GH Update Wednesday 9/19/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/19/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny’s: Sonny told Michael he thought Trey’s dad might be Joe Scully Jr. Sonny told Michael about Joe raping Kate and killing John’s sister. Sonny said he’d thought Joe was bluffing. Michael was curious about what he meant. Sonny was reluctant to say anything, because he didn’t want Michael to be involved, but Michael said he was already a part of this. Sonny swore Michael to secrecy, then told him that Kate conceived a child from the rape that she thought died and that Joe later revealed that her son was still alive. Sonny theorized that Joe forced Trey to use Kristina as a way to hurt Sonny. Michael knew Kristina would be crushed if this was true. Sonny reminded Michael that he couldn’t say anything to Kristina until they were certain that Joe and Trey were related. Michael told Sonny that Starr saw Trey and Joe together. He called her.

Starr and Trey’s: Kristina stopped by and said she was there to see her husband. Starr told her that Trey had left upset awhile ago after a run in with Kate. Kristina pointed out that Kate had been harsh with Trey in the past and he didn’t care. She was curious to why he would be so upset now. Starr had no idea and said maybe Trey would talk to Kristina about it. Kristina said he was her husband, not that it meant anything. Kristina acknowledged that Starr and Michael thought it was dumb of her to marry Trey, but she said she wanted to help him. Starr said Michael wanted to protect her. Kristina understood that, but she was adamant that it was her life and that she made the choice to marry Trey because he needed the wedding and she genuinely cared about him. Kristina shared that she’d hoped Trey would be so grateful to her that he’d develop feelings for her. Kristina said she hadn’t had a chance to see if it worked yet, because she’d been so busy dealing with her angry parents. Kristina was overwhelmed because things weren’t going as planned and she thought it was unfair that Kate had upset Trey. Starr said she had to tell Kristina something about Trey’s dad. Michael called and asked Starr to come to Sonny’s, before Starr could say anything. Kristina was eager to hear what Starr had to say, but Starr said Kristina needed to talk to Trey about it, then she left.

Sonny’s: Sonny showed Starr a picture of Joe, and she confirmed that he was Trey’s dad. She realized Trey and Joe lied to her about their connection to Sonny. Sonny warned Starr to be very careful around Joe and to let Michael know if he came near her. Sonny told Starr that no one could know what the three of them knew, because if the truth came out, a lot of people would be hurt.

Pier: Joe called Tracy. Tracy, who was at home, noticed that he was calling and decided not to answer. Joe asked her to give him a chance to explain his side of what Sonny had told her. He hung up and Trey arrived for their meeting. Joe asked why Trey suddenly wanted to talk about his mom. Trey revealed that he knew Kate was his mother. Trey told Joe that Kate saw his medal and figured out who he was. Joe admitted that Kate was indeed Trey’s mother. Trey asked why Joe never said anything and Joe said he’d wanted to protect Trey. Trey thought there might be another reason Joe kept this quiet. Joe began to try and drown Trey out by pointing out that Kate abandoned him. Trey yelled that Kate said Joe raped her. Joe yelled that that was a lie. “Is it?” Trey asked. Joe told Trey his version of the story – that Connie came on to him that night and they had consensual sex. Trey asked why Kate hid the pregnancy if that were true. Joe explained that Kate was ambitious and didn’t want a baby slowing her down. Joe went into blunt detail about Kate having Trey, then leaving him to die. Trey started crying and asking Joe to stop, because he knew the truth, but Joe went on and on to drive home how heartless Kate had been, in his mind. Joe was convinced Trey now knew Kate was to blame, not Joe.

Trey didn’t understand why Joe didn’t tell him who his mother was before convincing him to get involved in a plot that affected her. Joe said he changed some details over the years, like pretending Joe and Trey’s mother had been married, because he couldn’t bear to hurt Trey by telling him the truth. Joe hoped that Trey understood that they had to punish Sonny and make Kate pay in the process. Trey didn’t like the thought of plotting against his own mother, but Joe argued that she didn’t deserve the title. He questioned Trey and got him to admit that “Kate” said she wished Trey had died. Joe was disgusted that Kate had talked to Trey that way. Trey confessed that part of him had assumed Joe might have been exaggerating about how terrible his mother was, but now he realized she was worse. Joe comforted Trey. Trey remembered that Kate had DID and wondered if it had been her other personality that said all those cruel things. Joe told him not to make excuses for her. Joe said Kate had always been a manipulative person. He told Trey that Kate probably faked DID to get out of paying for her crimes. Joe urged Trey to forget about Kate. Trey wasn’t sure about just forgetting about his mother. Joe argued that she’d never been a mother to him and that the plan hadn’t changed. Trey wasn’t sure he could trust Joe after finding out he’d been lying to him for years. Joe said he was just trying to protect him and he was sorry Kate hurt him. Trey said Sonny would be furious. Joe said he and Trey might have to break off contact for awhile. Joe advised Trey to refuse to get an annulment. He believed Sonny would be stuck, because he wouldn’t be able to harm his daughter’s husband. Joe said Trey might be able to recover everything Sonny and Kate stole from them.

Starr and Trey’s: Trey went home and hugged Kristina. Kristina explained that she’d come there to get his input on dealing with her parents. Kristina told him that Starr told her Trey was upset. Trey was confused and wasn’t sure about anything anymore. Kristina asked if this was about the wedding and Trey said no. He apologized for dragging Kristina into this. Kristina said she was strong enough to handle whatever was wrong. Trey couldn’t talk about it right now. He told Kristina he needed her. She said she needed him, too. Trey picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Quartermaine house: Tracy listened to the message and started to sniffle. Monica walked in and commiserated, because she assumed she was crying over Cook’s death. Tracy said she’d miss Cook, but she was crying, because she and Joe were through. Monica figured Joe had left her, but Tracy said she discovered who Joe really was. He explained that he’d gone to Sonny’s house to get him on his side, but found Kate there instead. Tracy wondered why she kept ending up with mobsters. Monica unsympathetically pointed out that Tracy had gotten involved with Joe despite not even knowing his last name.

Tracy said the worst part was the smug look on Sonny’s face when he walked in and called Joe, Joe Scully Jr. Monica recognized the name. She told Tracy that Luke and Lucy Coe had been involved with Joe Scully Sr. and that Sonny shot him. Tracy didn’t know about any of this, as she’d been living in Europe at the time. Tracy said she’d learned that “her” Joe was a rapist, murder and gangster. Tracy waited for the “I told you so” but Monica said she wasn’t going to say that.

Monica said she was sorry things didn’t work out for Tracy, but at least she found out before she developed real feelings for him. Tracy admitted she already had. She said she liked his company and he made her feel good. Tracy was considering giving him the benefit of the doubt instead of taking a thug like Sonny’s word for it. Monica countered that Sonny had no reason to lie. She pointed out that there was also a rape accusation. Tracy argued that they had to consider the source – Kate killed two people. Monica pointed out that Kate was suffering from DID at the time. Tracy thought she should have used that excuse to get a pass for her crimes, but Monica countered that Tracy had the same abrasive personality all the time. Monica said it was fortunate that the alter was gone. Tracy began to argue in favor of giving Joe the benefit of the doubt. She told Monica she and Joe had an intense connection. Monica said it was just great sex, but Tracy disagreed. Monica had enough and said it was time to go to Cook’s funeral. She left the room to go get Edward and Alice. Tracy looked at Joe’s medal, then she called him and said she didn’t have time to talk now, but she was willing to hear his side of the story.

Hospital: Connie went to Johnny’s room and told him she was back. She rubbed his leg and said the two of them had unfinished business. Connie came on to Johnny, but he told her they were never having sex. He asked why she was there, and Connie said Johnny owed her for confessing to killing Starr’s family, and she was ready to collect. Johnny told her it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to tell the truth. Connie knew it would cause problems for him. Johnny said there was more to it than that, but Connie said she had issues of her own to worry about. Connie said Kate wanted to get married to Sonny next week. According to Connie, Kate learned nothing from being shot at the altar. Connie was adamant that this wedding was not going to happen. Johnny, eager to get Connie out of his life, offered to help her disappear and start over somewhere else. Connie didn’t think that would work. She said Sonny would look for her until he tracked her down, then have her committed. Connie pointed out that this would be bad for both of them – if Kate got help, she’d realize Johnny was the real killer and Connie would cease to exist. Johnny asked what Connie was going to do. To his dismay, Connie climbed in bed with him and ran her hands over his body, then told him her plan off screen. Johnny adamantly refused to do it, but Connie argued that his only other option was going to prison.

Connie theorized that Todd would probably kill Johnny when he found out Johnny killed Hope. Johnny told Connie that Todd already knew and was keeping quiet because Johnny was blackmailing him. Connie was impressed, but she said she could still tell the cops and Starr what Johnny did. Johnny said he wouldn’t do it, because it would destroy his relationship with Carly. He added that neither Carly nor Sonny would buy it. Connie said she and Johnny would just have to convince them. Johnny thought this would be a disaster, but Connie grinned and said that it could be fun. She urged Johnny to think positive, because this was going to happen. Connie breezed out of the room.

Sabrina, a mousy looking young new nurse, was trying to memorize all the names of the staff. Epiphany told her to relax – no one expected her to know all that already, but Sabrina was very anxious and she wanted everything to go perfectly. She was deflated when a beautiful doctor, Brittany Weston, curtly told Sabrina that Sabrina would have to rewrite her (Sabrina’s) notes, because they were illegible. Sabrina was on her way to do this, when she bumped into Patrick and dropped the files. He helped her pick them up then went on his way, but it was clear the meeting made a big impression on Sabrina. She was very flustered and obviously attracted to Patrick. She asked Epiphany who he was and Epiphany said he was a neurosurgeon. Sabrina was about to ask if he was available, but changed her mind. She said to herself that he was the most handsome doctor she’d ever seen.

Sabrina noted that Patrick seemed kind of sad. Epiphany told her about Robin’s accident and death. She also mentioned that Robin and Patrick had a beautiful daughter who was also coping with the loss. Epiphany didn’t like to gossip, but she wanted Sabrina to understand that Patrick was still in mourning. Sabrina wished she could help him. “I’ll bet you do” Epiphany said in a snide way. Sabrina insisted that she didn’t mean she was going to make a romantic move on him.

Elsewhere, Patrick and Brittany discussed a professional matter, then Brittany asked Patrick on a date. Patrick was taken aback. He said he hadn’t dated since his wife died. Brittany felt bad, because she didn’t know. Patrick thanked her for the offer, and she left.

Epiphany told Sabrina she could tell she had a crush on Patrick. Sabrina stammered out an unconvincing denial. Just as she finished saying she didn’t have a crush on him, Patrick walked up and asked her for a favor. He had a patient her age who needed brain surgery. The young woman wanted to hear a Katy Perry song when she woke up, but Patrick wasn’t familiar with her. Sabrina loved Katy Perry. She recommended the song ‘Firework’ which was about how special people were. Sabrina pulled out her mp3 player and she and Patrick each took an earbud and listened to the song. Brittany noticed them and broke up the moment by asking Sabrina to go check on a patient. Epiphany said she’d go instead, since Sabrina still had to rewrite her paperwork. Patrick told Sabrina the song was perfect. Brittany jumped into the conversation and asked what song. When Patrick told her, she gushed about how much she loved it, while Sabrina meekly watched.

Patrick apologized for being rusty, then he agreed to go on a date with Brittany. Sabrina seemed crushed.

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