GH Update Friday 8/31/12

General Hospital Update Friday 8/31/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jax explain what the Dead Manís Hand means two ace a jack of diamonds. Jax explains they play a big part of his familyís history.

Todd goes to see Jerry and he explains he has business to discuss.

Anna wonders how Luke knows Ethan is his son. Luke explains that Holly showed up and told Helena that Ethan was Robertís child instead. Anna is shocked about this and wonders why he would do this to Robert. Luke says to save his life.

Jason talks to Spinelli over webcam and Spinelli says that he has information on Ewen.

Elizabeth tries to get Ewen to relax. Ewen then pulls out a gun from the desk explaining that is why they showed up where they are.

Jason wonders about Spinelli. Spinelli explains that Ewen took care about John Jacks and that he followed John to where he died. Spinelli explains the connection could be obvious to everyone but Elizabeth.

Elizabeth wonders why Ewen would move to a barn. Ewen says it reminds him of his home life. Elizabeth wants to know about his family life. Ewen explains he had a great life until someone took it from him. Elizabeth wants to know who did this. Ewen says it was John Jacks.

Todd tells Jerry that he would have never given him the power to the TV if he knew what he wanted to do with it. Jerry tells Todd that if he didnít get on TV then people would not know that they had only a little time left. Todd wants to know what he wants for the antidote. Jerry says the Dead Manís hand.

Jax explains that his family required the dead manís hand and his father credited everything good that ever happened to him from those cards. Jax then goes on to say that Jerry was not always crazy.

Elizabeth tries to make sense of what Ewen just said about how John Jacks took his family home. Ewen tells Elizabeth that he did not just take his home he destroyed his fatherís life because John stole the dead manís hand.

Jax explains that his father spared nothing on trying to find the cards. John wonders what this has to do with Jerry and if it can lead them to the counter agent. Sam says she feels warm but to have Jax talk about the cards.

Ewen explains that people wanted the cards but his father would never sell them. Elizabeth wonders what happened. Ewen goes crazy and starts explaining that John gained his fatherís trust and stole the cards.

Jax explains that his father took got the hand from a business transaction. John does not understand what this has to do with Jerry. Jax wants to find out before anyone else gets sick.

Todd wonders why Jerry would not want the whole hundred million. Jerry says he did not want to sound greedy. He wonders what Todd would want with the antidote. Todd explains he wants to save everyone. Jerry says the only way that is happening is if he gets the money.

Ewen tells Liz that his familyís farm went to nothing and they lost everything. Ewen knows that his father died because he was a broken man. Elizabeth thinks it is terrible. Elizabeth wants to know why Ewen would work with Jerry if he hates the Jacks family.

Spinelli asks Jason if Ewen would hurt Liz. Jason says he is using her as leverage. Jason tells Spinelli that Liz called last night but they could not track it. Spinelli wants to know if they at least recorded the conversation.

Elizabeth explains that they will all die soon. Ewen says he did not know this would happen.

Anna canít believe that Luke would do this. Luke tells Anna that Robert was distressed and he was ready to jump. Luke tells Anna that he was desperate and as a last resort he told him that Ethan was his son but that Helena knows the truth now and is probably searching more than Robert. Anna tries to make sense of this. Luke hopes that she can understand. Luke knows that Anna has lied before. Anna says that Luke lied to his best friend. Anna thinks that Luke should have told her before they slept together. Anna wonders how terrible Robert will feel.

Elizabeth begs to know what Ewen did. Elizabeth does not want Ewen to spend his last hours in the wrong. Elizabeth thinks that she is owed an explanation at least. Ewen says that he promised that he would make John Jacks pay. He went to Alaska.

Todd wonders what Jerryís exit strategy is. John walks in and tells Todd to leave. Jerry asks how Sam is doing and she tells him to be quite. Sam leaves.

Spinelli says he is trying to get the recording to where Elizabeth is.

Jax asks what the hand had to do with him. Jerry gets mad at Jax and tells him that everyone liked Jax the most. Jax wants to know what this has to do with everyone.

Ewen explains that he went after the hand but it was already gone. He became his Johnís doctor but that he was getting sick and he lost the rule to live. Elizabeth thinks that Ewen ended up helping John. Ewen tells Liz that is far from what happened.

Todd asks John what he did. Todd tells John that Jerry wants money and everyone has money. Todd asks what Sam thinks and Sam says she is too sick to talk.

Spinelli tells Jason that Elizabeth is at least 1.6 miles away from Saint Maryís church.

Elizabeth wants to know what he did with Jax father. Ewen has a flash back to John Jacks dying and Jax telling his father that he would find the cards.

Jerry tells Jax that he could not believe he still wanted those cards. Jerry says he was at Johnís bedside when he died. In a flashback Jax explains to Ewen that he is getting closer to finding the Dead Manís hand and that it will save his father. Jerry explains in the present that Jax did not know he was there because he had already changed his face. Jerry explains that he could not have helped find the cards because he already had stolen them.

Elizabeth canít believe Ewen would do what he did. Ewen says that he had to make the man who ruined his life pay. Ewen goes back to the flashback and he is shown injecting a shot however Jerry walks in. Elizabeth hopes that Jerry stopped him from killing John.

Luke explains that Robert is his best friend and he did not want him to die. Anna still canít get over the fact that Luke would lie. Luke explains that he tried to jump with Robert but Robert would not allow him to and when Robert tried to jump Luke told him that Ethan was his son. Anna wants to know what happens when Robert finds out Ethan is not his son. Luke tells Anna that by the time that Robert found out he would be able to handle it. Anna understands that he loves Ethan and that he set this in motion but he needs to fix it. Anna wants to tell Robert that Ethan is not his son. Luke wonders if Anna will go with him. Anna does not want to because he lied to him. Anna has to go back home.

Todd canít believe that John is doing nothing and everyone will die because they wonít give money.

Jerry says that AJ helped steal the cards. Jax says that their father died because of Jerry. Jerry says that Jax killed his father.

Ewen goes back to the flashback and Jerry knows that Ewen was trying to kill him. Jerry says that he knows his father would rather be dead then have to deal with this. Elizabeth asks if he killed John.

Spinelli hopes that what he found will help. Spinelli wonders how he can get home but Jason says to stay where he is and he will tell him when he can come home.

Elizabeth wonders what else Jerry made Ewen do.

Luke apologizes to Anna and Anna tells him to just go find everyone and make sure they are safe. Luke asks what will happen to them.

Ewen refuses to tell Elizabeth anymore but wishes he could have saved her. Ewen decides to go make everything right. Elizabeth wants know how.

Anna thanks Luke and says she is great full but she does not know about her relation with Luke. She walks out.

Spinelli looks on the sun and sees that it says they will all die.

Todd canít believe that John would do this and leaves. Sam wonders if John knows where the other agent is.

Jax does not believe that his father was killed by him. Jerry tells him that Jax is the one who hired Ewen and that Ewen is the one who killed their father.

Ewen says he will force Jerry to give him the antidote. Jason walks in and points a gun. Ewen points back holding Elizabeth.

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