GH Update Friday 8/24/12

General Hospital Update Friday 8/24/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jerry tells Joe (who seems to be focused on other things) that dirty water kills more people than war and other diseases. Jerry thinks that people take water for granted and they just drink it and use it without thinking about it. He believes they all need a wakeup call.

Carly shows up at Toddís door. Todd notes that she is up early. Carly explains that she did not want to go home last night and she stayed with Joss and her husband.

Johnny knocks on Carlyís door wanting her to open it. Jax however is the one to open the door in his towel.

Jason shows up at Elizabethís house wanting to talk about Ewen who comes down stairs moments later. Ewen asks if someone said his name.

Joe wonders if what Jerry is doing will be a good thing. Jerry thinks so and explains that today would be a good day to be away from Port Charles.

Luke walks around looking for Anna dressed as a pretend doctor sporting a fake Swedish accent when a person asks what he is looking for. Luke asks if she has seen Anna and pulls out a picture. Luke claims he has been treating Anna for many different mental diseases. The doctor explains that a woman like Anna was recently admitted.

Patrick leaves Anna a message explaining that Emmaís having a dance recital and wants her character to have an English accent.

The doctor will allow Luke to see Anna but warns him that the patient has deteriorated since she was admitted. Luke wonders how. The doctor explains that Anna has been found roaming the halls after hours and she has been restrained. Luke understands for her safety. The doctor allows him in to see her and Anna is strapped to a bed.

Patrick comes into Oliviaís hospital room and explains that she doing better. Patrick does not know if there will be any more alterations to her brain. Olivia has another hallucination of green glowing water and starts freaking out and screaming jumping up and down.

Todd finds it shocking that Carly is married assuming that she has eloped with Johnny hoping that she is joking. Todd raises a glass to her wedding. Carly explains that she is married to Jax not Johnny and he slept on the couch. Todd wonders why she mentioned where he slept. Todd tells Carly his advice about having two men in her life and explains that she needs to dump Johnny which Carly also says at the same time knowing what he was going to say.

Johnny wants to know why Jax is in Carlyís hotel room and that he better not be kidnapping his daughter again. Jax explains he is there to make sure Joss is ok. Johnny tells Jax he is Carly's boyfriend.

Joe wonders if it is a good idea for Jerry to be running around town. Jerry explains that itís so close to the plan and he has to tie up a couple of loose ends.

Ewen says good morning to Jason. Jason did not know Ewen would be there and Ewen wonders if that is a problem. Elizabeth explains that Jason had something to tell her about him. Jason says it is a good thing he is there as both of them need to hear what he has to say.

Joe leaves Trey a message to stay in Vegas until further notice. Tracy shows up at his door and he wonders what she is doing there. Tracy presents a white shirt because of her chicken soup incident. Tracy assumes that he is busy but Joe wonders if Tracy wants to see what he looks like in it and Tracy agrees to stay.

Luke looks at Anna and wonders what has been done to make her sedated. The doctor tells him that Anna was wandering around looking through files, so had to be restrained. The doctor leaves the room and Luke tries to wake up Anna and is worried. Anna explains that they have done nothing she canít handle and smiles.

Olivia continues to freak out over the water and does not want it anywhere near her. She looks at the water again but it is normal. Patrick decides to call Ewen.

Jason tells Ewen that he was angry about what he had done and that he is sorry. Ewen accepts the apology and hopes things get better. Ewen receives a beeper call from Patrick and goes to the hospital. Elizabeth wonders why Jason is really there. Jason tells her that he was lying and something is wrong with Ewen.

Todd wishes he could have seen the look on Johnnyís face when he found out that Jax is back in town. Carly says that Johnny does not know. Todd takes delight in knowing this information and wants Carly to call Johnny so he can see the face Johnny makes when he learns that Jax is back. Todd wonders why Carly wants relationship advice and explains that he canít give advice but he can listen better. Carly accepts what he offers and leaves crying. Jerry is shown outside of Toddís room.

Johnny has a flashback of a private celebration with Carly. Jax finds Johnny still in the room saying he wonít leave until he speaks to Carly and that he is no longer a gangster. Jax jokes that he is now a coffee importer. Johnny says he is a club owner. Jax does not care and wonít let one of his children get hurt. Carly walks in.

Todd opens his door to find Jerry.

Elizabeth wants proof that Ewen has done something wrong. Elizabeth does not think that anything is wrong. Jason asks if Ewen has explained when he moved to Alaska making the Jax connection.

Carly wonders if everything is ok. Jax explains that everything is ok and that he does not want Johnny hurting his daughter. Carly then wonders if it was one of Jax enemies that could have been responsible.

Patrick asks Steve how Olivia is doing and Patrick says she is doing better but worries that she will be living with this forever.

Luke unties Anna who explains she has pretended to be a mental patient before. Luke says he was worried and Anna says that she may have found Robin but Anna knows that Luke does not think she is alive. Luke does not care as long as Anna is happy.

Tracy looks at Joe and lives the way he looks in the shirt. Joe makes up a career for himself involving antiques. Joe says that he enjoys the finer things in life. Joe kisses Tracy and the start to kiss with passion.

Jerry asks Todd to speak inside.

Ewen sees Olivia and wants to know what she saw. Olivia sees Ewen and he looks like the devil in her mind so she stars freaking out again.

Tracy and Joe get on the bed, kissing passionately.

Olivia continues to scream and Patrick and Steve walk in to try to calm her.

Ewen does not want to send her home and thinks that she will never be ready.

Elizabeth does not think that Ewen is hiding something. She thinks that everything is just coincidence. Jason knows that Jerry made Nikolas sick just like Joss and Alexis.

Jerry asks if Todd would allow him to use his cable station.

Carly decides they need to look at all the people that Jax has upset. Carly does not know who did it but they need to stop fighting. Jax says he is still her husband.

Anna admits she could be chasing a ghost but she will chase it. Luke decides to help Anna.

Joe is shown shirtless under a sheet and Tracy walks out in bath robe and explains she must leave and see a shrink because this is not her. Tracy looks for her clothes and Joe wants her to stay. Joe thinks this is two people who enjoy their company. Joe wants to know more about her. Joe gets Tracy to stay.

Anna starts to explain the plan but the door starts to open.

Ewen does not like that Olivia thinks that he is a demon. Patrick consoles him and explains that he is a good doctor.

Jason tries to make sense of his newly acquired realization. Elizabeth claims Jerry is dead but Jason does not care.

Ewen decides that if the condition does not improve Olivia will have to move to ShadyBrook.

Todd tells Jerry that he canít sell because of the time it would take. Jerry shows a suitcase full of money and says he will pay up front so Todd agrees.

Johnny decides to leave and he will come back later. Carly tells Jax that he left, not her. Jax wonders if she has the divorce papers and why she has not yet signed them.

The doctor wonders if Anna has made any progress. Luke says that she will need more observation and asks for a tour of the place. The doctor of course agrees and Anna catches the door before it closes getting out of the straightjacket.

Todd watches the channel Jerry bought.

Enjoying their room service, Tracy and Joe turn on the TV as well.

Olivia tries to calm down and Steve turns on the TV.

Elizabeth turns down the TV when Ewen comes over and asks if he can spend the rest of the day with her. Elizabeth wonders if he is ok and asks something when she spots someone on the TV.

Joss wants to see TV and Carly turns on the TV to look for a "Tom & Jerry" cartoon but finds a different Jerry on.

Jerry explains to the town that he is Jerry Jacks and wonders if they have his attention. He tells the town that he has a secret and itís now time to let them all in on it.

Anna goes to a locked room and tries to open it. She opens it and calls out Robin's name.

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