GH Update Wednesday 9/12/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/12/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Docks: With seconds to spare, John took a chance and cut the red wire on the bomb, due to Natalie having red hair.

Jerry, Sonny and Jax were on Jerry’s boat. Sonny warned Jax to stay down, then he and Jerry got in a shootout. Jerry’s bullet tore through a drum containing something flammable, causing the boat to explode with the three men on board.

Dante and Lulu shared a long kiss. They heard the explosion and assumed John and the anti serum were gone. They were stunned when John walked over carrying the briefcase containing the cure. Dante and Lulu took the briefcase to the hospital, while John stayed behind to investigate the explosion.

Shawn and Alexis kissed deeply. When they realized the boat exploded, Alexis panicked about Sonny and Jax. She and Shawn ran toward the accident. It was obvious that Shawn didn’t think anyone survived, but Alexis insisted that Jax and Sonny weren’t dead. Shawn called the coast guard, then he told Alexis they had to move back just in case there was another explosion. Alexis hoped Jerry didn’t survive. John walked over and the others filled him in. Just after Shawn said there probably weren’t any survivors, Sonny climbed onto shore. Shawn and Alexis helped him up, and Sonny told them what happened on the boat. Alexis looked to Sonny for assurance that Jax survived too, but he didn’t answer her. John said he’d stay, so everyone else could go be with their families. Shawn and Alexis left. Sonny offered to help John if he needed anything, then he left.

Davis house: Sam arrived and was worried when she realized Alexis wasn’t there. Molly and TJ came downstairs. Molly hugged Sam and asked about Sam’s cut. Sam assured her that it was nothing. Molly started to cry. Sam comforted her and shared that she was scared, too. Molly asked where Sam thought Alexis was. Sam assured Molly that she was certain Alexis wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t important. Sam tried to reach Alexis again, but she didn’t pick up. TJ went up to Molly’s room to get his phone to call Shawn. Sam raised an eyebrow when she heard TJ and Molly had been sleeping in the same room, but Molly assured her it was innocent. Sam said she was glad Molly got a chance to be with the person she cared about the most. Molly asked why Sam wasn’t with the one she cared about most. Sam said she had been, and Molly asked if she was with Jason or John. Sam said she spent time with both of them and said her goodbyes. Sam wasn’t sure it was goodbye, but Molly said it felt like it was. Sam pointed out that they could be mass producing a cure right now. Molly wondered what would happen if they did survive.

Sam told Molly about her telling Jason her daydream about the idyllic life she, Jason and the baby would have had if they’d never found out the baby was Franco’s. Sam said she unfairly blamed Jason for the baby’s death. Molly added that Sam turned to John as a result of her anger for Jason, but Sam said that wasn’t true. She said there was something about John that went beyond friendship. Molly asked which man Sam would choose if they survived. Sam wasn’t sure this was a good time to discuss this, but she admitted she did know the answer. Before she could go further, TJ came downstairs and said he couldn’t reach Shawn. Just then Shawn and Alexis walked in. Everyone was relieved to see each other again. Alexis was concerned about Sam’s cut, but Sam assured her she was fine. When Alexis’s girls asked where she’d been, she told them about Jerry kidnapping her. Alexis said the nightmare might soon be over.

Hospital: Monica and Steve discussed the dire straits the town was in. They believed their only hope would be for Patrick to synthesize a cure. Meanwhile, Kate left a voice mail for Sonny telling him she loved him and asking him to call her. She then went over to Steve and let him know Olivia wasn’t in her room. They found the barefoot Olivia standing on the ledge at the hospital roof. They assumed she was considering suicide, but the manically delighted Olivia explained that she was just enjoying the rain and the beautiful light. There was no rain, and Steve and Kate shared a concerned glance. Olivia climbed down and reminded Kate about the times they used to play in the rain as children. Olivia asked why they looked so worried, when they were all going to be fine now. Kate gently told Olivia it wasn’t raining. Olivia was saddened to realize she’d been hallucinating again. She cried that it would be nice to go to her grave knowing what was real. Steve urged her not to think like that. He told her that her predictions had been coming true. Olivia scoffed at the idea that a healing rain would really come out of a light and cure them all. Steve made her feel better by joking that he’d heard crazier things due to having Heather as a mom. Olivia asked him to hold her, and he did. Olivia told Steve to go back and help the others. Steve promised to visit her later, then he left. Olivia and Kate chatted about the fun they had in the rooftop clubhouse they built as children. Olivia confessed that she read Kate’s diary when they were young teens. Olivia was worried Kate would be mad, but Kate laughed at the idea of being angry about that. Olivia shared that she read the part where Kate had gone through a painful experience at the hands of what she thought was a friend. Kate had written that it didn’t matter, because Olivia was her best friend and they’d stay that way even after they met the loves of their lives. The passage had made Olivia feel great and guilty for the intrusion.

Kate smiled and said her prediction about how their lives would go had been right. The cousins hugged and shared a happy moment because they were glad they found their way back to each other and had met the loves of their lives.

Dante and Lulu delivered the antiserum to the hospital. A representative of the CDC took it off to get tested. Sonny stumbled into the hospital and came face to face with Dante and Lulu, and they all told each other what they’d been up to. Sonny revealed that he didn’t think anyone else survived the explosion. Dante told Sonny that the CDC was checking out the antiserum. If it was real, they were going to synthesize enough to treat the whole town. Lulu took Dante’s hand; she was afraid they’d die before the CDC was able to test and manufacture more of the cure.

Kate and Olivia went back inside. Kate spotted Sonny and was overcome with joy. She flew into his arms, and after they hugged, Sonny told her they were running tests on the antiserum. Kate was sure it had to be real, because she had a wedding to plan. Sonny told Kate he’d thought about her the whole time, and they kissed.

Jason and Elizabeth had a disagreement about whether or not it was okay for him to leave the hospital to look for Jerry. Jason was determined to find Jerry and the anti serum, but Liz was adamant that he was in no shape to do that with a bullet in his leg. She told him that she didn’t care if he hated her; she wasn’t going to let him bleed to death in the parking lot. Jason replied that he didn’t hate her. Liz challenged him to prove it. Jason groaned, but he let Liz guide him back to the exam table. Jason asked how things were going outside and Liz shared that the chapel was filled with people praying. Jason understood that no one wanted to risk dying without setting things right. Liz asked if he was thinking about Sam and his theory that her baby might still be alive.

Monica walked into the room where Jason and Liz were. She sent Liz to fill in for another nurse, then she and Jason talked. Monica mentioned that he should be in the OR, except they were swamped with other patients. Jason asked how Monica was. She was fine, just worried about Edward, who was with Tracy. Jason asked how they were and Monica shared that Edward was very frail and that Tracy was immune to the pathogen. She told Jason how Tracy stole the antiserum they made from her blood, intending to give it to Edward. She explained that Edward refused to take it and had Tracy give it to Patrick for Emma. Jason was impressed that Edward saved Robin’s daughter. Monica said Edward had been selfless and heroic, just like Jason was, even after the accident. Jason said he knew Monica loved him and he wanted her to know he appreciated her even if he didn’t show it. Monica told him he did show it. Monica mentioned that tomorrow was Jason’s birthday. Jason said that meant it was it meant it was Franco’s birthday too, which made Monica feel bad for reminding him. Jason said that he’d been thinking about the baby a lot. Monica found that natural, since that was what tore Jason and Sam apart. Jason called the break up his (Jason’s) fault, but Monica countered that Jason didn’t act in a vacuum. She shared that when she saw Sam there earlier, she’d hoped that the two of them would have reconnected. Jason said it was okay; Sam wanted to be with her family. Monica insisted that Jason was her family. She said while she and Alan had rough times, they always put their issues aside and came together during a crisis.

Liz was gathering files at the nurses station when she rain across Ewen’s file. Steve noticed her and took the opportunity to apologize for encouraging her to get involved with him. Liz said they both thought he was a good guy, but Steve still felt bad for steering her into danger, while thinking he was protecting her from Jason. He said he should have let her follow her instincts to take things slow with Ewen. Liz bristled at the idea of Steve “letting” her make choices. Steve clarified that he knew she was an adult, but she’d always be his baby sister and he was sorry he let her down. Liz said he didn’t let her down. She confessed that he’d been right when he assumed she held back with Ewen because she had feelings for Jason. Steve questioned whether Liz wasn’t confusing romantic feelings with feelings for gratitude for Jason saving her life. Liz was sure that wasn’t the case. She said she and Jason had a long history that existed long before Jake, and that she’d gone through some difficult periods in which Jason had often been the only person who knew just how to help. Liz said that while she and Jason weren’t always in each others lives, her feelings for him never fully went away. Steve asked if Jason felt the same way. Liz wasn’t sure; she explained that she’d been about to confess her feelings to Jason when Sam and John interrupted them. Steve wondered if that wasn’t for the best. He said Liz was too good of a mother to expose her children to the violence that surrounded Jason. Liz pointed out that they were all supposed to die soon anyway. She said she didn’t tell Jason how she felt and now she probably never would.

Jason told Monica about the time he and Sam spent talking about how different things would have been if they’d gone on thinking Sam’s child was his. Monica gently said they’d had it hard finding out the baby was Franco’s then losing it. Jason said he wasn’t sure that happened. He admitted that he’d gotten his hands on Sam’s baby’s medical records, and he told Monica about the things that didn’t add up with the baby. Such as the conflicting blood types between the child and its parents and the baby having hemophilia and weak lungs, which weren’t discovered during the prenatal exams. Monica explained those things away as mistakes in the paperwork and the Ob/Gyn overlooking things during Sam’s exams. Jason had another possible explanation, but before he could share it, they heard people celebrating and Monica went to see what was going on.

Dante got everyone in the hospital lobby’s attention and asked them to spread the word that the cure was real and would be disseminated through the water supply. Everyone dispersed and went back to their routine. Olivia felt a raindrop and asked if Dante and Lulu did, too. They didn’t, so Olivia dropped it and walked away. Lulu noted how quickly things had gone back to normal, even though they were technically still dying. Dante didn’t want to talk about death anymore. He reminded Lulu that they’d been trying to have a baby before the crisis. They kissed.

Sonny told Kate that Jax was dead. He grudgingly admitted that Jax was a hero. Kate was upset about her friend, but she took comfort in knowing Jerry hadn’t survived. Sonny was just disappointed that Jerry had claimed another victim. Kate said she considered Ewen a victim of Jerry, too. Sonny didn’t know what happened, so Kate told him about Jason killing Ewen after Ewen kidnapped Liz. While Kate didn’t blame Jason, she did wish Ewen had survived and gotten the help he needed. Sonny said the crisis had taught him not to take things for granted. He said he wanted Kate to be his wife as soon as possible. They agreed to get married the next week.

Liz called Cam and Aiden and told them how much she loved them. Jason walked up and overheard her tell the boys she wasn’t going to waste a moment with them.

Davis house: TJ got a text from an alert site letting him know the antiserum was real. He shared the news, and everyone was elated. John walked up to the doorway and he and Sam shared a smile. He came in and Alexis asked about Jax. John said that it appeared that he didn’t survive, but right now search and rescue was more focused on the pathogen crisis. TJ said at least Jerry was dead. Alexis agreed, but she thought it was tragic if Jax had to die too. Sam thanked John for all he’d done. She noticed him leaving and he explained that he was giving her some time with her family. Sam asked him to stay and re-welcome life together, since they’d faced death together.

A montage played of the citizens partaking in the treated water. Lulu and Dante showered together at home. Monica passed out water to patients. Sonny and Kate made their way to the hospital roof. They laughed as a plane misted them with water as it flew overhead. Olivia walked out to the roof, too. She stared up at the light and the “rain.” Steve saw her there and they shared a look. The two couples embraced and kissed. Jason and Liz happened to end up on the hospital roof around the same time. They hugged.

Shawn and Alexis drank glasses of water and this turned into a playful water fight when Molly and TJ burst in with water guns. John and Sam shared a tender moment out on the deck as the mist from a plane sprayed them.

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