GH Update Thursday 8/30/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/30/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Anna wakes up from a dream about Robin crying. Luke tries to console her.

Tracy calls Luke explaining that he means a lot to her seeing everyone in Port Charles is going to die.

At the police department John is made in charge of the whole operation. John is set up with Dante but does not know if he will work out well with him.

Johnny wants to see Carly but Todd says she is not there.

Epiphany and Patrick are rushed with people at the hospital. Carly and Jax walk in wondering what Ewen has to do with things.

Sam gets into the police department and asks to see John. John explains what he knows about the situation.

Jerry starts to coughing blood and Alexis comes to see him. He explains that he knew she would come.

Luke asks if Anna had a night mare but Anna claims it was a nice dream because Robin was in the dream. Luke explains a good dream can be painful to have to leave behind. Anna starts to hug Luke and sayís that she had a message from Patrick that Emma will be the rose bud princess but knows that she needs to be near her family. She decides itís time to go back to Port Charles.

Molly is freaked out about what has happened in the town. TJ tries to calm her down and suggests trying to help out. Shawn also tries to calm her down.

John continues to explain to the mayor what he will do to get Jerry taken down. Sam wonders what would possess Alexis to represent Jerry.

Alexis explains that she is going to represent Jerry because everyone deserves a fair trial.

Joe walks into the Quartermain mansion and finds Tracy who wonders what he is doing there. Joe says he has a present for her and Tracy jokes that itís the cure for the virus. Joe hold the cure in his hand but instead hands her a bottle of water.

Todd letís Johnny in and explains that Carly is with her daughter and husband. Johnny sayís it is her ex-husband. Todd accuses Johnny as being the partner of Johnny.

Patrick tells Carly and Jax what has happened. Patrick wants to use Jossís blood for a sample for the antidote.

Johnny wonders if Todd thinks he would really do what Jerry did. Todd thinks that Johnny would have done worst.

Tracy explains the water is no longer a problem. Joe thinks that it might not be best to use the water just yet.

Molly explains that Alexis says she was going to the hospital. Shawn tells them he is leaving. TJ explains that his mother wanted him to stay out of trouble but that things tend to not do that. Molly wonders if he regrets this and TJ sayís no he does not.

Alexis tries to get Jerry to save the rest of the town because if he truly loved her then he would save the people she loves as well. Jerry explains it is too late as people must be saved beforehand. Alexis tells Jerry that her daughters were exposed and why would he allow her daughters to be exposed. Jerry sayís that he is sorry but wanted to see her one more time. Alexis wonders what she needs to do to get him to save the town. Jerry says he will save them for her.

Patrick tells Jax that he needs to see if the blood will help find a cure. Patrick watches as Jax and Carly talk to Joss. Patrick asks Epiphany if he is doing the right thing.

Anna and Luke have food and discuss the wild chase that they went on. Anna thanks Luke for helping her out in the long run. Luke sayís that at least they know now. Anna wonders if Luke knew he helped bring a part of Anna back and showed him that a part of him made her happy. Everything is going well in Annaís opinion except Heather but she is at least locked up. Anna still wants to still get home and she wants to be ordinary and do normal things. Luke will do anything with her.

Joe tells Tracy that there is an antidote. Tracy hopes that they find it then because her father is doing very badly. The two start kissing passionately.

Todd tells Johnny to leave. Johnny wants to know where Carly is and why Todd is staying. Todd says he has business with Carly. Johnny thinks that he just wants him to leave so that he can tell Carly that he killed Toddís granddaughter.

Patrick thanks Joss for helping out and Carly asks if they will need anything else. Carly asks if Emma is ok. Patrick explains she is doing ok and that if he needs anything else he will tell her. Shawn shows up and wonders how she is doing. Carly thinks that what is going is part of a reason to finish something.

Jax asks John if he can speak with Jerry.

Alexis begs Jerry to help and will give him anything. Jerry says the only thing he wants is to spend one more night with the woman he loves. Alexis says if it will save her children then yes she will do it.

Carly wonders how TJ is doing. Shawn says he is doing well and that he is seeing a woman. Carly wonders who it is but tells him that he may not have as much time as he thinks. Shawn calls Alexis but gets her answering machine.

Jerry explains that as much as he would enjoy being with her he canít get her the antidote. Alexis canít believe that he would do this to her and wonít play games. Jerry asks if Alexis ever liked her. Alexis says yes she did and that she did not know that Jerry was crazy back then. Alexis begs for Jerry to help. Jerry says he will.

Anna talks about the last time they had sex Tracy was going crazy over it. Luke explains that Tracy might have found a new man.

Tracy and Joe are naked under the covers and Tracy wonders how he feels. Tracy says she feels fine and they both like each other. Tracy thinks she is unlucky because of when this happened.

TJ does not know how to tell her mother that he may be dying. Molly thinks there is still time. Molly says things on her bucket list. TJ and Molly star writing things down they want to do before they die.

Jax runs into Alexis and he explains to everyone that he has no idea what Jerry is after. Alexis says she knows.

Todd tells Johnny that he wants to know what he can do to save his and everyone elseís life. Todd canít to tells Carly what he did. Carly is shown behind Todd wanting to know what he has done this time.

Alexis hands John a paper with the amount of money that Jerry wants. Alexis says good bye to everyone.

Carly wants to know what is going on Johnny explains Todd thinks that he is responsible for what is going on. Carly kicks Todd out. Carly prays everyone lives.

Molly and TJ both read their bucket lists.

Tracy goes to check on her father. Joe starts to take the antidote but stops when he thinks of Tracy,

Luke says that Tracy met someone at the hotel and that she was distracted. Anna thinks it is good and that she wonít have to tell people any bad news or Robert for that matter because he is searching for his son. Luke tells Anna he has to talk about Robert. Luke explains that the reason Robert left town before Robinís funeral is because Robert freaked out after Robin died and that Robert was trying to kill himself. Luke says that Robert did not want to live anymore. Anna thinks that Luke helped him though. Luke tells Anna that he lied to Robert and everyone because he said that Ethan was Robertís son but he lied.

Shawn finds Alexis at the hospital and says he is doing alright. He then kisses Alexis.

TJ and Mollie both read at the same time that they have never made love.

Joe wonders why he had to meet Tracy now when she is going to die. He pourís the antidote in the bottle of water and Tracy walks back in and gives the bottle to Tracy. Tracy drinks the water.

Johnny tells Carly that there is nowhere else he would rather be than with her.

Todd asks a police officer what it would cost to see Jerry Jax.

Sam thinks that the amount of money it would take to get Jerry to help is the ďDead Manís HandĒ.

Todd tells Jerry he needs to talk to him.

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