GH Update Monday 9/17/12

General Hospital Update Monday 9/17/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Heather goes to Téa Delgado’s home in Llanview, PA, and assures her that she can be trusted caring for Téa’s baby while Téa is busy working. Téa still believes her name is Susan. Alone with the baby, Heather “confides” in him what her dastardly deed is now.

Jason tells Elizabeth that it’s “not fair” that he kissed her on the bridge. Hearing that she asks him just to whom he is saying it’s “not fair” and reminds him he need not fill guilty about how that affects Sam since she was kissing McBain. She asks Jason if he is not ready to go through with his divorce and it appears that he may not be.

Alexis returns home with Kristina and tells her daughter she needs to realize what it’s like to grow up. She tells Kristina that in order to have an adult relationship with her mom, Kristina needs to use better judgment. Kristina does not appreciate hearing that from her mom. Alexis tells her daughter that what they need to do is make her marriage to Trey annulled. Sam enters to overhear their conversation and tells her mom and sister that they must now “get in line” with her as she’s ready to do the very same thing.

Tracy Quartermaine talks to Joe Scully about their plan to get her father’s money back. Right then, Sonny enters and reveals he knows Joe’s real name and identity.

Trey talks to Kate, assuming she’s a stranger whom he is “venting” about his mother abandoning him. He reveals that his biological father is Joe Scully who at least let his son know who his father was. He reveals to her that his mother was just a no good piece of Brooklyn trash who slept with his dad, got pregnant and threw her infant son away many years ago. Hearing that, she puts two and two together that she must be the son she abandoned after getting pregnant from being raped by Joe many years ago.

When Sonny walks in on Joe Scully and Tracy, Joe demands that if Sonny wants to talk to him, they can take it outside. Sonny then informs Tracy that this is the infamous Joe Scully. If she is not familiar with the name, she may ask Luke. And she may now know that she’s trading one gangster in for another.

After finding out that Trey is her son, Kate protests to him that his father raped her. He held her down and forced himself upon her. He does not want to believe that about his father and only knows that she abandoned her infant son. She emotionally pleads that she was left all alone after being violated. She did not have anyone to help her or to even tell. She had the memory of Joe haunting her for the rest of her life. She did not ever hear form Joe up until now. She thought that maybe he died. But she now knows he’s alive. She then reaches for her son. He firmly tells her he wants nothing to do with her. But right then, it appears “Connie” comes out and she boldly tells him he cannot walk away from his past. She reflects that her bastard son lives. She informs him that he may call her Connie. That’s the name his father called her when he pinned her down and raped her. He angrily tells her he doesn’t want to hear any of this and she is not his mother. She tells him he’s lucky to be alive. Were it not for Catholic guilt, he’d have never made it out of her womb. She asks if she needs spell it out to him. She looks squarely at him in the eye and announces she wanted to abort him.

After Sonny reveals to Tracy who Joe is, she reflects that she thought she was done with the brush she once had with organized crime. She tells Sonny that both she and he know all too well that nobody can pick their parents. If he’s going to judge Joe Jr. for what his father did, then Sonny can be judged for what his father did. Sonny then urges her not to defend Joe to him. She tells him she knows that Joe is her friend. Sonny spells out to her that she needs to know that Joe is a murderer and a rapist.

When Heather is talking to Téa Delgado and arranging to take care of Téa's baby, Téa calls Todd and talks about a woman named “Susan Moore”. When Todd says he’s not familiar with the name, Téa wonders why, since Heather has told her she’s “friends” with Todd and he can vouch for her, Heather immediately snatches the phone out of Téa’s hand to talk to Todd.

Spinelli finds Jason and informs him that he went to a lab and found out some very interesting information. A blood lab technician confirmed that the baby who died had AB negative blood type when both Sam and Franco have type O. So, he tells Jason, what he previously assumed is true. The baby that died is not Sam’s.

Trey asks Kate (now Connie) if she’s admitting that she threw away her own son. He’s a bit “surprised” to hear her smugly and shamelessly admitting that she wanted to throw him in a dumpster and let him die. But that was only plan B. Her first plan was to abort him. She smirks when she notices his “mournful” expression and tells him she knows nobody likes to think that someone wanted to abort them. But maybe he needs to nobody likes to think that they were raped either. He asks her why then she didn’t just do it. She tells him it’s just good old Catholic guilt about how a Catholic girl should never have an abortion or she will burn in hell. She believed that. She tells him at the time, she was in her own personal hell. So it would not have made a difference. He then asks about her family. She tells him that surprisingly, at the time, her family saw her as the one not screwed up and least likely to get knocked up. And if anyone had found out Joe had done it, Sonny would probably have killed him, which actually is what should have happened. He asks her what, she did, given the circumstances. She tells him she pushed him out, got rid of him and then got the hell out of dodge. He seems sad to reflect that she left him. She tells him she left everything. But he needs to buck up and realize he got the sweet end of the deal. He got to live. He got saved. He got “dear old dad”. So what does he have to be depressed about?

Sonny blurts out to Tracy that her new “friend” raped Kate and killed people and has spent many years in jail for that. She tells Sonny he may see himself out and she’d like to talk to Joe alone although Sonny tells her he doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her alone with this piece of garbage. Sonny leaves. Alone with Joe, she asks if what Sonny says is true. He protests that he had his reasons to do what he did. But she tells him that she has disgrace herself and her family and wants him out. She doesn’t want to hear any alibis. She wants him out.

Elizabeth appears depressed to her brother at the hospital when she reveals to Steven that she’s all alone having believed in Dr. Keenan only to find out what kind of a person he is. She considered getting back with Jason and saw a glimmer of hope only to find out he might want to get back with Sam.

After Spinelli reveals to Jason that he found out proof that Sam’s baby did not die, Jason assessed all that he remembered about finding Sam right after she gave birth and walked all over the town in the rain to get help for him and passed out. He found her with a dead baby. And then both conclude that the dead baby was not hers’ and can only ask whose baby it was.

When Heather grabs the phone from Téa when she’s talking to Todd, she tells her that she needs to take care of the baby. She’s found out that he’s sick.

Sam talks alone with Alexis about going through with not only a divorce but an annulment to her marriage with Jason. Alexis asks her daughter if she really wants to go through with this and urges her to be honest with herself regarding her true feelings for Jason. Kristina listens to them silently. Sam looks at her mom and sister, grabs the pen and signs the divorce paper then takes off her wedding ring. She declares to them that now it’s over.

After Jason finds out that there’s proof that the baby that died is not Sam’s, he tells Spinelli that he doesn’t want to reveal that to Sam. He’s very worried about getting her hopes up only to devastate her all over again. And they both remember that the night when the baby allegedly died was the same night when Spinelli found out a still unsolved mystery about heather’s whereabouts on that night in question.

Heather attempts to concoct a story to Téa about her “relationship of suspicion” about Todd. But she can see that Téa may not buy her story nor trust her. So she concludes that maybe this won’t work out. She may have given Téa good reason to believe she’s some sort of nut job. Téa then tells “Susan” no. She can see that “Susan” appears a bit jumpy. But she believes she is a Godsend. Doesn’t want her going anywhere and trusts her to care for the baby.

When Steven is talking to Elizabeth at the hospital, he gets a call from Ferncliff informing him that his mother has escaped.

After Tracy lays down the law to Joe that they are over, he protests to her that he cannot walk away or let her walk away from what they had. She can’t deny that there is something special between them. But he walks out the door.

Connie taunts Trey about his being a rape baby and coming to the realization that his father is a worthless pig. Sonny walks in ready to assault Trey, still not knowing who he is. He demands to know what Kristina’s (almost) husband is doing to his fiancé. At that point, we need only wait until the next episode to see if Kate comes back or if she remains as Connie.

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