GH Update Monday 9/10/12

General Hospital Update Monday 9/10/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the warehouse, right when Sonny declares it’s time to give up on waiting for Jerry and he will not show up, Jerry appears with Alexis holding her at gunpoint. Sonny asks him why he is doing that. Jerry replies that he was not about to ride off into the sunset without the woman he loves. Jax, Carly and Johnny join Sonny and Todd while Jerry holds Alexis a hostage to the men.

At the police station, Shawn talks to Dante and John McBain about what Jerry’s motives might be for holding Alexi hostage. They wonder if he merely wants money and just what they can do to get Jerry out of their lives.

At the warehouse, Todd makes a flip comment about “feeling for” Jax after finding out that his brother is a psychopath, adding that he (Todd0 knows all about that. Johnny asks Jerry why he doesn’t just give them the antidote sot that people don’t die. If the rich people of Port Charles give him the money he wants, then he has motive to do so. But Sunny then interjects and tells the others that he won’t let them go through with letting Jerry use Alexis as their “bargaining chip”.

Heather holds the baby known as Téa’s but whom is really Sam’s and Jason’s.

At the hospital, Jason notices a startling revelation which he shares with Elizabeth. He knows that it’s impossible that the baby that “died” could have AB negative blood type when both Sam and Franco had type O. She confirms that she knows it’s not possible for that to be the case. Jason then asks what if Sam’s baby got switched with another one. She asks if he really believes that the baby in question that died is not Sam’s. Jason then remembers that when he put “that” baby in Sam’s arms, she swore to him that it was a “different” baby.

Todd tells Sonny they have to go through with this so that Jerry won’t let people die. He tells Sonny he could care less what he wants to do with Jerry and Alexis, but in the meantime, they all must be able to live.

Todd reminds the others that if this fever gets any worse, they will all go into a coma. Jerry tells him all he needs to do is wire the money so that that can happen. Jax protests that he just needs to let Alexis go. But Jerry tells them that he needs to settle his score with his brother and all the people who have wronged him. And he is going to leave with Alexis.

At the hospital, Stephen Webber talks to Sam about his mother’s sudden call to him and his telling Heather that it’s too late for them to reconcile. She tells him she’s sorry and realizes this must be difficult for him. She does not blame him although he blames himself for letting his mom out of Ferncliff as he was just trying to be a good son.

Heather holds Téa’s baby (really Sam’s) while Téa is on the phone suspecting nothing about Heather nor knowing who she is nor the real identity of the baby. Heather tells the baby that only she and he know the truth. Téa walks through distracted and heather tells the little one that she will be his mommy. And he will be her own little Stephen Lars. She confirms that “everybody deserves a second chance”. The baby will give her what her son has chosen not to and she will take care of him. Téa then gets off the phone and confirms to Heather that something is very wrong.

Sam is having a “vision” about protecting her baby from danger. Inside the hospital room, Jason reminds Elizabeth that there might be a reason why the blood types do not match for the records regarding the baby who died and it might have something to do with Sam’s “premonition” that the baby who died was not hers’. Elizabeth tells him it would be wonderful to think this was all a big mistake and Sam’s baby is still alive but she does not want him to get his hopes up about this when it defies logic. He then remembers Sam holding the dying baby and telling him it was not hers’. He tells Elizabeth that he remembers too many things happening that do not indicate that her baby was going to die. He knows that when Sam got prenatal check-ups, none of the doctors or nurses suspected anything which they would have if the baby’s lungs would not have developed. He remembers being told by Sam and by John McBain that the baby was perfectly healthy when John delivered him. But Elizabeth tells him that is worried that maybe he’s “in denial” that the baby died.

At Téa’s home, she still suspects nothing of Heather and tells her she’s really tired of trying and failing to get back to work and find a nanny for her baby and the responsibility of caring for him when her husband is dead. She reflects she can hardly get back to her job as a lawyer, walk into the courtroom with the baby and tell the members of the courtroom to “please disregard the baby in my arms”. Hearing that, heather tells her maybe she (herself) can “help” Téa with that.

Jason concludes to Elizabeth that there is one span of time that nobody can account for. Sam was passed out in the abandoned house while the baby was in the planter. “Something” could have happened in that time.

Alexis agrees to go with Jerry. She tells him even if she dies, she will at least know that her children are alive and well. The guys all protest, however, that they cannot let her do that and she must know that Jerry will not come through on his end of the bargain.

While Jerry holds the men and Alexis at the warehouse, outside, John, Shawn and Dante look to find him. Shawn reminds them that he has military training and a gun and can help the cops. Dante climbs up on top of tires and has a plan. John asks the others to all split up to see if they can corner Jerry and beat him at his own game.

Elizabeth tells Jason the only way he can prove whether Sam’s baby is the one that died is to do a 2nd autopsy and exhume the baby which will require Sam’s permission. He agrees that would be a lot to put Sam through. Elizabeth adds that that is true especially when it would be for nothing. Sam then walks in and overhears their conversation and asks what they were talking about in regard to her “being put through something”.

There’s a shoot-out at the crime scene where Shawn, Dante and John all have guns and fire shots at Jerry and his helpers.

Inside the warehouse, Jax tells Jerry if he thinks he’s going to take Alexis with him, he will have to kill Jax too. But the others urge Jax to just let Jerry go. Jerry reminds Jax that he has a score to settle with his brother after watching Ewan Keenan kill their father. Jax asks his brother why, given that, he thinks that any woman or any amount of money would change that. Jerry and Jax get into a struggle. Outside, shots are fired.

Téa instantly concludes that Heather would be the perfect person whom she’d trust to take care of her baby. And she believes Heather’s name is Susan. She tells Heather she’d be incredibly grateful to her if she could help with the baby. But, Téa realizes, they barely know each other. Heather smiles and appears gracious while she reminds Téa that maybe they do “know” each other since she knows that Téa sees her as the heroic person who saved her baby’s life right after she gave birth to him.

In the hospital, Sam graciously reminds Jason that she has thought about what the baby’s and their lives would have been like if “things had been different”. And she appears to no longer be angry nor blame Jason for the fact that their baby died. When she leaves Jason alone with Elizabeth, Elizabeth continues to tell Jason that maybe he’s just “imagining” what it would be like if the baby had not died and he and Sam are both in denial.

John, Dante and Shawn manage to “take out” the shooters who are helping Jerry and they continue to surround the warehouse where Jerry is holding Alexis hostage and surrounded by Sonny, Todd, Carly and Johnny. Right then, Johnny gets shot. Carly and Todd attempt to control his bleeding while Jax and Sonny go with jerry and Alexis. Right then, the three guys from outside enter and arrange to get Johnny to a hospital. Carly is very worried. They realize that Jerry may have escaped on a boat with Alexis and John asks the others to attempt to find out what boat it may be.

Sam finds Jason and tells him she wanted to “say good bye”. He asks her where she’s going. She replies to her mom’s home. She wants to be there for Alexis and her sisters as she knows it’s not fair that Jerry could not spare the children. And she reminds him it’s entirely possible that they all may not have much time left. He asks her if she means that she believes they are dying.

After Téa agrees to let Heather (whom she believes is Susan) care for her baby, heather remarks that it’s been a while since she’s had a baby since her son is grown. Téa asks her about her grown son. Heather smiles and remarks that she loves her son and is so proud of him but does not reveal whom he is.

Inside the hospital, Stephen and Elizabeth realize they may not have much time left and he remarks to his sister that he’s fortunate that his father had a great life and asks if she can imagine what it would be like if he had to “grow up with Heather”.

Téa tells Heather she’s so used to “banging on closed doors”. And surprisingly, right here before her, is a person who will be there for her. She tells “Susan” she has a job. But she gives her one condition. She needs for Susan’s “background check” to come back ok.

Sam cries and talks to Jason about what she’d do differently if she had another chance and admits that she would not have broken up with him. She holds him and cries. Jason then concludes that he’s going to accept that they are all dying and whether she thinks it’s a good idea or not, he’s going to get to the bottom of what happened to Sam’s baby.

Outside the warehouse, Shawn urges Dante not to do anything that could provoke Jerry from endangering Alexis. He tells him they must find another way to find the serum that can cure everybody’s deadly virus.

Carly and Todd attempt to save Johnny. Todd urges her to go while he attempts to get Johnny on his feet. Alone, Todd and Johnny share their secrets about Todd switching Sam’s and Téa’s babies and Johnny killing Todd’s granddaughter and her father.

Dante and John open the brief case with the secret code. And it appears there’s a time bomb.

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