GH Update Wednesday 8/29/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/29/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Las Vegas: Kristina happily showed off her wedding ring to a stunned Starr and Michael. Trey crowed about being Kristina's husband and asked Michael if he was going to welcome him into the family. Michael asked how Trey got her to marry him. Kristina tried to calm Michael down by saying it was all for the cameras. Michael was appalled that Kristina would marry Trey for the show. Kristina spat that it was her project and she was going to do what it took to keep it afloat. Starr reminded Trey that he claimed he was giving up the show for Kristina's sake. Kristina jumped to Trey's defense and said he only picked the show up again because the production company threatened to sue Trey if he didn't deliver ten more shows and a wedding. Michael didn't buy it, and he asked Kristina if she had any proof of that besides Trey's word. Kristina said it was her show, so she delivered a finale. Michael pointed out that she could have married anyone else, instead of a liar like Trey. Trey told Michael not to talk to Kristina that way. He said she came through for him. Kristina recounted the story about them getting married to save Trey's dad from bankruptcy.

Michael asked if Kristina knew who Trey's dad really was. Kristina said yes, and she said it would be hypocritical for her to refuse to marry Trey just because his dad had been in jail. Michael said Trey didn't tell her everything. Trey interrupted to say he didn't appreciate Michael marring what was supposed to be the happiest day of Trey and Kristina's lives. Michael demanded to know why Trey snuck Kristina out a window if he had nothing to hide. Kristina said she wanted to keep Sonny from overreacting, but Michael was just as bad. Michael told her the real story about their dads being enemies. Michael theorized that Trey was using her. Starr backed Michael up, when Kristina accused him of lying. Starr urged Trey to come clean. Trey was angry that Starr betrayed his confidence. Starr said she didn't keep secrets from Michael. Trey called Starr untrustworthy.

Trey and Kristina walked away, and she asked him if he really told Starr that. Trey said yes. Furious, Kristina accused him of using her, and she ripped off her veil and threw it on the ground. Michael told Kristina to come with him. Trey tried to block his way and Michael shoved him. Trey said Michael had hurt Kristina enough by making accusations about things when he didn't know what was going on. Trey said he'd never hurt Kristina. Trey told the cameraman to stop filming, but Kristina told him to keep rolling. Trey touched her and she ordered him not to. Trey said he lied to Starr, knowing she'd tell Michael and he'd interrupt the wedding, to make the episode more exciting. Trey reminded Kristina how they discussed pretending they were the Romeo and Juliet of the mafia to ramp up drama for the show. Michael cursed him and ordered him to stay away from Kristina. Trey said she was his wife and Michael's protective, possessive behavior was creepy. Starr said Michael was right about Trey. Michael punched Trey, then jumped on top of him and to Starr and Kristina's horror, he began to choke him. Starr pried Michael's hands off Trey's throat. Michael tried to get Kristina to leave with him, but she told him to just go.

Michael and Starr went back to their hotel room. Starr wanted to tend to Michael's bruised knuckles, but he brushed it off and went out on the balcony. Starr mentioned how quickly Michael took Trey down. Michael said he learned it in prison. Starr said he never talked about it, and said up until now, she foolishly thought it didn't affect him. Michael said he hated every second of it and he was angry all the tie and he learned to fight so he could defend himself. Michael seemed near tears as he said he though he could leave it all behind, but – Michael had flashbacks to Dante watching him get booked as he went to prison, his cellmate who raped him and getting an HIV test afterward. Michael said he was messed up for awhile. Starr gently asked how messed up, and Michael told her about hitting a kid at his high school graduation. Starr asked if he could control himself when he got angry like that. Michael asked if she was afraid he'd snap and lose it with her. Starr asked if he thought he would. Michael was adamant that he'd never hurt her. Starr, who was upset, said she knew Trey provoked him, but Michael's attack was very brutal. She said he wanted Trey to get hurt. Michael admitted she was right. Starr explained that Todd and her uncle Victor were very brutal to people besides her, and it always made her sick to her stomach. She didn't feel like that today, because she knew that Michael didn't enjoy violence, unlike Todd and Victor seemed to sometimes. Michael said he didn't want her to be afraid of him. Starr said the more she learned about him, the more she realized she felt safe. They hugged and Starr snuggled against him.

Kristina was concerned for Trey, but he said he was fine and only wished they got that on camera. Trey said he just hoped Kristina believed him and not her insane brother. Kristina asked Trey if he was being honest with her. Trey kept making jokes, and Kristina begged him to be serious. She said she took a big risk and went against her brother and would probably have to go against Sonny, so she needed to know he wasn't lying to her. Trey repeated that he lied to Starr. Kristina picked up the Bible and told Trey to swear on it. Trey smooth talked his way out of lying with his hand on the Bible and told Kristina that they should trust in their commitment to each other. Trey praised Kristina for saving his father from bankruptcy. He leaned in for a kiss, and Kristina hesitated at first, then kissed him passionately.

Metro Court: Joe looked at the text from Trey telling him it was done. Joe happily said this was a great day: his son got married, he had a dose of the antidote, and he had everything he needed to bury Sonny. Sonny walked in and heard Joe talking about burying him. Joe called him out on breaking in, and Sonny said he had the master key card. Joe asked if his girlfriend let him go in all the rooms. Sonny said “fiancee” and said she didn't know they were there. Sonny called out into the hallway, and two large men walked in. Sonny told Joe that they were Joe's new friends, and they were there to take him on a little trip to the pine barrens. Joe said he knew the idea was for him to never come back. Joe asked what happened to Sonny saying he wasn't going to kill him. Sonny said he never said he was going to kill him, but if the water had been contaminated, Joe could spend his last moments in peace with friends. Sonny ripped into Joe for coming around Kate after Sonny told him not to. Joe countered that Kate was the one who came to his room, but Sonny didn't want to hear it. Sonny glared at Joe and said he could give his friends an earful, before anyone realized he was missing.

Sonny calmly said Joe would easily get misjudged for the way he abused women and killed John's sister. Sonny said unlike others, he'd give Joe the benefit of the doubt. There was a flashback to Sonny railing at Joe in the coffeehouse for raping Kate to get back at him and Joe saying Kate came on to him. Sonny gave his men the signal and they grabbed Joe. Sonny said Joe was finally getting what he deserved. Joe smugly said if Sonny killed him, Kate would never get the chance to see her son again. Sonny thought Joe was lying to buy some time. Joe said Sonny was as arrogant as he was in Atlantic City, but Joe knew he'd planted doubt in Sonny's mind. Joe asked if Sonny wouldn't want to be the one to reunite Kate with the son she threw away before they all died. Sonny said Joe always managed to escape paying for what he did and said he was lying to try and make that happen again. Joe asked if Sonny wanted to take the chance he was wrong. Sonny asked why he'd want to meet the boy who only existed because Joe raped Kate. Joe said Kate might have a different opinion about her only child. Joe said because of the pathogen, Kate probably wouldn't have a chance to have another one. Joe hoped Sonny could live with himself. Sonny said his conscience was his business, and he told Joe to tell him. Joe said he wasn't ready to yet, but when he was, Sonny would be the first to know. Sonny asked what happened to wanting to reunite Kate with her son before she died. Joe said they still had 48 hours. Sonny had his men let Joe go, but warned him that his days were numbered. Sonny said if they really were about to die, he'd be spending his last days with Kate and not thinking about Joe's made up son. Sonny and his guys left, and Joe said to himself that his made up son was now Sonny's son in law.

Carly and Jax were in Carly's room. Jax told Carly that Jason thought Ewen was working with Jerry. Jax was familiar with Ewen's name, but couldn't figure out why. Jax asked if Ewen ever mentioned Jerry or if he knew Jerry was Carly's brother in law. Carly didn't know, since she'd barely spoken with Ewen. She asked Jax if it really mattered, since they'd be dead soon if Jerry was telling the truth. Jax said Carly couldn't give up. He said Ewen could help them find the antidote if there was one. Carly was put out that Jax thought she was giving up. She asked if he'd ever known her to do that. Jax said no, then “Well you know...” Carly said she didn't give up then, and she wasn't going to now. Jax said good, because he needed her help figuring out where he knew Ewen from and how he was connected to Jerry. Jax hoped they could use it as leverage. Jax mentioned that Ewen lived in Alaska just like the Jacks family did. Carly flippantly said maybe their dads went moose hunting. That jogged Jax's memory, and he said Ewen was involved with Jax's dad. Jax realized it was a dead end. His father was dead, so he couldn't ask him. Carly suggested he ask his mom if she knew anything. Jax was reluctant to call his mom, because he didn't want to have to break her heart by telling her what Jerry was doing, now. Carly sympathetically noted that Jax was heartbroken, too. Carly told Jax he was a good man and he shouldn't blame himself for Jerry's actions. Jax said what about the times he covered for Jerry, and Carly said Jax just wanted to believe his brother could be redeemed. Jax said if anyone could get through to Jerry, he could. Jax said Jerry remembered how Jax used to look up to him, and since he remembered that, that meant a part of him must still be human. Carly put her arm around Jax.

Elizabeth's: Jason arrived, looking for Liz and found Patrick unconscious on the floor. Jason helped him come to, and Patrick told Jason that Ewen must have taken Liz.

Police station: Dante was getting impatient because the lab hadn't gotten the test results back from the CDC. A worried Lulu walked in and said she'd been getting anxious waiting alone at the apartment. Dante wasn't happy that she'd gone out, because the streets were in chaos, but Lulu said if this was real, she wanted to be with him. Dante tried to reassure Lulu by saying there was a strong possibility this was a hoax. Lulu said she heard him mention the CDC. Dante said John had his friends at the FBI looking at it too. Lulu pointed out that this was being taken very seriously. She said it could be true, and Dante said they weren't going to go there. Lulu said she was glad she was pregnant; she didn't even want to have a baby in such a dangerous time. Dante told her nothing would happen to her and that they would have a baby one day. Jason called Dante and filled him in, then Dante told Lulu. Dante grabbed his gun and got ready to go. Lulu wanted to go too; she couldn't bear to be away from Dante. Dante assured her he'd come back. He got her to promise she'd stay there, then he kissed her goodbye.

Elizabeth's: Patrick stopped Jason from calling an ambulance. He insisted he was fine, and he said the hospital would be overflowing with people who were afraid they'd been poisoned. Patrick wanted to focus on finding Liz. Jason asked if Patrick knew of anywhere Ewen liked to go. Patrick didn't. He was shocked that Ewen would do something like this. He said this couldn't be the same guy. Dante arrived and put an APB out on Liz. He said maybe Ewen could tell them what Jerry was up to. Jason was worried Ewen would hurt Liz. Patrick urged him to hope that Ewen really cared about Liz, but Jason said if he did, he wouldn't have exposed everyone, including Liz, to the toxin. Dante asked when Jason started suspecting Ewen. Jason listed the odd things Ewen did, like saving Liz on Spoon Island, then just leaving her and how he happened to show up at Wyndemere while Jason and John were investigating Jerry. Jason wanted to ask Jerry if he knew where Ewen might go. Dante said John and the FBI weren't letting anyone near him. Jason didn't care; he said if Jerry knew where Liz might be, he was going to get it out of him.

Elizabeth, wrists bound with duct tape, was in a car with Ewen. She tried to convince him that it wasn't too late to let her go and that they needed to go back and help Patrick. The clearly shaken Ewen insisted Patrick was fine and that everything would be okay, but Liz spat that Ewen hit him in the head with a baseball bat, and he knew the damage that could cause. Ewen said he'd just have a headache and a concussion, but Liz reminded Ewen that he almost died when Connie hit him in the head. She said Patrick wouldn't survive without help and said they were far enough away to call the paramedics. Liz asked Ewen why he was doing this. Ewen asked her to understand that he didn't plan this; he just wanted to talk to her without Jason and Patrick twisting the truth. Liz tried to sneakily call someone, but Ewen noticed her and they struggled over the phone, causing the car to swerve into oncoming traffic. Ewen prevented an accident, and Liz snapped that he could have killed them.

Ewen expressed remorse about what he'd done and said as a doctor, he never wanted to hurt anyone, but he had to talk to Liz and make her understand. Liz told him to talk. Ewen admitted he worked for Jerry and said there was a lot more that Liz didn't know. Ewen confessed about kidnapping Josslyn. Liz tore into him and said Jerry could have killed her. Ewen said Jerry swore the shot wouldn't hurt her. Ewen said he didn’t know Jerry would try and murder the whole town Liz yelled that Ewen knew Jerry was a sociopath who held people hostage. Ewen admitted he did know this, but he had no choice but to help Jerry, because Jerry was blackmailing him about something he did. Liz asked what, but Ewen wouldn't come clean. He said all that mattered was that Jerry was in control and forced him to act against his conscience. Ewen said he never wanted to hurt anyone, especially her, and he hoped he didn't lose her. Liz scoffed and said he must be out of his mind if he thought there was anything left between them. Ewen said he couldn't let her go, until he proved that he was still the man she was starting to fall in love with.

Liz pretended to be frantic about something on the side of the road. She convinced Ewen to slow down, then she opened the door and tried to roll out of the car. Ewen grabbed her before she could escape. The horrified Ewen demanded to know what she was doing. Liz cried that she was sorry, but she was scared. Ewen was shocked that she was so scared she'd endanger herself by jumping out of a moving vehicle. He asked her to think about her children, and Liz asked if it really mattered, since the plan was to kill everyone. Ewen was adamant that he never wanted her to get hurt. While he talked about this, Liz swiped her phone and called Jason.

Police station: Everyone who'd been at Liz's house earlier was in an interrogation room, along with Lulu. Just as Jason was about ignore Dante's orders and go downstairs and find Jerry, his phone rang. Everyone listened to Liz and Ewen talking and figured out they were on the road. Dante said they could use Liz's phone to track her.

Car: Liz asked leading questions to try and get Ewen to tell her where they were going. Ewen said he was taking her to get the serum, because he owed her that much. Liz tried to get Ewen to tell her where it was, and he noticed the phone. He grabbed it and slammed it against the dash, then threw it out the window. In a dark tone, he told Liz he'd only been trying to help her and that she shouldn't have done that.

Back at the station, a man was using a device to track Liz's phone, when they lost the signal and realized Ewen figured out what Liz was up to. Jason decided to go find Jerry. Dante told Jason not to make him use manpower he didn't have to stop him. The CDC called Dante and Jason stayed put to hear what was going on. Jerry was telling the truth –there really was a potentially fatal pathogen in the water and the CDC had no idea how to stop it.

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