GH Update Monday 8/27/12

General Hospital Update Monday 8/27/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna is on a mission to find Robin with Luke’s help. And it appears so is Jason when he goes to the hospital and finds Patrick. Patrick obviously assumes that Jason has another reason to be there besides finding Patrick’s deceased wife.

John McBain goes to Alexis’ home. Sam is with her mom and the two of them ask John what his plans are. He replies that he rally appreciates Alexi’s legal help in getting him custody of his son. And he also needs to find out if Alexis can tell him anything about the mysterious night when she woke up at Windermere after being unconscious and injected with something that could have killed her.

Jerry Jacks appears on the television screen after Carly goes to find Jax with Josslyn. Elizabeth and Dr. Keenan also watch him and they are all shocked. They all admit that they believed he died and haven’t a clue why they are now finding out otherwise and don’t know what he wants.

Luke goes to the hospital in Switzerland under the disguise of Dr. Von Scammerman, and tells the attendants that he is the psychiatrist of the “mysterious patient” inside the room. He tells the woman that his patient must have a rest so she can’t go in the room before he does. She then gets a call and finds out that no psychiatrist by the name he’s given exists. So she demands to know who he really is.

Back at the hospital, Jason reminds Patrick that Jerry Jacks attempted to kill Robin years ago and failed. He came up with a counter agent to kill Nicolas and many other people disappeared the last time Jerry was in town. Patrick then asks Jason why he’s suddenly talking to him about Jerry.

Alexis tells John and Sam that all she remembers was going to Windermere and suddenly waking up on the couch at a later time. Sam reminds her mom that somebody injected her with a lethal drug. Alexis tells her daughter and John she made a full recovery and is not worried about anything. But John tells her that he needs to show her something. He then turns on the television and shows Sam and Alexis the “presentation” where Jerry tells them, as well as many others, that he had a plan to have people mistakenly afraid that Alexis and Josslyn were going to die not long ago. Tracy Quartermaine watches from the motel room with Joe Scully. And she remarks she doesn’t understand how it is that Jerry did not harm Alexis but Alan, her brother is dead.

Elizabeth and Dr. Keenan watch Jerry on the television and she tells him she did want to know what he might know about the Jacks family.

Jerry then announces to all that are watching what his plan is with Alexis.

At Ferncliff, Luke “clarifies” to the attendant that his last name has been misspelled. But she seems to know that he is not whom he says he is and she demands he tells her what he’s doing there.

While Luke distracts the staff to prevent them from opening the door of a room, Anna is inside the hospital room talking to a young woman who looks like her daughter but whom she can tell is not Robin. She apologizes to the patient for mistakenly assuming she is someone she is not. But she cries and shows her a picture of her daughter and asks the patient if she’s seen her anywhere.

Jerry addresses Alexis about how the two of them “shared a special bond” when he had her believing that he was James Brolin. In response to that, she remarks that was before she found out he was a homicidal maniac.

At Alexis’ home, John gets on his phone to call the cops and the FBI to run an APB and attempt to find Jerry Jacks.

At the hospital, Jason informs Patrick that he knows Dr. Keenan has information and might be working with Jerry Jacks when Alexis and Josslyn almost died not long ago.

Elizabeth asks Dr. Keenan what “dealings” Jerry Jacks would have with him. She asks if he “knows” Jerry Jacks. He replies he “knows who he is”. But Elizabeth tells him, she knows that he knows that that is not what she meant.

Jerry Jacks then clarifies to all watching him, that he made sure that no harm would come to Alexis or to Josslyn. But unfortunately, the rest of the people watching “won’t be so lucky”. And right then, he coughs into a handkerchief indicating that he might be getting sick with something.

Anna urges the young woman in the hospital room to look at the picture of her daughter and tell her if she’s seen Robin there. The patient is non-responsive. Anna gets back with Luke and tells him she bets that Heather lied that she saw Robin at Ferncliff. Luke tells Anna he believes it’s entirely certain that Heather knew what she saw and that Robin is in fact, alive and in this very place. But Anna is afraid there is no hope. Her daughter is really gone. And she sobs in Luke’s arms.

At the motel room, Joe Scully can see that Tracy misses her deceased brother and knows he would still be alive were it not for that man, Jerry Jacks. She tells him that Jerry held a large number of people hostage at the metro court and many got killed including Alan.

Olivia and Stephen Webber also watch Jerry Jacks form her hospital room. She tells him that she knows what happened when he held hostages at the metro court. She is not overreacting about that man being a psycho-pathic killer and she’s horrified that he’s walking free on the streets and nobody can find him. She also questions if Jerry’s brother might know where he was.

Jax is with Carly while she tells him she demands to know what his brother is about to do. He admits he hasn’t’ a clue.

Elizabeth tells Dr. Keenan that she needs to get to the bottom of the secret involving what he might know about Jerry Jacks and his family. She finds it noteworthy that he remembered all of their names. She knows about the hospitals he’s worked on. He then tells her he knows that Jason has been digging up dirt on him and that’s why he came to the hospital. He wanted to warn the hospital staff about Dr. Keenan. She asks him if Jason might have a justifiable reason.

Jerry announces on the television that he and his “associates” have released a deadly pathogen into the Port Charles water system. So anybody who’s brewed any coffee or drank any tap water or even washed dishes, showered or brushed their teeth with the later, it’s too late. At that point, people freak and drop their coffee cups and water glasses in horror that they are going to die.

John gets on the phone at Alexis’ home. Alexis tells Sam she bets Jerry is bluffing. Sam tells her mom that may be but they have a real threat on their hands. John is ready to go out the door and take action. Sam urges him to be careful.

Jerry announces that all people will feel the effects. And shortly thereafter, they won’t feel a thing because they will all be dead.

At Ferncliff, Anna concludes to Luke that she got her hopes up for nothing. She needs to realize that their hopes of finding Robin are false. So they need to move on. She also finds out that Tracy helped Luke find a plane to get to the hospital to find Robin. She remarks that it’s surprisingly nice that Tracy would do something like that. Right then, the hospital attendant confronts them telling them she knows what they are up to.

Olivia and Stephen talk about all of the innocent people who have been affected by the dastardly dealings of Jerry, including children. She tells him that many people will need him.

Tracy tells Joe Scully she knows that Jerry wants to terrorize Port Charles probably so he can rob a bank or something. Jerry tells the people that believe it or not he has a heart. But something that they need to do may be “too expensive’. And right then, Dr. Keenan reveals that due to something he knew about, involving a promise Jerry made to him and failed to come through on, Jerry will possibly kill everyone.

At the hospital, Jason tells Patrick he will find out what to do about Jerry.

Alexis tells Sam that if she “owes” Jerry some sort of money for the serum that save her life, she has to do whatever is needed to protect her 3 daughters who have not been “immune” as she and Josslyn were by Jerry’s “charitable act” to save their lives.

Jason goes to find Jerry after John has cornered him. And they both hold guns on Jerry.

Elizabeth concludes that she cannot trust Dr. Keenan and Jason was right although he urges her to believe that he can explain. She must know that he did not know any more than she did about the water since he’s also already consumed it. And he reveals that he knows that Jason has warned Patrick about him. He does not trust Jason but declares Patrick is “a good man and a good friend and deserves better from him”. Hearing that, Elizabeth demands to know what he is saying and what he may have done to Patrick.

Stephen and Olivia wonder what to do about the poisoned water. He tells her he knows that they cannot buy him off to give them the antidote that could save their lives. She protests that he will not give them the cure until he gets paid off. Stephen concludes according to federal law, it won’t happen. He tells her he wouldn’t be surprised if Jax would cover for his brother. But she protests she knows that Jax would never condone what Jerry is doing there. And Jax is the only person who’s ever been able to reason with his brother.

The doctor who has been questioning Luke and Anna at the hospital is ready to arrest them for trespassing. But he protests to her that this woman was there to find her daughter. And if this person has children, she will understand how one will do anything to protect one’s children.

Jax tells Carly he is certain that Jerry has spared Josslyn. She concludes that her ex-husband might get full custody of their daughter. But he tells her he is not about to do that and will do whatever it takes to keep Carly alive.

Tracy tells Joe Scully that Jerry has to be bluffing. But he reminds her that Jerry did let her brother die. He then remembers talking to Jerry about how he won’t do Jerry’s dirty work for him unless Jerry can promise that he is protected. Jerry told him he need not worry.

Jerry tells Jason and John that as much as they would both like to kill him, they can’t. Because if he dies then nobody will know how to find the serum. They need him to help them with that. But they are not going to be intimidated by that and are ready to rough him up.

Luke tells the doctor that his clinic relies on discretion. His patients require privacy. So if she tries to arrest Ms. Devane for trying to find her child, there will be a reign of publicity that the doctor will be very sorry for. Anna tells the doctor maybe the best thing for her to do is just leave quietly. She agrees and they then leave. The doctor then reveals that she knows the secret about Robin Scorpio Drake and the mysterious man who reveals himself as Duke Lavery who has motives to protect Robin.

Tracy asks Joe who people can trust that Jerry Jacks has an antidote available for a price. He tells her maybe she should do just that. She then tells Joe she has to go. Her father might need her. But Joe assures Tracy that things will be ok. He will assure her that.

Carly gets Josslyn out of bed and holds her little one in her arms. She assures her daughter that everything will be ok because her daddy will make sure he fixes everything just like he always has.

Alexis asks Sam why she’s staying so calm. Sam tells her mom she has to. And they both need to be calm and not show that they are panicking before Molly gets home. But Alexis tells her daughter she does not want to survive if she has to lose all the people she loves. Sam tells her mom she must trust that Jason and John will figure out what to do.

Jason knocks Jerry to the floor and decks him. John tells Jerry he doesn’t have much choice except to cooperate with them. Jerry asks them if he thinks the two of them can get him to talk. Jax enters and tells his brother no. But he (himself) can.

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