GH Update Thursday 9/13/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/13/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Mac, Maxie, and Felicia all toast to life.

Carly reads the Sun and asks Todd why he did not include other people’s names.

Sonny comes to visit Jason and asks about what he was doing when he got hurt.

Todd decides to go change what he wrote in the paper. Carly thanks him for staying with her for the night. Starr runs in with Michael and they hug their parent.

Tracy and Joe talk about them both being alive. Tracy is happy and wonders where the relation will go.

Kristina and Trey walk into Alexis’s house and Sam walks over and tells them that Alexis and Shawn are out together. Sam wonders where Kristina and Trey have been. Kristina explains she was in Vegas with Trey. Sam wonders what they were doing in Vegas. The two tell Sam they were married.

Todd tells Michael if he takes Starr away again he will break both his legs. Starr tells him to lay off. Todd says he is joking. Michael wonders where Jax is.

Sonny explains that he does not know where Jax is. Jason wonders if Carly knows about Jax. Sonny tells him that someone will have to tell Carly that Jax is dead.

Maxie opens the front door to find Spinelli who is happy to see her alive and hugs her. Spinelli says sorry for hugging her and is happy to see that all three of them are alive and well. Mac wonders where Spinelli was. Spinelli tells them that he was doing research on Ewen at the time but was trying to get back to Port Charles. Maxie wonders if Spinelli is still mad at her. Spinelli explains that he is not. Maxie is glad that they are friends again. Spinelli tells Maxie that he can never be friends with her again.

Carly talks about Jax. Starr wonders about Johnny. Carly says that Johnny was shot. Starr feels bad for Johnny. Carly however explains that Johnny will be just fine. Starr decides to go see him.

Jason thinks that Carly needs to know about Jax. Sonny does not think so and hands him papers.

Kristina says that she had to get married for the ratings of her show. Sam says congratulations.

Tracy asks where Joe is staying and wonders if maybe Joe would like to come stay with her and get to know her better. Joe says that they will talk about it but he has to go for now. Tracy decides to go check on Edward but before either can go Joe closes the door shocking Tracy.

Kristina tries to justify herself but Trey jumps in and explains that it was to help his father. Sam does not think it is a good idea and does not think Sonny will react well to it in the least.

Carly tells Michael that Johnny should be fine but was trying to tell her something before going into a coma.

Starr walks in to find Johnny hooked up to a machine and Starr tries to talk to him. Todd thinks they should leave but Starr does not want to.

Carly says that it has been a rough couple of days and starts crying in Carly’s arms. Sonny appears and Michael gives him a hug and wonders why he was in Vegas. Michael says he has to tell him about Kristina.

Kristina says she will get the marriage annulled.

Maxie wonders why Spinelli would not want to be friends as it is clear he still cares. Felicia tells Mac they have to leave but Mac does not understand. Spinelli tells them not to leave. Spinelli tells Maxie that they cannot be friends because they are dysfunctional together and thinks she treats him like dirt, not on purpose but just because. Spinelli says that it either is all or nothing. Spinelli gets a text from Jason and has to leave. He tells them he is glad no one died.

Sonny says that what he has to say about Kristina can wait as he has to say something to both Carly and him about Jax.

Starr cannot believe that Todd is acting the way he is because he was shot. Todd says that Starr is being misguided and walks her out. Todd does not think Johnny is going anywhere.

Carly does not think that Jax is dead. Sonny explains what he saw. Carly wonders how Sonny could survive but not Jax. Carly refuses to believe that Jax could be dead and thinks Sonny is just doing this to cause tension.

Sam does not know what will happen when Sonny and Alexis finds out about Kristina. Trey goes to make a phone call.

Tracy is shocked to have had a hook up in a hospital room. She says she is happy to have met Joe but wonders what his last name is. Joe gets a call from Trey who tells him he needs to meet with him now.

Sam wonders if Trey pressured Kristina into the wedding. Sam explains what happened with Jason while Kristina was gone. Kristina wonders if Sam and Jason talked.

Spinelli walks into Jason’s apartment. Spinelli says that he is sorry for not believing Jason about Ewen. Jason wants help once again from Spinelli.

Todd takes a pillow and walks towards Johnny’s bed. Todd holds a pillow to Johnny’s face.

Carly thinks that Jerry is playing games and that Jax is not dead, Jax then shows up from out of nowhere to tell Carly she is wrong about something. Carly runs to Jax and hugs him. Jax wonders if Carly is doing ok. Jax explains that he was thrown off by the explosion and hit his head. Jax explains that it is thanks to Sonny that he is alive.

Johnny wakes up and struggles as Todd tries to kill him. Todd decides not to kill Johnny but tells him to never tell anyone about anything that happened involving the two of them or he will kill him.

Jason wants Spinelli to look into the baby’s blood type.

Trey tells Kristina that he has to go work on production. Kristina says that this ok and then they will work on an annulment.

Felicia wants to tell Maxie a story.

Jason thinks that the baby could not have been Sam’s who died as nothing makes sense in the baby’s records. Spinelli tries to make sense. Jason thinks Sam was right about the baby not being dead.

Todd tells Johnny that all their problems will be solved if they stay quite Johnny disagrees. Todd wonders why that is. Johnny thinks that Jax might tell Carly and they both must deal with him.

Jax explains that Jerry was holding the town for money in order to get a cure for a disease he had. Carly and Jax go to get him checked out. Sonny wants to know what Michael was going to say about Kristina. Michael tells Sonny Kristina got married.

Joe congratulates Trey about the wedding. Trey asks if Joe knew about the virus.

Sonny goes looking for Kristina mad.

Sam says that if Kristina does not get an annulment then Alexis will get it for her. Sam says that she is divorcing Jason.

Jason tells Spinelli they need to find out more information. Spinelli hacks into the hospital records to research.

Felicia tells Maxie about her father and her marriage. Felicia says that Frisco and her grew apart and that she only wanted to be in a couple. Maxie wonders if that is the same reasons Mac and her did not work out. Felicia says that it is a completely different situation. Felicia compares Mac with Spinelli.

Spinelli finds the records and tells Jason that Sam gave the hospital something that will prove if the baby is alive or not.

Tracy finds a chain that has Joe’s initials on it and finds out that Joe’s last name starts with an “S”.

Trey tells Joe that Kristina thinks that he is getting annulment. Joe says to let her. Starr walks in wondering who the man is.

Sonny storms in and says that Trey better show his face because he is mad. Sonny wants to see the guy who she married.

Felicia asks Maxie to open her mind to new possibilities. Maxie does not know if she can get back with Spinelli because she broke his heart. Maxie does not know also because Matt is in jail but does not feel obligated. Felicia says that she loves a man who loves her back and Maxie needs to find someone who makes her truly happy. Mac walks in and says he has to get to work. He says that he is so lucky to have Felicia. He kisses her and says good bye. Maxie looks at a picture of Spinelli on her phone.

Spinelli says that Sam had the babies tissues frozen and that he can get a DNA test to see if Sam’s baby actually died.

Todd and Johnny agree to keep their mouths shut about what happened with a hand shake. Johnny is reluctant and Todd peruses him.

Jax tells Carly that Todd and Johnny are lying to her.

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