GH Update Thursday 9/6/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/6/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita


Heather tells the doctors that she has to get back to Port Charles before everyone dies.

Sam thinks about how different her life would have been if her baby had lived.

Heather tries to get back to Port Charles and begs. She is not asking to be set free and will gladly go handcuffed she just needs to get back to Port Charles.

Jason says if he could go back he would have changed it. Sam says it is not his fault but Heather’s.

The doctors deny Heather her request.

Sam says that Franco was in the past. Sam explains that the baby was theirs. Sam knows that if she had not gone to the hospital to find Heather, none of this would have ever happened. Sam wonders what life would be like if she never go information from Heather.

Sam goes back in time and decides not to get the information from Heather.

The doctor asks Heather what she needs to do in Port Charles.

Sam goes back to her vision of what could have happened and she reads a card from Spinelli. Jason walks down the stairs and the two tell each other they miss each other. Jason asks about the trip and wonders if she got what she needed. Sam tells Jason that she changed her mind and did not get the answers because Heather was nuts, plus she already knows everything about what the Franco DVD is about and nothing else matters. The two kiss passionately.

In the present Sam asks if Jason is doing ok. Jason says thank you for caring. Sam says she will always care.

Heather wipes her tears. She tells the doctor that she is treated terrible in Port Charles. She explains that people get hurt sometimes but that she is trying to do right. She tries to get phone call privileges.

Sam goes back to the vision and she and Jason are still kissing passionately. They get on the couch and continue to kiss.

Sam gets a phone call in the present from Alexis and Jason wonders if she is ok. Sam says she is ok and that everyone is just looking for a cure.

Steve gets a call from Heather and he does not want to listen to her. Heather tells him she needs to tell him things before it is too late. Steve tells Heather he is regretful for all the good things he has done for her. Heather tells him that she loves him and she always has and will. Steve tells her that he has to go. Heather looks sad.

Sam thinks that everyone will not make it minus Alexis and Joss. Alexis will outlive her children just like they did.

Back in her vision Sam practices for her baby’s birth. At the birthing class Epiphany teaches it and makes Jason breath along with Sam because it is a team effort. Epiphany explains they need something to focus on when they are giving birth. They both think so.

At a baby shower in June they have Maxie, Spinelli, Monica, Kristina, Alexis, and Mollie. Monica gives Sam a book for a present and the book is goodnight moon. Spinelli gives his next gift opening it for himself and it is a baby T shirt and is black just like Jason’s. Spinelli gives Jason a hug and everyone laughs at the present in joy.

Heather walks around the room and does not know what to do. Heather cannot believe Steve is dying. The doctor want’s to call Heathers doctor but Heather will not allow it. Heather want’s to redo it and she knows she can.

Sam tells Jason to sit down because he could bleed to death. Sam tells Jason that telling her version of the story helps her stay calm.

At the baby shower Sam goes into labor and the others in the room try to get her to the hospital. Maxie gets Sam’s overnight bag and Maxie tells Spinelli she is sorry for what she did and Spinelli accepts the apology. The two kiss.

Jason thinks the part about Spinelli and Maxie is a bit farfetched but Sam says it is her story.

Back in the vision they get to the hospital and they get her to the right place. Monica asks if Jason can stay calm. Maxie and Spinelli rush in and tell Jason they are sorry they are late. Sam starts to push and she worries that will not be a good mother. Jason tells her she will do well. Jason holds her hand and gives her ice chips and does everything a good husband should do. She gives birth to the baby who is healthy. Sam is so happy as is Jason.

Sam in the present tells Jason that she would have given anything to have heard that she has a healthy baby boy.

In the vision Jason calls Carly and tells her that they have a baby. Carly suggests Jason but Jason does not think it is a good idea. Monica thinks that his son is very handsome. Monica tells Jason not to waste time with the baby because he never will get it back. Jason tells Monica it was their fault that Jason ended up turning out like he did but she did love him as did Allen. Monica and Jason hug.

Alexis tells Sam that the baby is even more beautiful than his mother. Sam wonders how Alexis feels about being a grandmother. Alexis wishes she had been there for Sam when she was growing up. Alexis wonders what the name of the baby will be.

At their apartment they find baby stuff and it is left by Edward. Jason is shocked that Edward would do all of this. Jason opens a letter and it is a college education trust for him. Jason wonders what they will name the baby. Sam asks if they can name the baby Daniel after her brother and asks Jason what the middle name should be. Jason says Allen and he holds the baby.

Sam in the present asks what Jason thinks of the baby name. Jason likes it.

Heather decides she will take a do over. The doctor tells Heather that she cannot take a do over because it is not impossible. Heather says she will be a new and improved woman. She pushes the doctor down and she changes into the doctors clothes she talks to herself and tells Steve that she made a bad choice and that she hopes it does not happen again. She tells Steve that the next time around is only around the corner. She says good bye to the dead doctor.

Sam tells Jason that she does not want to leave her fantasy. She says that she does not have enough time.

In the vision the is holding a little girl named Emily and Jason walks in with an older Daniel assuming it has been several years and they are now celebrating the new baby’s birthday.

Jason is shocked that Sam thinks she would have had two children. Sam says that yes she defiantly can picture herself with a family of four.

Heather walks to a house in Llanview. She wonders if she is ready.

Sam says that she knows that things cannot change anymore because she lost her baby.

Téa opens the door and is shocked to see the woman who saved her baby.

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