GH Update Tuesday 9/11/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/11/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Docks: Carly and Todd tried to get the wounded Johnny to the car, but he was too weak to make it. They helped him lie down, then Todd sent Carly to get the car. Once they were alone, Todd made it clear that he felt Johnny deserved to die for killing his granddaughter. Todd took a handkerchief out of his pocket and placed it over Johnny’s mouth. Todd told Johnny his death would be peaceful, like drifting off to sleep, unlike what Hope’s last moments. Johnny was too weak to put up a struggle. Todd’s plan was thwarted by Lulu’s arrival. Not realizing what Todd was actually doing, Lulu screamed at him for just standing there watching Johnny die. She put pressure on Johnny’s wound, but when that didn’t slow the bleeding, she demanded Todd give her his jacket. Todd balked about it being part of a designer suit, but he relented and let Lulu use his jacket to apply more pressure to Johnny’s wound. Just then, Carly sped over in her car. They got the unconscious Johnny into the back seat, then Lulu told them she was staying at the warehouse to look for Dante. Carly climbed into the back seat next to Johnny, and Todd stood outside the car, idly wiping the blood from his hands, until Carly ordered him to get in and drive. Todd did as he was told, but informed Carly that he was only doing this for her sake.

Dante decided to call for backup, but he put his phone away when Shawn pointed out that Jerry might kill Alexis if he saw cops. Shawn told Dante to stay with John and work on getting the case open, and Shawn would go get Jerry. Dante went back inside the warehouse, and John told him it was a good thing Todd didn’t force the briefcase open – it was designed to destroy the contents if opened without the combination. John thought about it and told Dante to try 88110, the Dead Man’s hand. It worked, and the briefcase opened, but their relief was short-lived when they realized Jerry had placed a bomb inside set to go off in a little under an hour. Neither man knew anything about deactivating a bomb. They wondered why Jerry would do such a thing and figured that he may have been planning on deactivating it once he was safely out of their reach. John called a contact at the FBI for help.

Lulu frantically ran around screaming for Dante. He rushed over to her and they kissed. Dante told her about the bomb and urged her to leave, but Lulu insisted on staying by his side. They went back into the warehouse, where John was still on hold with the FBI. Someone answered the phone and while John described the bomb, Dante took Lulu aside and tried to convince her to save herself. Lulu replied that either she and Dante would live together or die together. John asked if anyone had something to cut wire. Lulu produced a pair of nail clippers. She smiled and told Dante he did need her. The three worked together – John on the phone relaying directions, Lulu holding a flashlight on the bomb and Dante following John’s directions. Everything was going well, until John told Dante to cut the green wire and Dante said there wasn’t one. The person on the phone was no help. John told Dante and Lulu to save themselves and leave the warehouse. They were reluctant to leave him, but John said it was a one person job and that there was a chance the hospital had developed a cure. Dante and Lulu ran out with a minute to spare. John looked at a picture of Natalie on his phone and told her and Liam that he loved them. He thought about his “fiery redhead” then took a chance and cut the red wire.

Sonny and Jax worked together to look for Alexis. Meanwhile, Jerry forced Alexis onto his boat at gunpoint. He told her to get comfortable as this would be her home for awhile. Alexis tried to convince Jerry that if he let her go, he’d have a good chance of getting away, while if he kept her, Jax and Sonny would track him down. Jerry wasn’t concerned about Sonny and he said it would be in Jax’s best interest to stay on land. As Jerry tied Alexis to a railing, Alexis asked why it was in Jax’s best interest to stay on land. Jerry told her about the bomb, his insurance for a clean escape. Back on the docks, Jax spotted the boat and pointed it out to Sonny, but Sonny was too ill to go any farther. Jax noted that Sonny was weak and Sonny snapped that it was all thanks to Jax’s brother. Jax told Sonny to stay put while he rescued Alexis. As Jerry’s brother, Jax felt responsible to clean up his mess. Sonny vowed to kill Jax if anything happened to Sonny’s daughter’s mom. Jax promised to give Sonny plenty of opportunities to kill him in the future. After Jax left, Shawn found Sonny struggling to stand. He helped him up and they got on a boat and drove it over to Jerry’s boat.  

Back on the boat, Alexis promised she’d never harm Jerry if he’d deactivate the bomb. When Jerry chuckled at her belief that she was a threat, Alexis reminded him that she was a Cassadine. Jerry was unmoved, so Alexis promised to go with him willingly if he’d just deactivate the bomb. She reminded him that her daughters needed the cure. Jerry said he’d deactivate it just as soon as he escaped. He began to cough violently, and Alexis asked if he was sick. Jerry replied that he anticipated being cured very soon. He told Alexis he had to leave and reminded her to be good. As soon as Jerry was gone, Alexis struggled to free herself, and she vowed to feed Jerry to the sharks if they left the harbor. To her relief, Sonny and Shawn boarded the boat. She assumed that meant the bomb had been diffused. When Shawn and Sonny looked confused, Alexis filled them in. Shawn told her they left the briefcase with Carly and Todd, and Alexis realized that meant it the bomb still hadn’t been disabled. Sonny was adamant that Alexis needed to get off the boat, but Alexis was afraid that Jerry would destroy the antiserum if she wasn’t there when he returned. Alexis realized Sonny didn’t intend to go with them. Sonny explained that he had to stay and help Jax. He ordered Shawn to get Alexis out of there. Shawn gave Sonny his gun and he and Alexis boarded the other boat and left.

On shore, Jerry glanced around and said goodbye to the city, then he began to untie the boat from the dock. He was shocked when Jax appeared, holding the keys to the boat. Jerry ordered his brother to return the keys and Jax agreed, but only in exchange for Alexis. Jerry refused; he said he needed protection. Jax offered to protect Jerry, because he still loved him in spite of everything he’d done. Jax tried to convince Jerry that there was still hope for him if he surrendered, but the frustrated Jerry insisted that Jax was wrong. Finally Jerry revealed that he was dying from radiation poisoning; the bullet the Balkan’s man shot him with was laced with plutonium 210. Jerry admitted that this entire scheme had been an attempt to raise the money to pay for the cure.

Jax told Jerry if he came with him, Jax would make sure he got the best care possible. Jerry refused and said he’d deservedly be torn to shreds by the mob if he went back into the city. Jerry felt that he had to flee to get a second chance. He pointed the gun at Jax and ordered him to hand over the keys. In response, Jax tossed the keys into the water. Jerry said that had been a big mistake. Jax asked Jerry if he’d really shoot his little brother. Jerry pulled out the remote detonator. He told Jax about the bomb and said if he didn’t get a second chance, neither did anyone else. Jax rushed Jerry and knocked him to the ground, but Jerry quickly got the upper hand and recovered the gun and the detonator. He stood over Jax and said he’d be kind and blow his head off instead of forcing him to suffer a slow death from the pathogen. Just then, Sonny shot Jerry in the hand, causing him to drop the detonator. Sonny warned Jax to stay down, then he and Jerry got in a gunfight. Sonny was crouched near some tanks of gasoline; one of Jerry’s bullets pierced one, then a second one started a fire.

Once Shawn and Alexis were safely away from the boat, Alexis thanked Shawn for rescuing her. Shawn said Molly wouldn’t have forgiven him if he hadn’t. He added that he wouldn’t have forgiven himself either. They embraced and shared a passionate kiss, as did Dante and Lulu who were elsewhere on the docks. The four were alarmed when they heard an explosion.

The hospital was overrun with poisoning victims. Patrick asked Steve if he’d seen Monica. He hadn’t. Elsewhere in the hospital, Monica received a phone call telling her someone had died. She went off to break the news to Tracy.

Joe stood by as a nurse took blood samples from Tracy. He recalled giving her his vial of the antiserum. He walked over to her and Tracy wondered why she happened to be spared, while others, like Joe were sick. Joe replied that fate worked in mysterious ways. Tracy thought this was more like cruelty. She expressed her concern for Joe as he was overcome by a coughing fit. Joe told her not to count him out just yet. He told her that her generosity, her heart and her blood would be the reason he would eventually be cured. Tracy said if it wasn’t her blood, it would be her portion of the money they used to pay off Jerry.

Monica made her way to Tracy and asked if she’d talk to Dillon or Ned. Tracy hadn’t. Joe explained that the phone lines were overloaded, and he wondered if Tracy might be able to reach her sons with a video call. Monica interrupted and said they needed to talk. Tracy and Joe followed her to a private room, whereupon Monica broke the news that someone close to them had died. Tracy assumed it was Edward and was crushed. Monica explained that she was talking about Cook, and Tracy ripped into her for not clarifying beforehand. Monica countered that Cook was family and she deserved to be mourned for however long they had left. Tracy wondered whether they were any closer to finding a cure. Patrick walked in and announced that he may have developed an antiserum. Tracy announced that she was going to pick up Edward and bring him to the hospital for the cure. Patrick quickly dampened the mood by saying he’d only been able to make one dose and there wasn’t enough time to manufacture enough for everyone. Joe asked who got to have the cure. Patrick gave the vial to Monica and left to spend time with Emma.

Tracy told Monica they both knew that medicine had to go to Edward. Monica said if she had her way, Edward would be first in line for the cure, but she was bound by federal guidelines. Tracy snidely pointed out that guidelines didn’t matter when Monica wouldn’t survive long enough to be punished. Tracy apologized for being insensitive. Monica vowed to follow protocol as long as she was still breathing. Tracy argued that the medicine belonged to Tracy as it had been developed from her blood. Joe tried to chime in, but Monica bluntly made it clear that she wasn’t interested in his opinion and threatened to throw him out if there were any problems. Joe left the room to give them a chance to cool down. Tracy was appalled by Monica’s rudeness, but Monica excused herself by pointing out that this was a crisis. She announced that the medicine would go to a patient already at the hospital. Tracy tried to sway Monica by urging her to save Edward for Alan.

Emma was lying on a couch in the lobby. Patrick sat her on his lap. She told him that she and her koala were sick and asked if he was sick too. Patrick admitted that he was a bit sick. Emma wondered when they were going to get better, then she asked if they’d get to see Robin if they didn’t get better. Patrick said he hoped so. Edward noticed the tender scene as he was wheeled into the hospital.

In a private room, Tracy apologized for having Edward brought to the crowded hospital and explained that she wanted him here with her. She produced the antiserum and told him to drink it.

Monica told Patrick that Tracy had stolen the antiserum from her office. She found Tracy and Edward and peered through the window. Tracy told Edward she loved him and she gave him a kiss. He weakly said he loved her, too. Tracy exited the room and told Monica to shut up, before she started in on her. Tracy rounded the corner and handed the vial to Patrick – Edward wanted it to go to Emma. Patrick stammered that he couldn’t break protocol, but Tracy said they were playing by Quartermaine rules now. Patrick waited for Monica to weigh in, but though she’d witnessed the whole exchange, she pretended not to know what was going on, and walked away. Tracy went after her and while she couldn’t help taking verbal jabs at Monica, she told her she was grateful for the way she’d treated Edward over the years. Monica was touched and asked if Tracy was feeling okay.

Tracy made her way back to Patrick and urged him to give Emma the medicine. Patrick carried Emma to the hallway right outside Edward’s window. He glanced in and Edward gave him the thumbs up. Edward smiled as he watched Emma drink the cure. Tracy was near tears as she looked in at her father. Patrick had Emma wave to Edward to say thank you. Tracy admitted she’d tried to trick Edward into taking the cure, but as usual, he was one step ahead of her. She said Edward had a long and rich life filled with love and fortune and friends. Tracy said that if this was Edward’s time, he’d be reunited with the woman he loved.

Todd, Carly and Johnny arrived at GH. Now awake, Johnny was helped onto a stretcher. He moaned that he had to tell Carly something. Alarmed, Todd talked Carly into looking for a doctor, then once she was gone, he warned Johnny to not to tell Todd’s secret. Carly returned and Todd went to find a doctor himself. The first doctor he approached said he couldn’t help, because he was already dealing with another patient. Todd didn’t argue, instead, he seemed okay with knowing the delay might result in Johnny’s death.

Johnny struggled to tell Carly his secret. She urged him to be quiet and save his strength, but Johnny was adamant that the truth had to come out. Before he could confess, Todd returned with Steve, who wheeled Johnny off to a room. Todd asked if Carly was okay and she told Todd that Johnny acted like he wanted to make a confession. Carly told him that Jax overheard him arguing with Johnny at the warehouse, and she wondered if Johnny was trying to tell her about what they were fighting over.  

As Todd studied Johnny’s blood on his hands, Carly told him she didn’t want to die without knowing the truth. Todd gently said Johnny hadn’t changed and that he was still lying to her. Carly asked if Todd felt this way because he didn’t think anyone could change. Todd admitted that he did think it was possible for someone to change for Carly. Steve walked over and told Carly that while Johnny was stable, he was in bad shape, due to the bullet and the pathogen. He encouraged her to go spend time with him. Carly tried to compose herself. Todd offered to go with her, but Carly said no. Later, Todd eavesdropped as Carly told the sedated Johnny that she loved him and that whatever he had to say could wait.

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