GH Update Tuesday 9/18/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/18/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and Trey's: Starr and Michael talked about Michael's plan to make Trey tell him who his father was. Michael wondered where Trey was right now. Michael was convinced that Trey only married Kristina to get revenge on Sonny, but. Starr thought Trey genuinely cared about Kristina and wouldn't deliberately hurt her. Michael believed that Starr was too trusting. Starr shared that Todd thought the same thing; when Michael said Todd was right, Starr added that Todd didn't want her to trust Michael either. Michael knew Kate was planning to tell Sonny about Trey's dad, so he decided to go see Sonny. He knew Sonny wouldn't be happy that Michael didn't say something before, but he was certain that Sonny would direct his wrath at Trey and his father for using Kristina.

Hospital: Jax met with Todd. Todd tried to get Jax to give a quote about Jerry for the newspaper, but Jax refused. He said he called Todd there to talk about Johnny. Todd said Johnny did bad things then played the victim. Todd admitted that he (Todd) had done some bad things, but he believed that you should own your crimes when you got caught, instead of trying to gain sympathy. Todd told Jax about shooting his twin and being acquitted. Jax wondered if Carly knew about Todd’s history. Todd said yes and that they were friends. Todd said he didn’t want to see Carly get hurt. Jax revealed that he heard Johnny and Todd arguing about Johnny lying to Carly for months. He wanted to know what Johnny was hiding from Carly. Todd told Jax it was Jax's own fault for leaving Carly vulnerable to someone like Johnny. Todd said it wasn’t his job to fix Jax’s marriage. Jax said this was about protecting his daughter. He got Todd to admit that Todd wouldn't want Johnny around Todd's daughter. Jax urged Todd to give him what he needed to get Johnny out of Josslyn's life. Todd agreed to tell Jax what he knew.

Todd felt that he was in a situation where both of the choices available to him were bad ones. He told Jax about putting a camera in Johnny’s office because he hoped to find something to get him out of Starr’s life. Todd said Carly was helping him out with a personal issue at the time. He said his ex was marrying the smarmy hypocrite she met, so there was still some hope for Carly.

Todd explained that he’d come across Johnny’s secret while he was trying to delete the footage as Carly asked him to. Todd wrestled with whether or not to be honest, and in the end he lied and said he saw Johnny dancing around in women’s underwear. Jax didn’t believe Todd. He wondered aloud if Todd was keeping Johnny’s secret, because Johnny was blackmailing Todd. Todd changed the subject by ripping into Jax for abandoning Carly and Josslyn and letting them think he was dead and having his lawyer serve Carly with divorce papers, instead of handling it himself, then coming back to town and acting like a hero.

Meanwhile, Carly visited Johnny in his hospital room. She thanked him for saving her life and he thanked her for being there to get him through getting shot.

Carly gently asked what he and Todd were arguing about. Carly said Jax told her Johnny was lying to her and that her instincts told her something was going on. Johnny tried to convince her that this was all a misunderstanding and that he had nothing to hide, but Carly reminded him that he tried to tell her something just before going into surgery. Johnny remembered Todd forcing him to confess that he killed Cole and Hope. Carly reminded Johnny that he'd promised not to keep secrets from her again. Johnny told Carly that he was keeping a secret. Johnny claimed that the secret was that all his money was tied up in the club, so he borrowed his portion of the money they paid Jerry from the mob and now he was on the hook for paying it back.

Johnny said he got in bed with people he swore he’d never do business with. Carly asked if that was it. Johnny said yes. He claimed he felt pressured to borrow the money from the mob, because it was for the good of the town. Carly wondered why Todd argued with Johnny about it instead of just using it to try and turn her against Johnny. Carly bought the story, but she was upset that Johnny put himself in danger by getting involved with the mob and because he didn’t tell her. Johnny said he tried to, just as he was being wheeled off to surgery. Carly made him promise that this was the last secret. Johnny told her he loved her. After they made up, Johnny asked her to sign the divorce papers Jax gave her as a way to show that she was committed to moving on with Johnny. Carly told Johnny that if she’d signed the papers, she never would have been able to use Jax’s money to help pay off Jerry. Johnny countered that the crisis was over now. A nurse walked in and asked Carly to leave so she could check Johnny’s vitals. Carly left the room.

Steve spoke with someone from Ferncliff, then told Olivia about Heather's escape. Olivia said she knew what Heather would do next. Steve was concerned Olivia was having another hallucination, but Olivia said she was just being logical. She thought that Heather had gone somewhere besides Port Charles, somewhere she had unfinished business. Olivia said now that Steve and Luke were out of Heather's life, there was nothing left for her. Steve remembered that his mother tried and failed to kill Olivia.

Falconeri loft: Dante and Lulu cuddled in bed after having sex and enjoyed the peace and calm. Lulu asked what day it was; she wanted to make note of it just in case they'd just made a baby. Lulu pulled out her phone and between kissing Dante, she showed him the most fertile days on her calendar. They realized they missed two of those days, because they were busy with the crisis. They fell back in bed kissing and decided to make up for lost time. After they were finished, Dante called their future baby DJ – Dante Jr. Lulu still liked Rocco. She asked if he wanted a boy and Dante said he just wanted a healthy child with her looks and his charisma. They laughed and reminisced about his pick up lines that started their relationship. Steve called and Dante answered, because he figured it might be about his mom.

Hospital: Steve told Dante about Heather's escape and his fear that she might be planning to finish what she started by killing Olivia. Dante talked to Olivia and gave her tips on staying safe. Olivia warned Dante not to underestimate Heather. After they hung up, Olivia started back to her room. Steve was concerned she wouldn’t be safe there alone and said he had a better idea.

Falconeri Loft: Dante and Lulu discussed Heather. Dante said he put an APB out on her. Lulu said she was glad Luke was in Europe. Dante said he was going to work to try and find Heather. They kissed then sweet talked about trying for a baby and joked about baby names. Then Dante left.

Sonny's: Connie taunted Trey about him being unwanted, then they began to struggle over Trey's medal. Sonny walked in on this and restrained Trey, who began to sob. Sonny asked what was going on and Trey would only say to ask “her.” Connie, pretending to be Kate, convinced Sonny to let Trey go and when he did, the distraught Trey ran out of the house. Sonny was convinced Trey did something to her, and he was furious. Connie slipped Trey's medal in her pocket. She insisted that Trey hadn't hurt her and that everything was fine. Sonny said he knew who Trey was. Connie looked alarmed and asked how he knew. She was relieved when she realized Sonny was talking about knowing Trey married Kristina. Connie lied and claimed she and Trey were arguing about the marriage when Sonny walked in. Connie said Trey called her names and said there was nothing Sonny could do about Trey's marriage to Kristina. Sonny shared that he'd told Kristina she could be Trey's ex wife or widow. He was adamant that the marriage wouldn't last. Sonny decided to call Alexis and make sure she drew up the paperwork. Connie said that would give her time to pull herself together. Sonny kissed “Kate” goodbye, and she went into the foyer and wiped her mouth in disgust. She rolled her eyes at Joe naming Trey after himself.

Connie was annoyed to find out that she had a son and that son was in town. She said to herself that Trey had better not make any trouble for her. Connie said she and Kate weren't maternal types and that the shock of finding out about Trey made Kate retreat, allowing Connie to take over and get stronger. Connie, clearly happy at having control, started out the door, just as Michael arrived. Kate was unable to hide that she was irritated that he was there. She quickly covered and said she was stressed out about a run in with Trey and didn’t mean to take it out on Michael. Michael and Trey went back into the living room and Michael asked if it was true that Trey’s dad and Sonny had a past. When Michael realized Sonny hadn’t heard that, he asked “Kate” why she didn’t tell him. Connie said she got sidetracked and didn’t have a chance to. Steve called Kate’s phone and asked that she come to the hospital. Connie told Sonny she had to go. They hugged and she left.

Michael told Sonny about Trey claiming he made up the feud between the families for ratings, but Michael didn’t buy it; he thought the entire reality show had been part of a scheme to get revenge. Michael tried to help jog Sonny’s memory by sharing that Trey’s dad recently got out of prison. Sonny thought for a second, then cursed and told Michael that his old enemy just got out of prison. Sonny said he thought he knew who Trey’s dad was.

Starr and Trey's: When Trey got home, Starr asked where his father was. Trey said he was busy. Starr asked why he was upset and he told her about going to tell Sonny why he married Kristina and running into Kate instead. Starr said Kate was a reasonable woman who might be able to get Sonny to be more accepting. Trey said he doubted that. He told Starr that Kate already knew about the wedding and she was livid about it. Starr was curious about why Kate would have such a strong reaction. Trey remembered Kate saying she might be his mother, due to Joe raping her and the way Connie taunted him, and he told Starr that Kate started making up lies. Trey said it got ugly. Starr asked why, when Kate wasn’t even Kristina’s mother. Trey was about to say Kate was his mother, but he covered and said Kate considered herself part of the family.

When Starr said she couldn’t imagine Kate going off on Trey for no reason, Trey snapped that he didn’t understand why she was defending the woman who killed her family. Starr said she wasn’t defending Kate, and Trey apologized for bringing up Cole and Hope. Starr said she wished Trey would tell her what was going on and Trey pointed out that the last time he confided in her, she told Michael what he said. Starr reminded Trey that he claimed he wanted her to tell Michael so that Michael would crash the wedding. Trey said she could have proved him wrong. Starr defended divulging what Trey told her, and Trey said he wouldn’t take the risk that she’d do it again. Starr said she just hoped Trey had someone he could open up to. After Starr left the room, Trey called Joe and said they needed to talk about Trey’s mother.

Hospital: Olivia urged Steve to get back to work instead of babysitting her, but Steve insisted on staying with her until Kate got there. Connie walked in. Olivia imagined that Kate was wearing something that was more Connie’s style. She told Steve that wasn’t Kate, but Connie. Connie smiled sweetly and said she was Kate and that she’d been cured. Olivia said okay, but she didn’t seem convinced. Steve kissed Olivia and asked “Kate” to let him know if she saw anything suspicious. Connie played the concerned cousin and took Olivia down the hall. As soon as they rounded the corner, Connie told Olivia she was leaving. Olivia reminded “Kate” that she wasn’t supposed to be alone, but Connie said she had to make a run to the gift shop. Connie handed Olivia a hairbrush to use and left. Olivia made a sarcastic remark about the TLC her cousin showed her.

Todd stormed out of the room where he and Jax were talking and overheard Steve blasting someone at Ferncliff for letting Heather escape. Todd went over to the elevators.

Carly ran into Jax and told him it was time that they sign the divorce papers.

The nurse left Johnny alone. Just as he was drifting off to sleep, Connie came in. she closed the blinds and triumphantly told Johnny she was back, and for good this time.

Jason's: Jason and Spinelli discussed whether Heather may have come upon Sam and her baby in the shack the night Sam gave birth. They both agreed that Heather would have no problem switching Sam's baby with a dead child. Spinelli was convinced it had to be Heather, but Jason wasn't ready to make assumptions yet. Spinelli explained that Heather's grudge against Sam stemmed from Sam forgetting to deliver Heather's letter to Steve. Jason asked if Heather would take Sam's baby just because of that and Spinelli pointed out that Heather had hurt other people like Luke and Olivia for minor things. Spinelli added that a state trooper saw Heather driving near the shack on the night of the storm.

Jason wondered where Heather would have gotten the dead baby. He said there must be someone else involved. Spinelli reminded Jason about the accomplice who fed Luke while Heather couldn’t. Jason said they had to track this person down. Spinelli told him the police only knew he wore a hockey mask. Jason sighed that the man might just be hired muscle with no connection to the baby. He decided that they had to confront Heather. Spinelli wasn’t sure Heather would cooperate. Jason pulled out his gun and vowed that she would. Spinelli said he didn’t think they’d let Jason take a gun into Ferncliff. Just then, Steve called Spinelli and told him Heather escaped. Spinelli told Jason, who was frustrated because it meant they couldn’t question Heather and would have to find another way to get answers about Sam’s child.

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