GH Update Tuesday 8/28/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/28/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Police Station: Dante told the other officers that the national government had put Port Charles in quarantine. He ordered them to patrol the area and make sure no one rioted over bottled water. Sonny walked in during Dante's speech. Dante told him John and Jason were holding Jerry at gunpoint and the lab was testing the water to see if the threat was real. Sonny was eager to lend a hand. He offered to question Jerry, or to send his guys to a grocery store to keep order. Dante appreciated the offer, but said he didn't have the authority to let Sonny in on the case and the mayor would never go for it. Sonny said the offer still stood if Dante changed his mind. Dante patted him on the shoulder and said it was good to know. Undeterred, Sonny tried to talk his way onto the case by telling Dante about his history with Jerry (when Jerry took everyone in the Metro Court hostage). Sonny wanted to help make sure Jerry didn't hurt anyone else. Dante turned him down again. Sonny told Dante about another threat – Joe Jr. being in town. Dante knew Joe killed John's sister; Sonny added that he attacked Kate when she was a teen.

Vegas: Trey and Joe touched base by phone. Joe was pleased to hear that Trey was close to walking down the aisle with Kristina. Without going into details, Joe told Trey that he needed to stay in Vegas until told otherwise. Trey agreed to do so. They hung up, and Kristina came out of another room and twirled around to model her dress for Trey.

Metro Court: At the same time Trey and Joe were talking, Kate and one of her hotel employees went door to door telling the guests the water supply had been turned off. She was taken aback when Joe opened the door she knocked on. Joe told Trey he loved him and hung up. Joe greeted Kate as Connie. “Kate” she said in an icy tone. Kate said Sonny told her he was in town, but she didn't think he'd have the gall to stay at her hotel. Joe asked why she was there if she didn't know it was his room. Kate told him what she was doing and Joe said it was a little late to warn people, since was already contaminated for awhile. Kate said she wouldn't keep him, since he probably wanted to spend his last moments with the woman he loved. Joe was confused, and Kate said she was talking about the woman he almost sounded human with on the phone. Kate asked if it was his wife. Joe said no. He asked if he wasn't allowed to express affection to people close to him. Kate asked if he meant other mobsters, and Joe said he was a private citizen. Kate said if he planned to come there to create pain for her and Sonny, the joke was on him, because now he was going to die. She noted that he seemed quite laid back for someone who'd gotten a death sentence. Joe replied that he had no intention of dying. Kate didn't buy it. She said Joe was a coward who only felt strong when he was hurting people that couldn't fight back. Kate brought up the rape and Joe said it was her word against his. Kate growled that he'd go to hell for what he did. Joe yelled that she'd be there too, for killing her baby.

Sonny happened upon the argument and he stepped between them. Sonny asked if Joe was harassing Kate, and Joe said it was the other way around. Sonny accused Joe of choosing that hotel to deliberately upset Kate. Joe asked how he was supposed to know Kate was in hospitality. Sonny ordered Joe to pack his bags and get out. Joe argued about it, and Kate told him he could stay as long as he paid his bill, but he might not like the service he got. Joe closed the door, and Sonny said he didn't believe Joe ended up there by coincidence. He promised to take care of things and make sure Joe left Kate alone. Kate thanked him. Sonny told her Jerry was in custody. Kate was glad, but she said they only had 48 hours to live. Sonny said they didn't come this far to let someone like Jerry take it all away. Kate wished she could be so certain. Sonny said they wouldn't die, because they hadn't gotten married. He told her that was the best reason for living that he knew.

Carly was in her room frantically trying to reach Johnny by phone. There was a knock at the door and Carly was relieved, thinking it was him. It was Todd. He asked if she'd seen that guy on TV. She told him it was her brother in law. Todd revealed that Jerry said his name was James Craig when he bought airtime on Todd's cable station. Carly sighed that he used that name when he held everyone in the hotel hostage. Todd said how was he supposed to know – they didn't have a secret handshake at psychos anonymous. Carly told Todd he wasn't psycho – he'd never threatened a whole town as far as she knew. Todd wasn't sure Jerry was serious, but Carly assured him that Jerry was capable of this. She told him Jax had gone to look for Jerry. Carly was glad that Josslyn was spared due to being a Jacks, but she said it didn't help her other kids. Todd started worrying about Starr, too. Carly called and checked on Morgan. He was fine. She called Michael next, and Todd called Starr.

Las Vegas: Trey and Kristina went to the chapel. Trey gave directions to his cameraman while Kristina was on the other side of the room. He told him to be respectful and not to shove the camera in Kristina's face. He went over to Kristina and said his dad was everything to him, so he was grateful she was helping him. Kristina seemed excited about it all. She said getting married on TV would be a story to tell the grand kids, then she clarified that she meant her own grandchildren that she'd have after she got married for real a long time from now. Kristina said this marriage would be annulled before Sonny got a chance to freak out. Kristina smiled at Trey and said although this was a stunt, it was her first wedding. Trey smiled back and said him too. He told her he appreciated what she was doing. The minister came in and asked if they had a witness. Since they didn't, the minster's wife filled in. She told Kristina she had the glow of a woman in love. The minster and his wife, Esther, had been a couple for a very long time. Kristina appeared to have second thoughts as she listened to the couple share the story of their wedding and enduring love. Esther helped Kristina with her veil. She noticed the worried look on Kristina's face and assured her the butterflies would go away as soon as she kissed her husband. Esther began to hum the wedding march, loudly and off key, while Kristina walked down the aisle.

Starr woke up in the hotel room and found the shirtless Michael smiling at her. He had breakfast for them. Starr was startled to realize she'd slept so late. She asked what he did all morning and he said he watched her sleep. Starr hoped she didn't drool. Starr scrambled out of bed to get ready so they could go find Kristina and Trey. After she got dressed, she said she hoped they had more luck than they did the night before. Starr hoped Kristina and Trey weren't doing anything too crazy. Michael said they'd already done that by sneaking to Vegas. Starr thought Kristina might just want to have some fun, but Michael was still concerned about what Trey was hiding. Starr said Trey didn't have to be a criminal, just because his dad was a criminal. She told Michael that the two of them should understand that. Michael said he never hid who Sonny was, and he didn't understand why Trey wouldn't be upfront about his dad. They sat down on the couch and Starr realized it must have been really uncomfortable for Michael to sleep on it last night. Michael brushed it off with a joke, but Starr thanked him for being a gentlemen.

They got the phone calls from their parents; Starr reluctantly told Todd she was in Vegas. Carly and Todd overheard each other and realized their kids were together. Both parents urged their kids to stay for a few days and have fun. Michael and Starr hung up and wondered what was up. Michael wondered if he should have mentioned what was going on with Kristina and Trey. Starr didn’t know, but she didn't think there was a reason to worry and she didn't want Sonny going into protective mode. Michael decided Starr was right and said he'd keep quiet until he found out what was going on. Starr started to worry that Todd was in trouble, because he didn't overreact when he found out she was in Vegas. She said normally, he'd assume she was eloping and fly out there. Michael groaned; he realized Trey must have brought Kristina there to elope. He and Starr to started calling chapels and asking if they had a camera crew filming the wedding. Starr made some calls and described Kristina as pretty and Trey as good looking. Michael found out where they were. The two of them rushed out.

Back at the chapel, Trey took Kristina's hand and smiled. Kristina looked ill as she listened to the minister talk about how one shouldn't enter into a marriage lightly. The minister asked for the rings – the everlasting symbol of their joy. Kristina said they were so excited they didn’t have one. Trey said he bought rings in the lobby. The minister asked if there was anyone who objected to the marriage. Later, Starr and Michael burst in to stop the wedding. Kristina told them they were too late. While that was going on, Trey texted Joe. The minister and his wife stepped out. Kristina introduced herself as Mrs. Trey Mitchell.

Warehouse: John unsuccessfully tried to get Jerry to talk. Jerry was alarmed when Jax walked in and confronted him. Jerry said Jax was supposed to be stuck in Shanghai. He explained that he'd attempted to have Jax held there to save his life. Jax yelled that Jerry was going to kill Carly and Josslyn. Jerry said Josslyn was safe. Jax begged Jerry to tell him that he didn't really poison the water supply. Jerry said sorry, but he did. Jax shook him and asked why. Jerry claimed he did it for the challenge. Jax didn't buy it. He said Jerry was acting out of desperation. Jason put his gun near Jerry's neck and said Jerry only spoke one language.

John and Jason stepped off to the side. John said they'd be screwed if Jerry died. Jax asked if Jerry faked his death to plan everyone else's. Jerry said he didn't think he was going to survive at the time. Jax ripped into him for plotting against Jax's loved ones. Jerry pointed out that he saved Josslyn, but Jax screamed at him for kidnapping her in the middle of the night. Jax wanted details on what Jerry had planned, but when Jerry wouldn't give a straight answer, John got fed up and decided to take him down to the station. Jerry assumed he'd be tortured there and asked Jax what he was going to do about it. Jax said he was on his own. Jerry said Jax used to look up to him and think he was capable of anything. Jax said he'd proved that, and Jerry said he had a little help with this project. Jason asked if he meant Ewen Keenan. Jerry claimed he didn't know who that was. John tried to take Jerry to jail, but Jason blocked the door and said John couldn't handle this like he did with Joe Scully. A flicker of recognition passed across Jerry's face. John asked Jerry if he knew Joe. Jerry denied it, but Jax called him out for lying. Jason wanted John to get rid of the police waiting outside and leave him alone with Jerry. John said they had to find Ewen.

Two cops came in and arrested Jerry. Jerry asked Jax to hire Alexis for him, and Jax glared at him and said she was still recovering from the shot. After Jerry was gone, Jax asked why Jason asked him about Ewen. Jax said Ewen's name sounded familiar.

Elizabeth's: Patrick burst in on Ewen grabbing Liz. Ewen quickly explained that he wasn't trying to hurt her; he just wanted her to understand that he had no connection to what Jerry had done. Patrick got between them and asked Ewen to explain why Liz would think he was involved. Ewen said Jason planted the idea in her head. He reminded Patrick that Patrick had warned him that Jason insisted on having every woman he ever cared about remain devoted to him. Ewen asked if Jason had gotten to Patrick, too. Patrick remembered Jason telling him to go warn Liz to stay away from Ewen. Patrick said he just happened to stop by and check on Liz. He admitted he may have overreacted to seeing Ewen grab her. Suspicious, Liz pointed out that Ewen never explained what he meant when he said he didn't know Jerry would go this far. Ewen hastily spun an explanation about hearing about Jerry while in Australia and assuming he wasn't so far gone that he'd kill an entire town. When this didn't win Liz over, Ewen was hurt that she'd think he was capable of something like this. Patrick asked Ewen to go to the hospital to prepare for the people who'd suffer psychological crises if the town had been poisoned. Ewen agreed to go and said he'd feel better if Liz believed him. Liz just looked upset. Patrick promised to talk to Liz. Ewen calmed down and told Liz to call him if she needed him.

As soon as Patrick tricked Ewen into leaving, he told Liz what Jason said. Liz said she thought Jason was overreacting at first, but now she thought Ewen might really be dangerous. The distraught Ewen left a voicemail for Jerry from Liz's porch. He was disgusted that Jerry had endangered so many people, including Liz, and Ewen was scared because he'd been pulled in so deep, he didn't know what he was supposed to do. Back inside, Patrick explained that Jason thought Alexis and Josslyn's poisonings might tie into Jerry poisoning Nik a few years ago. Liz said Ewen had never given her reason to doubt him before this, and she knew he cared about his patients and would never want to hurt them. Liz repeated Ewen's comment about being surprised Jerry would go this far. Patrick said he must be working for Jerry. They wondered how and why Ewen got mixed up in this. Ewen slipped back into the house and spied on them from around the corner. Liz got her phone and dialed Dante. She was terrified when she saw Ewen standing there with a baseball bat. “I thought you believed me” Ewen said in a pained tone.

Police station: Jerry, Jax, Jason, and John walked in. “Home sweet home” Jerry said. Dante and Jerry exchanged a tense greeting. Dante asked what happened to Jerry's face and was amused when John said he tripped. Dante granted John's request to sit in on the interrogation and they left. Jax asked Jason for details on Ewen. Jason told him about Ewen's job and how he spent a lot of time in Alaska after leaving Australia. Jax said just like he and Jerry did. Jax said he kept up with the goings on in Port Charles and figured he'd just heard Ewen's name in passing that way. Jax thanked Jason for staying with Josslyn when she was sick. Jason said she was a great kid. Jax hoped he could repay him by figuring out what Jerry was up to. Jax left to go check on Josslyn. Jason called Liz, but it went to voicemail.

Elizabeth's: Jason raced over and let himself in. he found Patrick lying motionless on the floor and no trace of Liz.

Interrogation room: Dante asked Jerry where the counter-agent was. Jerry made a smart remark and John shot one back at him. Jerry agreed to tell them what they wanted to know if they let him go free. John said Jerry knew they couldn't negotiate with him. Jerry said they were at an impasse, then. John and Dante walked Jerry to his cell. Jerry told them to enjoy what could be their last night.

Metro Court: Todd and Carly decided it was best not to tell Michael and Starr that anything was wrong. Carly asked if Starr said why they were there. Todd said no, but he was sure it was something Michael came up with. Carly reminded Todd that Michael and Starr were adults. Michael. Todd snapped that he didn't want Starr around a mobster's son. Carly snarled that Michael was her son, and he was a good kid who'd do anything for Starr. Todd pointed out that he almost sent her to prison and Carly countered that he perjured himself to protect her. Todd said he blackmailed Sonny to make it happen. Carly said it didn't matter; Michael cared about Starr and she was safe with him. Carly pointed out that it was better for them to be in Vegas and having fun than in town. She started crying, and Todd was surprised she was taking Jerry's threat so seriously. Todd thought Jerry was bluffing about poisoning the water supply, because he was trying to scare everyone into giving him something. Todd told her everything was going to be okay.

Todd said Jerry was an amateur; Todd said when he held a town hostage, he used dynamite, not something safe like water. To prove his point, Todd poured a glass, but Carly smacked it out of his hands before he could drink it. Todd said he didn't know she cared. They cleaned up the glass and Todd said he appreciated her concern, but he took a shower this morning, so if the water was poisoned, he was already infected. They cleaned up the mess and Carly nicked herself on the broken glass. Todd gently took her hand and looked at her finger. They shared a moment, staring into each others eyes, then Carly snatched her hand away and said they should probably be getting their affairs in order. Todd said if they only had a few hours left, why was Carly there with him, instead of with her boyfriend.

Carly stammered that Johnny left to give her and Jax some space. Todd was not surprised Johnny left town. Carly said she was pretty sure Johnny had already been infected. Todd asked when and said you could tell from his hair that he didn't shower a lot. Carly scoffed that Todd was unbelievable, talking about Johnny at a time like this. Todd took her hand and sat down with her and kept taking digs at Johnny. Carly realized Todd had been doing this to distract her, and she thanked him as she cried. Todd got Carly to smile by saying dying was overrated. Carly told Todd she missed him when he was gone. He told her that was sweet. They seemed transfixed by each other, until Jax snapped them out of it by walking in. Carly leaped up and asked what was going on. Jax said Jerry was in custody. Jax asked who her friend was and Carly introduced the. Jax and Todd shook hands. Todd said Carly was right – Jax was perfect and had the best handshake Todd ever experienced. Todd said he was glad Jax was finally there to take care of his family. “Excuse me?” Jax said. Carly shook her head to tell Todd to knock it off. Jax said Jerry wasn't talking, so they'd just have to wait. Todd said he wasn't doing that. He left. Jax told Carly about Ewen's name coming up. Jax tried to figure out why it was so familiar.

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