GH Update Friday 9/7/12

General Hospital Update Friday 9/7/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Todd and Sonny walk to somewhere near the docks and John calls Todd but Sonny tells him not to answer. Sonny tells Todd that John will not know where they are. Carly, Johnny, and Jax walk into the room and Sonny wonders where Jerry is.

Alexis is shown in her house through the window sitting down with Shawn. Shawn wants to talk about the kiss. Alexis does not want to talk about it.

Molly shows TJ what she would look like with blonde hair and TJ says she looks better without it and takes it off her and tells her she looks way hotter without it.

Elizabeth wonders about Ewen and Patrick tells her that he is dead.

Sam tells Jason she really should have never seen Heather Webber.

Heather shows up at Téa’s door and asks if she can come in.

Patrick wonders if Ewen ever mentioned Robin at all to Elizabeth. Elizabeth does not know because he kept so many secrets.

Sam wants to know about the night her baby died. Sam remembers about rapping the baby with a scarf. Sam wonders why she would not go back to the hotel when she found out the road was closed. She knows that she ended up in a shack in the middle of no wear.

Téa allows Heather in and praises her for helping save the baby. Heather says that the baby is just beautiful. Téa explains that Heather is the reason he is still alive.

Sam does not understand why she did what she did. Sam thinks that she should have been a better mother and it was her fault. She starts to cry in Jason’s arm.

Todd thinks that Jerry should be on time if he wants money.

Todd walks back into the room and Jax wants to be with Carly alone. Johnny disagrees to this and wants the rest to leave. Then Todd steps in tells them that he should be the one to stay with Carly because the rest have all done something bad to her at one point or another.

John and Dante wonder where they are all meeting, and he explains that Sonny will be part of it.

Todd, Jax, and Johnny all walk out of the room and Jax thinks that Jerry will show up.

Alexis thinks the kiss was sudden but that she liked it. She also thinks that there is a cure to this and everyone will live. Alexis thinks that it is time to wake up and listen to the universe. Alexis is ready to open herself up to new possibilities. Jerry is shown standing outside the house looking in.

Sam thinks that she should have brought the baby with her. Jason says that it was not her fault and that she was not aware that it was her baby because she was so sick. Jason thinks that she did this because she did not want the pane to be true. Sam wishes the baby would be with her right now.

Téa asks for Heathers name and Heather claims it is Susan. Téa sits down and wonders about the disease in Port Charles. Heather says she is fit as a fiddle and the baby is not hers.

Johnny and Todd discuss death and Jerry. Johnny wonders what will happen to Sam if they all die. Todd does not know. Johnny thinks that Sam deserves to know the baby is alive.

Sonny calls Dante and hopes he is ok. Dante wonders what Sonny is doing and will not allow Jerry to go away,

Molly and TJ know that they will not be able to finish some of the things that they want on their bucket lists. TJ shows Molly a picture he drew of the Taj Mahal.

Alexis goes to check on the children. Shawn finds Jerry at the door and tells him it is a long time with no see.

Elizabeth wraps Jason’s bandages and Patrick wonders how they could all think Ewen was a good person. Patrick thinks that everyone has only a few hours.

Molly and TJ look at what else they can do on their bucket list and all that is left is to make love. TJ asks Molly if she really wants to die without ever doing it and she says no.

Jerry tells Shawn that he wants Alexis.

Molly is shocked that Alexis walked in and Alexis spots the bucket lists.

Sonny hangs up on Dante and John wants to know if they have a location.

Todd tells Johnny that if he wants to call Starr, he can but he is not calling Sam. Jax walks in and wonders what Johnny has been lying to Carly about.

Jason wonders why Sam’s baby died. Patrick says that he died from undeveloped lungs and would die even with help.

Téa wonders what Heather is talking about. Heather says she is always going to watch over the baby. Heather asks to hold the baby and Téa looks reluctant.

Shawn tells Jerry that Alexis likes him. Jerry tells him to sit down but Shawn tackles him.

John tries to come up with a plan.

Sonny tells Carly that he is forgiving of her sending away Morgan. Carly then wishes Kate and Sonny all the best. Sonny wishes Carly all the best as well. Sonny hopes that he can do everything to make Carly happy.

Jax wonders what Johnny is talking about but decides to leave when he does not hear an answer. Johnny wonders if Jax heard.

Patrick tells Sam that the baby died from undeveloped lungs and would have died no matter what. Patrick takes Sam to radiology. Elizabeth takes the file.

Téa does not know if she wants to give the baby to Heather. Heather explains Téa will be sitting right next to him. Téa agrees. Heather says she is sorry and she remembers holding him the night of the birth. Téa explains the baby has a disease but it is treatable. Téa says that the disease is genetic and neither side of the family has it. She wonders where it came from.

Jason looks at Sam’s papers and says they do not make any sense. Jason says that the babies blood is all wrong for the baby to be Sam’s.

Téa wonders how long Heather will be in town. Heather explains she does not know how long.

TJ thinks that Alexis will be back. TJ wonders about what would happen if they slept together. Molly wonders about protection and thinks she will need to have protection in order to go on with everything. TJ says he will do anything.

Alexis find Shawn on the ground passing out and Jerry walks behind her.

Jax tells Carly that Johnny has been lying to her and walks out. Johnny walks in.

Sonny walks over to Todd and wonders what his plan b will be.

Alexis wonders what Jerry is doing there and wants him to leave. Jerry explains that he will kill anyone until she listens. Shawn’s hand is shown grabbing a piece of paper.

Molly and TJ lie down on the bed and Molly wonders if this is what it feels like with sex. TJ says that if people are lucky maybe.

Jax walks over to Sonny and Todd. Todd does not feel well.

Carly wants to know the truth because they have no time for lies. Todd, Sonny, and Jax walk in and want to just leave. Jerry walks in with Alexis at gun point and says that he will only go with Alexis.

Shawn walks into the police station saying he can be help.

Téa gets a phone call and walks out of the room. Heather tells the baby that they both know that Téa is not his real mother.

Going over everyone's blood types, Elizabeth and Jason wonder if the baby is not Sam’s.

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