GH Update Friday 9/14/12

General Hospital Update Friday 9/14/12


Written by Anthony
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Jason thanks Spinelli for helping him out with finding out Sam's baby. Elizabeth runs into the two of them in the hospital hallway and Spinelli tells her that he is glad that she is alive. Spinelli leaves the two alone and says Happy Birthday to Jason. Elizabeth then wishes him a happy birthday too. Jason does not know if he wants a birthday.

Sonny wants to know who the boy is she married. Kristina refuses to explain. Alexis walks in and wonders where Kristina has been. Sonny tells Alexis that Kristina married Trey.

Kate asks Michael how Vegas was. Michael says that he was only in Vegas to stop Kristina from getting married.

Trey and Joe talk about Kristina and Starr walks in and wonders if Trey is with his father and won't let them deny it.

Monica walks in and wonders what Tracy is doing. Tracy explains that she is just looking through some of Edwards things.

Joe introduces himself to Starr and explains that all the charges were dropped against him. Trey says he is sorry for being weird about how things are going but he claims that he did not know Joe was going to show up. Starr treats Joe like scum but wants to ask him a question.

Monica wonders what Tracy has been doing with Joe and Tracy says that she asked him to move in.

Joe jokes about Trey. Starr wants to talk about his connection to Sonny instead.

Michael tells Kate that Trey and Kristina only did it for the show. Kate is shocked and does not think Sonny will do well with this. Michael says that Sonny knows and he also thinks that Sonny will go crazy over who Trey is related to.

Alexis is shocked and mad over Kristina. Kristina says that she plans to get the marriage annulled. Sonny goes to talk to Trey but Kristina follows him to stop him. Sam hopes that Alexis is ok but she thinks about Jason.

Jason thinks that Spinelli will be able to find out if Sam's baby is alive.

Spinelli walks into a lab and tries to get attention of a doctor and hopes for help.

Elizabeth tells Jason that he can go home early and offers to drive him home. Jason wonders if she is ok with that. Elizabeth is more than ok with it and wants to tell him something.

Alexis gets started on the annulments and Sam thinks she should slow down. Alexis finds Sam's divorce papers and Sam does not seem happy about it.

Monica does not want to have a stranger move in. Tracy says that she knows that it is Monica's house. Monica says she will get a background check on the guy and wants to know his last name. Tracy only knows the last name starts with S.

Starr wants to know if Joe has problems with Sonny. Joe claims he has never even heard of the man until recently. Starr excuses herself from the room. Joe is mad that Trey would tell Starr what he said.

Kate wonders if Sonny knows anything about this. Michael says no and wonders if Kate knows anything about their past that would have someone hating Sonny. Kate says that Sonny had many enemies over the years and wants to know the last name of Trey. Michael says Mitchell.

Sonny decides to go see Trey.

Alexis says she only made the papers up for Sam because Sam had asked her to. Alexis then wonders if Sam is having second thoughts.

Jason walks into his apartment and finds balloons and wonders who did this. Elizabeth says that she did before the Franco thing came to mind and decides to get rid of them.

The doctor wonders what Spinelli is doing. Spinelli explains that he wants to test the babies tissue.

Jason tells Elizabeth that she does not have to take down the decorations and appreciates it and her.

Alexis wonders if Sam has changed her mind about the divorce.

Joe and Trey go out to the hall way and argue about their plan. Trey says that he is sorry for what happened.

Starr looks for Trey and looks through the peep hole.

Joe is mad that Michael knows.

Monica laughs over the fact that Tracy does not know the last name of the man she wants to move into the house. Tracy says that she has clicked with the man. Monica decides to up the security after she brought Anthony into the house. Tracy claims that Joe is nothing like Anthony.

Kate says that she knows no Mitchells and that Trey would have to have made it up. Michael gets a call from Starr.

Starr tells Michael he will never guess who is there.

Kristina explains the reason she got married was to help Trey's father and says that she did it because of that reason only.

Sam says she played what if in the hospital and felt so close to Jason. Alexis asks what the two talked about. Sam says that they talked about the night the baby died and thinks that Jason had nothing to do with it.

The doctor says that only a person related to the baby can get information. Spinelli introduces himself and the doctor says her name is Ellie but she cannot help without authorization.

Jason says it is nice to have someone to talk to about things. Elizabeth wants to say something none Ewen related and wants to talk about Jason.

Alexis says since the baby died she needed Jason for the first time in a long time. Sam explains the what happened the other day with Jason.

Alexis says that Trey's father was wrongfully accused of a crime and all he has is his father.

Trey understands why they are doing what they are doing. Trey understands and knows that there might be a way to make things right. Trey does not know how being married to Kristina will get their money back.

Tracy thinks that she wants to know if the relation she is in is worth anything.

Joe says that Trey needs to tell Sonny who he loves Kristina. Trey wonders where Joe's necklace is. Joe says he will find it.

Spinelli begs Ellie for help. Ellie says she would get in a lot of trouble for doing anything. Spinelli tries to make Ellie look between the rules.

Alexis explains that it is because of Jason that she could not get to the hospital.

Elizabeth says that she has thought about why she decided to go out with Ewen is because she could not have Jason.

Ellie is mortified that Spinelli would ask. Spinelli explains everything and Ellie walks off with the papers.

Elizabeth says that she should have listened to Jason when he said that Ewen was dangerous. Elizabeth thinks that there is a pull between the two of them and that she sees something great in Jason.

Sam thinks that she can maybe forgive Jason. Alexis says she will hold off then and then tells Sam to go tell Jason everything she just told her. Sam hugs Jason.

Sonny says that Kristina can be persuasive when they get along. Sam walks out crying and says she has to go do something. Sonny says that if he will lay off Trey there is something he needs he to do.

Starr explains that Joe said he did not know Sonny. Michael wonders if they should buy into it.

Monica tells Tracy if she plans to have more than just sex with Joe to find out his last name. She then leaves and tells her that Cook's funeral is this afternoon.

Kate opens the door and finds Trey and notices a necklace on Trey and wonders where he got it.

Starr thinks that Joe could maybe be lying but does not know. The two want to be able to figure out what is going on.

Alexis walks outside and wonders what the two are doing. Alexis explains that Sam and Jason might stay together.

Joe walks in to see Tracy and Joe asks about the necklace. Tracy says that she wants to know his last name first.

Kate has a flashback to the night she was raped by Joe and grabs the necklace and starts to cry.

Ellie confirms that the babies' DNA does not match.

Jason and Elizabeth kiss. Sam starts to walk in and sees them.

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