GH Update Wednesday 9/5/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/5/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Haunted Star: Sam cracked the safe and handed John a box that contained the cards, then she pulled out a note from Jerry saying the cure had been there, but he'd moved it. John was tired of playing games and decided to go force Jerry to tell him where the cure was. Sam suddenly collapsed and John ran to her side. He gently wiped her face with a wet cloth until she regained consciousness. Sam told him to go on without her, but John refused to leave her there. He picked her up and took her to the hospital.

Hospital: Patrick stood outside the lab remembering the tearful goodbye he and Robin shared just before the explosion. Maxie walked up and noted it must be difficult to be there again. Patrick said he had no choice. Patrick wondered if Emma was okay. Maxie said Emma was fine (she was at the hospital daycare) and her fever hadn't gone up. Patrick thanked Maxie for staying with her. Maxie was glad to. Maxie said she hadn't been there since the accident. Patrick glumly noted that it had all been cleaned up like nothing ever happened. Maxie was about to apologize when Patrick told her they were past all that and that Robin wouldn't want them wasting time feeling guilty when there were lives to save. Maxie followed him into the lab and said Mac and Felicia stopped by earlier on their way to volunteer at the nursing home.

Maxie thought things were hopeless, but Patrick believed he might be able to find a cure. He explained that his attempt to figure out a cure by analyzing Josslyn and Alexis's blood hadn't worked. Jason had given him the idea to examine the treatment he and Robin used to cure Nikolas back when Jerry poisoned him. Although the pathogens weren't the same, Patrick figured Jerry would be egotistical enough to use similar ones. Robin had kept extensive notes, but Patrick couldn't read her handwriting. Maxie told him she'd become an expert at deciphering Robin's writing, because she stole Robin's old English essays and rewrote them in as her own. Maxie read Robin's notes out loud, and Patrick told her he was grateful for the way she stood by him when he was addicted to pills and how she took care of Emma when he couldn't. Maxie said anyone would have, but Patrick disagreed. Maxie didn't think it made up for what she did. Patrick told her she had to let it go. Maxie started to cry. Patrick said Robin's death was an accident and he wouldn't have made it through if it weren't for Maxie. Maxie said she wouldn't have made it without Patrick, either. They hugged.

Ewen's exam room: Ewen breathed heavily and writhed in pain. A nurse told Steve Ewen was going into shock. He sent her to find out where the blood Ewen needed was, then he told Ewen that Jason had shot him in a place that would make him very difficult to save. Steve added that he wasn't sure anyone should try to save Ewen at all. Steve said he'd played God with a patient in the past, but he would do his best to save Ewen because that's what Liz would want. It took a lot of Ewen's strength to speak, but he was able to tell Steve that he (Ewen) was a doctor and he heard Steve say he was dying. Steve spat that doctors saved people; they didn't hurt people or kidnap innocent mothers. Steve said Ewen could get surgery, but the remorseful Ewen told Steve that he should work on helping the innocent people who deserved it, instead of him. Steve offered to call a priest. Ewen only wanted to talk to Patrick.

Lab: Steve went to the lab and filled Patrick in. Patrick said he was too busy cleaning up Ewen's mess to go see him. Steve said there was something in Ewen's voice that made him think Patrick should hear him out.

Ewen's exam room: Ewen told Patrick he was sorry. Patrick coldly told him to apologize to Liz and the rest of the town. Ewen choked out that he wasn't talking about the water. He said there was something Patrick didn't know about Robin. Patrick ordered him to say it. Ewen struggled to tell the truth, but he died before he could get the words out.

Jason's exam room: Elizabeth patched Jason up. He asked if she was okay and at first she held herself together, then she cracked and started to cry. Jason held her close. Liz felt like something was wrong with her for not recognizing that Ewen had issues. She believed that none of this would have happened if she'd realized that he was untrustworthy. Jason assured her that there was nothing wrong with her and that she couldn't have prevented what happened. Liz thought it was ironic that everyone kept telling her how wonderful Ewen was and that Jason was a killer, when in reality it was the other way around. Liz left and came back with an antibiotic for Jason. She told him it would be awhile before anyone in the ER could remove the bullet. Jason said he could wait. She gave him the injection and apologized for dragging him into this and getting him shot. Jason said she didn't drag him into it and that he was glad he made it there in time. Liz was too. She admitted that she'd sensed that something was off about Ewen, but she tried to ignore it and convince herself that he was the man for her. Jason theorized that she was just hoping for something good. Liz said it was more than that. Before she could elaborate, John and Sam walked in looking for help. They all seemed startled to see each other.

Everyone awkwardly began to talk. Sam didn't think she needed to be checked out. Jason asked what happened and John said she passed out and hit her head on a desk. The ER had sent them upstairs because they were swamped with people suffering the effects of the pathogen. Sam said she was fine and told John to go help the people worse off, but John said she should let Liz help her. “Please?” he said to Liz. Liz looked at Sam's head and said it probably wouldn't need stitches. Liz got supplies while Sam asked Jason about his leg. He claimed it was nothing, but Liz told them about Ewen shooting him. John asked how Jason let that happened and Liz told them the whole story about Ewen using her as a shield. John asked where Ewen was and Jason said he was there in the hospital with a gunshot wound in the chest. Sam asked if Liz was okay, and she said yes, thanks to Jason. Someone called John and told him that Jerry escaped. John passed the word on to the others.

Ewen's farmhouse: Jerry told Joe that John was smart enough to figure out that the cards were in the safe once Jax told him that the ransom amount was a numeric acronym for the Dead Man's Hand. Joe asked if the safe was there, and Jerry said no. Joe was on edge and didn't understand why Jerry came to the house. Jerry calmly said he thought it was fitting to go back to the site where Ewen first got involved in the scheme. Joe was curious about what Ewen did for Jerry. Jerry revealed that Ewen helped Jerry obtain the pathogen and the cure. Someone in Switzerland wanted Robin, so Ewen faked her death and delivered her to the person in exchange for the pathogen and antidote. Jerry chuckled that the best part was that Ewen then went on to work side by side with the grieving widower. He added that there was also a “little twit” who held herself responsible for the death. Joe asked where the cure was. Jerry said it was here at the house, just not in a safe. He opened a secret compartment in the fireplace and pulled out a briefcase. Jerry said that Ewen had no idea the cure was at his house the whole time.

Jerry opened the briefcase and picked up one of the vials. Joe grabbed for it and Jerry said he already gave him a dose. Joe admitted that he let Tracy drink his treated water. Jerry found it amusing that Joe saved Tracy at his own expense. Joe said at least Tracy would survive. To Joe's dismay, Jerry refused to give him another dose. Joe begged Jerry to have a heart, and Jerry changed his mind and handed him the vial, while saying he (Jerry) was proving Jax wrong again. Tracy called Joe to check on him. Joe took the call on the porch. He told her he was feeling sicker. Tracy said “like everybody else.” Joe was going to say “everyone except [her], but he caught himself at the last second and said like everyone who drank the water. She told him she was at the hospital and Joe panicked and asked if she was sick. Tracy assured him that she was fine.

Police Station: Todd, Sonny, Carly, Tracy and Johnny announced that they were there to pay Jerry off. A bruised Jax stumbled over and said Jerry had escaped. Carly rushed over to tend to Jax's wounds. Todd opined that none of this would have happened if John were doing his job. Everyone asked how it happened and Jax admitted that he broke Jerry out, intending to have Jerry lead him to the cure. Jax explained that someone in the station helped Jerry. Disgusted, Sonny said Jax never should have come back to town. Jax made a sarcastic remark about the time Sonny tried to kill him. Jax said he had to leave town and couldn't visit his daughter, due to Sonny's attempt on his life. Sonny wondered why the Jacks boys just couldn't stay dead. Carly told Jax this wasn't the time, but he said they might not get another chance. While Sonny and Jax argued about which of them was to blame for Jax losing Josslyn, Todd called an investigative reporter and told them to find Jerry. Jax accused Sonny of setting him up so he'd lose custody, Sonny shot back that he was leveling the playing field after Jax paid off the mediator. Jax argued that Sonny forced him out of his home. Sonny accused Jax of abandoning Josslyn. Jax lunged at Sonny and Johnny jumped between them and yelled at them to stop.

Tracy chimed in that they'd die if they didn't find Jerry. Todd eyed her suspiciously and asked why she wasn't sick like the rest of them. The others began to wonder the same thing. Tracy said she felt sick at first, but now she felt fine. Everybody urged Tracy to go to the hospital and let the doctors figure out if she had a natural immunity to the pathogen. Tracy wondered if it was possible that she had something in her system that no one else did. Tracy decided to go get checked out and asked everyone to keep her posted. Todd coughed into his hands several times, then handed Tracy a card and asked her to let him know what happened. Tracy grimaced and gingerly took the card by one corner, then left it on the counter and left.

Jax asked whose idea it was to pay Jerry off. Todd said they were saving the town, and it was his idea. Jax wondered why Carly was there, since she didn't have that kind of money. Carly admitted she took it out of Jax's account. Jax asked if that was why Carly didn't sign the divorce papers. Sonny interjected that nobody cared about Jax being rich. Carly told Sonny to stop. Sonny said they were all going to die if they couldn't find Jerry and pay him off. Carly was confused about why Jax would do such a thing. Jax said he thought he could get Jerry to do the right thing. Sonny rolled his eyes and made a sarcastic comment. Jax said he got distracted when Jerry told him Ewen killed their father. Jax vowed to make Ewen pay if he got the chance. Sonny was shocked that this was the man who helped Kate. Todd and Johnny directed veiled comments at each other about people doing terrible things that no one thought they were capable of. Jax told everyone the whole story about Jerry not doing anything to counteract the poison Ewen gave their father, then later using the murder to blackmail Ewen into helping him. Jax said he had hoped Jerry was still partially the brother he grew up with. Sonny was exasperated with listening to Jax and said he was going to find Jax's brother. Todd decided to go too, because there’s be safety in numbers. Before they could leave, Jerry called Todd and said he was ready to make the exchange. Todd said “we” have the money and Jerry asked who was there. Todd put Jerry on speaker and Carly and John identified themselves. Jerry said he knew Sonny and Jax were there, too.

Johnny told Jerry the money was in an offshore account and would be wired to him as soon as they got the antiserum. Jerry thanked Jax for the save. Sonny told Jerry to come back to the station so they could make the exchange. Jerry didn't fall for it. He told them to come to him and that they'd get what they wanted when he got what he wanted. Jerry hung up. Johnny asked what they were waiting for. Jax pointed out that Jerry could be luring them into a trap.

Ewen's farmhouse: Jerry called someone and said he held up his end of the deal by delivering Robin. He said the money didn't mean anything; it was what the money could get him that mattered. He warned the person that not coming through with his/her end of the deal would cost him or her his or her life.

Lab: Robin's notes didn't contain enough information for Steve to devise a cure. He told Maxie it was like there was a missing link. Tracy walked in and said she might be able to help. Steve confirmed that Tracy hadn't had any symptoms for several hours. Maxie snidely said it figured. Tracy asked her to explain, and Maxie tried to smooth things over, but she just made things worse and insulted Tracy again. Steve decided to go schedules some tests for Tracy. Tracy glared at Maxie, who decided to leave to check on Emma. Joe walked in and Tracy noted that he looked sweaty. Joe told her she looked beautiful. Tracy asked how everyone at her house was. Joe said he was so focused on finding her, that he didn't check on them. Joe pretended to be shocked when Tracy told him someone broke Jerry out of jail.

Jason's exam room: John said he had to go back to the station. Jason was going to go too, but Liz said he was in no shape to do that right now. John said he'd call Jason if he needed his help. John told Sam to take care of herself and that he'd see her later. Sam said she hoped so. Right after John left, Steve came in and told Liz he needed her help, then they walked out. Jason and Sam stared at each other, then Jason said this couldn't be the end. Jason and Sam asked each other how they were. They both shrugged their injuries off. Jason said he'd been shot before and the doctors would just remove the bullet. Sam wondered if they'd live that long. Jason tried to get her to stay positive, but Sam wasn't confident that Jerry would be located in time. She said she couldn't help but wonder what would've happened if they made different choices and her baby had survived.

Lab: Tracy asked if Joe didn't have some loved ones he should be with right now. Joe said this wasn't the end. Tracy said for some reason she believed him. They started to kiss, just as Steve and Liz walked in to draw some blood from Tracy. Steve said this might help them save thousands of lives.

Police Station: An officer rushed over to John ready to make excuses about Jerry. John sharply said he didn't want to hear it. The man slunk off and John picked up the business card Todd had given Tracy, and realized Todd had been there. He shook his head in exasperation.

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