GH Update Tuesday 9/4/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/4/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Quartermaine Mansion: Joe watched the news. Everyone was sick, including Joe. Joe regretted giving his vial of the antidote to Tracy instead of taking it himself. Tracy walked in and noticed that Joe looked ill. She wondered why she still felt fine. Tracy tried to get Joe to eat some soup she made herself, but he seemed not to want to for some reason and kept stalling. The doorbell rang several times; it was Todd, asking for $17,622,000 – 1/5 of the $88,110,000 Jerry was asking for. Tracy balked and said she didn't have that much money lying around the house. She asked who else Todd expected to contribute. Todd planned to put up 1/5 and he'd contacted other wealthy citizens, too. He said he'd learned that Sonny was one of the wealthiest people in town. Joe grimaced.

Jail: Jerry blamed Jax for their father's death, because he put all his faith in Ewen, whom their mother had hired to treat their father. Jerry explained that Ewen killed their father, because he (John Jacks) ruined Ewen's family when he stole the dead man's hand from Ewen's father. At first, Jax disbelieved the whole story, then when he accepted it, he asked how Jerry knew all this. Jerry admitted that he saw Ewen poison their dad. Jax was stunned and disgusted that Jerry didn't do anything to help save their father's life. Jerry said it was too late, but Jax argued that the doctors may have been able to counteract the drugs. Jerry countered that their father would have been a vegetable had he lived. Jerry felt that his father wouldn't have wanted to live like that and that he was better off dying. Jerry said their father stole the cards and it was a fitting end that he got killed in revenge. Jax screamed at Jerry for not saving their dad. Jerry admitted that he wanted to kill their father, to release him from his suffering, but he couldn't bear to do it. Jerry said on some level, he was grateful, because Ewen did what Jerry couldn't. At the same time, Jerry couldn't let Ewen get away with it, so he blackmailed him. Jax called Jerry a sociopath. Jerry disagreed and said unlike sociopaths, he had feelings; he grieved for their father, he was sorry he hurt Jax and he protected Josslyn. Jax pointed out that he was trying to kill a lot of people, including his own brother. Jerry said that was Jax's own fault. According to Jerry, Jax would have lived if he didn't feel the need to play the hero and rescue his daughter when she was already fine. Jerry said Jax's death would be senseless, but at least their father's death was a gift and an investment of sorts.

Jax was appalled that Jerry would do all this just for the money. Jerry was frustrated that Jax didn't realize this wasn't about the money. Jerry got winded and had to sit down. He was about to tell Jax why he was doing this, then he changed his mind and said he didn't expect Jax to understand or sympathize. Jax said he'd hoped there was a trace of the brother he looked up to left, but now he realized Jerry was just a murderer and crazy person. Jax felt sick and started coughing. Jerry told him not to worry, because he'd get the cure as soon as he got the money. A guard walked in and asked Jax if he was okay. Jax said he was going to end this now. He suddenly grabbed the guard's gun and forced the man to release Jerry, then locked him in the cell. Jax held the gun on Jax and led him down the hall.

Hospital: Sonny and Kate arrived to visit Olivia. Kate was feeling a bit run down. Kate said she had good news, and she told Sonny Joe had checked out of the Metro Court. Sonny said he had something to do with that. Kate wondered if Sonny persuaded him to leave or if he killed him. Kate said she thought they agreed to leave all that in the past. Sonny said they couldn't move on if the past kept coming back. Kate wondered how Sonny got him to leave. Sonny told her not to worry, because he didn't hurt him. Kate, knowing how Sonny felt, wondered what stopped him. Sonny remembered Joe claiming he could reunite Kate with her son. Sonny was about to tell Kate why he let Joe live, when she interjected that it was because they were all going to die anyway. Sonny said that wasn't going to happen. He got a text from Todd summoning him to the Quartermaine house to get the cure. Kate wanted to go, but Sonny told her to stay and visit Olivia. Sonny kissed Kate goodbye and left.

Haunted Star: Johnny was in his office, which was trashed. Carly walked in and noted that the rest of the club was a mess, too. Johnny explained that looters broke in and robbed him. They couldn't get the contents of the safe, though. It belonged to Luke and even Johnny didn't know how to open it. Johnny said the robberies didn't matter, because he still had Carly. They hugged. Carly and Johnny both were starting to feel like they were coming down with the flu. Carly called and checked on Josslyn. She was fine. Carly hung up and told Johnny that she was trying to provide a normal environment for her daughter, but things would change soon, since the girl would be an orphan in a few hours. Johnny comforted her. Carly was glad Michael and Morgan would be okay and able to raise Josslyn. Johnny and Carly were both feverish. Johnny suggested that the illness might be psychosomatic, but Carly said Jerry didn't play tricks – if he said the pathogen was deadly, then it was. Johnny said he hoped the cops would give Jerry what he wanted. Carly said that meant Jerry would win, but Johnny said none of that mattered, because it wouldn't be the end of them. He kissed her forehead and held her close. Carly and Johnny both got texts from Todd.

Police Station: John told Sam he had a hunch that Jerry may have hidden the cure with the cards. Sam said the last time she saw the cards, Jax threw them in her face after his dad died. She admitted she deserved that. Sam said she didn't keep the cards, because she'd wasted too much time going after the cards, then she realized too late that they were bad luck. The last she knew, Tracy owned the cards.

Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy noticed that Joe hadn't touched his soup. Todd was hungry, so he grabbed the bowl and started eating. Joe announced he was going upstairs to lie down. The doorbell rang, and Todd said that would be Sonny. Joe started hurrying up the steps. Tracy followed and offered to do what she could to help him feel better. She mentioned again that she didn't understand why she wasn't sick. Joe urged her to put in her share of the money to buy Jerry off. Tracy said that was a lot of money, and Joe pointed out that it would save the lives of her loved ones. He kissed his hand and reached out to touch her, but she dodged him, so he patted her shoulder. As Tracy went back downstairs, Joe said to himself that Tracy had better pay up, because she owed him.

Tracy, Todd, Sonny, Johnny and Carly gathered in the living room and Todd told them this was the first and hopefully only meeting of the Port Charles 1% . He told them why they were there. Everybody started bickering about not having that kind of money on hand when they were interrupted by Sam and John's arrival. Sam asked Tracy where the cards where. Tracy tried to slam the door in their faces, but they insisted on coming in and asking her what happened to the cards. Tracy had no idea where they were, but she knew that Luke owned them after she did. They demanded to know where he kept them and Tracy guessed he might have kept them at the Haunted Star. Sam and John rushed out. Everyone wondered what that was all about. Todd changed the subject and asked them who was willing to chip in. Everybody had excuses for why they couldn't do it. Carly said all her assets were tied up in the hotel. Todd countered that since she was married to Jax, she could use his money, then apologize later. Johnny said he didn't have access to the Zacchara fortune anymore, because he'd gotten out of the mob. Todd got upset that everyone was just standing there. He yelled that they couldn't all just sit back and do nothing and let Jerry kill them all and win.

Sonny agreed to help, but said he was going to get his money back once they got the cure. Todd said that was always the plan. Sonny warned Todd that he was going to want payback if it didn't work out. Todd expected that from Sony. Johnny looked at Carly and said he'd do it for her. Todd interjected that no one cared why Johnny was doing it. Johnny said it wouldn't be easy to get the money. Tracy said it would be hard for her to get the money, too; Edward had control and he was too sick for her to ask him. Unmoved, Todd pointed out that everyone in the room had lied to, stolen from or extorted from someone they loved in the past. He ordered them to do what it took before people died. Everyone started making phone calls. Johnny made a private call and said he needed some the cash that he stashed next to the place where they “buried that person.” Sonny said he hit a snag, but he was going to get the money. Todd teased that Sonny probably knew where Jimmy Hoffa was buried. Sonny joked back. Todd said they’d done the easy part and now they had to save the town.

Police Station: Several people walked in and demanded answers about the poisoning. Joe walked in and used the distraction to sneak toward the holding cell. He noticed Jax leading Jerry down the hall. Joe stood back around the corner and he grabbed Jax in a choke hold when he walked past. Jax tried to fight him off, but he was no match for both Joe and Jerry. Later, Todd, Carly, Johnny, Sonny and Tracy arrived. Todd said they were the 1% and they were there to see Jerry. Jax told them Jerry escaped.

Haunted Star: Sam and John asked each other how they were feeling. They both were running a fever, but weren't dwelling on it. Sam cracked the safe. The cards were inside. Sam noticed something else in there.

Ewen's Farm: Ewen tried to convince Liz that he cared about her. Jason burst in on them, upsetting Ewen, who thought no one would find them there. Ewen grabbed Liz and held her in front of him. He and Jason argued over which of them should drop their gun and threatened each other. Jason and Liz both tried to convince Ewen to let her go. Ewen ordered Jason to leave. Ewen still thought he could make things right. Jason demanded that Ewen tell him where the antidote was. Ewen swore he didn't know where it was, and Liz vouched for him. Ewen was pleased and said he knew she understood. Ewen told Jason to put the gun down, but Liz begged Jason not to. She tried to run, but Ewen's grip on her tightened. Jason said someone was going to die if Ewen didn’t let Liz go. Ewen was confident that he could get Jerry to tell him where the cure was, but he insisted on taking Liz with him. Liz tried to get Ewen to let her go to Jason before she got hurt in the crossfire. Ewen yelled that Jason couldn't get the cure, only he could. He refused to let Liz go, because “she was all [he] had.” Ewen told Jason to leave, but he refused to go without Liz. Liz tried to placate Ewen by telling him what he wanted to hear and by sympathizing with his plight.

Jason announced that he knew Ewen was Jerry's dad's doctor and that he flew to Arizona when John Jacks moved there. Ewen was stunned that he knew that. Jason ordered Ewen to let Liz go, but Ewen didn't pay attention. He ranted that Jason dug up the past because he wanted to prove that he (Jason) was better for Liz. Ewen declared that Jason was just as much at fault for all this as Jerry was. Liz tried to convince Ewen that Jason wasn't accusing him of anything, but it didn't work. Ewen said he killed John Jacks in cold blood and he'd do the same to Jason.

Liz told Ewen that he wasn't a killer, he just made a mistake. Ewen said she didn't believe that, and he accused her of lying to protect Jason. Ewen said he wasn't going to let Liz go and let Jason be her hero. He said he loved Liz and HE was going to take care of her, no one else. Jason promised Liz everything would be okay. Ewen shot Jason in the leg. He fell, but still kept his gun on Ewen. Liz was horrified and begged Ewen to let her help him, but he refused. Ewen repeated that he was going to save her. Liz said she couldn't believe Ewen said he loved her. Ewen swore that he did love her. Liz fought Ewen and tried to get away. Ewen kept trying to convince her that none of this was supposed to happen. Liz cried that Ewen helped Jerry, even though he knew he was evil. Ewen said this wasn't about Jerry, it was about Jason. He became convinced that the reason Liz didn't love him because Jason was in the way. Liz said it had nothing to do with Jason. Ewen took his eyes off Jason to talk to Liz. Ewen said he saved Liz's life and trusted her, but everything she said was a lie.

Liz broke free and ran toward Jason. Jason pulled the trigger and shot Ewen in the stomach. Liz asked Jason if he was okay and said she thought Jason was bleeding from an artery. Jason had Liz grab Ewen's gun, then he sent her to get a knife so he could cut the tape binding her wrists. Ewen was on the floor moaning in pain. Jason told him he deserved to die for what he did to Josslyn and the others. Liz returned and Jason cut the tape, then she tied something around his leg to slow the bleeding. Jason apologized for not shooting Ewen sooner. He explained that he couldn't get a clear shot. Liz said she was the one who wouldn't listen and thought Ewen was so great. Ewen begged for help. Jason staggered to his feet and held the gun on Ewen, while Liz checked on him. She said Ewen needed to get to the hospital.

Hospital: Steve left a voicemail Dante. He wanted an update on the situation with Ewen and Elizabeth. He ran into Kate. Steve gave her a bottle of water and told her to stay hydrated. She said she went to see Olivia, but she was sleeping. Steve said Olivia had a low grade fever, just like everyone else. Steve said at least Olivia hadn't had any more acid flashbacks. He told Kate about Olivia hallucinating that Ewen was the devil. Steve said it turned out to be true. Kate hadn't heard the news about Ewen, so Steve filled her in. Steve said Patrick would be fine at least until the pathogen got to him. Steve said he'd be looking for Liz if he wasn't swamped with poisoned people. Kate said Ewen confessed that he'd done something terrible. She realized he must have been talking about this. Kate felt that Ewen was a good guy who'd been forced into this, but Steve had no sympathy for the man who kidnapped his sister.

Kate said she would be in ShadyBrook if it weren't for Ewen. She insisted that he was a good man and that Olivia would agree with her. Kate said Ewen cared about Liz and would never hurt her. Steve hoped she was right. Steve sharply said he understood why Kate felt the way she did, but Ewen took Liz hostage. Just then, Liz and Jason came in, with Ewen on a stretcher. Steve rushed over and asked Liz if she was okay. She was fine. Kate was shocked Jason shot Ewen. Liz said Ewen shot Jason first. Liz thought Ewen's bullet might have nicked Jason's artery. Liz helped Jason into a cubicle. Steve had no interest in helping Ewen, since so many people were sick because he helped Jerry. Kate snapped that Steve took an oath. Steve took Ewen to the OR.

Liz patched Jason up and he said she was good at this. Liz said she had practice. They reminisced about the times she saved him before. Liz said they both knew she'd been the one who got saved today. Jason said it was thanks to Spinelli tracking her down. Liz said she'd be sure to thank him. Jason said Liz knew how he felt about her and that there was no way he was going to let Ewen hurt her.

Jerry and Joe made their way to Ewen's farm. Joe wanted his money, but Jerry said they had other things to focus on. He was sure John was on his tail.

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