch of money. Todd leaves. Carly wants to know what they were really talking about.

Anna walks into Todd in the hallway and explains she needs to talk to him

Sabrina is shocked by the offer and Britt thinks it is the perfect idea. Britt insists on this and Sabrina says ok.

Carly wonders if Todd can find the money. Johnny says that they might. Carly goes to get more Téa.

Anna wants to know about Todd and Heather.

Heather talks about going to Pine Valley.

Spinelli goes to the bar and talks about how people who need to be together need to get over differences.

Jason shows up at the Chinese restaurant and Sam is there already.

Heather decides she needs to leave. A knock is started at the door and it is John.

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